Customer Story How Jakub improved global communication across departments
with Marketing Sprints.

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How Jakub Improved Global Communication Across Departments with Marketing Sprints
Jakub, Inbound Marketing Team Lead
"ClickUp has become such an integral part of our work that everything needs to live in it, or else it doesn't exist! By putting our work on ClickUp and organizing it into Sprints, we made it easy to work across departments without overloading ourselves with meetings and email threads."
Jakub, Inbound Marketing Team Lead
About us

Meet STX Next.

STX Next is a Python development company that specializes in helping high-profile clients like Mastercard, Decathlon, and Unity bring their project ideas to life.

With over 400 co-workers across the globe including developers, UX designers, QA automation specialists, and Agile experts, STX Next provides end-to-end solutions for product development, consultation, and team extensions.

Amongst their global team is Inbound Marketing Team Lead Jakub Grajcar!

Jakub leads a team of content and social media specialists, spearheading lead generation and brand recognition strategy. A normal day for the team includes executing upwards of 5 content deliverables with Jakub often reviewing 10+ different projects at a time!

The Mission

Jakub needed to manage multiple projects, streamline processes, and improve cross-functional collaboration.


The challenges.

As a team lead, not only did Jakub see the common challenges and pain points amongst his team's workflow, but he also experienced them firsthand. From partner outreach to asset management to blog and other content database management, everyone had their hands full each week with a myriad of different tasks and projects. However, with no one universal place for work, managing these vastly different projects and tasks proved to be painful and time-consuming.

Lack of visibility.

Without a centralized place for work across departments, leadership often relied on team leads like Jakub to provide insight on progress. They were often in the dark about project updates and statuses, resulting in the need for frequent alignment meetings and catch-up communication threads spread across email and Slack.

This visibility black hole resulted in bottlenecks and prevented department heads from seeing where all the project deliverables and timelines stood. And because they didn't have a snapshot of active projects, it made it challenging for them to determine who's currently working on a certain task, and which tasks were completed or still in progress.

Poor team alignment.

In addition, Jakub and his team were faced with challenges that prevented them from communicating, collaborating, and executing at their best. The team often found themselves burning through time manually checking on project status and next steps, which hindered them from moving forward and focusing on important project details.

While Jakub had previously tried other tools such as Trello and Wundelist, he ultimately found they weren't flexible enough to reach the kind of granularity the team needed, making it difficult to access information needed for a task or project. What they needed were clear task assignees, glanceable high-level task information, and easily accessible workflows that anyone in the relevant departments could view.
"Working with our Product Design department used to be a pretty chaotic process - they often didn’t have clear information whether tasks were still under review or needed more work. We absolutely needed a system that would allow me and the Head of Product Design to get an overview of the entire process and come to grips with all the work in progress and upcoming tasks."
Jakub, Inbound Marketing Team Lead

How ClickUp saved the day.

Jakub saw a huge opportunity to bridge the gaps at work and solve many of the common challenges that teams across the company were experiencing with Marketing Sprints in ClickUp.

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How ClickUp Saved the Day!

Better alignment & streamlined communication.

Jakub’s Marketing Sprint Template was designed to easily visualize and identify project stages as well as create a consistent and repeatable format that would accommodate project needs moving forward.

Customizable features give Jakub and the team the freedom to modify their Sprints according to their changing needs. Custom statuses allow Leadership and Department heads to quickly glance at the current Sprint to see how projects and tasks are progressing.

In addition, Jakub's Marketing Sprints have reduced turnaround time for projects, reduced the number of follow-up meetings, and empowered his team to be more productive and efficient at work!

Improved task & project visibility.

"By having all our work in one place, we're able to prioritize and align more effectively. Marketing Sprints provide where we can see what everyone is doing at an appropriate level of granularity."

Other departments such as Product Design and Sales also work in ClickUp with the Marketing team. By having the ability to view sprints and collaborate directly, teams are able to stay in the loop on progress and task statuses and push their projects forward.

Last but certainly not least, Leadership can finally rest easy knowing they can find any project or task status without manually tracking it down.

The results.

What once used to be a disorganized and chaotic workflow is now streamlined, scalable, and just the way they like it.

"ClickUp's ability to customize individual workflows provides our team with the flexibility needed to scope tasks effectively while simultaneously providing a bird-eye view of project progress for leadership and other departments."

Jakub's Marketing Sprints have transformed how they work by giving them a perfect view of ongoing projects. And that, to any team member, manager, stakeholder, or department head, is a real game-changer.

The ClickUp difference.

Learn how Jakub saves time with his favorite features below!

Align Departments
Template benefit

Align departments.

With ClickUp templates for marketing Sprints, they can now expect to see the same format every time they load the next Sprint. This level of granularity is important to Jakub because now managers and department heads have oversight into projects from a bird's eye perspective.
Simple Slash Commands
What I Love Most

Simple Slash Commands.

Jakub uses Slash Commands as a shortcut to remove unnecessary clicks and expedite their work processes. He can create tasks, subtasks, change task location, move tasks through his workflow, and so much more in seconds, with a simple "/"!
Customized Statuses
Pro Tip

Customized statuses.

Gradually, as the team expanded and new workflows became integrated, they introduced new Custom Statuses to make it extremely clear where each task is at. This feature improved transparency, efficiency, and ensured a smooth transition from task to task.

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