How Pigment increases onboarding efficiency by 88% with ClickUp

Fast-growing software company Pigment needed a work management solution designed to scale with the organization. See how Pigment brings its teams together with ClickUp to deliver a stellar onboarding experience.

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Results with ClickUp

88% increase

in onboarding efficiency

83% reduction

in cycle time for bug fixes

20% increase

in team communication efficiency

Company overview

Pigment is the business planning platform for forward-thinking companies with customers like Figma, Carta, and Deliveroo. Their mission is to help companies make smarter strategic business decisions in a changing world to drive revenue growth. Pigment’s software enables executives and finance teams to get a full-spectrum view of their business and to model any scenario.


Software Development



Use Case

Project Management, Employee and Customer Onboarding, Bug Ticketing


The challenge

When software company Pigment completed its Series B funding round, demand for its software solution grew, resulting in the organization tripling its headcount in six months. However, as is often the case, such rapid growth presented significant human resources challenges.

Pigment was already leveraging best-of-breed technology in each department, such as Salesforce, Outreach and Gong for its sales team. Still, the company needed one central platform for the entire organization to use for collaboration.

Pigment also realized that as new employees joined the team, its inefficient onboarding process was hindering everyone’s success. It needed to streamline onboarding by moving from back-and-forth emails, Slack messages, and static Notion checklists to a faster, more effective process.


Alexis ValentinGlobal Head of Business Development

"We wanted to make sure that all the different teams shared a common platform where we could work together and nothing fell through the cracks. We wanted to maintain high efficiency in our day-to-day operations as we scaled up in a remote first and global environment."

Solutions with ClickUp

A central hub for company-wide collaboration that scales

As Pigment searched for the right solution to centralize collaboration for the entire organization, a few key criteria were top of mind. Pigment needed a fast-performing, cost-effective platform that offered integrations with other tools, as well as features to assign tasks to multiple team members.

Before selecting ClickUp, Pigment evaluated other tools such as Monday.com and Asana. Unlike the other contenders, ClickUp checked all of the boxes.

One platform for collaborative work management

While each team at Pigment uses its own specialized tools, ClickUp provides the company with the central platform it needs for cross-functional collaboration. Since adopting ClickUp, numerous workflows have been improved, from employee onboarding to client software deployment to bug ticketing.

A favorite feature is the Gantt view, which enables teams to schedule, manage, and prioritize anything into an elegant project timeline.

gantt (6)

Streamlined communication

With 100+ employees now leveraging ClickUp, delegation has become a breeze. ClickUp’s tasks allow for powerful work management that can be customized for every need. Tasks can be assigned to multiple owners, which means Pigment can help teams plan, organize, and collaborate on any project with ease.

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Each Pigment team member also loves ClickUp’s Notifications. With ClickUp, any action in the platform can trigger a notification, so users have the flexibility to set notifications up based on task activities such as start dates, due dates, and comments.

Newly optimized onboarding process

Pigment’s employee headcount has tripled in the last six months and the company is adding new staff to the team every week. ClickUp’s Templates and Automations have become an invaluable part of the onboarding process.

ClickUp enables Pigment to provide each team with specific resources for each new employee, including immediate access to the tools they need. As a result, incoming staff members can start making a powerful contribution sooner.

HR Onboarding List view

What's next for Pigment

Fueled by rapid growth, Pigment is continuing to scale processes across team and onboarding new hires faster so they can become productive right away.

With ClickUp, Pigment's team now have one source of truth for collaboration between teams across the entire company, enabling them to deliver exceptional products to their clients as efficiently as possible.

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