How Lulu Furthers Its Mission to Empower Creators with ClickUp

Lulu uses ClickUp as one source of truth for transparency, accountability, and efficiency to deliver innovative product development and marketing campaigns.
Industry: Publishing
Employees: 500+
Use Cases: Product Development and
Campaign Management
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As Lulu worked to improve its customer experience with new product innovations and marketing programs, it needed help managing growth and new initiatives across teams. Clunky processes and tools created inefficiencies for the company’s product and development teams.
Lulu turned to ClickUp to accelerate product innovation through a streamlined product release process, develop an iterative process for creating marketing materials, and establish one source of truth for a new level of visibility across their organization.
With the help of ClickUp, Lulu is empowering authors, creators, and employees to share their diverse stories with audiences around the globe. The ability to drive innovative product development and marketing campaigns in a more organized, efficient way is central to Lulu’s mission to make the world a better place, one book at a time.
Their story

Results with ClickUp

12% increase in work efficiency
100 employees company-wide leveraging ClickUp
2 project management tools replaced with one powerful platform


Nick Foster
Nick Foster,
Director of Product Management at Lulu Press
“Our engineers and product managers were bogged down with manual status updates between Jira and other tools. With ClickUp, we’ve regained hours of wasted time on duplicative tasks. Even better, we’ve accelerated product releases by improving work handoff between QA, tech writing, and marketing.”
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