How QubicaAMF improved project delivery by 35% with ClickUp

Learn how QubicaAMF's teams used ClickUp to save time, speed up project delivery, and organize their world of work. to meet the growing needs of bowling entertainment centers worldwide.

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Results with ClickUp

35% increase

in on-time delivery

40% time saved

creating reports and charts

60% increase

in teamwork company-wide

Company overview

QubicaAMF is on a mission to make bowling amazing. With more than 100 years of experience, QubicaAMF is the largest and most innovative bowling equipment provider in the world.

The company of 600 staff builds and modernizes more bowling entertainment centers than any other company in the industry, and has installed more than 10,000 bowling centers throughout 90 countries.


Bowling & Entertainment



Use Case

Project Management


The challenge

Inefficient collaboration slowing project delivery

QubicaAMF’s Project Coordination team is responsible for creating processes to support on-site implementation of the company’s bowling gear and machinery at customer facilities worldwide. However, scaling operations globally and expanding the company’s team came with growing pains.

Status updates and communication regarding client projects were siloed in emails and Excel spreadsheets where only one employee could work on them at a time. The lack of a central project management platform hindered collaboration, slowed communication, and made capturing and storing data on client projects nearly impossible to scale.

Once QubicaAMF saw how many issues ClickUp would resolve, the company decided to move forward with implementation. That was more than four years ago, and QubicaAMF has never looked back.


Charles FreyProcess Manager at QubicaAMF

“We needed to make sure our internal processes were equipped to be successful. ClickUp was recommended to us—the pricing was great, the information gathering was exactly what we needed, and it seemed like a platform that could grow with the company.”

Solutions with ClickUp

A centralized productivity hub to do better work faster

Now all teams involved with client project delivery collaborate and communicate in ClickUp, including QubicaAMF’s Sales, Project Coordination, Quoting, Order Entry, and Electronic Production Lab teams. This has boosted teamwork company-wide by 60%.

Streamlined intake process for every project

QubicaAMF’s Project Coordination team no longer struggles with Excel spreadsheets thanks to ClickUp. The team now uses ClickUp’s Templates, Automations, and Zapier Integration to streamline its project intake process and manage each project with ease.

QubicaAMF uses ClickUp’s Zapier Integration to connect their project intake tool Cognito Forms with ClickUp and automatically create tasks for the Project Coordination team in ClickUp. The team runs with the project from there, making sure everything goes smoothly.

“We use ClickUp Automations in just about every way possible, but the ability to link lesser-known platforms like Cognito Forms with ClickUp was huge for us,” says Process Manager Charles Frey. “Now we can take data and automatically import it into the custom fields in our project template. Certain fields populate automatically, depending on phase or status.”


Charles FreyProcess Manager at QubicaAMF

“My experience with ClickUp has been life changing. I came from a world where everything was in Excel. Moving to ClickUp allows us to be smarter, faster, and on the cutting edge of our industry.”


Better project visibility and KPI tracking

Not only has QubicaAMF streamlined project intake and management with ClickUp, but the company has also increased visibility around key performance indicators. For example, the Sales team uses ClickUp Dashboards to see how many projects they have in the pipeline, what has been sold, and how much revenue they’ve generated.

“With ClickUp, each salesperson has their own custom dashboard. They can see so much important information around the progression of their client projects and revenue impact that they couldn’t see before,” says Charles.

Sales Pipeline Dashboard

Project Coordinators also use the dashboards to keep track of their progress, and the department manager can get a bird’s-eye view of what every team member is working on. Leveraging this feature of ClickUp has helped the team save time creating reports and charts.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen any platform provide this level of visibility,” Charles says. “The ClickUp interface is clean and it’s easy to use.”

Taking client experience to the next level

In addition, QubicaAMF leverages ClickUp to deliver a better client experience with improved communication. ClickUp’s Twilio Integration allows the company to automate a text notification workflow to keep clients in the loop on project progress. The workflow sends custom text messages as each phase of a project is completed.

Twilio Integration

“ClickUp has allowed us to focus on project execution instead of paperwork. Improved communication and faster delivery has made our customers happier and allowed me to excel in my role,” Charles says.

What's next for QubicaAMF

Up-leveling customer experiences with superior project management

Using ClickUp to scope and deploy projects on-site for clients has given QubicaAMF’s Project Coordination team greater visibility into their work and has enhanced project delivery across the entire company.

“We’re also capturing a lot more data than we were before ClickUp, and I can solve the pain points people approach me with,” Charles says. “Using this platform is a breath of fresh air.”


Charles FreyProcess Manager at QubicaAMF

“Our team can now work on the same project together and communicate with any stakeholder instantly, wherever they are. ClickUp houses all of our projects—previous, current, and future.”

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