How Finastra boosts business performance with ClickUp

Learn how Finastra's marketing team consolidated and scaled all GTM activities across business units and regions to boost efficiency and effectiveness.

Results with ClickUp

30% increase

in collaboration effectiveness

40% growth

in total go-to-market (GTM) efficiency

Innovative journeys

developed through better orchestrated touchpoints

Company overview

Finastra is the largest pure-play Financial Services software company and serves 8,600 financial institutions, providing the broadest, deepest software applications and connectivity to marketplaces, partners and fintechs through an open platform, orchestrating the future of financial services.


Financial Services



Use Case



The challenge

Fragmented GTM planning obstructed go-to-market visibility

Tasked with driving growth for Finastra, the company’s marketing team was experiencing challenges caused by fragmented GTM plans, defined in different formats, and stored in several repositories. This resulted in campaigns inconsistently delivered and customer journeys that had room for improvement.

The team of 120+ staff was handling all marketing related demand generation functions. However, there was no central platform for all GTM plans by Business Unit, Geo, or campaigns to come together. Plans were scattered across multiple file locations, such as MS Teams, SharePoint or locally on laptops and in various formats, including Excel and PowerPoint. It was hard and time consuming to provide stakeholders with transparency in real time.

To mitigate this, the team spent hours in meetings delivering essential updates to stakeholders via slideshows on their GTM plans and their performance.


Joerg KlueckmannVP of Marketing at Finastra

The fragmented structure made it difficult for senior leadership to gain visibility into what GTM activities were taking place at any given time, and for which business unit. Imagine 200 slides of marketing plans that are outdated the second we produce it.

Solutions with ClickUp

Unify and align GTM teams to boost performance

Finastra chose ClickUp to help the company drive collaboration and transparency around GTM initiatives. After evaluating several vendors, ClickUp was the clear winner thanks to its usability, automation, and analytics. Today, Finastra’s marketing and sales teams use ClickUp to orchestrate demand generation across all Business Units and regions.

Create consistent data inputs across GTM activities with time-saving templates

All GTM functions within Finastra track their activities in lists using ClickUp templates. This enables the team to save time on project preparation and gather consistent data to run analytics and create Dashboards, eliminating the fragmentation that once hindered collaboration.

Each business unit, whether Lending, Payments, Treasury & Capital Markets or Universal Banking, has a consistent folder structure to house information and work for Fiscal Year plans including campaign frameworks, campaign assets, stakeholders, marketing plans, social calendar, and budget.

“ClickUp enables us to utilize our marketing resources more effectively and align our GTM approach across multiple business units,” Joerg says.

Customize views based on geographical regions and business units

Finastra also leverages ClickUp views to visualize tasks, projects, and workflows the way that works best for each team, whether at the regional or individual level. In just one click, the Marketing team can generate stakeholder-specific views (based on geographical region or business unit) of GTM plans, improving visibility into marketing initiatives with a more focused approach.

Group 1618868606@6x (3).png

In addition, ClickUp Automations deliver push notifications to the team to keep all GTM units in sync on what has been added or changed in various marketing plans.

“For example, we have an organic social media calendar for each specific business unit, as well as a centralized calendar,” Daria says. “The moment the social team adds a post to the centralized calendar and tags it under the Lending business unit, for instance, a ClickUp Automation automatically adds the post to the Lending social media calendar.”


DARIA GÎRJUDigital Demand Gen Lead at Finastra

We can show what’s happened with our marketing initiatives in a regional view or a campaign view. This includes looking at what types of activities we’re running and what funnel stage we’ve tagged them to. This way, senior management can easily get up to speed on a project’s status.

Executive visibility with customized dashboards

Beyond providing Finastra’s Marketing team with greater insight into various departmental projects, ClickUp also helps the team report to the company’s leadership. Finastra uses ClickUp Dashboards to deliver an aggregated overview of project progress to the executive vice presidents of each business unit.

“Communicating the status and performance of our global and regional marketing campaigns to our business units was far from optimal. With our new Dashboards, we’re saving time and our stakeholders have real-time access to the information they need, whenever they need it,” Joerg says.

What's next for Finastra

Working as a team toward a common goal

With ClickUp, Finastra’s GTM functions could transform their working style, improving both transparency and collaboration. Leveraging the platform has allowed the team to streamline GTM processes so employees can focus on marketing the company’s industry-leading financial software. And increased transparency has led to better internal working relationships.


Joerg KlueckmannVP of Marketing at Finastra

Our mentality is, ‘If it’s not in ClickUp, it doesn’t exist.’ So nowadays, it’s essential that every single marketing activity is input into ClickUp where it’ll be visible to all stakeholders.

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