How Atrato fast-tracked product development with ClickUp

When financial services company Atrato needed to ship products faster, it turned to ClickUp to boost efficiency, collaboration, and transparency across its teams.


Results with ClickUp

30% increase

in speed of product development

20% decrease

in developer overload

24 hour reduction

in ticket MTTR

Company overview

Atrato is on a mission to enable people to affordably and easily pay for the things they need. The Mexico-based financial services software company offers customers a new way to make large purchases in comfortable monthly payments, without the need for a credit or debit card.


Financial Services



Use Case

Product Management


The challenge

In Atrato’s early days, the startup team of 10 found it easy to track software development projects and tasks using tools like Google Drive or Notion. However, as the Atrato team grew, the company faced new challenges.

Notion’s functionality was falling short because the tool didn’t provide a broad perspective on an entire project’s roadmap. It also didn’t allow projects to be organized into folders, lists, and tasks.

In addition, Atrato’s product team was unable to work across departments. If the team needed something from engineering, tech, or even leadership, they had to chase down help on Slack, which was time-consuming—and therefore wouldn’t scale as Atrato grew.

The company test-drove most of the popular productivity tools on the market, including Trello, Jira, and Monday.com, but none offered the flexibility Atrato needed to manage growth and new product releases with ease.

“Then we found ClickUp. The platform was the perfect combination–not too technical, and not too basic,” says Raúl Becerra, Associate Product Manager at Atrato. “It gave us the flexibility to create, move, and organize teams and projects in their own way.”


Raúl BecerraProduct Manager

"ClickUp not only allows me to keep projects on track and detect risks early, it also helps me as an individual contributor with my daily tasks."

Backlog Management@2x Reformatted.png

Solutions with ClickUp

An all-in-one work hub that supercharges Atrato's product team

Atrato’s CEO first suggested the move to ClickUp. “As we looked to scale, ClickUp was the front-runner to support our efforts. The simple UI and flexibility made it easy enough to create simple to-do lists, but it included robust features that made it powerful enough to handle big, cross-functional projects,” says Juan Casian, CEO at Atrato.

The company’s tech and product teams were early adopters, but it wasn’t long before all of Atrato’s 80 employees began using the platform. Today, Atrato leverages ClickUp’s all-in-one software to simplify product management so the company can map its product vision, align its team, and sprint to market faster.

A platform that flexes to new product management workflows

With ClickUp, Atrato’s product development team no longer needs to keep track of projects on paper. The platform offers a big-picture perspective on Atrato’s entire product roadmap. ClickUp’s Hierarchy feature also provides the company with a robust structure for mapping Atrato’s various software development phases like exploration, product, construction, and monitoring.

The Docs feature further enables Atrato to keep product development organized. The company has created product requirement docs (PRDs) in ClickUp, which the product team uses to capture requirements, plan development efforts, create sprints, and provide updates.

Product Requirements Doc

In addition, Atrato uses ClickUp’s Templates feature to streamline tasks like user interviews. “Any product team member can quickly pull the template up for their call and be ready to go,” Raúl says.

One centralized hub for teamwork and collaboration

Gone are the days when Atrato’s product team struggled to work across departments. ClickUp offers the entire organization one place to effectively collaborate and communicate, reducing the heavy reliance on tools like Notion and Slack.

“Now, we can easily assign a task to someone and notify them via ClickUp, which improves the speed and effectiveness of communication,” Raúl says.

With ClickUp, it’s also easier to onboard new team members and guide weekly meetings to align on weekly sprint action items. ClickUp’s project tracking also means teams can even skip some meetings without the fear of missing any information.

sprints list@6x

Improved development process and new level of transparency

Atrato has now moved beyond unclear processes and has created a well-oiled system for ticket management, thanks to ClickUp.

“Before, it was just crazy,” Raúl says. “We’d ship something and have to do rollbacks because the feature had too many bugs and was not well planned. We’ve seen a major decrease in bugs reported, and ClickUp helps us to avoid a lot of problems.”

The platform also provides Atrato with greater visibility into the larger scope of product development. The company now takes a long view of product development, up to one year ahead.

What's next for Atrato

After trying numerous product management tools, Atrato’s product team has found its ideal match in ClickUp. Ticket management is no longer stressful and the team’s workload is lighter.

With ClickUp, Atrato's teams can now advance new projects at scale; speeding up product development faster than ever before and making project organization and company-wide collaboration a breeze.

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