How Seequent boosts marketing productivity by 50% with ClickUp

Disconnected tools kept Seequent's marketing team from getting more done faster. With a centralized work hub from ClickUp, its teams spend less time on day-to-day tasks while collaborating more closely on the work that matters.


Results with ClickUp

50% increase

in resource management efficiency

2-fold increase

in work efficiency

1 source of truth

for all customer experience initiatives

Company overview

Seequent creates and integrates industry-leading Earth modelling, geo-data management, and team collaboration software. The company transforms how geo-professionals work by connecting the software, teams, and tools they need so they can surface deeper insights and make smarter decisions that benefit our planet.





Use Case



The challenge

Seequent's Customer Experience (CX) team was using multiple tools to manage and collaborate on marketing projects. With work scattered across different apps, they couldn't support the scale needed to take campaigns to the next level.

What's more, the team didn't have a central line of sight into resource availability, which made smooth project management even more difficult. Ad hoc processes and poor visibility into projects led to employees working in silos, unaware that projects sometimes overlapped.

Seequent’s leadership knew something needed to change, so they asked Marketing Operations Manager Victoria Berryman to find a single project management solution. That's when she discovered ClickUp and everything started to fall into place.


Victoria BerrymanMarketing Operations Manager

"ClickUp has helped us centralize our resources, communication, and project management, making us twice—if not three times—as efficient."

Solutions with ClickUp

One place for project overviews, communication, and execution

Today, Seequent’s entire CX team—encompassing marketing, brand, experience design, regional marketing, and training—uses ClickUp. With everyone united on a single collaborative work hub, they've been able to take their visibility, collaboration, and efficiency to the next level.

More visibility across CX projects

Thanks to ClickUp’s customizable project views, Seequent's entire CX team now has visibility into marketing projects and can see how each aligns with the company’s high-level strategic objectives. Each team’s specific strategies are also outlined in ClickUp, and action items are detailed in Lists and tasks.

List View_Marketing

“Project details are summarized in Gantt or calendar views for internal stakeholders who don’t need to see the nitty-gritty elements,” Victoria says. “And the employees delivering on those tasks know exactly where to look to find information and the current status.”

Improved knowledge and process sharing

Seequent has developed comprehensive processes and documentation on each project using ClickUp’s Docs. By leveraging the Docs view to outline the processes and the Kanban Board or Task view to display FAQs or reference materials, team members now know exactly where to look when they have a question or need to remind themselves of a process.

“Having our team’s process documentation and task management in one place helps us save time searching for things. It also provides us with one single source of truth for information,” Victoria says.

Streamlined project intake process

“Email is out, ClickUp Forms are in!” says Victoria.

Seequent now uses Forms to receive all inbound requests to the CX team. This means employees no longer have to worry about missing information or send emails to communicate project updates.

Design Request Form

“Everything lives in ClickUp, which has streamlined our communications and ensures we are all – quite literally – on the same page,” Victoria adds.

Game-changing approach to resource management

ClickUp’s Workload view enables Seequent to monitor and allocate work based on capacity and capability. As such, the CX team uses a project’s estimated hours to ensure they’re keeping on top of resource availability and managing expectations of stakeholders. They also use comments and updates on tasks to keep everyone informed of each project’s status.

“We’re now able to more effectively monitor and protect our resources and time,” Victoria says.


What's next for Seequent

With ClickUp, Seequent has successfully centralized work, increased process efficiency, and boosted productivity.

“We have a team full of intelligent, driven, and capable people who were caught up in the day-to-day churn of requests, which means they didn’t get the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture,” Victoria says.

By leveraging ClickUp to gradually introduce processes and create visibility into upcoming projects, Seequent has made a positive change in a new direction. ClickUp’s user-friendly, flexible platform has also helped the CX team streamline the way it works.

“Before, it was all a bit too complicated. We needed a platform that would make all of our work visible – one that would move as fast as the business does,” Victoria says. “Now it’s hard to imagine life without ClickUp.”

Today, Seequent’s CX team is looking to expand ClickUp to other areas of the business so more employees can simplify work and get more done.

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