How Pontica Solutions scales & automates processes with ClickUp

Learn how talent outsourcing agency Pontica Solutions saves thousands of hours for its employees with automations and task management using ClickUp.

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Results with ClickUp.

2,000+ hours

saved last year with ClickUp

60K automations

used annually to drive product workflows

25+ processes

automated and built in ClickUp

Company overview

Pontica Solutions is an award-winning business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology outsourcing (ITO) company. The organization offers opportunities for young talent to develop and grow in the fields of customer experience, people management, project management, marketing, and IT.

Pontica Solutions’ most valuable asset is the large talent pool of professionals and the main goal is to create a sustainable and diverse team. Meanwhile, Pontica partners with leading companies in HighTech, FinTech, HealthTech, Gaming, Logistics, and Retail, and is rapidly expanding its portfolio.


Business Process and IT Outsourcing



Use Case

Project Management

The challenge

As an outsourcing company, Pontica Solutions has partnerships with third parties and manage operations that are traditionally executed by in-house staff, such as sales, customer service, IT, recruitment, and more. The company provides support to clients in more than 20 languages for over 50 different job profiles, building teams that serve its customers’ needs and goals.

“We take care of clients’ day-to-day processes, making sure we position ourselves and expand strategically according to that company’s objectives,” says Dayana Mileva, Account Director at Pontica Solutions. “Many of our clients are startups, unicorns, and Fortune 500 companies which involve dynamic processes. We need to be able to react quickly and change with our customers.”

Since Pontica Solutions landed its first client in 2017, the company has been on an upward trajectory and now has 900 employees serving customers around the globe. However, keeping pace with a fast-growing, innovative client base while maintaining a lean business—a necessity in a turbulent economy—became a challenge in 2021.

As Pontica Solutions grew by 100% year over year, administrative tasks and new processes ate up valuable time that would have been better spent on creative and strategic tasks. It became critical for information to reach more people within the company faster, and for processes to scale in line with growth. However, Pontica Solutions lacked a project management platform that could support these requirements.

Dayana tested numerous project management tools over the course of a month. She spent a week with each, and when she found ClickUp, she was delighted. “So many ideas came to mind as I explored the functionality. I realized we definitely needed ClickUp—it was a no-brainer,” Dayana says. “Pontica’s CEO is very open minded when it comes to trying new platforms for optimization, and when he gave the go-ahead, I onboarded our largest team to try ClickUp.”

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Dayana MilevaAccount Director

"Our team can now work on the same project together and communicate with any stakeholder instantly, wherever they are. ClickUp houses all of our projects—previous, current, and future."

Solutions with ClickUp

One hub for company-wide collaboration

After successfully onboarding the company’s largest team to ClickUp, Pontica Solutions implemented the solution company-wide to drive productivity and collaborative client project management. This has saved thousands of hours and helped the organization become leaner and more competitive.

Improved workforce and process management keep the business lean

Workforce management is a big component of operations at Pontica Solutions, and internal personnel changes are constant.

“Our old technology wasn’t as flexible as we wanted it to be,” Dayana says. “It wasn’t allowing us to automate enough and therefore, make all of the changes we needed to.”

To solve their problem, Pontica Solutions began using ClickUp Forms and ClickUp Automations to streamline processes and consequently eliminate unnecessary steps. This made routine processes, such as shift change requests, faster to complete.


Automated progress updates keep stakeholders better informed

With teams as large as 200 people and decisions being made daily, back-and-forth communication and a high number of meetings were common challenges at Pontica Solutions.

“No matter how hard I tried or how well I communicated, there was always an employee who did not receive the final communication,” Dayana says. “More importantly, whole processes would break if information didn’t flow to everyone who needed it.”

Leveraging ClickUp Forms and Automations helped Pontica Solutions avoid communication problems and optimize the way stakeholders receive information such as progress updates.

“If a manager is having a one-on-one meeting with an employee, they can fill in a form during the meeting and ClickUp sends an automated email to the employee after so everyone is on the same page,” Dayana says. “It’s extremely useful.

Innovative ClickUp workflows empower and motivate employees

In Pontica Solutions’ line of business, employee performance is one of the most important metrics. The company must measure and react to it in a timely manner and on a regular basis. Pontica Solutions uses ClickUp to create a reward system called PontiSuperstars to do exactly that.

“Our shift leads use the system to vote for the best performers on the team. At the end of every month, we publish the winners in our monthly All Hands newsletter, which is also in ClickUp, and we reward them with a monetary bonus,” Dayana says.

The entire system is customized using ClickUp Docs and ClickUp Templates to create the monthly newsletter, enabling Pontica Solutions to celebrate and motivate employees in a unique and streamlined way.

Real-time client project visibility improves customer experience

The various teams within Pontica Solutions are extensions of its clients’ businesses. This means it’s essential for customers to have direct insight into how the teams are performing.

Pontica Solutions used to provide clients with weekly reports and presentations. Now, the company leverages ClickUp Dashboards to share this information.

“With ClickUp, we went one step ahead of the game and created dashboards where our clients can access and monitor performance, occupancy, and projects in real time,” Dayana says. “This allows clients to feel connected to their teams, especially given that they are located in different countries, and sometimes even on different continents.”

The dashboards enable Pontica Solutions’ customers to see what their teams are working on, how many tasks are in progress, whether they’re on schedule, and what the breakdown of priorities looks like. It also shows the capacity of each team member, which ensures that no one is overworked.

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What's next for Pontica Solutions

Today, Pontica Solutions’ employees can use the thousands of hours they’re saving thanks to ClickUp to engage in creative thinking and deliver more value to the company’s clients.

“The innovative minds within our organization always strive to be better and constantly look for ways in which we can save another minute or another hour, or sometimes even a whole day,” Dayana says. “ClickUp solved a lot of issues for us that, looking back at it, we were trying to handle using unscalable tools such as Excel tables and Word documents.”

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