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Joshua Rozario
Joshua Rozario
Mindshare Digital is a boutique thought leadership marketing agency that helps people brand, market and monetize their unique perspectives to their niche audience without being overwhelmed by technology, internet marketing, big budgets or cheap sales tactics.
The goal of Mindshare Digital is to allow clients to focus on their core expertise while the team manages end-to-end branding and marketing activities.

ClickUp + Mindshare

The ClickUp team spoke with Joshua Rozario to learn more about his business and discuss how ClickUp can help his team be more productive.
What does your day-to-day look like? And how does ClickUp help you in your daily activities?
Most of our day is spent in serving our clients who’ve signed up for ‘‘Done For You’’ Services. So our remote teams use ClickUp to manage and track marketing activities both internally as well as with our clients. These activities could include content creation, podcast post-production, webinar setup and marketing, Facebook and Google ad campaigns.
What system was in place before coming to ClickUp, and what was taking the most time away from your productivity?
We used ToDoist prior to using ClickUp. As much as Todoist is a great productivity app/tool it is better designed for personal use as compared to collaborating with teams, especially if they are remote teams.

So we used our emails for collaboration and ToDoist for managing and tracking tasks but with a broken system like that, a lot of smaller tasks were slipping through the gaps.

This demanded meeting with the team more often and given our time zone differences, it was becoming harder.

Also, most other tools just had two statuses: To Do and Done. Though it requires unique statuses for each of our marketing activities, custom statuses again have been a huge benefit at ClickUp.
How does ClickUp help accomplish your goals?
ClickUp allows us to manage and track our tasks in unique ways for each of our marketing activities, especially with features such as custom statuses, assigned comments as tasks , time tracking, recurring tasks and more. Even though these features look very minute on the surface, they play a huge role in plugging the gap for us, given the fact that our teams work remotely. With three different views, our clients and managers have a 360-degree view of what’s happening at the ground level, allowing them to focus more on strategy and creative thinking compared to the mire of managing tasks and team.

Finally, ClickUp has helped us offer great customer experience to our clients, improve productivity massively and help keep our operating costs low.

What We’ve Learned From Mindshare Digital

Joshua Rozario Co ClickUp
Customizability is one of the top features allowing ClickUp users from all over the world in a assortment of different fields to work together in the same platform. It’s why thousands of teams depend on us to get their work done.

Practically, that means some teams like setting up their Spaces based on team functions, the clients they’re working with, or different business units.

For Mindshare Digital, they’ve established Spaces for their clients and their best practices for internal work.

In each client’s Space, Joshua’s team has set up a Project with Lists that fill in the specific organization needed for each. That may be branding, logos, website design, a webinar, or a landing page. With this hierarchy, each client gets the special attention they need, and the team can see the priorities for that client.

Another great customizable feature? Custom statuses. Mindshare Digital statuses include open, to do, doing and closed to help the team see what’s up next and what they’ve accomplished.

joshua rozario co custom statuses
Other key features that help their team organize their work include multiple assignees, due dates, time tracking, priorities and tags. Tags help link tasks across projects and give a quick view of related items for a certain project, as well identify older tasks that may may be relevant to the current work. This helps the team keep up with work they’ve done in the past and how that work may help other clients for a similar project.

The Team

Joshua Rozario
Joshua Rozario
Rajesh Setty
Rajesh Setty

Mindshare Digital’s Favorite Features

With custom statuses, your entire team knows what everyone is working on at any given moment. You can stay focused on the exact stage for that exact task, which increases your efficiency and productivity. You’ll always know what’s next in the pipeline.
Instantly create and assign action items for yourself or others. When you or your team is commenting on a task, you don’t have to let any good ideas go by. Immediately assign a comment to start work.
Time tracking within ClickUp helps you estimate and record time spent on each task. You can also integrate with other popular tools like Harvest, Toggl or TimeDoctor if you prefer.
These tasks remind you of processes or tasks that you need to do on a regular basis. For instance, you can set up recurring tasks as a reminder to create a certain report or to check up with a client on a specific issue.
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