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DISH Network increases project efficiency by 30% with ClickUp

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30% more efficient

through adopting new workflows that increased the flow of information.

10% increase in project complexity

now that the team can manage more work than ever before.

2 custom integrations

built for Salesforce and Jira, allowing for more streamlined visibility and project management.

Company Overview
DISH Network is a leading provider of satellite television in America, inventor of the world’s first digital video recorder, and creator of the world’s first live TV streaming program. Today, the Fortune 200 company provides the most high-definition video and international programming in the U.S., as well as wireless internet service.

Story Snapshot
DISH Network's Commercial Services Project Management Office struggled with disconnected tools and siloed departments causing information to fall through the cracks. They turned to ClickUp to unify their project management workflows, increase efficiency, and facilitate better collaboration.

  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Employees: 10,000+
  • Use Case: Project Management

The Challenge

Disconnected tools slowed productivity

Feeling the pressure of a growing workload, DISH Network’s Commercial Services Project Management Office needed a better way to track and manage projects as well as output. The company’s organizational structure was heavily siloed and every department had its own set of disparate technology tools, which complicated collaboration and slowed down productivity.

Additionally, since employees didn’t have a standard practice for managing their work, the need for change was sometimes unclear to them, making it challenging to implement new tech and processes.

The project management team knew they needed to master change management to make a transformation successful, so they searched for a solution that not only supported their tech requirements, but made it easy for employees to use and see the value in using a new tool.

Mike Coon Dish

Mike CoonProgram Manager at DISH Network

“Implementing ClickUp was a fun process because we were all hungry for more organized workflows.”


The Solution

Putting change management to the test

DISH Network’s Commercial Services department is leveraging ClickUp’s all-in-one project management platform, and other departments are taking note of just how much more organized and efficient teams in this department have become.

Implementing ClickUp enterprise-wide is the goal,” Mike says. “People have started asking, ‘What’s this tool you’re using? We really like it.’ They see the impact ClickUp is having and they’ve started to lean in.

Successful change management supported by Docs and Dashboards

When it comes to change management, Mike follows a process known as ADKAR, which stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement.

The benefit of ClickUp is that you can track your work. You can see whether 70% of the tasks you executed in a given month were ad hoc requests that came in on the day of, which isn’t an optimal use of time...,” Mike says.

ClickUp also supports Mike with the Ability stage of change management. The platform enables him to build all of his team’s standard operating procedures into Docs.

When you’re implementing a new software tool, you need to be deliberate about the process changes you make so that they’re truly helpful,” Mike says. “Now, every document related to the ways we work is always right there in ClickUp."

"Having the enablement materials live right alongside where the work is happening in the system you’re trying to drive adoption makes both technology and process changes smoother.

In addition, Dashboards help Mike with the Reinforcement stage of change management.

We can jump into a Dashboard and see the progression of every project toward completion. That allows us to close the loop on change management, and see that we made these changes for a reason and that we’re now better for it.

Dish Network Dashboard Image

Working smarter and collaborating better with AI

With ClickUp’s all-in-one knowledge and work management platform, DISH Network has increased efficiency, and been able to standardize and scale project management best practices.

ClickUp Brain—the world's first neural network connecting tasks, docs, people, and all company knowledge with AI—has also made collaboration a breeze. With ClickUp Brain, teams can more easily see what work their colleagues are focused on and get a quick snapshot into their world before heading into a meeting together.

All I have to do is type a question like, ‘What’s the latest on this project right now?’ and I get a fully formatted list of everything that’s happened over whatever period of time I want to see,” Mike says. “ClickUp Brain is like a full-time member of our team. It’s a killer app. It’s so easy and it saves so much time.

The Impact

For DISH, optimizing efficiency never ends

DISH Network’s change management journey from implementing ClickUp through adopting new workflows across teams has been a resounding success. The company has seen a 30% increase in project management efficiency, and has improved the flow of information. (However, as Mike says, “you’re never done” when it comes to change management!)

ClickUp has allowed us to manage much more than we could before,” he adds. “We’ve been able to increase our complexity by about 10%, which lets us tackle bigger problems more efficiently."

DISH Network’s teams now work more closely together with connected workflows, Docs, AI, real-time Dashboards and more—helping everyone move faster, work smarter, and operate more efficiently.

Mike Coon Photo

Mike CoonProgram Manager

“ClickUp is more than just a tool. It has helped us facilitate a change in mindset around productivity on our teams.”


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