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Chick-fil-A cuts overhead costs by 33%with ClickUp

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33% less overhead

by streamlining processes so efficiently that less resources are required.

10+ hours saved

each week for store managers and leadership teams across multiple locations.

Top 10% talent retention

across the entire franchise thanks to efficient onboarding and management with ClickUp.

Company Overview
Chick-fil-A, Inc., headquartered in College Park, Georgia, is America’s largest quick-service chain specializing in chicken sandwiches. The company operates 3,059 locations across 48 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Story Snapshot
Disjointed systems started eating into revenue for this regional franchise owner. He responded by adopting ClickUp as a central platform for operations. ClickUp enhanced employee onboarding and retention, and streamlined admin processes for restaurant managers so they could focus more on revenue-driving activities.

  • Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Employees: 10,000+
  • Use Case: Project Management and HR
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The Challenge

Lack of insight into how time was spent limited growth in profitability

Before ClickUp, teams were using disparate systems, ranging from personal notebooks to spreadsheets, to manage onboarding programs for new hires, employee learning and development, and more. Chick-fil-A faced significant challenges in managing their team’s hours efficiently.

The lack of a centralized system to track labor resulted in an accumulation of unproductive hours, contributing to more meetings, which ultimately took key resources away from revenue-driving activities.

This disorganized approach to work and labor management inflated overhead costs and ate into profit. As a result, Ryan Lamb, Operating Partner who oversees multi-restaurant operations, recognized a critical need for a solution that could centralize workforce management and improve operational efficiency.

Ryan Lamb Chick fil a

Ryan LambOperating Partner at Chick-fil-A

“We were starting to accumulate a lot of hours spent on admin tasks, scheduling, and more. ClickUp helped reverse the impact this had on our business.”


The Solution

Chick-fil-A centralizes and automates team workflows

Chick-fil-A transformed its employee management system with ClickUp Folders, Lists, and Tasks to manage team members across multiple restaurants. The organization has crafted a sophisticated setup where every aspect of employee data, from onboarding details to scheduling, is organized within ClickUp's flexible platform.

“Finding a unified platform that could handle the intricate details of managing our diverse teams was crucial, and ClickUp was the perfect fit," says Ryan Lamb. "The ability to customize our Workspace to fit the unique needs of our restaurants has revolutionized how we manage our teams and streamlined our operations significantly."

Better talent development with organized resources and dashboards

Chick-fil-A revolutionized the way it manages onboarding, training and development for its employees with ClickUp.

"The ability to systematically organize and access training materials in ClickUp has not only simplified our development processes but has also played a crucial role in managing our team," explains Ryan Lamb from Chick-fil-A.

"Being able to quickly navigate through our training Dashboards in ClickUp to monitor and adjust our programs is invaluable. It significantly contributes to our success in nurturing and retaining our employees – it’s definitely a factor that helped secure our spot in the top 10% of talent retention franchise-wide."

New Hire Onboarding - chick-fil-a

Simplified team management with automatic requests

Forms make communicating and submitting updates like PTO requests, promotion applications, and HR submissions easier for team members in management and in the store. Coupled with Automations, leadership can rest easy knowing that relevant information is delivered to them at the right time.

“We use Forms to manage applications and scale our leadership development,” says Ryan Lamb, “I can’t wait to build this out further to match our growing needs!”

Forms - Chick-fil-a

The Impact

Chick-fil-A drives more revenue with efficient teams and less overhead

Streamlining processes and centralizing employee management allowed store managers to reclaim time in their week to focus on more important revenue-driving operations, instead of being stuck in admin tasks and meetings.

With ClickUp, Chick-fil-A’s mission of providing customers with the best service possible is more achievable than ever. Less meetings means more profit-driving work, and ultimately, more revenue.

Ryan Lamb Chick fil a

Ryan LambOperating Partner

“ClickUp allows my leadership team to focus more on strategic tasks rather than being bogged down by administrative duties. It's helped us reduce overhead and consolidate the work that took 9 people to 6.”

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