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7 Free Go-to-Market Strategy Templates You Should Keep on Hand

Launching a new product or service is always an exciting time! On the one hand, you can’t wait to show the world the innovations you’ve been working on, and on the other, planning the tiniest details before the release date can keep you up at night. 🌝

Whether you’re launching your first product, relaunching an existing one, or expanding your catalog, you need a detailed go-to-market (GTM) strategy to ensure the venture is a resounding success.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best go-to-market strategy templates for coordinating product launch activities.

These well-crafted templates can offer end-to-end support for facilitating GTM strategies, which may revolve around branding, finding target buyer pain points, and persuading them to purchase what you’re offering.

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What Is a Go-to-Market Strategy Template?

Creating a well-rounded go-to-market strategy is a tough job, even for marketing experts with decades of experience. It requires addressing dozens of elements before the launch of a new product or service, such as:

  • Understanding the current buyer market trends
  • Narrowing down pain points that your product can alleviate 
  • Checking out the competition
  • Boosting brand awareness
  • Reducing go-to-market time and cost

A go-to-market strategy template provides the groundwork for GTM planning and execution activities. It essentially standardizes the whole process, helping your team commit to a solid product positioning game plan faster. 🏃

Skillfully made go-to-market strategy templates support a variety of tasks for market analysis, articulating the value proposition, product distribution, sales strategy, a defined target audience, and communication. They can also be employed for other use cases, such as company expansion, rebranding, product sunsetting, building a pricing strategy, and product line updates.

creating a KPI dashboard in ClickUp GIF
Create detailed KPI dashboards in ClickUp to analyze, visualize, and prioritize your work

Besides saving you time, a quality GTM template may help streamline promotional tasks, allowing you to monitor them through KPI metrics like the length of the sales cycle and conversion rate.

What you should include in your go-to-market strategy template

What you’ll include in your GTM strategy template ultimately depends on your immediate goals and objectives. Many managers prefer a short-term GTM plan that includes aggressive market penetration tactics to ensure the launch is profitable. You’ll also find product managers who rely on long-term strategies that may not bring in the highest return on investment (ROI) right away but extend the product life cycle.

Here are some common elements you may want in your go-to-market strategy template:

  1. Product description: Helps outline your product’s main features and selling points
  2. Market analysis: Defines the marketing efforts and GTM strategy in terms of trends, risks, demographics, demand, opportunities, and immediate competitors
  3. Marketing plan: Presents the branding and positioning strategies (value proposition) you’ll use to advertise your product
  4. Pricing strategies: Helps analyze market factors and profitability goals to narrow down on sensible pricing models
  5. Communication plan: Dictates your internal and external communication tasks alongside team roles and responsibilities
  6. KPIs: Identifies metrics you’ll use to measure your strategy’s effectiveness
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7 Go-To-Market Strategy Templates to Check Out

We’ve analyzed dozens of GTM strategy templates and selected the seven best options to help you get your product or service market-ready.

These are the industry’s best ClickUp templates offering built-in guides and customization tools. You get premade sections, but feel free to alter them as you please to ensure the template suits your go-to-market intent to the letter. ✅

1. ClickUp Go-To-Market Strategy Template

ClickUp Go-to-Market GTM Strategy Template
The ClickUp Go-to-Market Strategy Template helps you outline your goals, create tasks, and monitor progress

Want to create a step-by-step plan that starts with ideation and ends with a successful product launch? The ClickUp Go-To-Market Strategy Template offers comprehensive support as you outline your GTM activities as a checklist and keep an eagle eye on every task. 🦅

This go-to-market template lets you group tasks into stages for effortless organization, easy navigation, and tracking. By default, you start with six GTM stages: Discovery, Analysis, Research, Planning, Implementation, and Reporting. 

Within each stage, you’ll find a number of different tasks you and your team may want to carry out. For example, in the Discovery stage, you have tasks like a Market Research Plan, Buyer Personas and Use Cases, and Profitability Analysis.

The tasks are customizable—add new activities and delete or edit the existing ones. Assign tasks to specific team members, set due dates, and use one of ClickUp’s many Custom Fields (Dropdown, Date, Progress, etc.) to add structure to your goals.

Create subtasks within tasks and leave notes to improve your team’s efficiency and break down more complex activities into easier-to-manage chunks—all across your marketing efforts.

The template offers two viewsList and Board—to sort your tasks based on their strategy stage. The List view is a great layout for tracking priority tasks. The Board view (Kanban board) offers a more visual perspective and lets you switch task cards from one stage to another with a simple drag-and-drop action.

This template focuses on product launches, but since it’s hyper-customizable, you can adjust its content to fit scenarios like product relaunches and major upgrades.

2. ClickUp Go-To-Market Strategy Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Go-to-Market Strategy Whiteboard Template
Use the ClickUp Go-to-Market Strategy Whiteboard Template to take collaboration to a new level and visualize your product launch or expansion

If you and your team prefer visualizing tasks and activities over checklists, you’ll like what the ClickUp Go-To-Market Strategy Whiteboard Template has to offer.

This is a ClickUp Whiteboard template. In case you’re not familiar with the platform’s Whiteboards feature, it’s essentially a digital canvas where you can get your team together to brainstorm and develop ideas in real-time, regardless of your location.

Every participant gets a rich toolbar to share their strategy inputs, value proposition strategies, ideas for your target audience, and anything else you need for your go-to-market plan.

As far as framework is concerned, this template boasts the same six stages for your GTM workflows as our previous option:

  1. Discovery
  2. Analysis
  3. Research
  4. Planning
  5. Implementation
  6. Reporting

The only difference here is that the stages are represented on a visual board with a drag-and-drop interface. Every stage is color-coded for easier navigation and a more comprehensible at-a-glance display of your sales and marketing plan.

Assign tasks to your coworkers through the stages, set deadlines, and watch the puzzle pieces come together for a successful product launch. Under every task, you’ll see sticky notes for leaving additional task instructions and guidelines that improve team communication. 🧩

The biggest perk you get with Whiteboard GTM strategy templates is their customizability. You can link internal and external content to the document, add media of your choice, and tailor it for niche market penetration.

3. ClickUp Go-To-Market Strategy Communication Template

ClickUp Go to Market Strategy Communication Template
Create a sound go-to-market strategy with ClickUp’s communication template

Tailoring go-to-market strategies isn’t a one-man job—the process usually involves refined collaboration among various departments, from product development to marketing. The ClickUp Go-To-Market Strategy Communication Template lets you map out your finalized strategy in a professional-looking document meant to be accessed by the entire team. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

This is a Doc template, ideal for compiling comprehensive knowledge through standard GTM sections that you have to fill out. The first few sections require general information like the company contact info, mission and vision, and a short summary (can be abstract) of your plan.

As you move further, the sections become more specific. For example, if you have market research data available, you can fill out the situation analysis section, define your stakeholders, and identify your target audience. Complete the sections relevant to you and delete the rest.

The idea here is to help anyone reading the template understand the key details of the GTM process. It allows you to give a breakdown of project tasks attributed by assignees, due dates, and task definitions. Set pre-established metrics within the template to measure progress.

Your accounting department can also use this template to check phase-wise budget allocations. While this is largely a template for internal use, you can share it with external stakeholders, investors, and partners seamlessly.

4. ClickUp Strategic Marketing Plan Template

ClickUp Strategic Marketing Plan Template
Achieve your objectives and key results (OKRs), plan out your marketing goals, and stay within budgets with the Strategic Marketing Plan Template by ClickUp

Marketing forms a major chunk of any GTM strategy. The ClickUp Strategic Marketing Plan Template helps outline the exact steps necessary to introduce your product to the target audience and troubleshoot any product positioning roadblocks.

The template allows you to define marketing objectives and key results (OKRs), create tasks, and track progress. It brings your marketing plan to life by offering unparalleled visibility, organization, and room for collaboration.

Enough chit-chat; let’s see the specifics that make this template as great as it is. 😁

This marketing plan template has two sections:

  1. OKRs: Lets you define your marketing KPIs
  2. Marketing plan: Outlines tasks related to marketing initiatives 

You can connect tasks to relevant OKRs and set budgets and due dates for improved visibility and collaboration. The template serves as a central hub for activities like:

  • Adding one or more assignees to every task
  • Setting due dates for individual tasks aligned with the release plan
  • Identifying and prioritizing troubleshooting tasks
  • Defining the channels you’ll use (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, etc.) to promote your product

The template lets you arrange tasks in a calendar and create timelines by month, week, or day. Track the progress of each OKR through multiple views.

For instance, the Key Results by Quarter view showcases the quarterly health of your marketing efforts, helping you make adjustments as you go. The Kanban-style Progress Board view converts tasks to cards and sorts them based on their status: Open, Planned, In Progress, Canceled, and Complete.

Use the Progress view to group the task cards into status-based columns or the Timeline view for a chronological checklist.

5. ClickUp Market Analysis Template

ClickUp Market Competitive Analysis Template
Get valuable market insights and enjoy visualizing your product’s performance with this template, comparing it to others effortlessly

A huge part of building a bulletproof GTM strategy is researching the market—you need to understand your competitors, current market trends, and customer needs to be able to offer something desirable. The ClickUp Market Analysis Template allows you to go through this process swiftly and give your team the competitive edge necessary for success.

This template offers multiple views, and all focus on five types of competitors:

  1. Direct: They have the same products as you
  2. Indirect: Their products are different from what you offer but target the same market
  3. Potential: They aren’t in the market right now but may be in the future
  4. Future: They are like potential competitors but are likely to enter the market in the immediate future
  5. Replacement: They offer an alternative to your product

The template’s views let you observe your competitors objectively and understand how to use your product strengths to entice the right audience. For example, the Competitors view is a list of all your competitors and their products (or to add your competitive advantage against a specific tool or target audience).

Create a new task for every competitor and outline their pricing, customer satisfaction, quality ratings, and unique features to estimate your product’s position against each.

The template can come in handy if you’re trying to figure out competitive niches with the most profit potential. The Growth Share Whiteboard view lets you construct a competitor matrix focusing on relative market share and growth rate.

Use color-coded sticky notes to place competitors in the right quadrant and decide which segments can be lucrative investment opportunities.

6. ClickUp Marketing Action Plan Template

ClickUp Marketing Action Plan Template
Outline your marketing strategy with the ClickUp Marketing Action Plan Template

You don’t have to be a genius marketing wizard to create and manage top-tier marketing campaigns—all you need is the ClickUp Marketing Action Plan Template. 🧙

This template gives you the ultimate power to streamline your ideas, organize your team, and monitor progress against timelines and milestones. It offers three views—Action Plan List, By Team, and Calendar.

The Action Plan List view maps out all your tasks and their details. This is where you’ll add and assign new tasks, determine priorities, set due dates, and outline goals. You can attach files to every task to provide your team members with additional info and make their work easier.

Thanks to ClickUp’s Custom Fields, you can adjust the list to align with your goals. For example, use the Money Custom Field to allocate budgets or the Progress Custom Field to monitor task completion.

The By Team view is a Kanban board representing tasks from the previous view as cards. This board sorts your action plan activities based on the assigned teams, but you can change this to status, priority, or another criterion.

The Calendar view lets you visualize team schedules and deadlines by putting tasks into calendar form. It’s up to you to customize the time period you want to observe, such as one or more days, weeks, or months.

This view is excellent for identifying areas of improvement that can optimize market reach or ROI earnings early on.

7. ClickUp Digital Marketing Action Plan Template

ClickUp Daily Action Plan Template
No project is too complex for the ClickUp Daily Action Plan Template

Whether you’re launching a new product or announcing a significant expansion or rebranding initiative, there’s hardly a better way to do it than with the help of digital marketing.

But success doesn’t come easy—you need a good plan to gain an advantage over your competitors and strengthen your online presence, and that’s what the ClickUp Digital Marketing Action Plan Template is for.

The template helps you outline your product launch goals, break them down into tasks, and determine priorities. Stay in control of the project with four views—Action Steps, Goals, Timeline, and Board.

The Action Steps view lists all tasks related to your digital marketing efforts. Add details like assignee, priority, due dates, department, and complexity to every task, and don’t let a single piece of information slip through the cracks in your marketing strategy.

The Goals view is a Kanban board where you see every task in the form of a card. By default, the template lists tasks based on the assigned Department, helping department heads manage their team better. You can also sort tasks based on Complexity, Goal Progress, and Task Type.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop design, you can quickly switch task cards from one column to another and organize your workflows. The Timeline view helps you stay on top of your schedules and deadlines, while the Board view sorts your task cards depending on their status: To Do, In Progress, and Complete.

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Go-to-Market Strategy Templates: Pave the Way to Success

According to a report by McKinsey, scattered go-to-market strategies can cause a domino effect in times of crisis. One setback can send the entire team into chaos and confusion because there’s no clear standard on who’s supposed to do what.

Our listed ClickUp GTM templates can prevent such fail scenarios by centralizing your team roles and responsibilities, providing robust monitoring capabilities, and allowing room for adjustments. So, go ahead and download your favorite pick!

ClickUp offers 1,000+ other templates to suit different roles and use cases—explore the gallery today! 💗

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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