Budget Proposal Templates

10 Free Budget Proposal Templates in Excel and ClickUp

When you’re looking for a budget proposal template to request money from stakeholders, investors, donors, or internal funding sources, a good template helps you get it right the first time.

We’ve got everything you need to know about choosing the right template here in our review of 10 free budget proposal templates. Check out our recommendations below!

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What Is a Budget Proposal Template?

A budget proposal template is a pre-designed document that helps you create a strategic presentation to request funding or approval for project development or businesses. These presentations detail the estimated costs, revenue projections, and resources required. 

A detailed budget proposal template provides stakeholders, investors, or decision-makers with a comprehensive view of a project’s financial feasibility. 

Used effectively, budget proposals help secure the necessary funding and facilitate efficient resource allocation.

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What Makes a Good Budget Proposal Template?

Good budget proposals should be organized, easy to customize, and allow for reviews and revisions. Real-time updates and collaboration features are also helpful, especially when working with teams. 

Here are some key qualities to look for in a budget proposal template:

  • Clarity: The budget proposal template should be set up in a way that allows readers to easily understand the project’s goals, scope, budget, and direct costs (or indirect costs)
  • Easy to customize: Choose a template that can be customized for your industry and the type of financial information you need to document
  • Comprehensive: Don’t cut corners when it comes to presenting the information that matters. Look for a template that can cover all of the important details of a particular project, including indirect and direct costs for your budget proposal sample
  • Revision and review: A good budget proposal template should allow for regular revisions and reviews to accommodate changes in circumstances or objectives
  • Free or low-cost: Why pay for a budget proposal template when there are so many high-quality ones available?

By incorporating these elements, your budget proposal template becomes a valuable tool for presenting a well-structured and compelling financial plan.

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10 Budget Proposal Template Templates to Use in 2024

Creating a budget proposal is much easier with the right business templates. Here are ten free budget proposal templates to get you started!

1. ClickUp Budget Proposal Template

ClickUp’s Budget Proposal Template

The awesome Budget Proposal Template by ClickUp is the ultimate tool to help you secure funding for future projects while impressing stakeholders and potential investors. 

With this template, you’ll find everything neatly laid out. First up, the “Personnel Summary” page covers all manpower-related expenses, making sure everyone gets their fair share.

Next, the “Materials and Equipment” page takes care of those necessary project plan materials and equipment that keep things running smoothly.

Of course, we can’t forget about “Logistics!” It handles all the transportation expenses, so everything can get where it needs to go, so you know all the direct and indirect costs associated.  

The “Event” page tracks all the expenses that pop up during the actual execution of an event! 

Last but not least, we have the “Summary” page. This is where all the magic comes together, with a budget breakdown presented in a sleek pie chart. Plus, you’ll find “Terms and Conditions” and “Signatories” for that final approval! 

With ClickUp’s free Budget Proposal Template, pitches, and proposed budgets have never been easier. Get ready to make your stakeholders, investors, donors, and decision-makers smile! 😄

2. ClickUp Simple Budget Template

ClickUp’s Simple Budget Template

Record and share basic income and expenses with ClickUp’s Simple Budget Template, a free template to help you manage a simple budget.

The template includes views and custom fields to help you estimate your income and expenses monthly and annually. 

The Simple Budget Template can be used for a proposal letter in many ways:

  • Expense management: Record the estimated expenses of your project costs or business proposal, itemize expenses, and keep your budget plan organized
  • Revenue projection: Forecast the potential income for pitching your proposal to potential investors or stakeholders
  • Collaboration: Multiple users can update and monitor the budget in real time, or learn how to delegate using collaboration tools
  • Status updates: Track the status of tasks, allowing you to monitor progress and ensure you’re staying within budget, and set up notifications to update team members on changes
  • Customizability: The highly customizable template lets you tailor income and expenses around the requirements of your business proposal, adding or removing sections as necessary

To use it, you would simply input your data into the relevant fields in the template. It’s also easy to share with other stakeholders for transparency and collaboration.

3. ClickUp Event Budget Template

ClickUp’s Event Budget Template is designed to help you plan, manage, and track your event expenses

The Event Budget Template by ClickUp is a powerful tool designed to streamline and simplify your event planning and budgeting process. Whether you’re organizing a small gathering or a large-scale event, this template has got you covered! 🎉

With the Event Budget Template, you can easily record all your event-related expenses, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. It allows you to estimate and allocate costs for various aspects of your event, including total costs such as venue, catering, decorations, marketing, entertainment, and more.

The highly-customizable template helps you create detailed and convincing proposals. You can present a clear picture of event costs, income, and overall feasibility to potential investors or stakeholders, increasing your chances of securing approval or funding.

4. ClickUp Personal Budget Template

ClickUp’s Personal Budget Template

Want to take charge of your personal bank account? With ClickUp’s Personal Budget Template, you’ll master the art of money management effortlessly!

Discover the power of a well-planned budget as you prioritize your goals, save for the future, and make better financial decisions. ClickUp’s user-friendly template lets you easily record your income, expenses, and savings, making budgeting a breeze.

Follow our simple steps to create your personalized budget, allocating funds wisely and adjusting as needed. With real-time tracking, you’ll stay on top of your finances like a pro!

Avoid common budgeting pitfalls by setting realistic goals, regularly tracking your spending, and building an emergency fund. 

While not specifically designed for business proposals, the ClickUp Personal Budget Template can certainly be adapted for this purpose, especially for smaller businesses or startups where personal and business finances may be closely intertwined.

5. ClickUp Business Budget Template

ClickUp’s Business Budget Template

ClickUp’s Business Budget Template is a great tool to help you create more effective pitches, proposals, and funding requests. 

The highly-customizable free budget proposal template provides a clear financial overview that clearly presents detailed expenses, anticipated revenue, projections, and projected profits.

The Business Budget Template includes many board views, folders, and lists to help you record key business expenses.

For example, you can track your overall budget with the “Business Budget Folder.” It includes “Overall Budget” and “Budget Tracker by Store” views to help you analyze expenses, identify cost drivers, and maximize profits. 

The “Sales List” folder gives you a comprehensive overview of your company’s sales, grouped by product type and store. “Costs of Goods Sold,” helps you efficiently manage direct labor, raw materials, and overhead costs.

And you’ll have no problem keeping your operational expenses and employee salaries in check, thanks to the “Operational Expenses” and “Salaries List” views!

The ClickUp Business Budget Template helps you record business expenses and can be a great free tool to help you prepare for business proposals! 

6. ClickUp Budget Report Template

ClickUp’s Budget Report Template

Create clear and concise budget proposals with the Budget Report Template by ClickUp. It includes several premade fields you can use to summarize your proposed budget, such as revenue, expenses, and profit. Additionally, the template allows you to customize fields to fit the specific needs of your proposal.

The budget report template can also help you to track your budget over time so you can demonstrate, to potential clients or partners, that your business is financially sound and that you have a plan for managing your expenses. 

Finally, the proposal template can help you automate your budget process, saving you time while ensuring that your budget is always up-to-date. 

Potential clients and partners will appreciate the organization and clarity you provide, thanks to the Budget Report Template by ClickUp. 

7. ClickUp Film Budget Template

ClickUp’s Film Budget Template

When you’re ready to seek funding for your film, the Film Budget Template by ClickUp can help you manage project budgets and craft detailed proposals.

The Film Budget Template is highly customizable and allows you to include any expenses related to your film, such as salaries, server fees, office space, labor costs, wardrobe, catering, set, and travel expenses.

Tap any expense to open a detailed view where you can add tasks and subtasks, checklists, and file attachments as supporting documents.

Once your proposal is approved, ClickUp’s all-in-one Project Management Software will help you hit the ground running with everything you need to manage tasks, project deliverables, people, budgets, proposals, and projects for your film. 

For large films or small, the free Film Budget Template will help track your expenses and share them with decision makers.

8. Excel Simple Monthly Budget Template by Microsoft

Excel Simple Monthly Budget Template by Microsoft
This simple monthly budget template uses the power of Excel to compare your monthly income to your monthly expenses and help you visualize how they stack up

The free Simple Monthly Budget Template by Microsoft provides a visual comparison of your monthly income versus expenses.

It’s a user-friendly template you can adapt to nearly any financial scenario, and it lets you customize the text, images, and more.

The fun and friendly template encourages creativity with an entire library of photos, graphics, and fonts you can add to your budget.

Creating a presentation or proposal? With this template, you can add engaging elements such as animations, transitions, or videos to make pitches more compelling. Plus its quick sharing features make it easy to share and publish your financial planning across several platforms.

9. Sheets Personal Monthly Budget Template by Vertex42

Sheets Personal Monthly Budget Template by Vertex42
Adaptable for Google Sheets, Excel, and Open Office, this template lets you track and compare your income and expenses

Google Sheets fans may enjoy the free Personal Monthly Budget Template by Vertex42.

Adaptable for Google Sheets, Excel, and Open Office, this template lets you track and compare your income and expenses.

You can use this template to prepare proposals or pitches for personal reasons, in nearly any format that you’re already comfortable with.

10. Monthly Business Budget Template by Vertex42

Monthly Business Budget Template by Vertex42
This template is helpful for budgeting quarterly expenses and other business expenses that occur at specific times of the year

Once you’ve got your personal budget lined out, go back to the well again to organize your business finances with the Business Budget Template by Vertex42.

This simple template lets you list out income and expenses, then automatically calculates your net income so you know where you’re at financially.

Vertex42 offers a worksheet for service providers and for retailers, so it’s organized based on your company’s needs no matter the type of industry you’re in.

Bonus: Proposal Management Tools

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Choosing the Best Budget Proposal Template for Your Team

There you have it! 10 free proposal templates in Excel and ClickUp for you to choose from.

A good pitch or proposal needs the best possible financial presentation, and that’s where a free budget proposal template comes in handy. They cover all the cost elements you can imagine, from travel costs, indirect costs, direct costs, and more to record and show expenses for any upcoming project.

When choosing the best budget template for your project budget, look for highly customizable templates that allow for plenty of reviews and revisions. 

If you’re working with a large team, you’ll also want to find a template with real-time updates and team collaboration features that let you work together to ensure the best possible proposal. Account planning templates, operational plan templates, and office management software are also great tools to have in your stack when building effective proposals.

Compiling a proposed budget is a breeze with ClickUp, and it lets you conduct project monitoring from the same platform.

ClickUp is a powerful project management tool that can help you manage your budget proposal process from start to finish. 

To begin streamlining your budget proposal process, head over to ClickUp’s platform and explore our wide selection of budget templates.

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