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10 Free Product Positioning Templates in Word, PowerPoint, and ClickUp

No matter how good it is, one product can’t possibly be an ideal solution for everyone. It’s your job to identify the target buyers and show them how they can benefit from what you’re offering.

Simply put, the secret to selling your product lies in proper positioning. This process involves painting a unique picture of your offering and determining the position it will take in your customers’ minds.

Take Rolex as an example. The brand has always positioned itself as prestigious and luxurious. Over the years, it has also associated itself with famous athletes like Roger Federer, underlining it’s a label for successful people.

Thanks to its effective product positioning, everyone has an idea of what Rolex is all about—a target market of sophistication, class, and elegance. ⌚

Luckily, you don’t need a team of market landscape wizards like Rolex to position your product properly—all you need are product positioning templates.

We’ll walk you through our selection of the top 10 product positioning templates available today. They offer a ready-made structure that helps you outline your product’s strengths and weaknesses and hit the right spot with your customers!

What Is a Product Positioning Template?

Product positioning is the process of defining where your product fits in the market landscape and how you want your customers to feel about it. It involves various activities, from analyzing your competitors to investigating your user personas and communicating your brand’s image and overall value proposition.

Product positioning statement templates are shortcuts that help you find a perfect place for your product under the stars. ⭐

They provide the foundation for: 

  • Representing your product’s strong points and weaknesses
  • Identifying your target market and audience 
  • Developing the right marketing and product positioning strategy
  • Outlining your company’s goals and unique value
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What Makes a Good Product Positioning Template?

A practical product positioning template needs to have certain key characteristics, such as:

  • Predefined structure: The template should have appropriate sections for describing the product’s features, values, target audience, and goals and analyzing the competition
  • Customizability: It should allow you to make changes to its structure and ensure it aligns with your company’s brand essence and goals across your marketing efforts. You should be able to edit, add, or delete sections to tailor the template to your specific needs
  • Versatility: The structure should be suitable for outlining all kinds of products—from toothpaste to jewelry—and figuring out how to position them. This is especially important for companies with a diverse product portfolio
  • Collaboration options: It should offer options like real-time editing, commenting, and taking notes to keep the entire team in the loop and enable them to contribute in the full marketing strategy
  • Ease of use: It should come with detailed and precise instructions on how internal teams can use it and which info to add where (i.e. a buyer persona, brand’s positioning, competitive analysis, and key differentiator statements
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10 Product Positioning Templates to Use in 2023

We’ve checked out dozens of product positioning templates and shortlisted the top 10 from ClickUp, Chasm,, Slidesgo, Slideteam, and SlideUpLift. Use them to present your product in the best light and pitch it to the right audience. ✨

1. ClickUp Product Positioning List Template

ClickUp Product Positioning List Template
Use the ClickUp Product Positioning List Template to understand the ins and outs of a product and properly introduce it to the target market

Product positioning requires multiple teams to join forces, from project and product management to marketing and product design. As each department is involved in different aspects of the same product, it’s only natural that confusion and misunderstandings can arise.

Luckily, you can gather your troops and keep a united front with the ClickUp Product Positioning List Template. It lets you and everyone on your team gain a deeper understanding of your product and identify the target market niche.

The template has three views—your starting point is the Product Positioning Assessment view. Here you’ll find a form with predefined fields like product name, target launch date, product description, market segment, pain points, and unique value or selling points. Of course, you can modify the form to ensure it aligns with your product’s specifics using the available fields or adding custom ones.

Once everyone on your team has filled out the form, the submitted info will automatically appear in the Product List view. It lets you review all information regarding the product positioning process, assign tasks to specific team members, set priorities, and group tasks by status, such as Planning, In Progress, and On Hold.

The view is fantastic for handling multiple product positioning processes simultaneously!

The third view (Board) is a Kanban board that turns your products into task cards and allows you to sort them based on their status. The drag-and-drop design makes moving the cards around a breeze. 🌬️

2. ClickUp Product Positioning Task Template

ClickUp Product Positioning Task Template
Use the ClickUp Product Positioning Task Template to create to-do lists that help you understand how to introduce your product to the market

The ClickUp Product Positioning Task Template offers a simple yet effective way to ensure you’ve completed the activities necessary for a successful product positioning. After checking off every item on the template’s checklist, you’ll have everything you need to create a unique marketing strategy for your product and to find your target market. ✅

The template is basically a to-do list with six default tasks dealing with aspects such as user pain points, unique selling proposition, and branding strategy. Depending on your scenario, you can delete, edit, or add new tasks to the list. Assign a team member to every task and ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities.

One of the best things about this template is adding task relationships. You can make sure that one task won’t kick off until another has been wrapped up, thus maintaining the proper flow in your team and setting priorities.

You can track time within the template, set due dates, and monitor the progress of every task on the right side of the to-do list. This makes it easy for everyone to access your specific value proposition or market landscape strategy.

As this is a task template, you can easily copy it and attach it to every product you’re managing to save time. 

3. ClickUp Product Brief Document Template

ClickUp Product Brief Document Template
With the Product Brief Document Template by ClickUp, your team has a complete fill-in-the-blank outline to support a successful launch—while literally staying on the same page

Whether upgrading an existing product or launching a new one, having a well-defined game plan is crucial. This plan should cover all the nitty-gritty details, from functional specifications to the target audience, to ensure every contributor is operating on the same wavelength. 📻

The ClickUp Product Brief Document Template can serve as the undisputed source of truth for all teams involved in the product development process.  

Being a ClickUp Doc template, it lets you organize and centralize all info relevant to product development and positioning in a single document. Add as many pages as you want and use comments to collaborate with coworkers or ping specific team members when you need their input.

By default, this template has four sections which you can edit to ensure they fit your product like a glove:

  1. 2-Pager: Explains the problems and challenges your product aims to address and sets goals and criteria for measuring its success
  2. Functional Specs: Defines the specifications of different features and sketches the product’s potential users
  3. Release Plan: Sets the stages and milestones that need to be completed before the product launch
  4. Appendices: Contains additional product-related docs, info, and research

4. ClickUp Product Pricing Template

ClickUp Product Pricing Template
Develop a pricing list for your products and services with the free ClickUp Product Pricing Template

Pricing and product positioning must align—you need to keep your product’s place in the market in mind when determining its price. Let’s say you’re selling chocolate—it’s only logical to price plain milk chocolate lower than chocolate with almonds, exotic flavors, or gold leaves. 🍫

This becomes much harder when you have a wide product assortment. Luckily, you have the ClickUp Product Pricing Template at your disposal. It acts as a centralized hub for storing all your product info, including prices—to better showcase your value proposition.

With this positioning statement template, you can:

  • Collaborate with your team and experiment with different pricing strategies
  • Easily change prices depending on market conditions or the product’s unique value
  • Keep track of your inventory and manage stock
  • Store relevant product info and assist your customers

Start by entering relevant product information in the Products by Category view. Provide details like the product’s name, stock keeping unit (SKU), brand, product type, color, and unit price. ClickUp will group your products by category for easier navigation. 

Once you enter all the info, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of every product you have in stock and manage your inventory more efficiently. Plus, you’ll be able to pull relevant details for your customers in the blink of an eye. 

5. ClickUp Product Strategy Template

ClickUp Product Strategy Template
The ClickUp Product Strategy Template keeps your team up to speed and helps you create a product that adheres to market requirements

Want to develop a product that meets your customers’ needs and aligns with your company’s goals? Then the ClickUp Product Strategy Template is the way to go. It comes with three lists with different views that help you tailor a product strategy to the smallest detail. 🕵️

The initial list is dubbed “Features,” and it’s where you’ll jot down the capabilities you want your product to have. Use Custom Fields like Feature Category, Effort, Team Leader, and Due Date to provide more deets about the desired functionalities. You can enter the features manually or use the Feature Submission Form to have your input automatically added to the list. Use views like Active Features, Priority, and By Effort to filter your entries and focus on particular functionalities. 

The second list is Timeline. Here, your main focus is the schedule for rolling out the features. There are two views that group the features based on their status. The template offers an example with two status options—In Progress and To-Do, but you can add other options like in Review, On Hold, or Complete.

The third list is Team, and it’s reserved for info about the people involved in project execution, including the department they belong to, email address, and phone number.

It’s worth noting that the template is fully customizable. Add new lists, edit existing ones, change custom fields, and adjust views to create a personalized space where you and your teams can work on making your product come to life. 🌱

6. Positioning Framework Template by Chasm

Positioning Framework Template by Chasm
Use the Positioning Framework Template by Chasm to outline your product’s benefits and the problems it tackles

If you’re looking for a simple template that outlines your product’s target customers and features, the Positioning Framework Template by Chasm is an excellent option.

The template is in table form, with three columns and eight rows. Your job is to fill the table with relevant info and tell a story of how your product stands out. You can choose whether to edit the template online or download it in PDF format and work on it offline.

Start by defining your target customers and outlining a pain point they’re looking to address. You should also include any emotional motives that may make people purchase your product. After all, emotions affect your customers’ decision-making processes to a great extent.

Next, explain why your customers would purchase your product and describe what makes your product better than the competition.

Once you fill out the table, you and your coworkers will have a clear idea of what makes your product unique and how to leverage its features to position it properly on the market. 

7. Word Brand Positioning Strategy Template by

Word Brand Positioning Strategy Template by
Use the Word Brand Positioning Strategy Template by to represent your brand in the best light

Other templates we’ve discussed so far revolve around products—this one focuses on the brand. The Word Brand Positioning Strategy Template by is a simple template outlining your brand’s purpose, vision, values, and goals. You can download it in Word or Google Docs format.

The template is divided into three main sections:

  1. Brand messaging
  2. Brand imagery
  3. Brand strategy

In the Brand messaging section, you define your brand’s tagline and values. The template includes an example of a music instrument production company whose central values are excellent sound quality, impeccable craftsmanship, and customer service. Everything the company does should align with these values. 🎶

The Brand imagery section should contain info about your brand’s logo, typography, and colors, ensuring all team members are working with the right visuals. It serves as a guideline for creating brand-related docs and customizing marketing campaigns.

Brand Strategy defines your brand’s goals and outlines the strategies for achieving them.

8. Slide Product Positioning Infographic Template by Slidesgo

Slide Product Positioning Infographic Template by Slidesgo
The Slide Product Positioning Infographic Template by Slidesgo lets you create a visually appealing representation of your product

Replace plain documents crammed with product info with aesthetically appealing and engaging charts and tables, thanks to the Slide Product Positioning Infographic Template by Slidesgo!

This PowerPoint template comes with 32 slides that cover different categories, such as:

  1. Target audience profiles and characteristics
  2. Your product’s vision, purpose, and tagline
  3. The challenges your product can help overcome
  4. Pricing strategies
  5. Competitor analysis
  6. Marketing strategies

Once you add relevant information to each slide, you’ll get a clear idea of how to present your product to the market and highlight its features. As the template is so detailed, it can be used by various teams, from product management and design to sales to marketing.

Every slide contains visuals that make the presented information easier to grasp. You can change the slides’ order and customize their appearance, from adjusting colors to editing their style.

9. PowerPoint Product Positioning Map Template by Slideteam

PowerPoint Product Positioning Map Template by Slideteam
Use the PowerPoint Product Positioning Map Template by Slideteam to see how your product compares to the competition and outline its strong points

The Slide Product Positioning Infographic Template by Slideteam is perfect for creating a simple visual representation of where your product stands compared to the competition.

While the design might give the impression of a process mapping template, it actually serves a different purpose. It focuses on identifying attributes for comparing your product against competitors and carving out its place in the market.

The best way to explain how this product comparison template works is via an example. Let’s say you want to launch a media streaming platform. To determine your platform’s market position, you must analyze its biggest competitors like Spotify and Tidal.

You have four quadrants where you’ll place your competition based on specific values. In this case, the first value we’ll focus on is the price, while the other is the number of titles in the library. The low and high values help you determine each company’s exact position in a quadrant.

Once you do that, you’ll get an idea of the market segment you can tap into and offer something new and refreshing.

10. PowerPoint Brand Positioning Comparison Table Template by SlideUpLift

PowerPoint Brand Positioning Comparison Table Template by SlideUpLift
The PowerPoint Brand Positioning Comparison Table Template by SlideUpLift helps you represent your brand in a way that aligns with your products

Your brand is a reflection of your products, and how you’ll position it is often dictated by the qualities of your assortment. You can’t claim your brand is luxurious if it comprises cheap, low-quality items.

The PowerPoint Brand Positioning Comparison Table Template by SlideUpLift helps you present your products and compile relevant information to paint a unique picture of your brand. 🎨

This template comes with a customizable table featuring five columns and five rows. Each row represents a product, and each column outlines an aspect relevant to brand positioning. Your job is to input the right information for every product in your assortment to understand what it brings to the table.

Besides allowing you to understand how to position your brand, this template can be used to develop marketing strategies and come up with the right product design.

Product Positioning Templates—A Smooth Runway for Your Product’s Safe Takeoff

Every company wants to position its products favorably in the customers’ minds. But, to do that, you need to accurately identify the right niche and understand what makes your product special.

The listed product positioning templates allow you to (figuratively) break your product apart and understand its ins and outs to set it up for success. These templates also help you develop the right marketing strategies, determine prices, and spread the word about your brand! 📣

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