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10 Free Inventory Templates for Excel, Sheets, and ClickUp

Inventory management is essential for any business to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re running a small shop or managing a large-scale manufacturing operation, an efficient and accurate inventory process lowers production costs and risks. 

With the right tracking tools, like inventory templates, you can do more than simply update inventory numbers. Your staff will have the data insights needed to expand the business and take productivity to the next level! ⚡️

In this guide, we’ll explore all the ways ClickUp, Excel, and Google Sheets inventory templates can help you streamline your inventory management process, no matter what industry you’re in. 

Let’s get started!

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What is an Inventory Template?

An inventory template is a pre-formatted document or spreadsheet which organizes itemized lists for stock tracking, budgeting, and auditing. It typically contains columns for item names, numerical codes, descriptions, storage locations, quantities, totals, and pricing.

drag and drop tasks on a clickup table
Drag and drop tasks on a ClickUp Table view for simple inventory management

Inventory templates are versatile and customizable to fit the needs of any business within any industry. From a small business to a multi-national retail corporation, inventory tracking is an essential part of any organization’s success for important reasons, including:

  • Improved accuracy: With up-to-date and precise inventory records, there’s less chance of costly human errors
  • Cost savings: Inventories move faster, resulting in cost savings from reduced labor and overhead costs
  • Lower risk of stocking outdated items: Businesses can avoid ordering undesired or outdated inventory 
  • Reduced product waste: Proper tracking helps businesses to order the exact amount of inventory needed, or order at the right time when existing stock runs lower than expected
  • Optimized supply chains: Demand forecasts and inventory data improve team communication and deliveries
  • Refined seasonal inventory strategies: Businesses have consistent data to build effective strategies to manage seasonal demands by tracking sales trends during peak periods

Bonus: Spreadsheet templates

What makes a good inventory template?

A good inventory template records products, order forms, shipments, and customer data to help reduce manual labor costs and optimize inventory processes

Your inventory template creates the framework of your stock tracking system. But finding the right template that meets the needs of your business while still being easy to use by the entire team is key. 🧑‍💻

There are a few key qualities to keep in mind about a good inventory template:

Intuitive template design

Choosing a template with multiple layouts and customization features to find the right information when you need it will save you time. The flexibility to add new fields into your framework without having to rebuild it from scratch when your product portfolio or services evolve is an advantage! 📈

Software compatibility

As systems become more connected and necessary for growth, inventory templates need to be able to integrate with other platforms, such as sales, accounting, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. 

End-to-end security

This includes permission settings for administrators to view and perform certain actions, as well as audit trails to track who has accessed or modified specific items in the inventory. All of these features work together to make an inventory template that is both reliable and secure! 🔐

ClickUp views
See the 15+ views in ClickUp to customize your workflow to your needs

We’ve shortlisted the top inventory mapping templates in ClickUp, Sheets, and Excel to give you the tools to manage all inventory activities—from sourcing to delivery!

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10 Free Inventory Templates to Catalog, Index, and List Your Essential Items or Tasks

1. ClickUp Inventory Template

Build a sharable inventory sheet in a ClickUp

Kicking off our inventory management templates is ClickUp’s Inventory Template—the best alternative to a stock inventory control sheet!

Our inventory template is packed with tools to help you create and store tailored views—providing speedy access to the data you need most! To jumpstart your process, we’ve already included five prebuilt views:

  • Inventory List view: Organize the most important inventory details of each item with ClickUp’s Custom Fields
  • By Payment Status List view: Group inventory based on a specific status to take action (Paid in Full, Partial Payment, or Unpaid)
  • By Vendor List view: Consolidate procurement efforts with a transparent view of current suppliers
  • Vendor Location Map view: Manage location-specific workflows and storage needs on a Map 
  • Order Form view: Send a ClickUp Form to intake orders and automate task creation

Keep track of incoming materials, current stock levels, and out-of-stock items. Plus, enjoy an efficient workflow with the simple Formula Field feature to easily make calculations between numeric, date, and time fields on an item.

2. ClickUp Inventory Management Template

Track inventory performance in real-time with ClickUp

Whether you’re operating a small business or a large multi-department organization, ClickUp’s Inventory Management Template is the perfect resource to get visibility into day-to-day operations. Set recurring tasks, adjust inventory levels based on sales data, or review historical data for trends and forecasting! 📈

And searching for a stock inventory item in ClickUp is a breeze. Easily build saved searches and filters based on any criteria, including seasonal items, weekly specials, and clearance products, so you can quickly find the right product every time. 

You can easily track updates to availability, pricing, and ongoing trends so you can always stay on top of demand and ensure you’re never out of stock.

Discover more resource planning templates!

3. ClickUp Office Inventory Template

Reduce paperwork by recording all inventory details on a ClickUp List

With the ClickUp Office Inventory Template, it’s simple to update office inventory data from multiple locations at the same time, making it a perfect fit for administrators who need to manage inventories from a central location. 

This inventory template also helps businesses monitor inventory budgets and overall expenditures by categories. Budget spend can be easily tracked for each item in the inventory, as well as the total expenditure. By identifying discrepancies between actual and planned budgets, you can improve budget management.

It also keeps track of when purchasing dates and what inventory items are purchased at what price. Management can use this information to optimize budgets for future purchases based on spending trends! 💰

4. ClickUp Office Supplies Inventory Template

Share an Inventory Sheet List in ClickUp with team members

Is one shelf of the office cabinet crammed with stacks of unused staplers and Scotch tape? Try ClickUp’s Office Supplies Inventory Template to help with overspending!

To start, make a list of the supplies: General office supplies like notebooks and pens, as well as more specialized items like computer hardware for the design and creative teams. The template comes with prebuilt Custom Fields, so you can begin adding details for each item. 

And with ClickUp’s sharing options, you have complete control of who sees what and what permissions they have. Assign permissions to make sure you have the right people (team coordinators or department leaders) accessing the right items. Keep it visible to your team, so they know the ins and outs of stock levels, prevent misuse by setting access limits, and feel secure knowing that only the right people can see what they need to!

5. ClickUp IT Inventory Template

Organize excess inventory with a drag-and-drop ClickUp Board

IT teams support every department in an organization. Their inventory assets include hardware, software, licenses, and other items across multiple locations. With the ClickUp IT Inventory Template, IT specialists are able to use a Kanban board to quickly monitor and record important information such as cost, warranty details, locations, model numbers, and supplier contacts. 👤

ClickUp has hundreds of customization options, so IT specialists can tailor their Workspace to meet the specific needs of their organization. The user-friendly interface allows for quickly accessing and updating information, as well as easily sharing resources with others.

6. ClickUp Inventory Report Template

Build a list of raw materials for quick reference in a Clickup Doc

The ClickUp Inventory Report Template is the perfect tool for businesses wanting to track their purchase activity over time. Keeping its data securely in Doc format makes it easy to include all the necessary information, such as product specs, pricing, reviews, and ratings, giving customers a complete picture of the market to help them make informed decisions. 🌐

Having the right framework in place gives businesses the power to access data regarding their buying habits, enabling them to make the most effective choices with minimal effort and time. With this insight, companies are able to better comprehend their purchase patterns and maximize their return on investments!

7. ClickUp Restaurant Inventory Template

Manage inventory, forecast spending, and make more accurate budgets with ClickUp

Managing stock inventory in restaurants is essential for success and customer satisfaction. Consistent monitoring and restocking of supplies help prevent spoilage or over-ordering. By ensuring plenty of availability of desired menu items, restaurants can satisfy customers while avoiding waste and loss. With proper inventory management, customers will always be happy with the abundance of options available to them. 🤩

ClickUp’s Restaurant Inventory Template is designed to simplify the tracking of inventory, taking the complexities of managing large inventories away from busy restaurant managers. It helps users organize, manage, and track restaurant inventory with ease. The template comes with six prebuilt List, Table, and Board views to capture inventory data in different ways:

  • Inventory Tracking: A List view of all items grouped by status
  • Weekly Consumption: A List view of each item grouped by status
  • Weekly Allocation: A List view of each item grouped by status 
  • Items To Reorder: A Table view of all reorder items
  • Out of Stock: A Table view of all out-of-stock items
  • Item Storage: A Board view of all the items grouped by storage location

8. ClickUp Purchase Order & Inventory Template

Optimize the timing of purchasing orders to improve cash flow using Clickup views

An inventory report template is an essential tool for businesses to manage their inventory, track purchase orders, and stay organized with their stock levels and products. The template provides a comprehensive overview of current inventory levels, as well as the details of incoming and outgoing shipments. 

The ClickUp Purchase Order & Inventory Template is a comprehensive system for monitoring the ordering and reception of goods, services, and materials within a business in order to support all departments. It includes essential information about the order: The vendor’s name, the purchase date, and the shipping date. This makes it easy to identify any potential bottlenecks in the purchasing process and can help keep inventory levels healthier! 🌱

9. Excel Inventory Spreadsheet Template

Small business inventory template in Excel
via Microsoft

An inventory database in Excel helps businesses stay organized and on top of their ordering by providing a detailed record of items. This list helps a business to easily keep track of what it has ordered, how much of each item remains in stock, and when future orders will need to be placed. 

By using a spreadsheet software like Excel, businesses can save time by calculating their current inventory levels and when they need to reorder items using calculation formulas. It also allows them to add notes to each item if they have any specific concerns or questions. 

10. Google Sheets Inventory List Template

Google Sheets Inventory Template to manage inventory details
via Smartsheet

Google Sheets can be used to create an inventory checklist template that allows businesses to monitor and track their stock levels. This checklist can provide an overview of every item in stock, its current quantity, and when a business should order more. 

Staff members can use this Google Sheets inventory template to help them prioritize active inventory items, view stock levels, determine the optimal time for restocking, and respond to an unexpected need for additional inventory items. 

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Simplify Inventory Workflows With ClickUp

ClickUp is a centralized, mobile solution to optimize team productivity for better production planning. With the ability to easily track stock levels and make fulfillment changes on the fly, ClickUp helps businesses stay on top of their inventory management! 📦

Leverage productivity tracking tools in ClickUp with a free account! 

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