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10 Free Product Marketing Templates & Examples

Developing the right product marketing strategies takes a village—and the right product marketing template!

Product marketing templates come in all shapes and sizes and help product teams at every stage of product management save time, improve collaboration among the team, and reduce room for error by ensuring all key elements are addressed. 

While you’ll likely use a combination of product marketing templates as you execute your strategies, finding the perfect template for your team and product can be overwhelming, to say the least. 😳

With so many options at your disposal, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for from your product marketing template before you press download. And we’re here to help. 🙂

Read along as we dive into the benefits of using a product marketing template, key features, and 10 free examples to use with ClickUp—the productivity platform every product marketer needs in their life!

What is a Product Marketing Template?

Product marketing is the process and strategy behind the promotion and sale of a product or service—and it’s no small feat. Effective product marketing requires a deep understanding of the product itself, plus, the target audience, problems your customers face, product roadmap, and a compelling narrative to drive sales. 

It also requires close collaboration with other teams including sales and product development to keep all departments aligned on short and long-term goals. High-quality product marketing templates can be used by any of these teams and assist in completing and organizing key activities including market research, analysis, pricing strategy, positioning, messaging, sales enablement, customer feedback, and more. 🤓

Over 15 views in ClickUp
Visualize your tasks with over 15 views in ClickUp including List, Board, and Calendar

At a basic level, product marketing templates are pre-built and customizable resources to help marketers plan and execute their overall product marketing strategy. But digging into the specifics, the format and structure of product marketing templates can differ greatly! From spreadsheets to slide decks, and ready-made documents, product marketing templates can take virtually any form. 

The good news though, is that once you find the product marketing templates that work best for your team, you won’t have to start your search over again with every new product launch. Templates help establish a standardized approach to improve your product management skills and future marketing campaign management. So when the time comes to take on another campaign, you’ll have a reliable starting point to apply your marketing efforts. 

Choose from one of ClickUp's pre-saved Templates in the Template Center or create your own
Choose from one of ClickUp’s pre-saved Templates in the Template Center or create your own to apply on future projects

Ready to learn more about product management? Start with a thorough product management template for the top work management tools! Beyond consistency and saving time, product marketing templates streamline your existing marketing planning processes and optimize your resources—and that’s a win-win situation by any standard!

Essential Elements of a Top Product Marketing Template

To gain all of the benefits of an effective product marketing template, there are a number of key qualities to look out for: 

  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Detail-oriented and comprehensive
  • Relevance to your product, best practices, and current market trends
  • Highly visual
Convert shapes into tasks in ClickUp Whiteboards
Convert shapes into tasks on your ClickUp Whiteboard to instantly start putting your flowchart into action

It’s also essential to consider the purpose you need your product marketing template to serve, its compatibility with your preferred product management tool, and the accessibility of the template so other members and stakeholders can view or edit as needed. In terms of the product management features to prioritize, look for:

10 Product Marketing Templates

ClickUp is the only productivity tool powerful enough to bring all of your work together across apps into one collaborative platform—which is a major time-saver for every product marketing team!

Apply any (or all) of these 10 product marketing templates to your ClickUp Workspace to build out the product marketing strategy of your dreams, starting with a detailed roadmap all the way through your next launch!

1. Product Roadmap Template by ClickUp

Product Roadmap Template by ClickUp
Product Roadmap Template by ClickUp

The Product Roadmap Template by ClickUp provides a high-level breakdown of your marketing vision, strategy, and requirements on a collaborative digital whiteboard—the ideal asset to present to stakeholders. Attacking your product roadmap is a beast of a task and this template Folder gets that with:

  • 10 custom statuses
  • 15 Custom Fields
  • Four task Tags
  • Seven workflow views
  • Two automations

And more. 🤩

Plus, this template does more than just help you create your product roadmap—it helps you act on it! With a pre-built List to guide your roadmap execution on a weekly basis and a formatted ClickUp Doc to write detailed release notes.

While this is an advanced template, there are tons of resources to support you as you integrate it into your workflows including a thorough Template Guide and Help Docs.

2. Product Marketing Plan Template by ClickUp

Product Marketing Plan Template by ClickUp
Product Marketing Plan Template by ClickUp

You’ve got your product roadmap, what’s next? A killer product marketing plan to strategize new initiatives and prioritize your tasks! The Product Marketing Plan Template by ClickUp is here to help you do exactly that. With six custom statuses and Custom Fields, and five workflow views, this template is slightly less dense than the first, but this beginner-friendly resource still packs a punch!

Visualize your objectives and key results on a dynamic List that can be filtered, sorted, and easily updated using pre-made statuses and Fields in each task. Then, track your progress on a detailed Kanban board using ClickUp’s Board view.

Plus, the Getting Started Help Doc guides you through the ins and outs of introducing this template to the team. With step-by-step instructions on how to input your product’s information, create new tasks, and use this template to the fullest extent.

See how marketing planning software can help your product team!

3. Product Features Matrix Template by ClickUp

Product Features Matrix Template by ClickUp
Product Features Matrix Template by ClickUp

A lot of research and critical thinking goes into every product marketing campaign—including the process of picking which product to invest your time in first. The Product Features Matrix Template by ClickUp compares different features against different products to help you make the most strategic decisions for your next project. 

This List template uses five pre-designed views loaded with customizable tasks to easily add your project information. Look at all of your projects in a neatly formatted List, then dig into the details of your product marketing software and hardware features by arranging them on an intuitive spreadsheet using ClickUp’s Table view. From there, you can manage the progress of each feature from a high level using the Kanban board included in this template.

4. Digital Product Checklist Template by ClickUp

Digital Product Checklist Template by ClickUp
Digital Product Checklist Template by ClickUp

Even with a powerful product management system to house your tasks, data, progress, and project conversations, it’s important to make sure you’re double-checking your work and leaving no stone unturned. AKA, make sure you have a final checklist on hand!

The Digital Product Checklist Template by ClickUp is simple to use and easy for all to access but still covers every component of implementing a digital project from start to finish. This ClickUp Doc template comes pre-formatted in sections for product details, packaging checklists, selling plans, and other product marketing efforts. And since ClickUp Docs are collaborative by nature, free to use, and can be linked to or from any task, stakeholders, other members of the product team, and clients can view or update your checklist in real-time as the project progresses.

5. Product Brief Template by ClickUp

Product Brief Template by ClickUp
Product Brief Template by ClickUp

If you liked the previous checklist template, then you’re going to love the added details and pages in the Product Brief Template by ClickUp. This eight-page ClickUp Doc covers your entire brief, a pre-designed two-pager, your release plan, version integrations, appendices, and more. 

Designed to move your project through development as efficiently as possible, this fill-in-the-blank-style template helps cross-functional teams collaborate on product specs, feedback, and tasks from a neatly outlined Doc. Plus, you can develop and organize your key objectives and solutions with live editing in ClickUp Docs, so the team can work alongside each other without overlap. 

And once you make your custom edits to this document, you can simply save the edited Doc as a new template for future projects.

6. New Product Development Template by ClickUp

New Product Development Template by ClickUp
New Product Development Template by ClickUp

Once you’re finished collaborating on the Product Brief Template above, it’s time to put your plans in motion using the New Product Development Template by ClickUp. This pre-loaded List is beginner-friendly, organized, and easy to follow. With four custom statuses to oversee progress, six Custom Fields, and five workflow views, the product marketing manager can easily keep track of key Milestones, deliverables, and of course, the team.  

Summarize your entire project in an intuitive List, then break down your project schedule and action items using ClickUp’s Timeline view and Kanban-like Board view.

7. Product Launch Checklist Template by ClickUp

Product Launch Checklist Template by ClickUp
Product Launch Checklist Template by ClickUp

The Product Launch Checklist Template by ClickUp is a comprehensive resource for product marketing teams to ensure all key elements of their product launch (or re-launch) are addressed. The template includes sections for pre-launch preparation, launch day activities, and post-launch follow-up so that elements are overlooked during the hustle of the launch process. 

With a  user-friendly design and customizable features, the Product Launch Checklist template can be tailored to meet the needs of individual products and allows teams to track progress, assign tasks, and collaborate on projects in real-time or asynchronously.

8. Product Strategy Template by ClickUp

Product Strategy Template by ClickUp
Product Strategy Template by ClickUp

The Product Strategy template by ClickUp is useful for product teams looking to define and prioritize their product marketing strategy based on market trends and customer needs. The product strategy template applies an entire Folder to your platform and includes separate Lists to organize features, project timelines, and the team. 

Within each List, you’ll find pre-built views to manage the specific tasks within that category including ClickUp’s Table view to oversee all features, a Timeline view to visualize your schedule, and several pre-made Kanban boards.

9. Product Requirements Template by ClickUp

Product Requirements Template by ClickUp
Product Requirements Template by ClickUp

And if you’re looking for even more than a Folder to get your product off the ground, the Product Requirements Template by ClickUp is definitely for you. Adding a separate Space to your ClickUp platform, this template is designed to improve collaboration between stakeholders and the product team to establish project requirements, make strategic decisions, and build on your release plans. 

This template also includes 17 custom statuses to bring visibility into all kinds of task progress and seven ClickApps like time tracking, Priorities, Tags, and dependency warnings to keep your processes operating as smoothly as possible.

10. Product Pricing Template by ClickUp

Product Pricing Template by ClickUp
Product Pricing Template by ClickUp

The Product Pricing Template by ClickUp is perfect for product marketing teams developing a pricing strategy that is both competitive and profitable. This price list template will help you analyze possible costs, set pricing objectives, and identify pricing options that align with the product’s value proposition. This template comes with two custom statuses and three workflow views, but Custom Fields are where it really comes to life. 

Add fields including your product category, bulk unit price, brand, standard unit price, minimum order quantity, and more, to quickly access critical information from any view and any task.

Make the Most of Your Product Marketing Template in ClickUp

There’s a product marketing template for everything. And the 10 examples above prove it!

These ready-made resources are designed to help you with a strategic framework for organizing your ideas, collecting insights, gathering research, streamlining your productivity, and more. Plus, these templates were created by ClickUp and for ClickUp, so they’re virtually guaranteed to enhance your experience with its powerful platform.

Access all of the templates listed in this article, plus hundreds of productivity features, over 1,000 integrations, and more when you sign up for ClickUp today.

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