Finally. Goal tracking in the same place you work.

Goals are your mission control center. Monitor and manage your strategy through to execution in the same app you use for tasks, notes and scheduling.
Create a Goal

Accomplish anything - Objectives, Key Results, Targets

Monitor progress in real-time
Complete tasks and watch progress increase automatically.
Sharing, privacy, and permissions
Team goals should be transparent, and personal goals can be sensitive. Do both with ClickUp!
Watch every step it takes to achieve your goals!
Monitor progress in real-time
Track the progress of each Target as they add up to reach your goals.
Fine tune Targets
Manually adjust targets as you hit your numbers.
Automatic progress
Complete tasks and watch progress increase automatically.
Give it a measurement.
# Numbers don’t lie
Percentage increases? Net promoter scores? This result type tracks anything.
Is it done?
True or false results are simply done or not done.
$ All about the money
Increase profits? Decrease churn? Set up monetary results with this type.
Automatic tracking
Track your results based on tasks completed.

Take Command of Your Work

Easy OKRs.

Easy OKRs.

Goals are measurable. Or at least good goals are. When you’re creating professional development goals, OKRs give you a way to quantify them.
Create OKRs
See the bigger picture.

See the bigger picture.

Align everything your team is working on. Organize company goals or weekly score cards.
Get Started
Sprint management made easy.

Sprint management made easy.

Move your backlog into a Goal. Track your sprint in real time, monitoring progress automatically! Link tasks from entirely different areas in ClickUp.
Build a Sprint

Easily break down your Epic

Use Goals to break down your Epics into specific tasks or user stories. Your team will easily stay updated on the health of the Epic by tracking the completion of accompanying Targets.
Track your Epic

Where to start with goals?

1) Give your team an objective to work for. Link tasks to show your team what they’re doing matters.

2) Monitor progress in real time to get a high-level view of your team’s progress.

3) Share your goals (or their progress) with stakeholders so everyone is on the same page.

4) Get organized with Goal folders! Set multiple goals for different teams or initiatives. Available on Business/Enterprise plans!
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