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10 Free Content Marketing Strategy Templates for Planning

Being in charge of content marketing can get overwhelming quickly. 

You’re managing campaigns across multiple channels with different contributors, team members, resources, and deadlines. You need a place to organize every aspect of the process so you can feel prepared and confident every step of the way. 

Enter the content marketing strategy template.

Here, you’ll find the ideal business-to-business (B2B) content marketing strategy plan template for your needs. We’ll cover what makes a good template, then share some of our favorites—including plenty of templates you can use now.

Let’s get started! 🤩

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What Is a Content Marketing Strategy Template?

A content marketing strategy template helps you streamline your processes and work more efficiently by giving you a framework to start from every time.

There’s a template for almost every aspect of the content marketing process, so you can find a better way to:

  • Record buyer personas and pain points
  • Measure brand awareness
  • Run a content audit
  • Manage lead generation
  • Plan email marketing campaigns
  • Measure website traffic like pageviews, organic traffic, and bounce rates
  • Plan social media content
  • Collaborate with influencers and content creators
  • Measure against key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics
Collaborating and editing in ClickUp Docs
Collaborative detection and editing, adding comments, and embedding links within ClickUp Docs

Many of the templates we feature exist as part of ClickUp. Having all your marketing, campaign, and task data in one place makes complete sense—especially when you want to work more productively.

These templates are easy to create, customize, and share—so your team can collaborate on your content marketing efforts. 🙌

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What Makes a Good Content Marketing Strategy Template?

Any template you use should help you arrive at your destination faster or in a more effective way. Content marketing strategy templates give you a better way to organize your thoughts, work on your content, and share your work with others. 📚

The best content marketing templates:

  • Give you a more organized way to solve a problem or structure your information
  • Provide you with a standardized framework for everyone in your team to follow
  • Speed up the content creation process with pre-built fields to fill in and algorithms
  • Make it easier to work with contributors and stakeholders to better reach a target audience
  • Help you share progress against key metrics and milestones

Every content strategy template is slightly different, so focus on the one that best matches your needs. 

If you’re working on a video project, you might appreciate a storyboard template to help you visualize your scenes. For a digital campaign, using social media templates can save a lot of time. 

Whatever your marketing goal or process, there’s a template for it.

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10 Content Strategy Templates to Use in 2024

There’s a template for every scenario and we’re here to help you find the one you need now. Discover our go-to collection of content marketing strategy plan templates to try in 2024.

1. ClickUp Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template

ClickUp Content Management Template - Calendar View
Use The ClickUp Content Management Template to view custom calendars across multiple channels

When you’re working on multiple projects and different types of content, an editorial calendar is a must-have. An editorial calendar lets you see your entire content publishing calendar at a glance to see what’s coming up, what’s in progress, and where you have content gaps. 👀

Use the Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template by ClickUp to give you a more strategic view of your upcoming content. Immediately see what’s due to go live on which dates, along with key details like the content pillar, content type, promotion type, and content title. These fields are all color-coded by category, so you can quickly check that you have the right balance of content.

This marketing calendar template is ideal if you want a more organized content publishing process. It’s a helpful content strategy template to work from as a content team and to share with collaborators and stakeholders.

It also acts as a content database of your previous work to manage existing content so something like a content audit in the future is much easier.

2. ClickUp Marketing Campaign Template

Content marketing strategy templates: ClickUp Marketing Campaign Management Template
This ClickUp template offers a more organized approach to marketing campaign management

Every traditional or digital marketing campaign has a series of smaller tasks beneath it, and keeping these organized can feel like a challenge. A marketing campaign management template gives you a better view of these tasks, so you won’t miss anything by mistake. 

If you’re looking for a highly visual way to organize your next campaign, the Marketing Campaign Template by ClickUp is what you need. This template uses a Kanban-style list format to display campaign tasks under different headings including Planning, Production, Launch, Evaluation, and Retention.

For every task, you can quickly see the title, due date, type of campaign, assigned team, and type of deliverable. ⚒️

Use this content strategy template when you have a busy project to organize and want an easy way to stay productive and monitor your progress. It’s great for team collaboration and accountability, as you can easily see which team to check in with for an update. 

3. ClickUp Content Matrix Whiteboard Template

Content marketing strategy templates: ClickUp Content Matrix Whiteboard Template
Picture your planned content so you get the balance right with this ClickUp template

Any great marketing team knows that you can’t rely on just one type of content to reach your target audience and make an impact. Leaning too heavily into education and not enough into persuasion means that your B2B content marketing strategy is helpful but not as profitable as possible. 💰

To help you get the balance right, use the Content Matrix Whiteboard Template by ClickUp. Use the Post-it-style notes to place your marketing activities—like social media posts, infographics, and podcasts—in the relevant quadrant. 

This four-quadrant approach helps you visualize the purpose of every type of content you publish, so you can understand whether you need to focus more heavily in another direction.

This content matrix whiteboard is ideal for planning new content for the next quarter. It’s a highly visual way to evaluate your current or planned content strategy to ensure it’s balanced and aligned with your overall business goals.

4. ClickUp Content Writing Template

Content marketing strategy templates: ClickUp Content Writing Template
Guide your team toward writing better content with ClickUp’s Content Writing Template

There may be a growing number of AI content creation tools out there, but most marketing teams will still need to do their own content writing. Having a template to guide you means you don’t need to start from scratch every time. You can skip past the daunting blank page and ease yourself into the writing process. 

The Content Writing Template by ClickUp is a great foundation for writing content. It features different pages to guide you through the process of writing website content, blog posts, press releases, case studies, and calls to action (CTAs). Every page has a useful structure and helpful prompts to assist your team members in creating relevant content pieces that feel cohesive. ✍️

Use this content writing template to speed up the process for your team. Help them get past writer’s block and on to creating great things. For more impact, use ClickUp AI to take you from the initial idea to beautifully optimized content even faster.

Bonus: Check out 7 Free Content Writing Templates for Faster Content Creation

5. ClickUp Web Content Production Template

Content marketing strategy templates: ClickUp Web Content Production Template
ClickUp’s Web Content Production Template lets you follow your optimization process precisely every time

There are lots of moving parts that go into creating and publishing quality content for your website. Run through the same process every time and stay accountable with the help of a purpose-designed template.

Organize your workflow with the Web Content Production Template by ClickUp. This helpful template allows you to visualize every task and every step in the process so you’re clear on where you’re at with every piece of content. See the progress stage, who’s assigned to the task, and whether it’s been checked off or not. ✅

This web content production template is a great tool for content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) teams that work together to create, publish, and monitor the impact of your website content. Use it to introduce a standardized, repeatable, and more productive way of adding to your website.

6. ClickUp Social Media Content Plan Template

ClickUp Social Media Content Plan Template
This ClickUp template helps you stay organized with your social media content creation process

Social media is a highly creative and fast-moving field. That means sometimes it’s hard to stay organized. Use a social media content plan template to give your team a better way to plan and stay productive—without compromising on their creativity. 💡

Use the Social Media Content Plan Template by ClickUp to empower your social media team members. This list-style template is easy to use and gives you an overview of what’s coming up next. 

See the post title, the responsible manager, the due date, and a priority flag. Open up each task to see the social media platform, content progress, and who is assigned to each role within the content creation process.

This social media content plan template allows your team to turn their ideas into planned content. Work together to finalize content ideas, add notes, attach files from content creation apps, and streamline your social media content creation process.

7. ClickUp Content Calendar Template

Content Calendar Template by ClickUp
Create a digital home for your content marketing process with this content calendar template

Seeing your content on an editorial calendar is a great way to understand what’s going live and when. But you also need a behind-the-scenes roadmap that helps your team understand where each piece is in the process. That’s where a content calendar comes in.

Stay organized and work more productively with the Content Calendar Template by ClickUp. This template works beautifully as a central hub for your content creation process. ✨

There’s space at the top to provide a visual key and the list-style format helps you organize your content creation workflow week by week. For every task, you can see the title, status, content pillar, approval status, publication date, value, related files, and notes. 

Use this content calendar software template as the digital home for your entire content creation workflow process. Encourage your team members to update statuses as they work through tasks, and check in regularly to identify any potential roadblocks or opportunities.

8. ClickUp SEO Content Brief Template

SEO Content Brief Template by ClickUp
Optimize every piece with ClickUp’s SEO Content Brief Template

We all want our content to hit that top spot in search results, but that requires a strategic effort. Give your content the best possible chance to improve in the search engine rankings with an excellent SEO content brief. 📈

Use the SEO Content Brief Template by ClickUp to help you write and optimize content for search traffic. This detailed template has everything you need to guide marketing and SEO team members or contractors.

The front page features an overview, followed by the target audience, messaging, keywords, outline, links to include, and competitor articles. Detail content ideas or link to existing content for updating or creating a new blog post.

Whether you’re new to writing content for search engines or a seasoned pro, this SEO strategy template will help you stay organized and create a repeatable process to help you create high-quality content every time—all while improving your organic traffic.

9. Word Content Marketing Plan Template by Template.Net

When it’s time to gather all your thoughts together and plan for the next season, a content marketing plan is the way forward. Having a template for this means you can cover every section and create a comprehensive plan.

This content strategy template is a good starting point if you’re a Microsoft Word user. It features multiple pages with filler text to guide you toward writing a focused and effective content marketing plan.

Use a content strategy template like this when you want to create a central strategy guide for your marketing team to follow as they work on their projects and campaigns. It’s also a helpful document to share with stakeholders to inform them about your work.

10. Excel Content Marketing Template by Vertex42

A feature-rich platform like ClickUp can handle all your content marketing needs. But we understand that some people prefer (or need to use) Excel. If that’s you, then this Excel content marketing template is a great option.

Use this template to create a visual guide to your content creation process. Add your content tasks and projects, set priorities, add notes, assign to team members, and set publishing dates. You’ll then be able to see these on an editorial content calendar, along with color-coded statuses.

This content strategy template doesn’t feature any complicated macros or formulas, so it’s great for beginners or those who don’t want to get too technical with their content marketing workflow.

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Work Smarter With These Content Marketing Strategy Templates

Don’t take the long and complicated road toward content marketing greatness. Use these B2B content marketing strategy plan templates to remove barriers, increase productivity, and make your job easier overall. 🏆

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Our all-in-one productivity platform is the ideal place to manage not only your marketing projects but every aspect of your work. Enjoy access to these content marketing strategy templates and many more.

You have the freedom to customize them to match your needs exactly.

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