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10 Free Marketing Calendar Templates for Content in 2024

As a marketer, you juggle multiple projects at once, and keeping them all on schedule is a challenge. Not only do you track metrics and deliverables, but you probably also manage a team that’s involved in various projects—from running paid ads and scheduling social media posts to publishing blog content.

Using marketing calendar templates can help you stay on top of all of your marketing projects from start to finish. Here, we’ll go over what these templates do and discuss how to find the right one.

We’ll also share 10 of the best marketing calendar templates to use for successful marketing campaigns. ✨

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What is a Marketing Calendar Template? 

A marketing calendar template is a spreadsheet or document that houses all of the important due dates, project tasks, and assignees for your marketing campaigns. These templates make it easy to kick off similar marketing projects and provide a broad overview of your progress. 

The idea behind creating a marketing calendar is you can start with a road map to meet specific goals and follow the progression from start to finish. This way, you can quickly identify areas for improvement and determine potential delays before they have the chance to derail the project.

Drag and Drop tasks Calendar View
Drag and drop tasks into ClickUp’s Calendar View

There are several types of marketing calendar template use cases, including email marketing, editorial, content, and social media calendars. Some small businesses and marketing departments use one calendar to track all of their content marketing strategy and campaigns while larger entities may choose multiple marketing calendars to stay on top of more complex campaigns. 🗓️

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What Makes a Good Marketing Calendar Template?

There are a ton of marketing calendar template options, but some are more useful than others. Finding the right one can boost productivity, manage marketing resources, and lead to more successful campaigns. 💪

Here’s what to look for in a marketing calendar template:

  • Different content types: Your marketing calendar template should support tags or fields for different types of content. This makes tracking various campaigns easier, and you can get a better view of how each content piece performs and how long it takes to create
  • Automatic task delegation: A great marketing calendar template does the mundane work for you by automatically assigning tasks to the right team member 
  • Multiple views: Some people like to see tasks integrated into a monthly calendar. Others prefer to track progress with daily or weekly views. Choose a marketing calendar template that offers flexibility when it comes to seeing what’s on the schedule
  • Collaboration features: Streamline teamwork by looking for a marketing calendar template that lets you work with all team members and get updates in real-time
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10 Marketing Calendar Templates to Use in 2024

The best type of marketing calendar depends on your marketing goals, the type of content you’re scheduling, and your niche. You may also need marketing calendars for this quarter and different types when you switch up your marketing focus for next quarter. 

From email marketing calendars to social media schedules and content plans, here are 10 of the best marketing calendar templates to try today. 👀

1. ClickUp Marketing Calendar Template

Start building toward your ideal marketing calendar using the customizable Marketing Calendar Template by ClickUp

ClickUp’s Marketing Calendar Template makes it easy to get an overview of all your marketing campaigns and keep them on track. This free marketing calendar template is an integral part of any marketing strategy since you can keep an eye on multiple campaigns, all in one convenient space. 

Use the template to track workflows and monitor capacity to adjust based on your marketing team’s needs. Task automation streamlines the process by instantly assigning tasks and subtasks to other stakeholders when one step is completed.

This template features six different view types, so you can dive deeper into individual marketing projects, get a broad overview of all marketing campaigns, and track impacts on the budget. Plus, you can prioritize tasks with four different flag settings ranging from low to urgent priority. Now, everyone on your marketing team will know what takes priority.

2. ClickUp Marketing Campaign Management Template

Plan marketing campaigns from production to launch using the Marketing Campaign Management Template from ClickUp

Plan for success and track marketing projects with the Marketing Campaign Management Template from ClickUp. The template features sample tasks for every stage of the marketing campaign, making it easy to get started and leverage the document to meet the specific needs of your marketing team. 

Start by creating the structure of the campaign and identifying the overall goal, target audience, and resources needed for the project. Next, create tasks using project management software, and get to work!

This marketing calendar template features views and sections for all types of marketing team campaigns, including:

  • Product Launch Campaign: Makes it easy to create and group tasks that need to be completed for successful product development 
  • Social Media Calendar: Monitor social media deliverables with tasks designed to identify the content type, drafts, final content, and approval for posting
  • Marketing Phase: Get a visual Board view of the different stages of the marketing campaign. Drag and drop them from one stage to another, and hop into the individual task cards for more details on the project steps
  • Calendar: The Calendar view plots all tasks and subtasks on a calendar to get daily, weekly, and monthly insights into workload and progress
  • References: Build a knowledge base with style guides, brand guidelines, SEO best practices, and product information your team can refer to when creating content
  • Budget Tracker: The Table view tracks all expenses related to the digital marketing campaign so you stay within budget

3. ClickUp Social Media Calendar Template

Manage your social media calendar and post across channels in ClickUp Calendar view and Social Media Calendar Template

ClickUp’s Modern Social Media Calendar lets you stay ahead of the competition and on top of your social media marketing campaigns. Use the marketing calendar template to schedule social posts across platforms, and assign tasks to everyone on your team—from the marketing manager to your ads specialist. 

This social media calendar template features a streamlined workflow thanks to custom statuses, views, and fields. Assign categories like channel, hashtags, and publish date to monitor your social media campaigns as they move through the pipeline. 

With color-coded priority flags, you can fine-tune your marketing efforts and decrease the likelihood of things falling through the cracks. This is marketing template is especially helpful for startups! Use the calendar view to get insights on what’s been published, what’s performing well, and what’s next in the queue. ✅

4. ClickUp Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template

See at a glance what your upcoming content schedule looks like with ClickUp’s Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template

Planning content is a critical aspect of any marketing campaign—whether you’re writing pillar pieces for your blog, crafting creative social media posts, or drafting eye-catching marketing emails. 

With ClickUp’s Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template, you can develop and monitor the content creation process—from brainstorming to checking it off the publishing schedule. 

Use a marketing plan template like this one to create a visually pleasing content marketing calendar. Seven statuses and 12 custom fields make content planning a breeze. 

Hop into the four view types, including Content Plan, to see the keywords you’re targeting and different types of content on the schedule. The Publishing Calendar view gives visibility to when content is scheduled to go live.

Additionally, you can use the Progress Board in the content marketing calendar to get details on what’s been published and how it’s performed. Easily share or give access to the marketing calendar template with clients or internal colleagues on your marketing team.

5. ClickUp Editorial Calendar List Template

With ClickUp’s Editorial Calendar List Template, monitor the publication process from start to finish in one easy-to-view dashboard

With this ClickUp marketing calendar template, you can monitor the publication process from start to finish in one easy-to-view List dashboard. 

Use the Editorial Calendar List Template from ClickUp to lay the groundwork for active and consistent communications and to monitor editorial tasks from ideation to publication. Whether you’re tracking a product launch or monitoring the publishing schedule for different content types, meet your marketing goals with this handy template. 

Use the five custom statuses—including to-do, revision, in progress, in review, and complete—to move projects and tasks through the pipeline. Prioritize tasks and use filters to narrow down the view based on publish date or content type in this content marketing calendar.

6. ClickUp Posting Calendar Template

ClickUp Posting Calendar Template
Keep track of all your content that’s ready for publishing using ClcikUp’s Posting Calendar Template

Keep track of all your content that’s ready for publishing using marketing calendars that can give you i-deth updates on the posting schedules for blogs, social media, or email campaigns.

One of the best stages of the content production process is publishing. You’ve put in tons of hard work, worked collaboratively with other content creators, and crafted the perfect piece of content. Now it’s time to get it live and in front of your target audience to support your marketing activities.

Use ClickUp’s Posting Calendar Template to track all of your initiatives in the posting stage. Seven custom statuses create a framework for your content team, including steps for research, content writing, and approval for posting.

With the three custom fields, view the progress by post date, platform, and content type. This simple content marketing calendar will be a ray of sunshine to your overall process. 🌻

7. ClickUp Blog Editorial Marketing Calendar Template

Marketing calendar templates: Blog Editorial Calendar Template by ClickUp
Create a consistent blog posting schedule using the Blog Editorial Marketing Calendar Template by ClickUp

A huge part of content strategy for most businesses is writing blog posts. Many companies do this well, but oftentimes it falls to the wayside, and content isn’t created regularly. Sometimes that’s because the founder doesn’t have time to write content. Other times, it’s the result of poor planning and a lack of a content schedule. 

Regardless of the reason, poor publishing cadence impacts search rankings and decreases traffic to your site. That means fewer conversions and sales. 

Use the Blog Editorial Calendar Template from ClickUp to create a consistent publishing roadmap for blog pieces. Use the four statuses to track each task and content piece as it moves through the pipeline. Jump into the Blog Calendar view to see the content team’s milestones and what they have planned next.

8. ClickUp Content Calendar Template

Content Calendar Template by ClickUp
Organize your content for the week, month, or quarter using the customizable Content Marketing Calendar Template by ClickUp

Publishing content consistently doesn’t end with blog posts. Successful content management plans also include steps for regularly creating other types of marketing content, including email newsletters, social media posts, and technical product specs. 

Create a clear and concise content schedule using the Content Calendar Template from ClickUp. Break tasks down by week, and create custom fields to track progress and the different types of content. Other helpful custom fields include publishing date, approval, and value ratings so your team can work on the most important pieces first.

With five view types, you can create a content marketing calendar and monitor the process quicker than ever. The Content Plan List view is a great place to store keyword ideas and topics for upcoming posts. Plus, the Production Board view lumps tasks in a Kanban view based on status to maximize efficiency. 🛠️

9. Google Sheets Content Calendar Template by Spreadsheetpoint

Marketing calendar templates: Google Sheets Content Calendar Template
via Spreadsheetpoint

Spreadsheetpoint offers a free template to create a simple content calendar in Google Sheets. The template features a monthly calendar overview on the left-hand side and columns for due dates, content types, and formatting details. Ask team members to use the checkboxes to track their progress on each content piece and to add notes where relevant.

The template features a tab for each month of the year. Plan ahead by scheduling out content for the whole quarter, and look back at previous tabs to see what you’ve already worked on.

Google Sheets offers integrations with Google Calendar to import key due dates and tasks for everyone on the team. And whether it’s project, content, or social media managers, marketing teams have an easily sharable spreadsheet that includes information on multiple marketing campaigns.

10. Excel Marketing Content Calendar Template by Vertex42

Excel Content Marketing Template by Vertex42
via Vertex42

If you like to use content calendar templates in Microsoft Office, consider the Excel Marketing Content Calendar Template from Vertex42. 

Designed for planning different types of content across multiple channels, this template is ideal for small and large teams with a wide-reaching marketing strategy. The template is also useful for scheduling team holidays, regular check-ins, and reviews.

The free template works in Excel and Google Sheets and features both Gantt chart timeline and monthly calendar views. Within the template, create a shared folder to store images for various content pieces, and track description and hashtags for various campaigns. Add custom columns to track important metrics, and use color coding to highlight different types of content or stages in the process.

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Create Useful Marketing Calendars With Templates From ClickUp

Creating a content calendar is an essential task for any marketing manager. You need to publish great content consistently to reach your audience and customers. 

A calendar helps map out what you’re producing and how you’re doing it. It also lays the groundwork for tracking how successful each piece is. Plus, a calendar can offer insight into work capacity and workflow to keep your team performing at its best.

From social media strategy to blog content marketing and other campaigns, having a great template can save you time and money when mapping out your process. 

Get started with ClickUp today to start improving your content creation process and making marketing calendars that support all your endeavors. Access more than 1,000 templates to find the perfect tool for your team. 🙌

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