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7 Free Sales Account Planning Templates

Clients are the lifeblood of our business. That’s why it’s important to give them world-class service. To do that, you need to understand their needs and problems and do your best to address them.

An effective way to ensure client satisfaction is to use account planning templates. They allow strategic account managers to collect valuable info a breeze and let you create tailored strategies for nurturing existing partnerships and forging new ones.

Check out our list of the seven best templates for improving client communication, retention, and revenue potential!

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What is an Account Planning Template?

Account planning is a strategy that allows you to better understand potential and current clients and customers, improve interactions, and foster relationships. An account planning template is a pre-built framework for streamlining this process, mainly by helping you organize vital information. Equipped with a well-designed template, account planning is more focused and efficient throughout.

These templates help key account managers, marketers, and sales teams with tasks such as:

  • Setting KPIs, measuring success, and optimizing future efforts for strategic account planning
  • Onboarding new clients and understanding their objectives and challenges
  • Researching the clients’ industries, trends, and competitive landscape
  • Developing collaboration strategies to maximize the provided value
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What Makes a Good Account Planning Template?

Here are the key qualities of an account plan template that ticks all the right boxes:

  • Comprehensive structure: Contains sections for optimizing the most important steps of the process. These include account overview, goals, insights, budget, and evaluation
  • Intuitive design: Easy to navigate and understand, suitable for all skill levels and departments
  • Customizable and scalable: Flexible enough to accommodate various types of clients and their key account plan
  • Integrates with your favorite tools: Easy to incorporate into your existing workflow
  • Actionable: Allows you to transform your goals and plans into tangible tasks and deadlines
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7 Account Planning Templates To Use in 2024

If you need a solid foundation and guidance to revolutionize the way you interact with clients, use the account planning templates below to centralize information, manage relationships and processes, allocate resources, and create superb business plans—your clientele will thank you!

1. ClickUp Account Planning Template

ClickUp Account Planning Template

The ClickUp Account Planning Template is a simple but powerful tool for strategic account management. It’s beginner-friendly, allowing anyone to pick it up in no time. Despite its simplicity, it offers numerous views and features to level up your client relationship game.

The Accounts List view provides a crystal-clear overview of all your clients, complete with their basic info. The accounts are grouped according to their status by default, but you can sort them based on their stage, priority, or other key account planning details of your choice.

If math is not your strongest suit, you’ll be happy to hear that this template can even do mathematical operations. If you need to calculate the sum or average of, say, earnings from a particular account, hover with your mouse below the column and select the Calculate option.

ClickUp Gantt Account Planning Template

ClickUp Gantt Account Planning Template

The template’s Gantt view takes account planning one step further by helping you visualize all your client-related activities. Unlike your typical calendar, it’s a two-dimensional chart showing the task timeline and its dependencies. Use it to manage tasks and create accurate project plans for your accounts.

On the left side of the view, you’ll find a roster of clients and their associated tasks. This list also displays details such as priority, status, assignee, and other info you choose. To the right of the screen, there’s a bar chart whose length symbolizes the estimated duration of the tasks. The bars are colored based on their urgency for easier prioritization.

Now that you’re familiar with its basic elements using the Gantt chart will be a walk in the park! Click and drag to move the tasks around, or expand and shorten them by pulling the edges.

You can also add dependencies to lock tasks together. When you make changes to any of the two or more tasks, the other ones will automatically shift to maintain the relationship.

For instance, say you planned to meet with a client to discuss the next steps of your partnership, and you have to reschedule it for the following week. You don’t need to reschedule the entire workflow task-by-task. You can move up the meeting only, and the dependent tasks will follow suit.

ClickUp Timeline Account Planning Template

ClickUp Account Planning Template (Timeline View)
Use the ClickUp Account Planning Template in the Timeline view to get a quick overview of all account planning tasks

The Timeline view is similar to the Gantt view in terms of facilitating time management, but there are some crucial differences to keep in mind for account managers.

While a Gantt chart depicts the complexities of tasks, the Timeline view is simpler and features a single chronological line of events. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of your upcoming work.

It’s a visualization tool that gives a quick overview of tasks, their names, assignees, duration, and dependencies. You can use it to see what’s coming next, set milestones, and create project roadmaps. All this helps you effectively allocate resources, increase accountability, and instill confidence in the stakeholders.

Choose which criteria you want to group and filter tasks by. As with Gantt charts, you can reschedule and change the duration of items with a few clicks. By clicking on a task, you’ll reveal all the information you need to complete it.

ClickUp Board Account Planning Template

ClickUp Account Planning Template (Board View)
Use ClickUp Account Planning Template’s Board View to visualize all client-related work

If the List view is too overwhelming for you, fear not. The ClickUp Account Planning Template also has a simplified Kanban-style board for better visualization and management of accounts and related tasks.

The clients are represented with cards, which you can move around by dragging and dropping between columns. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

By default, the grouping criteria is the account stage, but you can select a different one, such as priority or complexity. If you switch on swimlanes, you can introduce a second dimension to further personalize the key account planning process.

The cards contain information such as assignee, duration, account health, completion percentage, and monthly revenue. As usual, you can customize their appearance and click on the task to reveal more information, add comments, and track time.

2. ClickUp Account Management Template

ClickUp Account Management Template 

Account planning and management are closely related. While planning focuses on studying the clients’ needs and strategizing, account management deals with the day-to-day execution of client-related work. They’re like a lock and a key—one is useless without the other!

To help you with account planning efforts, we’ve created the ClickUp Account Management Template. It serves as a central database for all account-related information and activities. Use it to track tasks and deadlines, and streamline communication.

The template is in folder form and includes dedicated lists for key account plans and past clients. They’re packed with vital information such as contact info, chosen pricing plan, and estimated revenue opportunity.

The master view offers as many as six custom views:

  1. At Risk: A list of existing relationships with low engagement and are likely to churn
  2. Engagement: A list of all clients grouped based on their engagement level
  3. Priority Accounts: An agile board that classifies accounts by their priority tag
  4. Gantt: A chart for keeping up with the task schedule
  5. Client Success Playbook: A document for recording critical processes
  6. Signup Form: A Form that prospects can complete and connect with dedicated key account managers

3. ClickUp Large Account Management Process Template

ClickUp Large Account Management Process Template

Despite your finest efforts and the help of a handy template, key account management is still complex and labor-intensive. The best way to streamline it and establish consistency is to document every step of the process.

The Large Account Management Process Template by ClickUp is ideally suited for high-level planning. It helps you develop an efficient account management workflow and centralize critical account-related information.

It’s in list form and contains multiple views. Use the Process Overview List to jot down all the stages and tasks of your account management process. With a few clicks, you can:

  1. Assign tasks to team members
  2. Define their priority and complexity
  3. Update the status

Add your own specific fields and play around with the filtering, sorting, and grouping to get the overview you need.

After defining the tasks, use the Gantt and Timeline views to schedule and visualize them. This helps you identify critical path tasks, track progress, and allocate resources to optimize productivity.

4. ClickUp Resource Planning Template

ClickUp Resource Planning Template

Account management typically requires some serious juggling between the client’s wishes and your capabilities. You want to provide as much value as possible without overworking your staff or maxing out your resources. It’s all about striking that perfect balance.

Luckily, that’s where the Resource Planning Template by ClickUp steps in. It’s like having a personal resource management assistant that’s available 24/7. It’s a comprehensive system designed for businesses of all sizes, particularly those dealing with resource constraints and capacity gaps.

The template comes in list form and includes numerous views:

  • Clients List
  • Project Coordinators Board
  • Project Coordinators Workload
  • Team Workload
  • Activity Gantt
  • Timeline

Feel free to add custom views to tailor the template to your workflow. For example, you can create a new list view dedicated exclusively to budgeting or equipment.

The template also includes many time management tools. In the Workload view, you can quickly assess team members’ availability and capacity. Distribute tasks by dragging and dropping them from the right sidebar onto the chart. Employees can also track time in-app, which helps ensure accurate billing.

5. ClickUp Business Plan Template

ClickUp Business Plan Template

This ClickUp Business Plan Template is a game-changer for up-and-coming businesses and those looking to propel their existing operations to new heights. It’s a user-friendly tool that provides a structured framework for outlining your goals, strategies, and action plans.

Although comprehensive, the template is easily adaptable to various scenarios and purposes. The best part is—it allows for easy scaling once your business takes off.

The template is available in multiple views, including:

  • Topics: A list of subjects to cover when discussing the launch of a new business
  • Status: A Board view of topics, i.e., tasks, grouped by status
  • Gantt: A chart to help you plan and stay on top of the timeline
  • Business Plan: A document in which you can describe your company and vision, outline marketing and sales goals, and define metrics and milestones

6. Sales Strategic Account Plan Template by

Sales Strategic Account Plan Template by

If you want to optimize your sales efforts and align them with your client’s needs and goals, check out this Strategic Sales Account Planning Template by With all the key information in a single document, you can create a winning sales growth strategy and build a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with your account.

Within the template, you’ll find sections covering all critical aspects of sales account planning. For starters, lay out the executive summary, objectives, and account details. In the next section, perform the SWOT analysis for the client and their competitor, then compare the results to gain valuable insights.

The final section, which is the action plan, defines the steps needed to reach the desired objectives. Top it off with key performance indicators and a sales reporting schedule, and you’ll have a perfect roadmap to success.

This template works in Google Docs, Word, PDF readers, and Apple Pages. You’ll need to subscribe to to download the document, but you can edit it directly on the website for free.

7. Google Docs Business Plan Template

Google Docs Business Plan Template
via Google Docs

This Google Docs Business Plan Template can be an invaluable resource for all newcomers to the world of business. To call it comprehensive would be a massive understatement—it’s 45 pages long!

The document covers it all—from the Confidentiality Agreement and executive summary to the expenses and appendices. It contains tables, charts, and lists for easier readability.

Setting up and using the template is a breeze. After opening the doc, create a copy so you can edit it. Then, section by section, replace the decoy text with your own, following the provided guidelines for optimal results.

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Types of Account Planning Templates

Account planning templates come in various forms, each designed to cater to different aspects of account management. Here are some common types of account planning templates you might encounter:

Strategic Account Plan Template: This type of template focuses on long-term strategy and goals for a specific key account. It typically includes sections for objective setting, understanding the customer’s business and needs, identifying opportunities for growth, and outlining a strategic action plan.

Sales Account Plan Template: A sales account plan template is geared towards sales teams. It often includes sections for identifying key decision-makers, analyzing competitors, tracking sales targets, and outlining strategies to increase sales within the account.

Customer Success Account Plan Template: This template is designed to help customer success teams manage their accounts effectively. It usually includes sections for understanding the customer journey, identifying customer pain points, setting customer satisfaction goals, and planning initiatives to improve customer success.

Account Management Plan Template: An account management plan template is a comprehensive tool for managing an account across all fronts. It may include sections for setting objectives, identifying key stakeholders, SWOT analysis, developing an action plan, and tracking progress.

Key Account Plan Template: This type of template is used for managing major clients that make up a significant portion of the company’s revenue. It generally includes sections for understanding the client’s strategic goals, identifying opportunities for upselling or cross-selling, and creating a tailored service plan.

Account Development Plan Template: An account development plan template is used when the goal is to grow the account. It often includes sections for identifying growth opportunities, setting growth targets, outlining a sales strategy, and tracking development progress.

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How to Use an Account Planning Template

An account planning template is a valuable tool to streamline your sales strategies and enhance customer relationships. But how exactly do you use it? Below, we break down the steps to effectively utilize an account planning template.

  1. Understand the Template: Each account planning template may vary in design and structure, but they generally include sections for objective setting, SWOT analysis, key stakeholders, action plans, and progress tracking. Familiarize yourself with these sections to understand what information is required.
  2. Set Clear Objectives: Begin by setting clear objectives for your account. What do you aim to achieve? This could be expanding your business within the account, improving customer satisfaction, or increasing the account’s profitability. Write these objectives in the designated section of the template.
  3. Conduct a SWOT Analysis: The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis section helps you understand the current state of the account. Identify your strengths and weaknesses within the account, as well as any opportunities for growth or potential threats that could hinder your progress.
  4. Identify Key Stakeholders: Every account will have key stakeholders or decision-makers. It’s essential to identify who these individuals are, understand their needs and expectations, and document this information in the template.
  5. Develop an Action Plan: After setting objectives and conducting a SWOT analysis, develop a strategic action plan. This plan should outline the steps you will take to achieve your objectives, with clear actions, responsible parties, and timelines.
  6. Track Progress: Most templates include a section for tracking progress towards your objectives. Regularly update this section to keep track of your achievements and adjust your strategies as needed.
  7. Review and Update Regularly: An account plan is not a set-and-forget document. It should be a living document that you review and update regularly. This ensures the plan remains relevant and aligned with any changes in the account or your business strategy.

Remember, an account planning template is a tool to guide your strategy and actions. It’s not about filling in every section perfectly; it’s about using it as a framework to deepen your understanding of the account, align your team, and drive strategic action towards your objectives.

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An Overview of the Best Account Planning Templates

Take a look at the table below to compare the templates on our list and their benefits:

TemplateHow You Can Use It
ClickUp Account Planning Template (List View)Stay on top of all information related to your accounts and prioritize tasks
ClickUp Account Planning Template (Gantt View)Manage the schedule of your account-related tasks to perfection with all relevant information closeby
ClickUp Account Planning Template (Timeline View)Gain a broad overview of the schedule, progress, and milestones of your account-related activities
ClickUp Account Planning Template (Board View)Plan and visualize tasks and related info in a convenient, agile board view
ClickUp Account Management TemplateStreamline account operations, track tasks, and facilitate client communication
ClickUp Large Account Management Process TemplateDevelop an effective management workflow and store information essential for decision-making
ClickUp Resource Planning TemplateAllocate resources, assign tasks, and optimize productivity
ClickUp Business Plan TemplateOutline goals, strategies, and action plans for your new business
Sales Strategic Account Plan by Template.netCraft professional sales growth strategies and help clients expand their businesses
Google Docs Business Plan TemplateCreate a detailed business plan with guidance on each section
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Elevate Your Account Planning With ClickUp Templates

With their flexibility and user-friendliness, these templates are sure to take your account planning to the next level. Use them to strengthen your client relationships and ultimately drive growth and bring mutual benefit. Start a free ClickUp Workspace today!

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