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10 Free Fact Sheet Templates in Word and ClickUp

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is communicating key policies, product details, and announcements to their employees, clients, or the general public. But digesting tons of information and delivering it without complicating matters is no walk in the park.

Before you know it, you may be drowning in a sea of data. 🚣🌊

Fact sheet templates can be your lifelines when dealing with information overload scenarios. They help you capture the essence of what you want to say—be it about your company, products, or projects—and present it to your audience without missing a beat! 🎵

We explore the top 10 free fact sheet templates for streamlining various types of information and presenting it to different audiences. Check out their features to see which option best fits your communication goals.

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What Is a Fact Sheet Template?

A fact sheet is a concise document presenting key information about your organization, product, project, employees, or company guidelines. You need a proper structure to make it effective, but creating a fact sheet from scratch is typically a time-consuming mental exercise. 😵‍💫

Fact sheets are foundational frameworks that help you identify and compress essential information into a few pages or understand key metrics. They are usually designed for a specific target audience, such as potential investors, partners, clients, or employees.

For example, some fact sheets for introducing products or services help convey all the details a potential customer needs to know before making a purchase.

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What Makes a Good Fact Sheet Template?

A good fact sheet template should be:

  • Brief and simple: Fact sheets shouldn’t be too long in order to hold your readers’ attention
  • Visually appealing: Allows you to incorporate visual elements like images, tables, graphs, and charts to make the information look neat, attractive, and comprehensible
  • Clearly structured: Comes with defined sections and informative headings highlighting the areas you should address
  • Flexible: Has customizable features (like adjustable headers and sections) so that you can adapt it to your specific needs or branding requirements
Summarize this article with AI ClickUp Brain not only saves you precious time by instantly summarizing articles, it also leverages AI to connect your tasks, docs, people, and more, streamlining your workflow like never before.
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10 Free Fact Sheet Templates To Use in 2024

Choosing the right fact sheet template depends on your audience and goal, which can be anything from introducing a new product to announcing company policy changes.

Check out our top 10 templates in ClickUp and Word and pick the one that’ll get your message across. 📨

1. ClickUp Fact Sheet Template

ClickUp Fact Sheet Template

Skillfully presenting vital information about a product is an essential revenue driver. That’s where the ClickUp Fact Sheet Template steps in, helping you build a bridge between your product and its target customers. 🌉

This beginner-friendly fact sheet template offers everything you need to talk your product up and ensure the reader finds all relevant information about it in one place.

Create a well-rounded product overview by combining neat text blocks and engaging visuals. Showcase the specifications, facts, and features of your offering by categorizing them into the following preset sections:

  1. Product name
  2. Slogan
  3. Short description of the product’s use
  4. Main features
  5. Product photos
  6. Varieties and/or customizations offered
  7. Product milestones
  8. Contact information
  9. Partners
  10. Social media profiles

Customize, add, or remove sections as necessary to promote your product’s value and transform the fact sheet’s readers into customers.

You can use the Settings menu to control the appearance of your fact sheet—change the font, spacing, page width, and other typographic elements to align the document with your brand and objectives. The menu also lets you keep track of the choice of words and the reading time, ensuring your fact sheet is concise and easily digestible for your audience. 

Creating and assigning tasks within the fact sheet template is simple and quick, which helps your team collaborate without hiccups. You can set up independent tasks within the template or link it to other tasks or docs.

2. ClickUp Infographic Template

ClickUp Infographic Template

If you’re looking for a more versatile framework for your fact sheet, the ClickUp Infographic Template (also called the Infographic Whiteboard) is an excellent choice. Since it’s a Whiteboard, think of it as a blank canvas for organizing your train of thought and making information easier to grasp with the help of graphics.💡

The template can assist you during the ideation process, helping you shape your ideas before transforming them into a highly customized, visually appealing fact sheet. Like most ClickUp Whiteboards, it’s ideal for any goal requiring extensive brainstorming and decision-making.

Use the template to develop fact sheets for brand guidelines, marketing plans, prototyping—virtually anything you can think of! 🤔

Despite its flexibility, you or your teammates don’t have to be artists or creative gurus to use this template. Thanks to its fantastic features and tools, anyone can effortlessly visualize their ideas and bring concepts to life.🎨

Use colors, freehand shapes, photos, and other styling tools to make the fact sheet your own! Here are some sample elements you can add or adjust:

  1. Project or product details
  2. Company logo
  3. Website cards
  4. Shapes
  5. Sticky notes
  6. Text
  7. Mind Maps
  8. Images
  9. Links
  10. Tables
  11. Graphs

This template is also helpful for tracking the progress of a project and illustrating it with infographics such as company timelines, organizational charts, and project phases. Visualizing the status of your project reduces the onboarding time for new team members and improves productivity across the board.

3. ClickUp Brand Guidelines Template

ClickUp Brand Guidelines Template

If you’re looking for a TLDR way to present your brand to the stakeholders, the ClickUp Brand Guidelines Template fits the bill perfectly. It helps you tell what your company or product is all about in a condensed and visually captivating way.

With this type of fact sheet, you can scrap those lengthy manuals and binders that nobody reads anyway. 🧑‍💻

This template doubles as an internal guide, giving your new and existing employees a clear idea of how you do business and present the company to the public. It outlines your brand-building strategy and ensures everyone’s on the same page, making it a valuable part of your office management toolkit. ⚒️

You can also use the template as an employee handbook—print and keep it in the office or share it digitally. 

The fact sheet template is thoughtfully designed sections that leave no room for what-ifs or uncertainties. You have everything you need to establish clear guidelines for your brand’s story, mission, and design choices. Some foundational elements of the template include:

  • Your company
  • Your mission
  • Brand logo
  • Logo practices
  • Dos & don’ts
  • Color palette
  • Typography

You can customize and adjust each of these elements to create a unique brand presence. If you want to revamp an older brand, the template becomes a valuable resource for collecting past accomplishments and using them to forge a fresh, revitalized identity.

4. ClickUp Policy Memo Template

ClickUp Policy Memo Template

Policy changes within a company can pack a punch if executed poorly. 👊

Luckily, you can prevent employees from feeling lost or overwhelmed with the ClickUp Policy Memo Template. This handy fact sheet template guides you through creating the perfect memo to present and implement changes in your organization without causing confusion and chaos. 🤯

The template is one-size-fits-all and can be adapted for practically any policy. Say, you want your employees to work from the office instead of from home. Here’s how the template’s five sections facilitate a smooth transition:

  1. Header: This is where you’ll add administrative details and the primary theme of the document
  2. Summary: You summarize why working from home is an issue and introduce the main idea behind returning to the office
  3. Background: This section helps you provide more context to the cause and significance of the issue and support your claims with evidence, such as low productivity or dipping revenue numbers
  4. Recommendation: You introduce the solution and the detailed steps for its implementation. For instance, you can ask your employees to gradually make the change to minimize pushback
  5. Call to Action: Elaborate the concrete steps the employee should take after reading the memo to ensure compliance

5. ClickUp Employee Memo Template

ClickUp Employee Memo Template

Not every employee communication is about a nerve-racking policy change. The ClickUp Employee Memo Template helps you educate and update your employees on general matters, including strategies, team-building activities, to-do lists, and policies.

The fact sheet template follows a tried-and-tested format known to support hierarchical and inter-departmental communication. ☎️

The template is perfect for newbies as it doesn’t offer complex options and keeps you focused on your goal. You can build a professional memo in minutes by filling out these six standard fields:

  1. Department
  2. To
  3. From
  4. Subject
  5. Memo body
  6. Category

The Category field lets you mark your memo with intent, such as Urgent, Announcement, Action requested, and Needs attention. You also have the option to add a PDF in place of the body.

Based on the memo, you can create tasks, subtasks, and checklists and track their statuses in a few clicks. These memos can be excellent self-discipline tools and push your employees to stay organized and consistent.

6. ClickUp Executive Memo Template

ClickUp Executive Memo Template

The ClickUp Executive Memo Template is ideal for communicating important strategies, plans, and events to employees without spooking them up—as executive memos often do! ☢️

The entire template is, by default, divided into three sections. The first two are tables with fields for administrative details like the subject matter, order number, and addressee(s). The final section is reserved for the message you want to communicate, forming the meat of the template. 🥩

Like all ClickUp templates, this one is highly customizable. You can edit the tables, delete or add elements as you see fit, add comments, and icons, and even link to documents or tasks.

You can also tweak the font to perfectly match your preferred typography.

While the template gives you the freedom to create long and interesting memos, try to keep them within one or two pages. You should be clear and concise—a few paragraphs max for optimal delivery.

7. ClickUp Photo Directory Template

ClickUp Photo Directory Template

Want to give your employees the recognition they deserve on your website? The ClickUp Photo Directory Template can help. With this simple, beginner-friendly template, you can introduce your employees to the public or have their information readily accessible for future use.

The template lets you create a go-to fact sheet containing your employees’ details, roles, and headshots. By default, you can add the following information for each team member:

  1. Photo
  2. Name
  3. Position
  4. Department
  5. Contact
  6. Email address

Given the nature of the template, you don’t have to stick to plain boring facts! If your company culture promotes individuality, you can add new fields and reveal interesting facts about your employees to add a personal touch to each record.

You can also illustrate each member directory with matching emojis to keep the vibe playful! 😍

You can play with shapes, fonts, and colors to make your directory unique and ensure it aligns with your website’s design. Adding new team members to the directory is easy-peasy—all you have to do is use the blank record on the left of the template and start editing!

8. ClickUp Newsletter Template

ClickUp Newsletter Template

A newsletter is a great tool for spreading the word about your company or sharing news and upcoming activities with your employees, investors, or clients. Whatever your goal is, the ClickUp Newsletter Template can help you achieve it.

This customizable fact sheet template provides the basis for creating an informative, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing newsletter. The template lets you start with a ClickUp Whiteboard to conceptualize your newsletter. You can add live tasks and docs on the board and watch the final product come to life piece by piece! 🧩

With this template, newsletters can have professional and creative appeal at the same time! You’re in charge—choose which elements to add or highlight, select color palettes, experiment with shapes, and add links, photos, and videos. Anything to make the newsletter engaging for the intended readers!

The Whiteboard toolbar is always available on the screen, but the template also offers plenty of keyboard shortcuts to make working on large-scale newsletter projects easier. You can add Reminders, record Clips, and track time spent on the template for effective time management. ⏲️

9. Microsoft Word Company Fact Sheet Template by TemplateLab

Microsoft Word Company Fact Sheet Template by TemplateLab
Keep the most important information about your company in one place with the Microsoft Word Company Fact Sheet Template by TemplateLab

The Microsoft Word Company Fact Sheet Template by TemplateLab aims for a clutter-free look and covers only the essential information, allowing the reader to get the essence of your company in no time. It can be customized to contain the necessary information for training new employees or introducing your company to new investors and partners. 

This Word fact sheet template lets you sort your company’s information into different categories, including:

  • Quick facts
  • Management
  • Primary
  • Main
  • Core values

The template is rudimentary but provides a sense of familiarity since many people are used to working in Word. Most users know how to navigate the available alignments, color schemes, and fonts and leverage them to highlight specific data. Besides being easy to edit, the template has multi-platform availability and can be converted into PDF and PowerPoint formats.

10. Microsoft Word Project Management Template by Sample Templates

Microsoft Word Project Management Template by Sample Templates
Keep track of your projects and ensure top-notch collaboration with the Microsoft Word Project Management Template by Sample Templates

Managing multiple projects can be overwhelming. If you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to fall behind or miss a crucial detail that could affect your company’s revenue, reputation, or client relationships. This Microsoft Word Project Management Fact Sheet Template by Sample Templates makes the project management process easier by allowing you to keep track of your projects using different views. 🔎

This fact sheet template is mainly designed for SharePoint users. To use it, you need to get the Project Web App (the app is not compatible with every browser). Once you’ve set up a link to your project server, you can create a Project Center that acts as a project fact sheet.

With this template, you can track a project’s status, create tasks, and ensure everyone in your team is on the same page regarding the workflow. You get a tabular view by default but can also switch to a Gantt Chart or other views. Most views help you monitor a project’s progress (in percentages) and check whether it’s running on a baseline schedule.

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Fact Sheets Templates—Connecting the Dots With Ease!

Use the free fact sheet templates from this list to create practical fact sheets that strike a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Whether creating a scope of work document or an internal memo, these templates are your perfect allies in delivering the right message to the right audience, every single time!

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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