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20 AI Podcasts to Learn More About Artificial Intelligence

AI is everywhere you turn, from automated tasks in your project management software to intelligent writing assistants that make content creation easier. There’s also technology that makes coding and software development seamless and AI tools for processing payments for employees.

As technology gets better and better, we have to adapt and learn how to leverage these tools to make our businesses better. But figuring out how to do that in a sea of AI tools can be tricky. 🤔

That’s where AI podcasts can help. Hosted by industry leaders, journalists, and AI enthusiasts, these shows provide insights into the state of AI, how it works, and real-life use cases.

Set aside time on your next walk, drive, workout, or day off to listen to these AI podcasts. You’ll learn about the latest AI developments and hear how innovators are using AI to drive their businesses forward. ✨

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20 Best AI Podcasts to Scratch Your Artificial Intelligence Itch in 2024

Here are 20 of the best AI podcasts you can listen to on sites like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more. Learn about the industry, emerging changes, and the latest trends in machine learning. 👀 

With this knowledge, leverage the technology to build a more successful business. From SaaS and marketing to software development and productivity, there are countless ways AI can make you more efficient.

1. AI in Business

Emerj, an artificial intelligence research company, runs a weekly podcast featuring founder and host Daniel Faggella. The AI podcast focuses on interviewing industry leaders in robotics, deep learning, and data science.

Many episodes focus on which AI tools are experimental and which ones have proven to provide tangible value to businesses—whether it’s machine learning, data science, or practical AI options.

Tune into this AI podcast to learn about industry trends and ways to apply AI in your strategic planning. Plus, find out how to leverage AI disruptions to advance your business, whether you’re in SaaS, software development, or managing products. 

2. The AI Podcast

Noah Kravitz takes the lead on NVIDIA’s The AI Podcast, which explores the impact of AI on the world around us by focusing on people and their success stories. Covering AI in everything from art and science to business and ecology, this podcast gives a well-rounded view of how entrepreneurs and changemakers are using AI today.

Notable episodes include interviews with tech experts from Google, Oracle, and Deloitte. Listen to each podcast episode or dive into ones that are meaningful for your industry.

Whether you’re a marketing executive at a sports firm, an educator at a university, or a logistics manager looking for ways to use AI in delivery, there’s an AI Podcast episode for you.

3. Eye on AI

Eye on AI is a biweekly AI podcast covering the latest trends in computer science and artificial general intelligence (AGI). Hosted by New York Times correspondent Craig S. Smith, the podcast takes a distinctly journalistic approach to putting AI in a real-world context. 👁️‍🗨️

Listen in to find out how business leaders are using AI to boost productivity, build interactive conversations with customers, and automate tasks. Plus, there are several episodes covering the existential threat of AI, so you can find out what machine learning changes mean for your business and how to adapt.

4. AI Today Podcast

For many business owners and tech enthusiasts, AI is vague. AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer put things into perspective with practical breakdowns of AI in business. Tune into the AI Glossary Series to get clarity on various AI terms and what they mean in real-world scenarios.

They also interview AI experts and data scientists to dive deeper into the workings of AI and what it means for businesses, thought leaders, and tech companies. One of the best episodes is with Valerio de Stefano, an AI expert who discusses the impacts of AI on the workforce.

5. Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic AI Podcast banner
Via Data Skeptic

Kyle Polich launched the Data Skeptic podcast back in 2014. His goal is to cut through the hype and take a scientific approach to AI claims. That way, you can figure out which AI tools and trends really matter for your business.

Episodes cover everything from language learning models to neural networks to the future of AI. One of our favorite episodes is with Dongho Kim from Prowler, where they discuss AI and decision-making. It’s a must-listen for leaders interested in the intersection of project management and AI.

6. Talking Machines

Talking Machines AI Podcast image
Via Talking Machines

Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawrence host Talking Machines, a biweekly podcast that releases new episodes on Fridays. Talking Machines is one of the best AI podcasts for people interested in machine learning. 🎙️

While focused on the technology behind AI tools, the podcast also takes a human approach. Episodes cover topics including diversity in AI, responsibility, and labor considerations for businesses leveraging the latest tech.

7. Artificial Intelligence Podcast

Hosted by Tony Hoang, the Artificial Intelligence Podcast aims to humanize AI by making it easier to understand. The episodes are short and sweet, typically under 10 minutes so you can listen to them, even when handling the hectic day-to-day of your business.

Many of the episodes are focused on the latest news in the tech community. You’ll also find quick breakdowns of things like how robotics work, how AI rules may affect your industry, and the data skills you’ll need to use AI.

8. Voices in AI

In a world where machines are becoming more prominent—hello self-check-out stands and beach-cleaning robots—Voices in AI puts a human face to the tech.

Host Byron Reese interviews the top minds in AI and tech. From startup co-founders to security experts and ethicists, there’s always an interesting conversation on this podcast for trending topics in the world today.

9. Lex Fridman Podcast

The best AI podcasts are hosted by tech experts who understand cutting-edge changes in the machine-learning industry. This self-titled podcast is among the best thanks to the expertise of Lex Fridman, an AI researcher at MIT.

He has hosted talks with AI enthusiasts including Elon Musk, Sam Harris, Joe Rogan, and Jaron Lanier. And while this comes off as a heavy machine-learning podcast, other topics are discussed around data science, artificial intelligence, and other new tech.

10. The TWIML AI Podcast

TWIML—aka This Week in Machine Learning—releases new episodes every Monday and Thursday. Hosted by Sam Charrington, TWIML AI Podcast aims to create actionable insights from the latest in AI technology. 

As a project manager, you’ll love the episodes that dive deeper into how to use AI to automate tasks and data integrations that make your processes seamless. Software developers can listen to episodes on language learning models (LLMs), generative AI, and programmatic engineering.

11. Practical AI

Practical AI is hosted by Chris Benson and Daniel Whitenack, who interview AI experts and provide real-world scenarios for the latest tech. The lively discussions cover topics like cool apps, vector databases, and the legal implications of using AI.

Marketers will enjoy podcast episodes focusing on how AI can make content production faster and debates on the capabilities of LLMs. Software enthusiasts can tune into episodes on end-to-end cloud computing and serverless GPUs.

12. Hard Fork

Hard Fork is a New York Times podcast hosted by Kevin Roose and Casey Newton. The podcast aims to make sense of the latest developments in AI. Think of this podcast as your go-to source for news in the AI realm and all things machine learning and data science. 🗞️

As a marketing manager, you can learn more about how Google search and AI interact. You’ll also gain insights into how social media is changing alongside AI algorithms.

For business owners, episodes covering emerging trends, news, and legislation can provide a basis for strategic planning. 

13. DeepMind: The Podcast

DeepMind Podcast Image
Via Google

DeepMind is a subsidiary of Google and their podcast explores the ways AI is changing the world. It’s a mix of interviews with top AI industry experts and deep dives into the tech itself. 

Listen in to learn more about the fight to make AI fair for all and how business leaders are applying AI to solve major challenges. You’ll hear from leaders in genomics, conservation, marketing, and robotics.

14. Intel on AI

The Intel AI podcast brings different viewpoints to the table when it comes to the promise of AI and its current success. Some episodes dive into neuroscience and how AI can make workers more productive. 

Others cover AI in government, biomedicine, and public policy. Tune in to learn more about AI fairness, ways to leverage AI for data, and techniques for using tech to build better processes.

15. AI and the Future of Work

Dan Turchin, the CEO of PeopleReign, uses his AI and the Future of Work podcast to cover the latest advancements and how tech affects workplaces. Particularly interesting for people in human resources and information technology, the podcast covers things like leadership, regulations, and innovation.

The podcast strikes a balance between the benefits of AI and considering the implications for teams. Listen in to get a better handle on how AI may affect your employees and how your company can adapt to mitigate risks. 👩‍💻

16. The Bot Canon

The Bot Canon is a different type of AI podcast. Instead of covering AI news and trends, this podcast uses AI to see how classic pieces of literature would have been written by a machine. It’s a fascinating dive into the workings of AI that content writers and literary enthusiasts will enjoy.

Each episode focuses on a different piece of literature. Some popular episodes include AI versions of “The Hobbit,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and “The Brothers Karamazov.” This fun, short podcast will get your gears turning about the merits of AI vs. human creativity.

17. Brain Inspired

Brain Inspired AI podcast image
Via Brain Inspired

Brain Inspired is another intellectual podcast that delves into the connections between neuroscience and AI. As a professional in an industry that uses AI, use this podcast to write better algorithms and dream up new products or projects. 

Episodes on the podcast cover everything from early language and cognition to psychology and the philosophy of memory. Learn how to be a better leader, how to create better learning systems at your company, and ways to support different types of learners on your team.

18. In Machines We Trust

In Machines We Trust is a podcast brought to you by MIT Technology Review. Diving into the implications of AI, this podcast explores tech across dozens of avenues including chatbots, natural language processing tools, and AI Chrome extensions.

Interesting episodes include one covering how a vineyard is using AI to improve its wines and how retail stores leverage AI to prevent fraud.

The episodes explore everyday use cases, giving the tech a tangible feel and making it easier for you as a business leader to find ways to use the tools yourself. 🛠️

19. The ChatGPT Report

The ChatGPT report is a podcast with short, 10-minute episodes covering the latest news in the chatbot world. Hosted by Ryan Collier and Ben Meyerhoeffer, you’ll learn more about OpenAI initiatives, ChatGPT alternatives, and what’s happening in AI.

20. Me, Myself, and AI

Me, Myself, and AI Podcast image
Via MIT Sloan Management Review

Me, Myself, and AI is another MIT podcast, this time created by the MIT Sloan Management Review. The audio series aims to find out why only 10% of companies that use AI end up being successful.

This artificial intelligence podcast focuses on interviews with big change-makers including leaders from Airbnb, Duolingo, and Pinterest. 

Episodes include discussions on decision-making, data security, and talent development. With a wide focus, there’s something for every industry here, whether you’re in marketing, HR, IT, or management.

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Leverage AI for Your Business

From machine learning podcasts to shows that cover trends in AI and how innovators are using the latest technology to drive business, the opportunities to learn are endless. With these AI podcasts, you’re sure to find new insights and ways to use AI to power your goals.

Sign up for ClickUp today and see how AI can take your business to new heights. With ClickUp’s AI features, you can automate tasks, write new content in seconds, and develop streamlined processes.

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