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10 Best AI Tools for Lesson Planning in 2023 (Reviews and Pricing)

As a teacher, you want to ensure that you meet the changing needs of students, and traditional teaching methods are not enough. 

You want engaging and effective lesson plans as an educator, but the endless paperwork, scheduling demands, and time conflicts may hinder you.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for your needs. AI lesson planning tools! When you have the right tool, you can personalize learning and provide data-driven insights to take on a more engaging, practical approach. 

However, selecting the right AI lesson-planning tool that works with your teaching style is critical. With so many tools in the market, finding the right one can be a challenge.

What Does an AI Tool for Lesson Planning Mean?

AI tools for lesson planning are software that uses artificial intelligence to help teachers create engaging and personalized lesson plans. The AI tools for lesson planning parse through the information available to make the lesson plan more effective and efficient. 

You can create a plan and run it through the software to get improvements, personalized suggestions, and more. AI lesson plan generators are like teaching assistants, freeing you from administrative hassles like scheduling and grading. 

They let you optimize your lesson planning process and, in the end, deliver better education with improved student outcomes.

What to Look For in AI Tools for Lesson Planning? 

When you select AI tools for lesson planning, look for features like personalized learning options, easy integration with your current teaching methods, and the ability to track and assess students’ progress. 

These elements will make your life as an educator easier and more effective.

Here are some features to consider while choosing the right AI software for lesson planning:

  1. Personalization: You should be able to customize your lesson plans according to your needs, style, school calendar, and the learning curve of students
  2. Adaptability: The software must enable you to provide personalized guidance and make course corrections in real-time based on student feedback and progress 
  3. Collaboration: The right solution will allow you to seamlessly integrate and collaborate with other educational tools and resources, making teaching more effortless
  4. Scalability: Make sure it can handle various class sizes so it can grow along with your class size
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Look for an easy-to-navigate interface with all the features you need for lesson planning
  6. Lesson Plan Templates: It’s helpful if the tool offers templates to help you structure and organize your lesson plans

10 Best AI Tools for Lesson Planning in 2023

We are happy to present the results of our extensive research based on criteria that help a teaching professional like you. We’ve evaluated and come up with the 10 best AI tools for lesson planning. We took a rounded approach and compared their features, limitations, reviews, and pricing.

1. ClickUp

A notable feature of ClickUp is that it simplifies education management and offers a syllabus planning template to plan well in advance with in-depth information about your lessons.

ClickUp’s Lesson Plan Generator streamlines your teaching experience by aligning your curriculum, offering creative customizable templates, and promoting collaboration with peers. 

This AI tool does the heavy lifting, ensuring you save time, stay in sync with the curriculum, and create engaging lesson plans with ease.

ClickUp best features:

  • ClickUp AI: Powered by over 100 artificial intelligence tools, ClickUp AI fits perfectly with your needs. Create customized lesson plans effortlessly, as the tool does all the heavy lifting and brainstorming for you
Use ClickUp AI to write faster and polish your copy, email responses, and more
Use ClickUp AI to write faster and polish your lesson copy, email responses, and more
  • ClickUp’s Lesson Plan Generator:  Ensure alignment with the current educational standard and comprehensive coverage of all necessary content and skills in your lessons
Screenshot of ClickUp Templates
ClickUp’s Template Library has dozens of resources for making lesson plans more effective
  • ClickUp Templates: Choose from a wide variety of customizable lesson plan templates to create innovative and interactive lesson plans. Modifying these templates and structures according to different groups makes the teaching experience engaging and productive
  • ClickUp Docs: Simplify lesson planning with handy, time-saving features. Add Overviews and Headers and leverage features such as Focus Mode

ClickUp limitations:

  • Complexity: While one of the greatest strengths of ClickUp is its customizable templates, it can be a bit overwhelming for first-time users  

ClickUp pricing: 

  • Free Forever
  • Unlimited: $7/month per user
  • Business: $12/month per user
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing
  • ClickUp AI: Available on all paid plans for $5 per workspace

ClickUp ratings & reviews:

  •   G2: 4.7/5 (2,000+ reviews)
  •   Capterra: 4.7/5 (2,000+ reviews)

2. OpenAI ChatGPT

OpenAI Dashboard
via OpenAI

ChatGPT is an AI-powered language model that assists you in lesson planning by providing valuable insights, generating lesson content, and suggestions for engaging activities for your students.

It can help streamline the planning process, offer diverse teaching ideas, and adapt to specific learning needs, ultimately saving you time and effort.

ChatGPT best features:

  • Creates Lesson Outlines: Structure your topics and chapters effectively. For example, if you request a 5th-grade lesson outline on the water cycle, it will cover essential topics like evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection
  • Research Assistance: Get valuable educational resources to enhance your lessons. Find information, articles, and content on any topic and get explanations, summaries, and relevant resources to enrich your teaching materials
  • Generate Ideas for Tests/ Assignments: Craft activities, quizzes, projects, and assignments tailored to your chosen topic, adding them to your lesson planning. Have students write essays on topics it suggests, and save time and effort in creating educational materials
  • Time Management: Get time estimates for various lesson sections, helping you create weekly plans and work schedules for your lessons 
  • Proofreading and Edit: Review your lesson plans and make any changes to make sure that they align with your teaching style and the needs of your students 

ChatGPT limitations:

  • Provides generic information and may not understand your classroom dynamics
  • There is very little room for personalization

ChatGPT pricing:

  • Free Version: All users can access it through the OpenAI website on Desktop and mobile browsers. App available for IOS and Android mobile devices
  • ChatGPT Plus: For $20/month
  • ChatGPT Enterprise: Custom pricing

ChatGPT ratings & reviews:

  • G2: 4.7/5 (374 reviews) 
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

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via helps you create amazing lesson plans 10X faster with AI because it was created for teachers by fellow teachers.

Provide comprehensive details of the level, lesson, and teaching goals to the AI tool. With this input, AI will produce a complete lesson plan corresponding to your curriculum and containing related activities and assessments for the students. best features:

  • Editing Tools: Edit and make changes to the created lesson plans, choose from other templates, and add or delete elements to accommodate your choice
  • Generate Lesson Plans: Create interactive lesson plans for any topic in grades K-12 limitations:

  • The quality of lesson plans created depends on the input you provide pricing:

  • Free trial: Limited free access available for 7 days
  • Pro: Available for $19/year (includes 100 free lessons/year) ratings & reviews:

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

4. Education Copilot

via Education copilot
via Education Copilot

Education Copilot is an AI-powered software for creating lesson plans, handouts, and student reports. 

You can create a quality lesson plan and structured lesson for any level, subject, or topic. 

Education Copilot best features:

  • Educational Handouts: Create educational handouts for teachers and students that contain the essential points related to a specific topic or subject
  • Many Classroom Tools: Use 10+ tools to work efficiently inside and outside the classroom
  • Simple Interface: Interact and use all the features of the software with its intuitive interface
  • Multi-language Support: Create lesson plans in Spanish and English 

Education Copilot limitations:

  • Limited scheduling options for some educators or subjects 
  • Compatibility issues with specific devices 

Education Copilot pricing:

  • Free trial: Available for 30 days 
  • Monthly subscription: $9 per month

Copilot ratings & reviews 

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews


via helps you create high-quality lesson plans and perform educational tasks to make student learning interactive and impactful. 

Crafting your personalized lesson plans is a breeze in three easy steps: pick a tool, enter a prompt, and hit generate. best features:

  • Curriculum Alignment: Design interactive plans that align with educational standards
  • Variety of AI Tools: Create lesson plans, course outlines, feedback surveys, group activities, homework tasks, set projects, assessments, and MCQs with over 80+ tools and AI sidekicks limitations:

  • Generates lesson plans that are as good as the inputs you feed it pricing:

  • Free for a lifetime: Access to 10 tools 
  • Essentials: $15/ month. Access to 65+ AI tools and customer support 
  • Professional: $160/ month. Access to 20 AI sidekicks, 65+ AI tools, a sandbox, and customer support ratings & reviews: 

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews


via is a software for lesson planning that provides a group of AI tools for teachers and educators to draft dynamic lesson plans and assessments within minutes. best features:

  • Create Quizzes: Create quizzes suited to your lessons
  • Collaboration Features: Collaborate with external resources to enhance your teaching experience
  • Create Assessments: Generate content-rich assessments 
  • Feedback Features: Send personalized comments and feedback to your students 
  • Lesson Plan Enhancement Features: Upload your work into software for AI to refer to and enhance your lesson plans

Teachology limitations:

  • The scope for personalization is limited

Teachology pricing:

  • Basic: Free for up to 3 lessons
  • Starter: $6/ month. Access to unlimited lessons 
  • Pro: $12/month. Includes all the extended features 

Teachology ratings & reviews:

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

7. Auto Classmate 

via Auto Classmate
via Auto Classmate

Auto Classmate is like your automatic classmate, designed to help educators craft one-of-a-kind lesson plans, fueled by OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Auto Classmate best features:

  • AI Coach Chatbot: Converse with the AI-powered instructional Coach chatbot and create your lesson plans
  • Activity Forecast Tool: Predict the outcomes of the activities assigned to your students 
  • Generate Questions For Your Class: Generate “Would you rather..?” questions that add excitement to your classes and ask content-specific questions

Auto Classmate limitations:

  • While the software offers a range of features, the ability to customize is limited

Auto Classmate pricing:

  • Free: Allows 300 monthly actions 
  • Personal: $9.99/user/month 
  • Professional: $19/user/month billed annually 
  • Startup: $39/ month billed annually 
  • Growth: $79/ month billed annually 
  • Business: $159/month billed annually 

Auto Classmate ratings & reviews:

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

8. Jasper 

via Jasper

Jasper is an AI writing tool that helps create high-quality content for lesson plans with simple inputs. 

Jasper streamlines lesson planning by generating customized lesson content, saving time on materials creation. It can provide insights, explanations, and resources, quickly enriching your teaching materials.

Jasper best features:

  • Jasper Bootcamp Training: Go through the training if you’re a new user to get accustomed to the functions
  • Content Generation: Create premium content with a few prompts and hints (like titles, topics, and short sentences)
  • Google Doc-like Interface: Edit and format your documents with the addition of a Google Doc-like interface
  • Enter Pre-written Content: Jumpstart your content creation if you have pre-written material

Jasper limitations:

  • Jasper doesn’t work offline and will not allow you to save work later, unlike other models
  • It generates only a limited amount of content, even if you choose the highest-priced plan

Jasper pricing:

  • Creator: $39 per year
  • Team: starts at $90 per year
  • Business: custom pricing

Jasper ratings & reviews:

  • G2: 4.7/5 (1,233 reviews)
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

9. PlanifAI

via PlanifAI
via PlanifAI

PlanifAI is a simple AI tool to generate structured lesson plans for teachers. Answer three basic questions, and your detailed lesson plan will be ready within minutes.

PlanifAI best features:

  • Simple Interface: Create content within minutes with its straightforward and user-friendly interface
  • Quick Lesson Plan Generation: Generate lesson plans quickly by answering a few basic questions

PlanifAI limitations:

  • Simple software with not many bells and whistles

PlanifAI pricing:

  • Free Forever

PlanifAI ratings & reviews:

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

10. Curipod

via Curipod
via Curipod

Curipod is a platform to create interactive lesson plans filled with creative activities and critical thinking assessments with the power of AI.

It’s an intelligent presentation tool that combines texts, pictures, surveys, sketches, videos, and more to make the lessons engaging for the teachers and students.

Curipod best features:

  • Easy To Get Started: Create your AI-generated lesson plans with your email ID for free
  • Cloud-based Tool: Works through a browser on any device with an internet connection
  • Collaboration Features: Students can work together on projects and share meaningful feedback

Curipod limitations:

  • It may not work for students who require an organized or structured assessment system

Curipod pricing:

  • Free forever
  • Premium: $7.50 per month

Curipod ratings & reviews:

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: 4.8/5 (12 reviews)

Pick The Right AI Tool for Lesson Planning To Level Up Your Teaching

In a nutshell, AI lesson plan tools make teaching more effective and efficient.

They help you create engaging lesson plans faster, allow you to cater to individual learning styles, and provide data-driven insights so you can make student learning more fun and impactful. 

If you want to use AI to help you plan lessons, sign up to ClickUp for free and see how this one app is all you need for classroom prep!

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