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Visualize & Plan

Plan your perfect day

Get a high-level view of your daily to-dos on a List, Board, Calendar, or any of our 10+ customizable views. Make your workflow as simple or as advanced as you want.

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Seize the day, one task at a time

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Stay productive & hit your daily goals

Customize Workflows

Create your own statuses to customize your workflow to anything, from house cleaning to managing clients. Use pre-made templates or save your own to get started right away.


Prioritize Work

Organize your day by priorities so you know which tasks are urgent and which ones have a flexible timeline.

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Monitor Performance

Build out your own Dashboard to track everything from money earned to time studying. ClickUp has over 50+ widgets that you can use to analyze your productivity.


Track Time

Track how you spend your day with ClickUp's global timer that works from your desktop, mobile, or browser. Enter manual entries and link them to tasks so you always know where your time goes.


Draft Docs & Wikis

Create docs, wikis, knowledge bases, and more. Bring them to life with rich text editing, leave comments, and insert bookmarks from webpages.

 Docs & Wikis

Take Notes

Jot down any idea or set reminders from a desktop, mobile, or web browser so you never forget. Add details, format it, and link your ideas to a task.


Automate Processes

Automate your routine tasks to save time. Use pre-built automation recipes or customize them based on your needs, so you can focus on what matters most during your day.

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Personal Teams Achieve Goals

Measure your personal goals by tying them to specific tasks, numbers, monetary values, and more. Set milestones to signify when it's time to crack open the champagne and celebrate.

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Work Offline

Work offline from anywhere with your desktop or mobile device without worrying about your work getting lost. Tasks in ClickUp sync as soon as you get a connection.



Switching to ClickUp?

Easily import your stuff from other 'productivity' apps in minutes and instantly bring your team together.

Switching to ClickUp

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