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10 One-on-One Meeting Templates for Managers in 2024

There is nothing more awkward than a poorly planned meeting. 🫠

It only takes about four seconds of silence for a virtual meeting to get a little uncomfortable. And let’s be real, opening the meeting with “should we start?” or “do you want to go first?” is never the tell-tale sign of open and honest discourse.

Those first few minutes are crucial to establish the meeting tone, and nothing will set your next meeting up for success better than a template designed to curb all of these cringy moments.

One-on-one meeting templates take seconds to download, minutes to fill out, and will propel you farther than you ever imagined. Not only will they help manage the time you spend in meetings altogether, but they will make the time more valuable through impactful talking points, clear next steps, and organization.

Plus, the best one-on-one meeting templates are more than just documents taking up space on your drive! With the help of meeting management software and features like workflow automation, collaborative editing, and sharing options, these documents are easier to use and built to align with your processes.

The big question is: Which one do you pick?

We’ll help you out with a full breakdown of the best one-on-one template features and access to 10 of the top templates for ClickUp Docs, Word, Excel, and more. 🙂

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What is a One-on-One Meeting Template?

A one-on-one meeting template is a pre-built document with a set of prompts, questions, and sections to guide meetings between a manager and their report. These meetings and templates will help any team member identify areas of growth, exchange feedback, and give recognition to the things they’re doing exceptionally well!

rich formatting and slash commands in clickup docs
ClickUp Docs allows rich formatting and slash commands to work more efficiently

Another big asset of using a template is that they act as a meeting agenda, which is also the first rule in proper virtual meeting etiquette! They can be shared before meetings to help everyone prepare for and anticipate the talking points, then used to take meeting notes during the discussion.

These templates are also great resources for sharing meeting minutes after the conversation has ended and reiterating the next steps.

Refer back to your templates on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis, and keep each document together! So, rather than having a folder filled with separate pages for each discussion, manage your meetings using a dynamic document editor that can act as an organized “hub” for all past meetings and previous discussions.

Check out more meeting agenda templates and examples!

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Top One-on-One Meeting Template Features

One-on-one meeting templates are all about efficiency.

These resources should help you cut down on the amount of time spent in meetings during your workweek and make the discussion more productive! So it’s crucial that you pick a template with these qualities in mind.

Team editing in ClickUp Docs
Multiple team members editing a document at once in ClickUp Docs

But what do those features look like on paper? We’ll show ya. 🤓

  • Rich formatting and styling options: One-on-one meeting templates without intentional formatting, headers, or banners will not promote engagement with your team. A properly structured page creates clarity and is more interesting to look at! This will make your template more of a tool than a one-and-done document to check off each quarter.
  • Collaborative: Even if you’re a manager leading the meeting, let your team members contribute to the template. Collaborative editing, comments, @mentions, and screen sharing are great ways to get your member involved and excited about using your meeting template. Plus, it brings accountability into the mix! Give your team members the power to contribute to and have ownership over their documents.
  • Actionable: So, you’ve finished filling out your template—now what? Make sure your one-on-one template clearly lays out all of the next steps. Ideally, your template works with work management software to turn ideas on your document into action items that you can assign to your team members and follow up on.
  • Concise: Keep it short! Let the discussion drive the details. Your one-on-one meeting template shouldn’t exceed a single page.
  • Organization and access: Your meeting template should be treated like an active document that’s checked, shared, and updated regularly. Features like tags, sharing via URL, and folders will help managers and members keep these resources on hand at all times.
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10 of the Best One-on-One Meeting Templates

Time to put your template knowledge to the test! 🤩

Now that you know the best form, function, and features to look for in. your next one-on-one template, it’s time to choose one for yourself!

There are thousands of pre-made templates already available on the web, but the quality of each can be pretty unpredictable. Instead of sifting through the weeds, we’ve done the work to bring you the 10 best and free one-on-one meeting templates to drive performance across any team!

Whether you use ClickUp Docs, Word, Excel, or the like, we’ve got you covered! Download any template directly from this article and watch your team thrive in no time! 🏆

1. ClickUp Employee One-on-One Meeting Template

ClickUp Employee One-on-One Meeting Template

ClickUp’s Employee One-on-One Meeting Template is built for managers and Human Resources teams to standardize their onboarding documentation for new hires. This process helps to ensure that all new employees receive the necessary information to be successful in their roles and perform as a high-functioning team.

Any information you can give new hires in advance is helpful: A loose schedule for the first few weeks, company resources, or even a 30/60/90 goals plan!

A manager usually drives the cadence at the first one-on-one meeting. If you don’t want to do all the talking, include a link to the ClickUp Doc in your meeting invite. This will let the new hire prepare and organize their questions. Follow the agenda during the meeting and use it to take notes. Before the meeting ends, assign follow-up tasks directly in the ClickUp Doc! 🎯

Here are questions and prompts to consider for your new hire’s first meeting:

  1. These are the tech and tools you need to be successful in your role…
  2. Here are the team members you should meet in the next few weeks…
  3. How do you prefer to communicate and receive feedback?
  4. Are there any specific projects or initiatives you’re particularly excited about working on?
  5. Do you have any career development goals for the next six months or year?
  6. How do you like to celebrate wins on tasks and projects?
  7. Is there anything else you would like to discuss or bring to my attention?
  8. What can I clarify in your role responsibilities?
  9. Is there anything you want us to cover in the next meeting?
  10. What should I know about your working style to help us work together?

Discover the best meeting style for introverted managers to lead their teams to success!

2. ClickUp Simple One-on-One Meeting Template

ClickUp Simple One-on-One Meeting Template

The ClickUp Simple One-on-One Meeting Template is the perfect constructive feedback model for a manager and direct report to collaborate in real-time or async. This template will help ease your document workload whether you have one, two, or ten direct reports!

Here are some questions to consider when customizing your agenda topics:

  1. Do you feel overwhelmed by your workload and responsibilities?
  2. Are there any roadblocks or obstacles you need help with?
  3. What can I do to help you succeed?
  4. Can you tell me if there’s anything you’d like to learn more about?
  5. Are there any recent accomplishments you’re particularly proud of?
  6. What are your top priorities for the week?
  7. Are there any concerns or issues you would like to bring to my attention?
  8. Do you feel the team communicates well and gives timely feedback?
  9. Is there anything you’d like to see changed or improved in our team?
  10. Would you like to talk about anything else?

When it’s time for performance reviews, both you and your direct report have a one-stop reference to reflect on the past and make actionable plans for the future. 🔮

3. ClickUp Meeting Minutes Template

ClickUp Meeting Minutes Template

A meeting minutes document is a record of what was discussed and decided at the meeting. Action items and decisions made during the meeting should be clearly outlined and assigned to specific individuals with due dates. 🗓

Follow-up on the progress of these action items should be scheduled and tracked to ensure that the work is moving forward as planned. Your one-on-one meetings can also focus on these items!

Here’s a breakdown of the ClickUp Meeting Minutes Template

  • Meeting details: Date, time, location, attendees
  • Agenda items: Discussion points covered during the meeting
  • Action items: Tasks that were assigned to specific individuals and their due dates
  • Additional notes: Other important topics discussed

Pro tip: Tag others with comments, assign them action items, and convert text into trackable tasks to stay on top of ideas—all within your ClickUp Doc!

4. ClickUp Employee & Manager 1-on-1 Template

ClickUp Employee & Manager 1-on-1 Template

ClickUp’s Employee & Manager 1-on-1 Template can help facilitate an effective 1-on-1 meeting. Instead of getting lost in the details, this template helps to keep track of topics discussed, goals accomplished, and areas that still need improvement.

It also serves as a reminder for what was discussed the previous meeting so you can pick up right where you left off. With ClickUp’s Employee & Manager 1:1s, you can easily track your individual or team’s progress over time to see how far you’ve come and what areas need work.

5. ClickUp One-on-One Meeting Checklist Template

ClickUp One-on-One Meeting Checklist Template

Meeting checklists are helpful for project teams because they provide a structured approach to conducting meetings. They also help to keep the meeting on schedule, streamline the discussion, and reduce the risk of items being overlooked.

As a result, attendees will have productive conversations! 🧑‍💻

The ClickUp One-on-One Meeting Checklist Template takes care of the prework. Here are the instant benefits of using checklists in ClickUp:

  • Preparation: Checklists provide a clear outline of what needs to be covered during a meeting, which allows a team member to come prepared with relevant information and materials
  • Accountability: Checklists provide a clear record of what was discussed and decided during a meeting, which helps team members to stay accountable for their assigned tasks
  • Consistency: Checklists help ensure key topics are consistently discussed, and that team members are aware of what is expected of them
  • Usability: Checklist items can be assigned to specific team members for follow-up, and remain in the Doc for records

6. ClickUp Recurring Meeting Notes Template

ClickUp Recurring Meeting Notes Template

A recurring meeting is a meeting that takes place on a regular schedule, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Recurring meetings can serve a variety of purposes, such as team meetings, project meetings, or one-on-one meetings with direct reports. They are typically used to discuss ongoing projects or issues, provide updates on progress, and plan for future work.

Recurring meetings provide a consistent and predictable schedule for communication and decision-making. They also help to ensure that relevant topics are discussed and addressed regularly, and that progress is tracked and reported. 📈

Use ClickUp’s Recurring Meeting Notes Template to document the key points discussed during the meeting, as well as any action items that were assigned or decisions made. (And team members who missed the last meeting will appreciate the recap!)

Pro tip: Within your recurring meeting Doc, create nested subpages and title each subpage with the date of the meeting for easy access and searchability.

7. ClickUp Employee Daily Activity Report Template

ClickUp Employee Daily Activity Report Template

A daily activity report is a valuable tool for tracking, managing, and documenting the daily activities of your direct reports. It provides a comprehensive overview of their tasks, accomplishments, and any potential issues that arise during the day.

The ClickUp Employee Daily Activity Report Template is designed to help identify and discuss issues impacting productivity, and to keep direct reports on track to meet their goals. The template includes:

  • Employee Details section
  • Accomplishments section
  • Ongoing Activities section
  • Upcoming Activities section

Pro tip: In your one-on-one Doc, use the @mention feature to link their Daily Activity Report Doc for quick access! 🔗

8. Microsoft Word One-on-One Meeting Template

This basic Microsoft Word One-on-One Meeting Template is a jumping-off point to create a compelling meeting agenda.

To customize a meeting notes template in Microsoft Word, use the various formatting and editing tools in Word, such as the Ribbon and Styles options. You can add or delete sections, change the font and colors, and add images or tables as needed.

There’s also the convenient “Insert” tab to add tables, charts, and other elements to the template. Once you’ve made the desired changes, you can save the template as a new file and use it for future one-on-one meetings! 📊

9. Excel One-on-One Meeting Template

Excel’s template breaks down your agenda into any time interval of your choice. The times automatically adjust their duration when other items are added or edited. This handy feature is perfect for last-minute updates to the schedule. Each column is structured to capture the most important information.

If you have plenty of topics to cover, packing text within a single cell will look clunky. The wrap text feature is always an option. But to give you and your team member space to add different types of content for effective meetings, download a ClickUp template and take advantage of the no-code formatting features! 🦄

10. Google Docs One-on-One Meeting Template

Google Docs Meeting Agenda Template for career development and direct reports
via Google

The Google Docs One-on-One Meeting Template offers helpful prompts to kickstart conversations with your direct report. It’s organized into six sections for organization and consistency: 

  • General check-in
  • Reflection on the previous week
  • Update on the week ahead
  • Manager feedback
  • Career development goals and objectives check-in
  • Action items

Google Docs lets anyone collaborate in real-time, unlike Excel spreadsheets. A document can be accessed and edited by multiple people at the same time, no matter where they are. So it’s convenient for meetings where multiple people take notes at the same time. 👥

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Next Steps? Meeting Templates by ClickUp

One-on-one meeting templates sound simple enough, but with the help of dynamic work management software, they’re capable of so much more!

Plus, you can access these advanced features at absolutely no cost when you choose a template by ClickUp. 👏

Creating SOPs in ClickUp Docs
Create a new Doc from anywhere in your ClickUp Workspace and add nested subpages, tables, and styling options to create the perfect structure

ClickUp isn’t your average document editor—it’s the ultimate productivity tool! With hundreds of customizable features including ClickUp Docs, it’s the only platform powerful enough to bring all of your work together across apps, all while saving you one full day a week. 😉

Create detailed wikis, knowledge bases, and more with nested pages in ClickUp Docs, then connect them directly to your workflows to execute ideas with the team! Convert highlighted text into actionable tasks in ClickUp, delegate work with assigned comments, and edit alongside others without overlap—all from a single Doc.

The best part? ClickUp Docs is free across every pricing plan. 💸

Access hundreds of templates for every use case, over 1,000 integrations, and tons of flexible features when you sign up for ClickUp today!

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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