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Create and maintain structure with this simplified Meeting Minutes template. Record and tag your attendees, take detailed meeting notes for each agenda item, and organize action items!
Ah, meeting minutes—the perfect framework for summarizing those important meetings that definitely shouldn't have been emails instead. The key to recording efficient, effective meeting minutes is using the perfect time-saving template.
ClickUp's custom meeting minutes template is built to help you:
  • Organize meeting attendees, agenda, and action items
  • Track key learnings and outcomes for stakeholders
  • Assign action items to teammates as new tasks
This template lets you do all of the above and more—all in one Doc!

ClickUp Meeting Minutes Template

This collaborative template is a ClickUp Doc designed to provide the perfect outline for a successful meeting summation.
ClickUp's Meeting Minutes Template includes simple, pre-built pages for organizing teams, individual meeting notes, and instructions for getting the most out of this template!