10 Free Note Taking Templates in Google Docs, Word, & ClickUp

10 Free Note Taking Templates in Google Docs, Word, & ClickUp

It’s been rightly said that “The palest ink is better than the best memory.”

Whether you’re studying, working, or planning a grocery run, noting things down helps avoid missing essential details.  

Note-taking is an indispensable skill. Note taking templates help make this process more structured and efficient. These templates are pre-designed frameworks for taking notes, helping you record and categorize information systematically, and ensuring that the most critical points don’t slip through the cracks. 

This article discusses ten downloadable note taking templates to make your life at work and home more organized. Write your key ideas, add bullet points, agenda items, essential questions, and even meeting minutes to stay on top of everything that needs your attention.

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What are Note Taking Templates? 

Note taking templates are structured frameworks designed to capture and organize information during various activities such as meetings, lectures, or daily chores. 

A pre-built notetaking template offers a systematic layout to record and categorize important details efficiently throughout the day.

One key advantage of note templates is their versatility. They cater to diverse needs, from personal task management to project planning. 

Unlike the traditional pen-and-paper way of taking notes, note-taking templates can be accessed across any device, from desktops to mobile apps and tablets. They allow you to add the key reading notes and fetch the information whenever needed.

Whether you’re a student aiming to capture lecture notes, a professional looking to improve your work habits, or an individual organizing personal thoughts, note-taking templates offer a practical solution to organize your thoughts. They keep track of critical tasks and help you. Write down your ideas whenever inspiration strikes you. 

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What Makes a Good Note Taking Template? 

  • Customizable: A note-taking template is more than just a space for jotting down thoughts. It is the perfect blend of an intuitive interface with an adaptable structure, enabling you to quickly capture and categorize project notes without feeling overwhelmed
  • Pre-defined sections: Choose a note-taking template with predefined sections for crucial details and leave room for individual preferences. Headings, key points, and numbering help create a visual hierarchy, making it easier to follow the flow of key ideas. The template includes features like tags, categories, and color-coding to classify and archive information
  • Accommodate various types of text: Your note-taking template should accommodate multiple types of content, such as text, images, tables, and diagrams. Through prompts, questions, or designated spaces for reflections, the template should encourage users to interact with the content actively to help you capture your thoughts and mark details for future reference
  • Accessibility and compatibility: Lastly, whether in digital or printable form, ensure the template is accessible and compatible with various devices and note-taking applications. Seamlessly integrate your notes into your project workflow, whether you prefer working on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone
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10 Note Taking Templates to Use in 2024

1. ClickUp Meeting Notes Template

Organize meeting agenda, notes, and follow-ups on ClickUp’s Meeting Notes Template

Properly documenting meeting details is essential, whether for your daily team schedule, detailed weekly team meeting, or quick connection. Meeting notes templates can give you a headstart.

Never miss a beat of any meeting, and stay on top of all your important team discussions. With the editable Meeting Notes Template by ClickUp, you can capture agendas, notes, action items, and work plans for all your meetings. 

Once the meeting ends, ClickUp Brain lets you summarize your meeting notes to share with all the attendees as a follow-up action. This way, everybody can focus on the discussion instead of worrying about remembering everything. 

ClickUp’s AI Brain boosts your team’s ability to complete more work quickly. Here are some simple ways it can help you in your work: 

  • Product development: Summarize lengthy requirement documents and extract key decisions 
  • Marketing campaigns: Pull insights from campaign planning email threads to get collaborators up to speed 
  • Research projects: Distill key points from lengthy results to create executive summaries 
  • Consulting projects: Create a snapshot of deliverables and meeting minutes to keep your clients updated on high-level progress  

2. ClickUp Daily Notes Template

Organize your thoughts and store ideas in one handy place with the Daily Notes Template from ClickUp

Effective note-taking separates successful people from the crowd. Having a central place to journal your thoughts and knowledge can help you get the most out of your day and also help you understand what you could have done better. 

However, effective note-taking isn’t about scribbling stuff down. Use daily notes to structure your thoughts. 

With the Daily Notes Templates by ClickUp, organize your thoughts, write quick notes, and track progress on action items in real time. Team managers can use the Daily Notes template to keep their team members focused on their professional goals by tracking daily tasks. 

Within the template, use ClickUp Custom Statuses to create tasks with custom statuses such as ‘Complete,’ ‘Reviewed,’ and ‘To Do’ to keep track of progress made on each note. Further, use ClickUp tags and dependency warnings and instantly be alerted about any blockers to completing the project. 

3. ClickUp Project Note Template

The ClickUp Project Note Template is an efficient way to document important project-related information

Staying organized throughout the project’s lifecycle is crucial to manage a project effectively. The Project Notes Template by ClickUp provides project managers with a ready-to-use document to share supplementary information with team members and stakeholders so they can understand the project better. 

This template provides a consistent format for all team members to record all project details and ensures that no essential information is missed during project implementation. 

The project note template also comes in handy when onboarding cross-functional team members on a new project, providing them with the full context and overview of the project goals. All teams can access and record project details consistently, stay on top of tasks, and track progress. 

This template is accessible on your mobile phone using the ClickUp app, one of the best note-taking apps, to make information accessible and easily editable on the go.

4. ClickUp Meeting Note Style Template

Document all event meeting notes, key takeaways, and action items with the Meeting Note Style Template created by ClickUp

As a manager handling multiple projects, you’re expected to stay on top and review the progress and status of hundreds of tasks. When a stakeholder requests an update, the last thing you want to do is scramble through all your sticky notes to find the information. 

There are better and more efficient ways of capturing critical information and updates than taking meeting notes using online sticky notes or handwritten notes. 

During meetings, stay organized and on top of your project tasks and synthesize information from previous meetings with the Meeting Note Style Template by ClickUp. This template lets you quickly capture key moments and keep track of conversations from different meetings in an easy-to-use format. 

In addition to capturing information and organizing tasks and decisions into one central, searchable repository, with ClickUp’s note-taking template, use ClickUp’s Whiteboard to work closely with team members to brainstorm ideas and add visuals to your meeting notes.  

5. ClickUp Class Notes Template

The Class Notes Template by ClickUp allows you to take lecture notes and keep them organized

If you are a student struggling with a big pile of hand-written lecture notes on your desk, which do little to help you remember what’s discussed in class, this template is for you. 

Use the Class Notes Template by ClickUp to compile all your notes in one place, including notes from lectures, links to helpful resources, and homework. This note-taking template can also be useful in school for planning, documenting, and following up on lectures. 

Format your notes and embed links or tables to make them more detailed using the editable ClickUp Docs. Create tasks with email alerts within the doc so you never miss another assignment deadline.

6. ClickUp Cornell Note Template

Organize your notes better with ClickUp’s Cornell Notes Template

The Cornell method of note-taking formulated by Cornell University Professor Walter Pauk is one of the most popular note-taking strategies

The note-taking system involves the following steps:

  • All notes from the lecture go into the note-taking column 
  • Use the smaller column on the left for keywords and questions (record hints and prompts about the topic) 
  • Add a brief summary of the content at the bottom of the page 

The Cornell note-taking method is a productive way to stay focused and organized when taking notes, whether preparing for an exam or even a meeting at work. 

The Cornell Note-Taking Template by ClickUp provides a digital, creative, and user-friendly way to use this note-taking method. The template can help you track tasks and visualize progress. 

The Cornell Note Template is invaluable in helping students learn, review, and synthesize large amounts of information.

You can also use ClickUp’s Notepad to quickly jot down notes and transform those into trackable tasks that are accessible from anywhere. Share the notes and information with your peers and colleagues for cross-functional collaboration. 

7. Google Docs Simple Notes for Studying Template by Goodocs

We all know what exam jitters feel like. If you’re a student, exam days likely mean last-minute revisions of important questions and poring over numerous textbooks. But who has time to review a few hundred pages of text the night before an exam? The most successful students know the power of making and reviewing notes.

This is where studying note templates comes in handy. The Google Docs Simple Notes for Studying Template helps students compile question-and-answer sets in a clean, editable Google Docs format. 

The template uses standard Google Docs font and is print-ready for students who prefer having the comfort of a physical sheet of paper when reviewing and revising from study notes. All you need to do is log into your Google account and edit the unique template. 

8. Google Docs Simple Meeting Note Template by Goodocs

Use the Google Docs Simple Meeting Note Template to maximize your productivity and keep your team deliverables on track 

The Google Docs Simple Meeting Note Template is made for working professionals who want to maximize the outcomes of any meeting by making notes and keeping the team on track.

Every meeting is only as productive as the accountable actions that follow it. While there are various AI tools for meeting notes, this Google Docs meeting note template helps professionals get a structured template to capture the key highlights from any meeting and craft an actionable plan that details the next steps and task ownership.

The template is customizable—you can even add your company logo. If you prefer handwritten notes over digital notes, you can print the template and carry your digital notes to meetings.

9. Microsoft Word Lecture Notes Template by Template.net

The Lecture Notes Taking Template will organize the note-taking experience for students

The Lecture Note Template by Template.net is ideal for students and researchers and evolves with their note-taking needs. The template is fully customizable and simplifies the note-taking process, smoothing the academic journey.

The uniform note-taking structure will help you take organized notes during classes and guest lectures. This template is available in Word, Google Docs, and PDF formats for online and offline note-taking.  

10. Microsoft Word Guest Speaker Note-taking Template by Template.net

Capture all the learnings, insights, and quotes highlighted by guest speakers using the Guest Speaker Note-taking Template 

Handwritten notes during professional events and conferences are a thing of the past. 

Use the Guest Speaker Note-taking Template by Template.net to capture key insights, personal reflections, and actionable strategies shared by guest speakers at the event. It is helpful for event attendees who want to maximize their learning during an event. 

The template is available in Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages formats.  

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Optimize Productivity with Note-Taking Templates

Streamlining the note-taking process with pre-built templates can save time and maximize outcomes. Various templates designed to accomplish a specific task are available, and using the relevant template can help you document your thoughts.

Whether managing daily tasks, organizing project details, or preparing for exams, a suitable template helps you stay on top of the key agenda items, prioritize your actions, and track your progress in real time. 

Capture your notes on ClickUp and quickly retrieve information across different devices. 

In addition to note-taking templates, ClickUp helps you be productive with its project management capabilities. Create ClickUp Tasks directly from your notes, and use ClickUp Automations to mark action items as complete once done.

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