10 Best AI Tools for Note Taking in 2024

If you’re not using AI in your notes, you’re leaving a lot of productivity and time on the table. In fact, you might even be missing out on some of your best ideas, connections, and writing.

There’s been a burst of AI tools recently. Yet note-taking seems to have gotten less attention than it deserves. AI is completely transforming the way we take and interact with our notes.

Simply put, if you’re not yet using AI in your notes, you better get on it, and luckily for you, this article is here to catch you up. 😉

We’ll start by exploring what AI is, and the benefits provide, as well as what to look at when you’re searching for the perfect tool. We’ll give you the 10 of best AI note-taking tools currently available for you to explore!

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What is AI Note Taking?

AI note-taking refers to the use of artificial intelligence to capture, organize and process the information within our notes. AI-powered note-taking tools leverage natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and voice transcribers to enhance the note-taking experience and improve productivity.

These systems are designed to understand context, discern key points from idle chatter, and interpret with a human-like understanding. It’s like having a personal assistant that you can call on anytime at a very low cost.

Writing copy with ClickUp AI
Write notes in ClickUp Docs and elevate your writing skills with ClickUp AI—quickly bring your thoughts to life in a clear, concise, and compelling way with a click of a button
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Types of AI Note Taking Apps (Features and Functionality)

When selecting an AI app for note-taking, it’s important to consider your individual preferences and specific requirements. There are several types of AI apps available, each offering unique features and benefits. Here are a few of the most common types of AI apps for note-taking:

  • Speech-to-text transcription: Converts spoken words into written text
  • Intelligent note-taking: Leverage AI algorithms to automatically organize and categorize your notes
  • OCR-based (Optical Character Recognition): Uses AI algorithms to extract text from images and make it editable and searchable
  • Contextual note-taking: Leans on AI to understand the context in which notes are taken and provide relevant suggestions or actions
  • Summarization: Condenses lengthy notes into key points, making it easier to review and comprehend information
  • Collaborative note-taking: Allows multiple users to work together on the same set of notes in real-time
  • Knowledge graph: Uses AI algorithms to create interconnected notes and concepts—link related information, enabling you to navigate through a network of connected ideas

Ultimately, the AI note taker app you should use needs to align with your desired AI functionalities and needs.

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Benefits of AI Note Taking

AI apps for note-taking offer several benefits, including:

  • Improved accuracy: AI-powered note-taking apps can accurately transcribe spoken words into text, reducing the risk of errors that may occur when manually taking notes
  • Time-saving: With AI apps, you can take notes faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. This is because the app can capture information in real-time, allowing you to focus on the conversation or lecture
  • Organization: AI apps can help organize your notes by automatically categorizing them based on keywords or topics. This makes it easier to find specific information later on
  • Accessibility: AI note-taking apps can be accessed from anywhere, making it easy to review your notes on the go or share them with others
  • Customization: Many AI note-taking apps allow you to customize the format and style of your notes, making them more visually appealing and easier to read

Overall, note-taking apps with AI can help you save time, improve accuracy, and stay organized, making them a valuable tool for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to take notes regularly.

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10 Best AI Note Taking Apps in 2024

1. ClickUp

Best for AI writing, note taking, team collaboration, and all-in-one project management

Generate accurate meeting notes effortlessly with ClickUp’s AI-powered technology

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management tool built to help teams and businesses streamline their workflow, enhance team collaboration, and boost company-wide productivity. 👏

So what makes ClickUp one of the best AI note-taking apps available today?

ClickUp not only provides a completely customizable platform to support all types of teams and businesses, but it also doubles as a free note-taking app.

Access numerous advanced features for project management and team collaboration, including cutting-edge note-taking tools with advanced settings and an AI writing assistant within ClickUp’s Notepad, and ClickUp Docs to elevate your note-taking experience and consolidate all your notes, documents, team, and work—all in one place.

Notepad is great for quick notes and checklists, while ClickUp Docs can be used for any type of note-taking, from simple to-do checklists to detailed blog posts, meeting notes, project roadmaps, meeting agendas, retrospectives, and more.

And the best part?

ClickUp Docs and Notepad come with a built-in AI writing assistant under ClickUp Brain to help you write better notes, think more creatively, work faster, and get more done in less time. ⚡️

ClickUp’s AI Writer for Work
With ClickUp’s AI Writer for Work and custom prompts, you can create important documents and case studies with ease

ClickUp Brain is the only AI-powered assistant explicitly tailored to your role—its research-based tools ensure high-quality content by using prompts tailored to specific roles. So whatever your role or job function, ClickUp Brain can transform the way you work!

And as your ultimate writing assistant, ClickUp Brain can take your note taking skills to the next level by helping you do the following:

  • Improve writing quality: Elevate your writing to be clear, concise, and engaging with options such as, Edit with AI, Improve writing, Fix spelling and grammar, Make shorter, Simplify writing, and more
  • Beat writer’s block and enhance brainstorming sessions: Use prompts such as Make longer and Continue writing to expand on what you’ve started
  • Summarize lengthy content in seconds: Write summaries of meeting notes, project updates, and other lengthy content with the prompts Explain this and Summarize this
  • Generate action items: Instantly pull out action items and insights from Docs and tasks
  • Save time with formatted content: Save time with pre-structured headers, tables, and more
  • Ensure key points are mentioned: Add talking points to help ClickUp AI generate copy that mentions key points
  • Adjust tone of voice and creativity level: Select your preferred tone of voice and creativity level to match your needs
  • Translate language: Easily translate your content to French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, and more
ClickUp Brain Summarize Docs
Create summaries, tasks, and brainstorm using ClickUp AI

As another layer of functionality, ClickUp Docs has a useful feature where users can add custom labels to organize and group Docs together for better bidirectional linking and document management, styling options to format your Docs, and lets you embed files like meeting recordings and spreadsheets within your pages.

And with its collaborative editing and detection feature, teams can work on the same page in real-time, making it easy to create, edit, and take notes together seamlessly. 😌

Best features

  • Over 15 custom views for project management: Visualize tasks, projects, and workflows the way that works best for you with ClickUp’s customizable views
  • A suite of work and collaboration tools: Note taking app with built-in collaboration tools, such as Digital Whiteboards, ClickUp Docs, built-in chat feature, Mind Maps, and more
  • ClickUp AI writing assistant: Over 100 research-based tools ensure high-quality content by using prompts tailored to specific roles
  • Note organization and tagging system: Add nested pages within your Doc to create structure and organize your notes, and add tags to add another layer of organization to your document
  • Documentation and note-taking: Create notes, wikis, knowledge bases, SOPs, to-do checklists, and anything else you need to jot down, and keep all your notes all in one place
  • Formatting and styling options: Easily customize and personalize any pages with typography options such as font color, font size, highlights, banners, and more
  • Embedding options: Embed bookmarks, add tables, and more to format documents for any need, from roadmaps to knowledge bases
  • Securely share notes with anyone: Protect your Docs with privacy and edit controls, and easily export notes or share them with others via public or private links
  • Custom and pre-built automation: Save valuable time by automating routine actions based on specific triggers and conditions. Use the pre-built automation or create your own to reduce manual processes and speed up your workflow
  • Integration capabilities: Integrate ClickUp with over 1,000 work apps, including your most used apps and leading video conferencing tools like Google Meet and Slack, to streamline workflow
  • Library of custom templates for every team: Access over 1,000 customizable templates, including the Ultimate Guide to ClickUp Docs Template, to help jumpstart your work and keep processes consistent across the board
  • Mobile app: Access your ClickUp at any time from anywhere with the mobile app


  • Some users may experience a learning curve due to the number of available features
  • Not all views are available in the mobile app yet


  • Free Forever: Feature-rich free plan
  • Unlimited: $7 per month/user
  • Business: $12 per month/user
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing
  • ClickUp Brain is available on all paid plans for $5 per Workspace member per month

Customer ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.7 out of 5 (7,000+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7 out of 5 (3,700+ reviews)
document everything ClickUp CTA

2. Reflect

Best for AI personal note-taking

Note taking in the Reflect app
Mirror the way your mind works by associating notes through backlinks. Reflect builds you a second brain that you can reference anytime.

Reflect makes a great note-taking app because it provides the optimal solution for personal note-taking with a simple user interface and offers key AI integrations. It’s also speedy, secure, dependable, and user-friendly to make taking notes a more enjoyable experience.

This AI note taker has Whisper AI voice note transcriptions built in, as well as a GPT-4 assistant that helps you transform your notes. There is also a ChatGPT plugin that allows you to save information directly from ChatGPT. You can combine Reflect with apps like Zillow, Kayak, and Zapier to set up recurring workflows with AI that appear right in your notes.

See how to use AI in your notes using Reflect in this walkthrough.

Best features

  • AI assistant and editor: Reflect’s AI assistant and editor using GPT-4 to transform your notes. Create summaries, list key takeaways, have a copy editor in your notes, or have it do anything else you can think of! It’s truly like having an executive assistant in your notes. Reflect also open sources all their AI prompts, and lets you save your own custom prompts
  • AI voice transcriptions: Reflect is also one of the first personal note-taking apps that integrates with Whisper. It’s an integration from OpenAI that lets you record and transcribe voice notes with near human-level accuracy. It’s a new, frictionless way of notes that could revolutionize the way we capture our thoughts and notes
  • ChatGPT Plugin: Save information from ChatGPT directly to your notes. Connect your notes to other app plugins to accomplish new things and automate workflows. For example, you could have ChatGPT use Kayak to find you the cheapest flights for a trip, then turn it into an alert that appears in your notes each morning
  • Custom and open-sourced prompts: Very few tools let you customize the prompts that are used for AI, and even fewer open-source their own prompts. Reflect lets you do both, something that is essential for using AI as a true assistant
  • Secure: Reflect’s notes are all encrypted and secure, and they make it very easy to know what’s being sent to OpenAI
  • Use your own API keys: Reflect’s AI feature lets you put in your own OpenAI API keys so that you can use it and write as many queries as you want


  • The AI does not have access to your notes for security reasons, meaning it can’t search them all, for example.
  • The standard features have a 60k character limit out of the box, so you’ll have to use your API keys for lengthy pieces of text


  • Free trial: 2-week trial period
  • Paid Plan: $15 per month or $120 per year

Customer ratings and reviews

  • Product Hunt: 4.9 out of 5 (69 reviews)
  • G2: 4.7 out of 5 (40 reviews)

3. Notion AI

Best for editing content

Summarize action items and key takeaway with Notion AI
Summarize action items and key takeaway with Notion AI

Notion, a comprehensive productivity tool, has stepped up its game with the integration of AI capabilities that are designed to make note-taking more efficient and impactful​. Notion AI serves as a connected assistant that can transform text, automate tasks, and generate new content in your workspace​.

It can produce text responses based on users’ questions and context, allowing users to improve existing content, generate summaries, and draft new text with ease​​. Not only does it excel in organizing your thoughts, but it also helps you extract actionable items from meeting notes and distill insights from customer research notes.

Additionally, it can even generate high-quality translations, making it an incredibly versatile tool for any note-taking activity.

Best features

  • Fix spelling and grammar: Scans your written content for errors, identifying and correcting misspelled words and incorrect grammar. It can be a helpful tool for improving the overall quality of your writing by ensuring it is free of such mistakes​
  • Translate: Convert your written content into another language. This can be particularly useful for communicating with individuals who speak different languages or for understanding content that is written in a language you are not fluent in​​
  • Edit voice and tone: Can adapt the tone of a document
  • Make shorter or longer: Generate summaries or create expanded content. The AI can distill the key points from a document, effectively making it shorter by summarizing it. It can also presumably expand upon bullet points or other brief notes to create a longer, more detailed document​
  • Explain: Elaborate or provide explanations based on the provided content


  • It can be quite expensive because it’s a paid add-on to a paid plan


  • You can add the AI features to any paid plan for $8 per member/month, billed annually

Customer ratings and reviews

  • Academic Help: 81.6 out of 100 (69 reviews)

Check out these Notion AI alternatives!

4. Mem

Best for bidirectional notetaking

Note taking in Mem.ai
Streamline the organization and retrieval of information with Mem

Mem AI is a productivity tool designed to integrate with your daily workflow and provide a unified space for all your information, ideas, and tasks. It allows users to capture, organize, and retrieve memories, notes, tasks, and other data with ease.

One of its standout features is its robust search functionality, which can quickly find specific pieces of information, such as a Marriott Bonvoy number, by searching through connected email accounts​​. Mem has some of the best AI features, but has a way to go with bugs and reliability.

Best features

  • Search past Mem notes: Mem allows users to search past notes using natural language queries. This means you can input a question or a statement into the search bar, and Mem will pull up relevant notes based on the context of your query. For instance, if you had previously saved your Marriott Bonvoy number in a note, you could easily retrieve it by typing “Marriott Bonvoy” into the search bar, and the number would appear in the search results​​
  • Write using AI (Mem X): Mem X is the AI feature of Mem that helps generate new text content. It allows you to write new text that pulls in knowledge from other notes. This can be beneficial when you want to create new content, but want to reference or use information that you have stored in other notes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find more specific details about how this feature operates or specific use cases​
  • Edit text: Mem lets you transform and edit text like other AI note-taking tools. Not a revolutionary feature, but one that is essential for using AI in note-taking
  • Group notes together: Mem uses AI to do more categorization of notes than some of the other tools previously mentioned. This does require giving the AI access to all of your notes, but once you do it can help you organize them by bunching similar ones together
  • Collaborate (Team plan): Mem offers team features that make collaboration easy, such as topic and collaborator tagging. This allows multiple users to work on the same notes or projects, and keep track of who is working on what


  • Users report finding many bugs on Mem, which can hinder usage. There have also been some cases of lost notes
  • Very few customization options for the AI features


  • Free plan: Available
  • MemX plan: $10 per month
  • MemX Teams: $15 per month

Customer ratings and reviews

  • Product Hunt: 4.9 out of 5 (8 reviews)
  • TrustPilot: 3.6 out of 5 (3 reviews)

5. Otter

Best for voice transcription

Get a meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries with Otter AI
A meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries.

Otter.ai is a powerful AI-driven transcription service that can convert spoken language into written text with remarkable accuracy. It’s particularly useful for transcribing audio and video meetings, interviews, lectures, and any other spoken-word events.

Beyond transcription, Otter.ai also offers features such as speaker identification, keyword extraction, and summary generation. Its collaborative features allow for shared access and editing of transcripts, making it an invaluable tool for teams. The platform is accessible via web and mobile applications, and it integrates well with popular video conferencing tools, offering real-time transcription services.

Best features

  • Automated transcription: Uses AI to automatically transcribe spoken language into written text
  • Speaker identification: Otter.ai’s AI algorithms can distinguish between different speakers in a conversation, labeling each section of the transcription with the speaker’s name if provided or simply labeling them as different speakers
  • Keyword identification: The AI can also identify keywords and phrases in the transcriptions, making it easier to search for specific topics in a long conversation or recording.
  • Summary generation: Otter.ai can generate a summary of key points in a conversation or meeting thanks to its AI’s understanding of the content
  • Noise reduction: The AI algorithms can reduce background noise and focus on clear human speech for better transcription results


  • Otter is almost strictly useful for meetings, not text-based note-taking
  • Sometimes the AI can make transcription errors with multiple speakers


  • Free plan: Limited to three uploads
  • Pro plan: $8.33 per month
  • Business: $20 per month

Customer ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.1 out of 5 (110 reviews)
  • GetApp: 4.5 out of 5 (63 reviews)

Check out these Otter AI alternatives!

6. Obsidian

Best for knowledge management

Note taking in the Obsidian app
Obsidian has a knowledge graph structure where all your notes are interconnected through bi-directional linking

Obsidian is a robust note-taking tool that serves as a personal knowledge base, enabling users to create and maintain a network of interrelated notes.

Renowned for its powerful note-taking and knowledge management software, has stepped up its game by introducing AI features, revolutionizing the way we interact with our digital workspaces.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Obsidian’s AI offers impressive capabilities, from content generation and extraction of insights to improved search functionality and automation of routine tasks.

 Best features

  • Text assistant with GPT-3.5 and GPT-4:Transform and re-organize the text your write into summaries and key takeaways
  • Image generation with DALL·E2: Lets you generate AI images using DALLE-2 directly in your notes
  • Speech-to-text with Whisper: Record perfectly transcribed audio notes using the same Whisper technology used in Reflect
  • Offers AI plugins: Plug Obsidian with other tools into the AI feature to make it even more powerful


  • A lot of the integrations are done through the plugins, not built natively into the app
  • The AI is not very customizable in the native app


  • Personal: Free plan is available
  • Catalyst: $25+ per month
  • Commercial: $50 per month

Customer ratings and reviews

  • Product Hunt: 4.9 out of 5 (412 reviews)

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7. Dex

Best for personal relationship management and reminders

Dex AI Assist
Generate relevant conversation starters based on your own notes with Dex AI Assist

Dex is a great note-taking app with AI to use, especially if you’re a salesperson or are just looking for a CRM solution. The product aims to enhance and fortify relationships, whether they are for professional or personal purposes. Also, it’s good to note that a lot of the AI features are also best suited to this, so it’s a better people manager than it is a personal note-taking tool.

Best features

  • AI conversation starters: Dex provides a feature called ‘AI Assist’ that helps generate relevant conversation starters for reaching out to someone
  • LinkedIn Messages with GPT: The Dex browser extension enables users to draft and reply to LinkedIn messages using GPT
  • Faster AI conversation starters: Dex has improved its AI conversation starters; it’s faster and sound more natural​
  • @ Mention: While not explicitly AI, this feature has been expanded to the Dex mobile app and allows users to tag contacts across Dex, making it easier to add multiple contacts​


  • Useful specifically for salespeople and CRM work
  • Lacks personal note-taking features


  • $12 per month, billed annually

Customer ratings and reviews

8. Copy.ai

Best for generating ideas and suggestions

A prompt example in Copy.ai

Copy.ai is an AI-powered content creation tool specifically designed for marketers and businesses striving for high-quality, engaging content.

The software caters to various content needs, such as blog content, sales copy, digital ad copy, website copy, eCommerce copy, and more, with a mission to facilitate businesses in driving traffic, increasing conversions, and ultimately enhancing growth.

Its AI capabilities handle content creation, allowing marketers to concentrate on strategy and creativity, making it more of a comprehensive marketing tool than a traditional content creator.

Best features

  • Blog Content Creation: Copy.ai’s ‘Blog Content’ feature generates high-quality blog posts swiftly, understanding the intended topic, researching it, and crafting a well-written and engaging post
  • Digital Ad Copy: The ‘Digital Ad Copy’ feature composes copy for digital ads that can attract the target audience, generate clicks, and drive conversions
  • Social Media Content: Copy.ai also offers a ‘Social Media Content’ feature that creates engaging content for social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more
  • SEO-Optimized Website Copy: The ‘Website Copy’ feature crafts engaging and search engine optimized copy for websites, boosting online visibility
  • Sales Copy: This feature drafts persuasive sales copy to help businesses increase conversions, drive sales, and ultimately grow
  • eCommerce Copy: The ‘eCommerce Copy’ feature creates high-quality product descriptions, product names, and more to help eCommerce businesses stand out and boost sales


  • Limited customization options compared to some of the Copy AI alternatives
  • Content quality depends on the quality of AI and the data it was trained on
  • Requires a subscription which could be a barrier for some users


  • Free plan: Allows for 2,000 words per month
  • Pro plan: $49 per month; offers unlimited words
  • Enterprise plan: For automating workflows, pricing not specified

Customer ratings and reviews

  • Product Hunt: 4.7 out of 5 (205 reviews)

9. Writesonic

Best for generating copy for marketing

Create SEO-friendly content for blogs, Facebook ads, Google ads, and Shopify with Writesonic
Create SEO-friendly content for blogs, Facebook ads, Google ads, and Shopify with Writesonic

Writesonic is an exceptional AI-powered content generation tool that is designed to cater to the needs of marketers, content creators, and businesses looking to automate their content creation process.

The software excels at generating human-like content across different formats, like blog posts, digital ad copy, social media content, and more, thereby acting as a comprehensive content creation solution. While it’s adept at a wide range of content-related tasks, its special focus is on creating engaging, persuasive copy to drive traffic, increase conversions, and ultimately grow businesses.

Best features

  • AI blog content: Allows marketers to generate high-quality blog posts in a matter of minutes. The AI can understand the intended topic, research it, and create a well-written and engaging blog post
  • Digital ad copy: This feature creates compelling copy for digital ads that can grab the attention of the target audience, generate clicks, and drive conversions
  • Social media content: Create attention-grabbing, high-quality content for social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more
  • Sales copy: Write persuasive sales copy that can help businesses increase conversions, drive sales, and ultimately grow their business
  • eCommerce copy: Get high-quality product descriptions, product names, and more that can help eCommerce businesses stand out and increase sales​


  • Limited customization options compared to other Writersonic alternatives; some users might find the customization options limited, as the AI is creating the content for you
  • The quality of the content generated by the AI can vary depending on the AI’s quality and the quality of the data it was trained on
  • Requires a subscription to use Writesonic, which can be a barrier to entry for some users​


  • Free: This plan is free of charge and allows for 2,000 words per month
  • Pro: This plan is priced at $49 per month and offers unlimited words
  • Enterprise: This plan is designed for enterprise-level customers who need to automate their workflows. The pricing for this plan is not specified

Customer ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.7 out of 5 (1805 reviews)

10. Fireflies.ai

Best for voice transcription and note summarization

Automatically record and transcribe meetings with Fireflies
Automatically record and transcribe meetings with Fireflies

Fireflies.ai is a personal AI meeting assistant and transcription service that transcribes voice conversations in real-time or from uploaded audio or video files, supports more than 40 languages, and can handle different accents, dialects, and terminologies. This AI note-taker can also detect and label different speakers automatically or manually.

Best features

  • Integration: Connect it with popular platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and more
  • Rich text editing features: Correct, format, highlight, comment, and annotate transcripts
  • Summaries: The ability to create smart summaries that highlight the key points, action items, questions, and decisions from conversations
  • Search: Powerful search and organization features that help you find any word, phrase or topic in transcripts
  • Sharing and collaboration: Easy sharing and collaboration features that allow you to share transcripts with anyone via email, link, or QR code​
  • Voice transcription: Record meetings and transcribe voice conversations into ai generated meeting notes, meeting minutes, and more


  • The audio files input’s quality and clarity can affect the transcription’s accuracy. The AI may struggle to transcribe some words or phrases correctly if they are uncommon, technical, or ambiguous
  • It may not capture some non-verbal cues or emotions expressed through tone, pitch, or volume
  • There may be issues handling sensitive or confidential data that require privacy or security measures


  • Free plan: Allows for up to 800 minutes of storage per seat and access to unlimited conversations
  • Pro plan: $10 per user/month if billed annually or $18 per user/month if billed monthly, with up to 8000 minutes of storage per seat and access to unlimited transcription credits
  • Business plan: $19 per user/month if billed annually or $29 per user/month if billed monthly, with unlimited transcription credits and storage
  • Enterprise plan: Designed for large organizations that need additional security, control, and support; contact for a quote

Customer ratings and reviews

  • Product Hunt: 4.7 out of 5 (73 reviews)
  • G2: 4.4 out of 5 (70 reviews)
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Avatar of person using AI Summarize this article for me please

What Makes a Good AI Note-Taking App?

AI note-taking apps are making significant waves. But what really sets a good AI note-taking app apart from the rest? What are the features that transform an ordinary note-taking tool into a powerhouse of productivity? Let’s break it down.

  • Built-in AI features: A good AI note-taking app integrates AI features into its platform, saving you time and maintaining workflow fluidity. The AI should assist with note-taking, prompt customization, and formatting to adapt to your individual needs
  • Voice notes: An essential feature for any AI note-taking app is accurate voice note transcription. Whether you’re in a meeting, lecture, or simply recording a quick thought, the app should efficiently capture your spoken words and convert them into text with precision
  • User-friendly and functional: Quality AI note-taking apps are fast, secure, and reliable with minimal bugs. They should provide a smooth user experience that won’t disrupt your thought process. Privacy is paramount, as many AI tools hand over all data for functionality, which is problematic for note-taking. The app should value your privacy and not compromise your data without explicit consent
  • Affordable pricing plans: Affordability is crucial when choosing an AI note-taking app. It should offer powerful features at an accessible price point
  • Customizability and AI tokens: The option to include custom AI tokens can greatly improve the app’s flexibility and adaptability. This feature enables you to customize the AI’s behavior to meet your unique requirements, transforming the app into an extension of your own thinking process

In a nutshell, a good AI note taking software is one that seamlessly integrates advanced AI features, values user privacy, offers customization, and does it all at an affordable price. This is the recipe for an app that not only takes notes but transforms the entire note-taking experience.

Summarize this article with AI ClickUp Brain not only saves you precious time by instantly summarizing articles, it also leverages AI to connect your tasks, docs, people, and more, streamlining your workflow like never before.
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Avatar of person using AI Summarize this article for me please

Transform How You Work and Write Better Notes with AI Note Taking Apps

As we enter a new technological era where AI is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives, it would be unwise to overlook its implementation in our note-taking process. AI note-taking is not just a fanciful concept that simplifies the note-taking process; it’s a powerful productivity tool, a conduit to your creativity, and a strategic partner that empowers you to elevate your thoughts, ideas, and associations to a whole new level.

AI tools offer a multitude of functionalities that were once thought to be science fiction, from voice notes that transcribe your thoughts with precision to large language models that streamline and enhance your notes. By using AI for note-taking, you can improve not only the quality of your notes but also your thinking by capturing fleeting thoughts and turning them into tangible insights.

While there are many note-taking apps available, what sets the top 1% of AI note-taking platforms apart is their inclusion of AI functionalities directly in the platform, an unwavering commitment to user privacy, accurate transcription of voice notes, adaptability, and affordability. To make the most of your AI note-taking journey, choosing an app that delivers on these fronts is not a luxury but a necessity.

An AI note-taking tool is more than just a tool – it’s a transformative companion on your cognitive journey. If you’re still unsure about incorporating AI into your notes, now is the time to take the leap. Get ready to experience a world where your notes don’t just store information, they shape it, sharpen it, and elevate it, laying a robust foundation for a more productive, creative, and enlightened future.

Whether you aspire to enhance your productivity, become a more effective leader, or unlock the full potential of your creativity, AI note-taking tools offer you an unparalleled opportunity to make that aspiration a reality.

If you want to start using AI in your personal notes, start a free trial of Reflect, and if you’re looking to use AI to take a whole team’s productivity to another level, ClickUp Brain functionality can help you simplify every part of your work, including note taking—it’s free to get started!

Don’t just take better notes—transform the way you think, learn, and create with AI note-taking.

Guest Writer:

Sam Claassen

Sam Claassen is the Head of Growth at Reflect and the founder of the Startup Cookie growth agency. 

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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