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Inside ClickUp Brain for Teams: Top 10 Tools for Knowledge Sharing, Project Automation, & Writing

ClickUp has consolidated work tools into one platform since 2017. But as AI adoption increases in popularity—and necessity—driving workplace optimization takes rethinking how teams track, share, and recall their business content.

ClickUp Brain is a collection of conversational, contextual, and role-based AI features available everywhere in ClickUp. Every employee from any team can leverage its three key pillars: AI Knowledge Manager, AI Project Manager, and AI Writer for Work.

The question on everyone’s mind is, How can AI help me to be more effective and efficient in my role?

With ClickUp Brain, your team doesn’t have to learn prompt engineering to ask the right questions for better AI outputs—it’s taken care of for you. And you can apply ClickUp AI tools incrementally, starting with high personal and team impact areas, and then expanding scope!

You remain fully empowered to use our AI features, and only in ways that align with your policies for the benefit of your workforce. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Data Encryption: ClickUp uses encryption to protect data in transit and at rest, ensuring that sensitive information is not accessible to unauthorized parties.
2. Access Controls for Ask AI: ClickUp implements strict access controls, ensuring that only authorized users can access ClickUp Brain answers. Users must have access to underlying data.
3. Agreements with AGI Partners: ClickUp has secured agreements with LLM providers to not use data to train models.
4. Model training: ClickUp does not train any AI models on user data.

To learn more, read our full security policy.

Let’s take a closer look at key features inside ClickUp Brain! 🤓

1. Launch AI From Anywhere in ClickUp

The new AI Chat experience is exactly where you need it: A click away from the toolbar anywhere in your Workspace. It’s a self-serve gateway to search for answers and keep your team in a state of uninterrupted flow.

With access to always-on information sharing, individual focus and team collaboration benefit from fewer disruptions.

As teams update their tasks or collaborate on deliverables, a simple tap summons AI so anyone can reference existing documented decisions and data.

ClickUp Brain Ask AI feature

Select a prebuilt prompt or type a question with Ask AI

While every day brings new questions, ClickUp AI is there 24/7/365. Here are a few scenarios of how people can use ClickUp AI to get quick organizational assistance:

Internal policy question

  • Person: Could you let me know what our vacation policy is? I want to take next Friday off but wasn’t sure if I need prior approval and how far in advance to request it.
  • AI: Responds with a brief overview of the company PTO policies, including any approvals required, how far in advance requests should be submitted, availability of sick days vs personal days off, and sources to get more information

General Workspace best practices

  • Person: How do I make a task private?
  • ClickUp AI: Responds with step-by-step instructions and source links to ClickUp Help articles for additional information

IT support

  • Person: My computer isn’t working! How do I contact IT?
  • ClickUp AI: References your knowledge database to locate the documented procedures and shares the source link(s)

2. Ask Questions About Tasks and Docs

Even employees who excel at organization struggle to keep up with their running list of concentration-intensive tasks.

Everything is due now if you have five project managers on five tasks you’re working on.

You will now have clarity on work tasks that require immediate action and those with lower priority based on task data. Ask a custom question or choose from the prebuilt prompts, including:

  • What are my urgent tasks?
  • What should I work on next?
  • What are my overdue tasks?
  • What tasks are open and assigned to me?

This allows teams to progress steadily on urgent work and important long-term goals without losing sight of key milestones. 🔑

ClickUp Brain Contextual Q&A Feature
Get the highlights of task activity and ask follow-up questions about the due date, comments, and more

3. Summarize Tasks, Comment Threads, and Docs

Using AI tools for summarizing information and helping with writing takes the pressure off everyone from the huge amount of reading and writing workplace content. This compounds efficiencies company-wide with time saved.

Tell everyone: No more reading mile-long task threads!

By automatically creating summaries of key details, teams boost their capacities to get more work completed and shared. The situations below are prime opportunities to put AI summarization to work:

  • Product development: Summarize long requirement documents to extract key decisions and trade-offs for new engineers
  • Marketing campaigns: Pull out major themes and insights from long email threads planning an upcoming campaign launch to help get cross-collaborators up to speed
  • Research projects: Distill key findings and recommendations from lengthy results and analysis to create concise executive summaries
  • Customer support: Summarize ticket conversations between peers and customers to surface unresolved issues, feature requests, or bugs for product teams
  • Consulting projects: Create a snapshot of deliverables, status reports, and meeting minutes to keep clients updated on high-level progress
ClickUp Brain Summarize Docs
Quickly summarize bodies of text or things in tasks like comments, major updates, status changes, new subtasks, and more

4. Generate Personal Standups and Team Updates

AI StandUp produces bite-sized status roundups on demand for up to 10 people. These regular touchpoints to evaluate progress hold us responsible so we don’t overlook individual and collective efforts that drive organizational achievements. 🏆

Your one-on-ones, team meetings, and retrospectives run in parallel. Daily standups via ClickUp AI give moment-to-moment visibility to stay nimble while feeding into broader needs like goal-setting and talent development.

And when a simple progress checkpoint is just enough to keep your day on track, add the StandUp card to your Home! In the card settings, you can switch between different time periods and formats to reveal what’s relevant to you during the week.

ClickUp Brain Automatic Personal Standups Feature
Produce a standup recap of a task over a set amount of days to quickly bullet updates, to-dos, and bottlenecks

5. Use Natural Language to Create Custom Automations

Our users love the Automation feature in ClickUp, which takes away a lot of the manual processes around tasks. We’ve supercharged the tool so anyone can create customized rules using simple text!

Casually describe what you want to operate on autopilot: Updating statuses, applying templates, or sending comments to specific people.

For example, a recruiter automates a hiring workflow using natural language: When task status changes to accepted, apply New Hire Onboarding Template, and change priority to high.

NLP Automation Builder in ClickUp
Write in plain conversation to the automation builder

6. Get Automatic Task Updates in List, Board, Calendar, or Table Views

If you’re already using Custom Fields to shortcut task toggling, you’re going to love the newest additions to the group: AI Summary and AI Progress Updates!

Remember the task summaries feature from earlier? Now you can get instant recaps of progress and updates from views—without opening a task.

For product roadmaps or marketing campaign lists, generate a fresh narrative overview of recent task progress. On sales pipelines or sprint lists, pull summaries of the urgent customer prospect tasks or dev completion rates as tasks evolve day-to-day. 🌱

7. Write With Our Role-Specific Assistant

The AI writing assistant drives value by empowering teams to maximize the moment. While the ideas are fresh in our minds, it’s the perfect time to set the work in motion. We’ll maintain focus on top tasks and avoid paperwork backlogs.

How it works: Recommended starting points within ClickUp AI changes based on the role you select in the modal.

For example, engineers can generate a model scheme or write a technical specifications doc. Likewise, project managers can create a scope document or project change request. HR can create job listings or draft internal announcements.

ClickUp Brain role-specific writing assistant feature
Choose from various organizational departments to get role-specific content based on your needs

8. Lighten the Upfront Workload With an AI-powered Template

With project velocity increasing across all businesses, consistent quality brings comfort. AI-generated templates standardize the structure and formatting, so anyone using your brand-approved resources—whether customer or leadership-facing—has polished materials. 🎨

Leverage the Write With AI feature to generate an initial draft document. Specifically:

  1. Open a new Doc
  2. Type the forward slash key to open the Write With AI tool
  3. Tell AI what you want to create and edit as needed
  4. Insert the text into the Doc and add your final touches
  5. Save the Doc as a template so other team members can access it

For example, program managers launching new cross-functional initiatives can instantly generate fully structured charter docs for modification aligned to PM best practices like success metrics, risk listings, and RACI matrices tailored to team size.

Here’s how other teams are building templates for different occasions:

Social Media

  • Content frameworks with image sizes and ideal caption lengths pre-configured
  • Social campaign templates with reusable hashtag lists and messaging
  • Analytics reports surfacing key metric trends


  • Blog post outlines with SEO research pre-filled to finalize
  • Video concept scripts with scene details and production checklists ready
  • Email newsletter templates with segmented subscriber content blocks


  • Lead nurturing email drips with lead segment analysis breakdown
  • Campaign launch plan templates with a budget tracker, goal, and audience info
  • Product launch press release templates with positioning language


  • Code architecture and component documentation templates
  • Product requirement document frameworks preset with style guidance
  • Flaw remediation plan issue log templates with decision tree logic flows


  • Incident response documentation forms with severity categorization
  • Cybersecurity audit report templates updated to the newest compliances
  • Disaster recovery test grids and selective records restoration filing structures


  • Personalized offer letter templates with employment terms included
  • Customizable 90-day onboarding checklists by department or team
  • Flexible performance review frameworks aligned to company values


  • Financial audit preparation risk analysis templates
  • Budget versus actual expenditure reporting templates
  • Pitchbook shells for funding materials updated by round size

9. View Voice Clip Transcripts From a Sent Comment

Seamless collaboration means meeting employees where they are most comfortable expressing ideas. For some, speaking concepts aloud feels more intuitive, allowing tone and enthusiasm to shine through.

Voice Clips in ClickUp lets teams share verbal remarks and have AI instantly transcribe conversations into text.

The transcript allows anyone to quickly scan content for key details. (And it comes in handy if you’re in a public space or open office!) You can even copy full transcripts or excerpts for broader visibility.

ClickUp Voice Clip Transcriptions
Read a Voice Clip transcript from a sent comment

10. Create Subtasks at Twice the Speed With AI

Rather than racking your brain to determine every component task needed to complete a project successfully, let ClickUp AI help build the action plan. Just define the overarching goal, e.g., Create a New IT Submission Workflow, and AI will drum up a set of sequential subtasks!

And the power of AI-generated subtasks doesn’t stop there. 🤖

How it works: If a task started as Plan company-wide training refreshers when first created, it may lack the specifics needed to determine logical subtasks. However, over a few days, as conversations clarify delivery formats, audiences, and subject matter priorities, the AI can ingest all newly added commentary.

Based on the evolving scope, it can then recommend tailored subtasks reflecting updated context and details: Outlining roles needed, venues to organize, session topics to cover, and invites to create!

Scale Productivity Company-Wide With ClickUp Brain

We’d love to chat with you to understand your team’s automation appetite and where your friction pain points exist. In the personalized session, we’ll discuss where your workflows stall and then show where ClickUp Brain, combined with your knowledge base, will multiply output. ⚙️

And to make workplace transformation more accessible, ClickUp Brain is available for $5 per Workspace member per month. Starting today, your team could complete tasks for today, tomorrow, and the next day!

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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