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12 Best Goal Setting Software for Teams in 2024

Dreaming about all the incredible goals you want to achieve is easy, but going ahead and actually setting them… not so much.

But don’t get discouraged!

It’s completely normal since we get distracted by several things.

And other times, we just don’t know how to set realistic goals.

That’s where goal setting software can help you out.

In this article, we’ll cover what goal setting software is and highlight 12 fantastic tools that’ll help you set and achieve your goals like Elle Woods.

Let’s get going. 👛🐕

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What Is Goal Setting Software?

Whether it’s at a personal or a professional level, goals align your focus with where you want to be in life. It also boosts employee engagement, ensuring that businesses don’t stagnate.

But we all know how frustrating it can be to set goals and track progress manually.

So how do you set goals and track daily progress without breaking a sweat?

By using a goal setting app.

A goal setting tool lets you set and track your progress towards SMART goals, KPIs, and OKRs.

Wait… what are those?

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • A SMART goal is a goal achievement guide where you set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals
  • A KPI (Key Performance Indicators) helps businesses determine if they’re making progress towards core business objectives
  • OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal-setting method that helps teams and individuals define goals and devise a way to measure them

For example, Elle can set OKRs like:

  • Objective: get into Harvard Law School
  • Key result 1: study for three hours a day
  • Key result 2: do one practice paper a day
  • Key result 3: score 179 on the LSATs

Goal management software helps you do this with several features like:

  • Automated goal tracking systems to track your goals
  • Dashboards and progress reports to help you analyze your progress accurately
  • Workstreams to break down your goals into simple to-dos
  • Text and email notifications to stay on top of deadlines
  • Mobile apps to revisit your goals on your pink, bedazzled phone 😉

With a goal tracking app, you’ll be able to handle any goal that comes your way, even if it’s trying to get through law school as ‘Malibu Barbie’ or securing that dream job.

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12 Best Goal Setting Software in 2024

Here are the 12 best goal-setting software that’ll help you be as confident as Elle about your goals:

1. ClickUp

ClickUp Goals
Measure your targets and track progress with ClickUp Goals

ClickUp is one of the highest-rated goal setting and project management software used by super-productive teams in small and large companies.

From prioritizing goals to scheduling them on a dynamic calendar, ClickUp is the ultimate goal management tool.

Here’s how ClickUp can help you set and crush all your goals

Goals in ClickUp are high-level objectives that you can break down into smaller, measurable targets. To achieve your goal, all you need to do is complete these simple targets.

And while you go about knocking down these targets, ClickUp automatically calculates how close you are to achieving your goal.

But wait… how do you set goals?

Setting goals in ClickUp is as easy as learning the bend and snap!

Simply go to “goals” in ClickUp and create a new goal by clicking the “+new goal” button. Here’s what else you can set:

  • Your goal’s name
  • The due date
  • Who’s responsible for it, and more

And voilà!

You’ve got yourself a set goal.

With ClickUp, you can set achievable goals to stay focused and motivated, even when you just want to lay in bed with a box of chocolates all day. 🍫


You can break down your goal into manageable targets. Just hit the “add target” button and watch your targets appear right below your overall goal.

Break down any goal into measurable targets in ClickUp

Easily break down any goal into measurable targets with ClickUp’s goal feature

ClickUp lets you set different targets such as:

  • Number: numerical figures like what you want to score on your Law School Admission Test 📖
  • True or false: enter if something has been done or not. For example, whether you’ve won a high-profile case or not
  • Currency: keep track of your money. For example, how much you’re going to spend on your shopping trip 💰
  • Tasks: if one of your tasks is to gather evidence that Chutney didn’t get her hair permed, you can add that individual task to your targets

And once you’ve got all your goals sorted, simply store them in Goal Folders. Goal folders let you group similar goals into organized, neat folders.

Store and categorize your goals into Goal Folders in ClickUp

Neatly store and categorize similar goals into Goal Folders in ClickUp

The next step is tracking your progress towards them.

Here’s how ClickUp streamlines goal tracking:

1. Track your progress for each target: if your goal is to ace ten exams in law school, you can see how many you’ve aced so far

2. See how your targets contributed to your overall goal: if you’ve completed 25% of all your targets so far, your goal progress will be 25%

This way, you’ll always have continuous feedback on your progress.

Continuously track your progress with goal targets in ClickUp

Monitor your progress with the percent of your completed targets in ClickUp goals

And just Like Elle Woods, we’re also full of surprises!

So here’s a sneak peek into what ClickUp has in store for you:

Other key ClickUp features

  • Weekly scorecards: let all your sorority sisters know which team goal everyone will be working on throughout the week
  • Dashboards: get a high-level overview of everything in your sorority (Workspace), including goal progress, time spent on projects, and more
  • Checklists: create simple to-do lists outlining how you’re going to get into Harvard Law School right within your tasks and check off items on the go
  • Reminders: too busy shopping till you drop like Elle Woods? Don’t worry. ClickUp reminds you about your tasks from five minutes to up to three days before they’re due
  • Statuses: add different stages to your work for accurate goal tracking
  • Native Time Tracking: track how much time you spend at Paulette’s salon 💅
  • Notepad: jot down ideas, important notes, legal terms, and more
  • Recurring Tasks: create repeating schedules for tasks that you do daily, weekly, and monthly, like taking Bruiser to get pampered (this one’s daily, of course)
  • Views: view your upcoming tasks in a list, kanban, Gantt chart, and any other style of your choice
  • Mind Maps: visualize how you’ll win your law clinic cases in a beautiful mind map
  • Custom Notifications: choose how and when ClickUp notifies you about your goals
  • Templates: use templates for goal-setting, personal planning, finance management, event planning, and more.

ClickUp pros

  • A powerful Forever Free plan with unlimited users
  • User-friendly interface with online and Offline Mode
  • Collaborate on upcoming goals, knowledge bases, and more with Docs
  • Assign tasks to multiple assignees so team members can work together on goals
  • Have discussions about your personal and work goals alongside your work with chat view
  • Privacy, guests and, permissions let you control who has access to your goals
  • Sync your ClickUp tasks with your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Apple Calendar with calendar syncing
  • Integrates with several third-party software like Google Assistant, Calendly, Evernote, and more
  • Add tasks and create reminders using our powerful iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Supports Apple, Windows, and Linux platforms

ClickUp limitations

  • No Table view in the mobile app (yet)

Take a look at ClickUp’s roadmap to see how we’re fixing such minor drawbacks.

And don’t miss out on all the exciting features that this free OKR software has in store for you!

ClickUp pricing

ClickUp offers five pricing plans:

  • Free Forever Plan (best for personal use)
  • Unlimited Plan (best for small teams ($7/member per month)
  • Business Plan (best for mid-sized teams ($12/member per month)
  • Enterprise (contact sales for pricing information)

ClickUp customer ratings

  • G2: 4.7/5 (2000+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (2000+ reviews)

2. Databox

Databox home page

via Databox

Databox is a performance management tool that pulls all your data together so you can go about tracking goals with ease. The app also lets you track progress with KPI data, so if you’ve got an upcoming performance review, Databox could be useful.

However, this goal planner software has pretty expensive pricing plans, so you’ll have to pull all your finances together just to use it.

Databox key features

  • Visualize goal progress in dashboards
  • Monitor progress using progress bars, tables, line or bar charts, and more
  • Get notified when you’re likely or unlikely going to hit your goal
  • Assign goals to teams and individuals

Databox pros

  • Set organizational goals for upcoming weeks, months, and quarters
  • Monthly goals are automatically given appropriate weekly and daily goals
  • Access your goal data via your laptop or mobile device

Databox limitations

  • The goal setting software free plan only has three goal dashboards
  • Can’t customize reports (you’re limited to just weekly or monthly reports)
  • The initial setup can be difficult

Databox pricing

This goal setting tool has four pricing plans:

  • Free 
    • 3 data sources
    • 3 users
    • 3 dashboards
    • And more
  • Basic ($59/month)
    • 10 data sources
    • 10 users
    • 10 dashboards
    • And more
  • Plus ($119/month):
    • Annotations
    • Query builder
    • Slack integration
    • And more
  • Business ($299/month):
    • 50 data sources
    • 20 users
    • 50 dashboards
    • And more

Databox customer ratings

  • G2: 4.5/5 (100+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.8/5 (100+ reviews)

3. Goalscape

Goalscape home page

via Goalscape

Goalscape is a visual goal setting tool that helps you break down big challenges into manageable subgoals.

But if you’re wondering if this free goal setting software has kanban boards, Gantt charts, or even a calendar view…

Unfortunately, you’re limited to a circular view or the list view.

Goalscape key features

  • Set goals and create a visual hierarchy to manage them
  • Assign responsibility for goals to individuals or groups
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Set goal priorities by marking them with different colors

Goalscape pros

  • Invite external users to collaborate on your goals for free
  • Never miss a deadline by adding due dates and time frames to your business goals
  • Customize your goals with notes, attachments, and hyperlinks

Goalscape limitations

  • No long term goal tracking features
  • The free plan is limited to one online project
  • No native time tracking feature

Goalscape pricing

This goal planning software has three pricing plans:

  • Goalscape online free
    • Visual goal setting
    • One online project
    • Mobile companion app
    • And more
  • Goalscape online unlimited ($6/month):
    • Unlimited online projects
    • Share online with anyone
    • Full support
    • Free updates and more
  • Goalscape desktop (one-time payment of $60):
    • Create offline projects
    • Lifetime support and updates
    • And more

Goalscape customer ratings

  • G2: 5/5 (1 review)
  • Capterra: 5/5 (4+ reviews)

Bonus: SMART Goals for Students

4. Goals.com

Goals.com home page

via Goals.com

Goals.com is a personal goal setting app with a transformation journal and a habit tracker to help you create good habits like hitting the gym every day.

Unfortunately, most of the essential goal tracking features like goal maps and the habit tracker are only available in the paid plans. (Where are those endorphins when you need them! 😢)

Goals.com key features

  • Built-in habit tracker
  • A messaging platform that lets you send one-on-one messages and group messages
  • Receive regular progress reports and success summaries via text and email
  • Create a powerful vision board to keep yourself motivated 

Goals.com pros

  • Connect with a community of goal-setters that’ll keep you inspired
  • Set reminders that will send you a notification while you’re at home or on the go
  • Use a custom goal template or create your own

Goals.com limitations

  • The personal journal feature is only available in the paid plans
  • Can’t assign tasks to team members
  • No native time-tracker

Goals.com pricing

This goal setting tool has three pricing plans:

  • Basic (free):
    • Reminders
    • Today’s focus
    • Community
    • And more
  • Personal (contact Goals.com for a custom quote):
    • Goal maps
    • Mobile coaching
    • Vision board
    • Habit tracker
    • And more
  • Teams ($6.99/month per user):
    • Goal maps for teams
    • Mobile coaching for teams
    • File sharing
    • And more

Goals.com customer ratings

  • G2: N/A
  • Capterra: N/A

5. Goals On Track

Goals On Track home page

via Goals On Track

Goals On Track is a goal setting and management tool built on breaking down every hurdle into SMART goals and a focused action plan.

Its customizable kanban-like dashboard gives you a daily breakdown of major upcoming targets and tasks, while its milestones and sub-goals features help you take consistent and manageable steps toward completing those goals.

This platform also offers a habit tracking feature in addition to a goal journal and virtual vision board to help build healthy and wise habits on a daily basis.

Goals On Track key features

  • Create goals from one of Goals On Track’s pre-made templates or create your own template to reuse later
  • Time tracking and habit tracking features
  • View your personal goals and OKRs in an interactive chart and goal report
  • Set recurring goals to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly

Goals On Track pros

  • Supported on iOS and Android devices to track your goals away from home
  • Integrates with other calendar apps like iCalendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, and more
  • Able to share how much progress has been made with others in Team version

Goals On Track limitations

  • Unable to assign goals to others or comment on task goals
  • Better for individual goal tracking and habit tracking rather than team goals
  • Limited to kanban-like dashboard and calendar views only

Goals On Track pricing

This goal tracking tool and habit tracker offers two paid plans:

  • Membership ($68/year for individual use)
    • Unlimited use on web and mobile app
    • Unlimited use of features
    • Access to all goal templates and future add-ons
    • Free technical support
  • Team account (contact for pricing)
    • Includes all perks from individual membership
    • Multiuser features
    • Free technical support
    • Bonus e-books and resources

Goals On Track customer ratings

  • G2: N/A
  • Capterra: N/A

6. Engagedly

Engagedly home page

via Engagedly

Engagedly is a performance management system to help employees stay productive.  Its process hinges on creating a culture of frequent feedback to stay on track with goals, OKRs, and manage talent development.

Engagedly key features

  • Strategic goal and OKR tracking features
  • Real-time feedback
  • Multiple ways to look at the team goals and individual’s goal progess

Engagedly pros

  • Has several products and features for goal tracking, analytics, reward system, and mentorship
  • Dashboards, box, and mind map-like views available for some products

Engagedly limitations

Engagedly pricing

  • Contact Engagedly sales for pricing details

Engagedly customer ratings

  • G2: 4.2/5 (200+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (74 reviews)

7. Lattice

Lattice home page

via Lattice

Lattice is an employee performance management system with separate goal tracking products to help managers grow their team member’s professional skills and reach objectives aimed to better the workplace.

Lattice key features

  • Five separate products including Performance, Goals, and Grow that each focus on driving performance, OKRs, and continuous improvement
  • Dashboards in Goals product helps you see who is on track and identify room for growth

Lattice pros

  • Integrates with other administrative tools like Zenefits, Rippling, and ADP and can be used by both in-person and remote teams
  • Multiple products help employers choose software that is tailored to their team’s goals

Lattice limitations

  • Is not built for own goals
  • No habit tracking or time tracking features offered in the app

Lattice pricing

This people management tool offers four paid plans

  • Performance ($9/month per user, billed annually)
    • Performance reporting and analytics
    • OKRs and goal management
    • Weekly updates
    • Slack, Google apps, and Outlook integrations
    • SSO
    • Lattice University
    • Mobile app
  • Performance & Engagement ($12/month per user, billed annually)
    • All features in Performance plan
    • Employee engagement reporting and analytics
    • Historical benchmarks
    • Survey templates
    • Performance trainings
    • Regular consults
  • Enterprise (contact Lattice for pricing)
    • Onsite training
    • Custom plans
    • Custom product packages
    • Role-based performance and engagement training

Lattice customer ratings

  • G2: 4.6/5 (2,600+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (75+ reviews)

8. Weekdone

Weekdone home page

via Weekdone

Weekdone is a goal tracking software that hinges on OKRs to ensure you’re constantly making intentional moves and setting your sights on objectives that align with the company goals.

Weekdone key features

Weekdone pros

Weekdone limitations

  • This platform is built for managers looking to monitor a team’s performance and professional goal tracking, not individual goals or habits
  • No habit tracking or time tracking features
  • Does not offer multiple views

Weekdone pricing

This goal tracking and management software offers a free and premium plan

  • Free trial (4 or more users for 14 days)
    • All features included
  • Free plan (up to 3 users)
    • All features included
  • Premium (starts at teams of 4-10, $90/month billed annually, price varies depending on team size)
    • All features included

Weekdone customer ratings

  • G2: 4/5 (20 reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (40+ reviews)

9. Profit.co OKRs

Profit.co OKRs home page

via Profit.co

Profit.co is an employee management and engagement tool with a suite of products to help your business boost its team performance in different ways.

Its OKRs Management product helps companies prioritize their team’s goals, save time, engage employees, and foster a culture of team collaboration and constant improvement.

Profit.co OKRs key features

  • Alignment dashboards to help the team create goals that benefit the big picture
  • Seven types of key results to track all types of goals
  • Link tasks with key results within Profit.co

Profit.co OKRs pros

  • Over 400 pre-built and custom KPIs
  • Templates to create strategic goals
  • Multiple dashboards and features within dashboards to filter, track, and reward progress

Profit.co OKRs limitations

  • Not for personal goal setting
  • Not tailored to habit tracking

Profit.co OKRs pricing

Profit.co offers a free trial and three types of plans for its suite of products

  • Free
    • Up to five users
    • Over 300 built-in KPIs
    • Pre-built OKR templates
    • Set timeframes to create/edit OKRs
    • Automated reminders and notifications
    • Weekly check-ins
    • Free mobile app
  • Growth ($7/month per user, billed annually)
    • All features from free plan
    • Customize your OKR list page
    • Withs for key results and objectives
    • Able to add on most other additional features
    • 24/7 phone and chat support
    • Additional integrations
  • Enterprise (contact for pricing)
    • All features from Growth plan
    • All additional add on features included
    • 24/7 priority support
    • Dedicated customer success manager
    • On-premise deployment

Profit.co OKRs customer ratings

  • G2: 4.8/5 (175+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.9/5 (115+ reviews)

10. 15five

15five home page

via 15five

15five is a professional performance tool with separate goal-related products to help managers and HR departments oversee their teams’ progress.

It offers multiple product plans including Performance and Focus to help the team achieve goals, and break them down into SMART objectives that can be measured over time in the app.

15five key features

  • Track OKRs and team goals to stay on top of major objectives
  • Able to give real-time feedback or perform personal goal reviews
  • See progress in a live dashboard

15five pros

  • Helpful for managers overseeing multiple team members
  • SMART goals focused and OKR driven features

15five limitations

  • No habit tracking or time tracking feature
  • Not suitable for own goals
  • Limited customization and views

15five pricing

This goal tracking software breaks down its plans based on the size of the company or team using it

  • Engage ($4/monther per user)
    • Custom topic-based assessments
    • Historical benchmarks
    • Action plan dashboard
    • Insights briefings and strategic planning
    • Available manager and employee coaching
  • Perform ($8/month per user)
    • Everthing in Engage
    • Data insights
    • iOS & Android apps
    • Calibration
    • HRIS integrations
    • SSO
  • Focus ($8/month per user)
    • Goal tracking with OKRs
    • OKR chart view
    • Jira & Salesforce integration
    • Data insights
    • HRIS integrations
    • SSO
  • Total Platform ($14/month per user)
    • Everything from lower tier plans
    • DPAs and security questionnaires

15five customer ratings

  • G2: 4.6/5 (1,600+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (800+ reviews)

11. Trakstar

Trakstar home page

via Trakstar

Trakstar is a goal tracking software tailored to business goals, performance, and progress through feedback.

This tool is more for managers and HR professionals, and while it does not offer an in-app habit tracking feature, there are certainly benefits to using this software if you are managing a team and helping them set individual goals.

Trakstar key features

  • SMART goal feature to define objectives, track achievements, and monitor employee progress
  • Monitor progress with performance reviews, personalized goal tracking, unlimited review cycles, and continuous feedback
  • Game-changing 360 Degree Feedback – encourage employee engagement, accountability, and development with a continuous feedback loop in real-time
  • Automated email reminders

Trakstar pros

  • Offers multiple products to meet different goals or professional needs
  • Dashboards with real-time data
  • Built for teams to improve individual and overall progress through SMART goal setting techniques

Trakstar limitations

  • No habit tracking or time tracking feature
  • Not built for personal goals
  • More of an HR platform alternative than a habit or goal tracker

Trakstar pricing

  • Contact Trakstar for a quote

Trakstar customer ratings

  • G2: 4.3/5 (180+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.4/5 (280+ reviews)

12. Joe’s Goals

Joe's Goals home page

via Joe’s Goals

Joe’s Goals is a web-based goal setting app that lets you keep set unlimited goals.

And while this goal setting online tool is completely free, the free version has tons of ads.

Not what you wanna see when you’re trying to set ambitious goals, right?

Joe’s Goals key features

  • Add custom checklists for your goals
  • Use the logbook to jot down your activities and goals
  • Add multiple check marks on the same goal when you’re feeling extra productive

Joe’s Goals pros

  • Use the daily score to keep track of your goals
  • Create negative goals to get rid of them
  • Add as many individual goals as you want and update them from a single interface

Joe’s Goals limitations

  • No offline support
  • Lacks advanced employee productivity features like reminders
  • No mobile apps available

Joe’s Goals pricing

Joe’s Goals is free to use.

Joe’s Goals customer ratings

  • G2: N/A
  • Capterra: N/A
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Always Have Faith in Yourself 🎓

Goal setting tools help you set ambitious goals and track your progress towards them with features like habit trackers, reminders, goal setting communities, and more.

And with the right goal management tool, you’ll be able to bend and snap all your goals into place. 💁

In other words, start tracking with ClickUp!

With features like start dates and due dates to help you manage your time efficiently to Custom Fields for tracking goal progress the way you want to, ClickUp has everything you need to set and achieve success.

Join ClickUp for free today to crush all your goals!

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