Exercise = Productivity (No Matter Which Way You Spin It)

Exercise = Productivity (No Matter Which Way You Spin It).

First, let me start by saying I’m not getting paid for this and I can assure you I won’t be plugging a personal discount code at the end of this post. I’m simply going to tell you about a cult called SoulCycle and how it supercharged my productivity.

SoulCycle was something I’d heard about for many years but never experienced for myself. That is – until a work trip brought me to Palo Alto.

After doing a ton of research and mentally preparing myself for the blow my wallet was about to take, I decided to take the optimistic route and think of it as an investment in myself (YOLO!).

Feeling like it was the first day of school, I walked into the dimly lit, very small studio and quickly clipped in (this ain’t my first rodeo, just my first SoulCycle rodeo). Our instructor ran into the room and brought an absolutely amazing energy and just like that, we were off to the races (literally)!

It was the most grueling 45 minutes of my life, but at the same time so inspiring!

They will challenge you, they will push you until you feel like you’re about to puke (trust me!), and the moment that you feel like you can’t go on, they’ll throw out an inspirational quote that will have you turning your resistance up!

Once you allow yourself to feel the beat of the music, you’ll be pushing yourself beyond barriers you never thought you would break.

SoulCycle has this ability to bring you a sense of (sweaty) peace, but also make you feel like you can conquer the world (or any task) at the same time. Working out is something I’ve always been dedicated to, but pushing myself intensively wasn’t.

It may sound crazy, but even with the music blasting I’m able to get my best thinking done.

Since I was on a work trip I used these rides to reflect on how far I’ve come and how grateful I am. Now that I’m back home, I’ve been cycling at Flywheel everyday and I have SoulCycle to thank for sparking the fire within me!

So, you may be wondering, how does SoulCycle or exercise in general make me more productive or add value to me and my team?

Note: For more tips check out our guide on how to be more productive.

Let’s take a look!

Why you should make daily exercise a priority


You’re one class/run/walk away from a good mood! After you finish a workout you’ll feel euphoric and relaxed. This occurs because your body releases higher amounts of endorphins after sustained exercise. Endorphins also give you energy to make you ready to take on your daily tasks with a positive attitude!

Reduces Stress:

This goes hand in hand with endorphins. Working out reduces stress and helps refresh your mind! For me, SoulCycle and Flywheel bring out a lot of emotions with every ride. You may feel anger when you’re sprinting it out on the bike for 60 seconds with dubstep in the background and then quickly shift when you’re on a slow climb. Being able to lift feelings to the surface helps to reduce stress and clear the mind. Working out before a meeting will help you display more confidence and speak clearer thoughts.


Have you ever noticed your creative juices always start flowing when you’re in the middle of a workout? Exercising gives you the ability to expand your mind and think outside the box! You may even come up with a solution to that project that was giving you trouble last week.

Healthy Lifestyle:

In the wise words of my mom “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good” (said while making me dress up before every test taken between the grades K-12). Working out on a daily basis will help you drop those 10 pounds you’ve been wanting to lose, be more toned, and take your confidence through the roof. There is a huge correlation between a healthy lifestyle, confidence, and success! Today, a lot of companies are giving gym stipends to their employees to promote health and wellness! CEOs realize that fitness can play a huge role in overall workplace satisfaction.

What Exercise can do for You?

I’m not saying that you need to join SoulCycle or that Crossfit gym you pass by on the way home from work to be more productive. What works for me, may not work for you.

A lot of people have the ability to boost productivity by simply taking a walk or a quick jog around the neighborhood.

However, if you’re having trouble finding motivation to get out and be active, I would definitely recommend joining a class of some sort. Classes hold you accountable and can act as a support group.

SoulCycle pushed me further than I’ve ever been pushed myself before and it motivated me to do the same throughout my workday.

I hope whatever physical exercise you choose to do on a daily basis lights a fire within you to be more productive, like SoulCycle did for me!

I’ll leave you with this quote that is often said on the final working track of class:
“This is it! Final Push! High Note! All it takes! Home stretch! FINISH STRONGER!”

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