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Make Corporate Gifting Work: Say Thank You with These Perfect Client Gift Ideas!

Regardless of the quality of the product or service you offer, nothing feels quite as magical as a well-thought-out client gift. Just like a handshake seals a deal, carefully picked gifts can elevate business relationships, boost patronage, and even improve ROI through more referrals and positive feedback. 🍀

With the holiday season approaching, it’s an excellent opportunity to express your appreciation and gratitude toward your valued clients and the strong partnerships you’ve built. But to address the elephant in the room: Picking the right gift item can be a corporate nightmare!

We typically want to present something personalized that leaves a lasting impression, but client gifting ideas in the corporate space tend to be super generic and superficial.

Let’s fix that and put your gifting budget to good use—we’ve put together:

  • Expert suggestions to boost your corporate gifts strategy
  • A list of 25 thoughtful client gift ideas that suit various tastes and price points
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What Are the Benefits of Gifts for Clients?

The corporate gifts market is HUGE, and it’s expanding each year—we’re talking about a market projection of over $300 billion by 2027! So, why is client gift-giving such a big deal?

The reason: You’re not just expressing gratitude but reinforcing B2B and B2C relationships, promoting customer loyalty, and enhancing your brand image with a simple yet thoughtful gift. It states that you value client patronage and are dedicated to keeping them satisfied.

That way, you bond and build solidarity with your clients, which helps you stay ahead in competitive markets. And with a personalized message on a client gift, you show that they’re top of mind.

According to a survey by Forbes, over 80% of participating companies experienced better relationships with their clients thanks to corporate gift gifting. Some tangible benefits include:

Gifts for clients can be more beneficial if the item is company-branded—the merch serves as a subtle reminder of your business and keeps your brand visible and relevant. The branding has to be subtle, though, as you don’t want to give off tacky promotional vibes—and instead personalized gifts that show you’re taking the extra step.

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Strategy for Corporate Gift-giving: How to Manage Client Gifts

Before diving into gifting ideas, let’s explore two best practices for boosting your corporate gift-gifting strategy:

  1. Study your client: Understanding the client’s business needs and company culture helps you be more sensitive and thoughtful while picking client gifts. For example, if your client values sustainable business practices, they may adore eco-friendly personalized gifts 
  2. Get a customer relationship management (CRM) software tool: Managing the needs and preferences of multiple clients manually can slow down your PR or HR team, which is why it’s important to use a powerful CRM to handle corporate gifts logistics

Master corporate gifts management like a pro with ClickUp!

You’ll find that utilizing ClickUp’s CRM and Sales Teams Suites can significantly streamline your client gift cycle—from brainstorming to final communication. We’ll show you how to best send and pick gifts for clients.

ClickUp is a comprehensive tool that aids in organizing your contacts, tracking interactions, and managing gifting tasks in a smooth, efficient manner.

Using ClickUp as a CRM and managing customer data in ClickUp List view
Manage customer data, personal tasks, and communication in ClickUp from any device

With ClickUp, you can create detailed customer accounts containing attributes like gift preferences, special dates, and past gift records. Collect client information through ClickUp Forms and use Custom Fields to group the data collected so that everything’s easy to sort and filter through.

Besides serving as a centralized client data hub, ClickUp helps you manage corporate gifting workflows. You can:

  • Set up tasks and checklists: Schedule and manage tasks associated with client gifting, ensuring no details are overlooked. You can create Task Dependencies (like ordering a gift only after management approval) for an orderly gifting cycle
  • Track client interactions: Leverage 15+ ClickUp views to track client relationships by reviewing past interactions, gift history, and revenue numbers
  • Track orders and receipts: ClickUp views like Timeline and Calendar help you visually keep tabs on order dates or gifting schedules
  • Use Automations: Set up triggers for automatic gifting tasks. For instance, you can configure the system to send gift coupons at specified times or after specific client interactions 🥰
Sales CRM Template by ClickUp
Sales CRM Template by ClickUp

Need help organizing your leads and clients? ClickUp has several pre-designed CRM templates that help arrange client lists according to account type, gifting status, or any other parameter. Overall, this free-to-use platform is a must-have if you need to stay on top of CRM workflows and create personalized gifting experiences for customers.

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25 Trendy Gift Ideas for Your Customers (+1 Bonus Item!)

We explored some new-age trends in the corporate gifting market, and it seems like more and more clients are digging eco-friendly, experiential, and productivity-boosting gifts.

We’ve carefully chosen 25 exceptional client gift ideas that will help you memorably express your gratitude and appreciation. 🎁

But first, we have a killer bonus item for you!

Bonus in-house pick: A year of ClickUp

Although this is not a mainstream gift at first glance, hear us out! ClickUp, as an all-in-one work and productivity management tool, is a gift that keeps on giving!

ClickUp’s diverse feature set supports businesses in any industry at any scale. It can benefit your clients in both personal and professional lives by:

ClickUp Views to Plan, Track, and Manage Work
Enhance productivity by streamlining tasks and using adaptable ClickUp Views to organize and monitor all work types

By gifting a ClickUp yearly subscription, you’re making a statement that you care about your clients’ growth and success. It’s more likely to impress clients who’re handling a lot with small teams and can really use an organizational power-up!

Looking for other client gift ideas? We got you! 😎

1. A handwritten note with a box of high-end chocolates or sweets

Low on budget? You cannot go wrong with a box of gourmet chocolates or confections!

Indulge in the sweet side of business with exquisite flavors and elegant packaging. In a world where a touch of luxury goes a long way, these chocolates offer a delightful taste of refinement. They’re like tokens of your appreciation for client collaboration. 🍫

The choice of chocolates depends on your budget, but we recommend adding a handwritten personalized message to it. Leverage a beautifully calligraphed note to accompany any client gift, and the client will appreciate the time spent on the gesture. You can even use ClickUp AI, a writing assistant, to come up with tailored message content!

2. Customized calendar

A calendar for clients is a practical—yet perfect gift. Personalized with your company’s branding, these calendars provide a year-round reminder of your business. This client gift idea is a lasting token of your appreciation that combines functionality and brand recognition in a single, well-received package. 🗓️

3. Wellness gift box

After the long days, months, and years in the business world, everyone yearns for a moment to relax and rejuvenate. A wellness gift set is designed to provide a chance to unwind and prioritize self-care.

This carefully curated set can include items like soothing candles, luxurious bath salts, and aromatherapy oils to create a spa-like experience at home. It’s a reminder of the importance of taking a break and recharging, making it a meaningful gift for hardworking clients and employees alike. 🛀

4. Eco-friendly items

Eco-friendly gifts symbolize the positive changes you foster, both in the business world and the world we all share. 🌍

Businesses making eco-conscious choices may appreciate sustainable products, such as reusable shopping bags, bamboo utensils, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies, as gifts.

Such gestures indicate that we’re all Team Earth, encouraging responsible and sustainable living, which is pretty much a statement in itself.

5. Electronics organizer

An electronics organizer is meant to bring a sense of order and ease to daily life. It can keep gadgets, cables, and accessories neatly arranged, ultimately saving time and reducing clutter. 🛠️

By gifting this to your client, you’ll provide them with a tool to enhance their daily efficiency and streamline tech experience. This gesture symbolizes your commitment to making your client’s life smoother and more organized.

6. Time block desk clock

Another productivity-boosting item on our list: a time block desk clock (gotta love how it rhymes!) is not just a way to keep track of time but a powerful time management tool. This stylish clock also comes with a Pomodoro timer, which will help your client effectively plan their day and focus better. ⏰

7. Smart notebook

A smart notebook is a digital tool that allows digitizing handwritten notes and sketches, making them easily accessible on other devices. This item is perfect for creatives and professionals alike. Plus, it reduces paper usage. 📝

8. Portable laptop stand

One of the ways to improve any workspace is to have a portable laptop stand. It adjusts to the perfect height and angle, providing ergonomic comfort and helping users maintain better posture. It reduces the strain of long working hours, making it a brilliant client gift! 💻

9. Self-heating coffee mug

If coffee fuels productivity for your client, make them indulge in the aroma of a freshly brewed cup and that invigorating first sip of caffeine! The innovative self-heating mug ensures that your client’s coffee is always at the perfect temperature, from the first sip to the last drop, allowing them to focus on their work uninterrupted. 🍵

10. Book

Based on your client’s work or preferences, you can give them a book to sharpen their business acumen. An insightful read filled with strategies, wisdom, and practical advice can help them take their business to new heights. ⛰️

11. Kindle

If you find it challenging to decide on just one book (or you have a bigger budget), you can’t go wrong with a Kindle! It opens the door to an entire library of possibilities. With thousands of titles at your client’s fingertips, they’ll love expanding their literary world at their convenience. 📱

12. Charitable donation

In the spirit of gratitude and giving back, we’ve chosen a meaningful client gift that may resonate with some by making a charity donation. Note the causes your client supports and make a charity donation in their name.

It’s a gift that transcends the material, highlighting your commitment to not only your professional partnership but also the betterment of the world. 💌

13. Smartwatch

A smartwatch can be one of the best client gift ideas for those dedicated to work flexibility and overall wellness. Besides being a personal assistant on the wrist, it will help your client stay on top of schedules, receive notifications, and monitor their health and fitness on the go. ⌚

14. Smart water bottle

It’s common for busy individuals to forget about staying hydrated. The smart water bottle is here to change that. This innovative tool reminds users to drink water regularly, tracks their hydration progress, and syncs seamlessly with smartphone devices.

Your valued client would have one less thing to worry about, as this business gift will help them maintain optimal hydration levels throughout demanding schedules. 🥤

15. Online classes

If your client is a startup trying to “make it” in the world, gifting them online classes is a fun way to help their team level up. Popular courses in the corporate gifting space revolve around professional upskilling, but some businesses are also going for bonding-friendly gifts like culinary, meditation, or nail art courses. 💅

These types of personalized gifts could make it seem like you’re giving a strong recommendation to improve—so make sure this comes off as a thoughtful gift and not a back-handed client gift.

16. Scratch map

Have a client bit by the travel bug? Then, a scratch map would be the perfect canvas for their wanderlust adventures. With every location they visit, they can scratch off the surface to reveal a burst of color underneath, creating a personalized travel record—and maybe thinking of you in the process! 🗺️

17. Succulents

For those who spend most of their time in the office, a touch of nature can be a welcome respite. That’s where succulent gifts come in. These hardy and graceful plants offer more than just aesthetic charm—they’re a breath of fresh air in an otherwise busy workday, transforming any office space into a pretty haven. 🪷

18. Tickets to an escape room

Escape room tickets are not just a gift; they’re a passport to adventure and collaboration. Both physical and virtual escape rooms (the latter is ideal for remote teams) challenge any team’s problem-solving skills and teamwork, all while having fun. They promote camaraderie, enhance communication, and provide a memorable team-building experience. 🎟️

19. Personalized padfolio

If you’re aiming for a professional gesture with a personal touch, the personalized padfolio is precisely what you need. It’s more than just another business accessory to keep documents.

When you add your client’s name or initials to the item, it adds a personalized message and dimension, showcasing your attention to detail and dedication to their success. 🗂️

20. Smart backpack

In a world where people are always on the move, a backpack becomes an essential companion to carry everything needed.

You can go for a company-branded anti-theft backpack with compartments for gadgets and other essentials. Gifts for clients like this could become your client’s go-to travel and work companion, enhancing their mobility and ensuring they’re well-equipped at all times. 🎒

21. Tile tracker

Imagine never having to rummage around for your misplaced keys or wallet again. That’s the magic of the tile tracker, a lifesaver gift for those everyday moments of Where did I leave that? With its Bluetooth tracking technology, your client will always know where their belongings are, making their daily lives just a wee bit easier. 🏷️

22. White noise machine

A white noise device makes a good gift for stressed-out clients.

Many people experience difficulty sleeping after a long, demanding workday. A white noise gadget offers a range of sounds, from calming white noise to soothing melodies. This business gift allows your client to tailor their sleep environment to their preferences, ensuring they wake up refreshed and ready to tackle each new day with vigor. 🎼

23. Anxiety rings

If you want your gift to be about promoting mental health, spikey anxiety rings (also called sensory rings) can be a great option. They’re available in bulk, are super budget-friendly, and can be really useful for corporate workers prone to stress and anxiety or those suffering from ADHD. These rings work by activating nerve endings and pressure points in the fingers, triggering a calming effect.

24. Engraved keychain

For clients in the dynamic world of real estate, where keys hold the key to countless opportunities, an engraved keychain is more than just a witty gift. It symbolizes your appreciation for their tireless efforts in opening doors to homes and investments. You can get a name or a special message carved on the keychain, depending on your client’s preferences. 🗝️

25. Health and skincare add-ons

Want to show your client some TLC? Try gifting them relevant health and skincare add-ons! These items typically include luxury brand products that aim to balance out the body and skin damage caused by long hours of work and screen time.

We’re talking health supplements, cooling eye and face masks, hydration serums, and hair care tonics—they’re unisex items, and everyone loves them! 💆

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Simplify Your Client Gifting Plans with ClickUp!

Once you decide what you’re gifting, make a meticulous plan to present and deliver the item within sensible deadlines—nobody wants to receive a Christmas gift after New Year’s Day!

ClickUp 3.0 Table view with Calendar bundle
Move between the versatile ClickUp 3.0 Table view and Calendar view to best visualize all your work

Luckily, managing your client’s gifting becomes a breeze with ClickUp. Leverage this project management tool to streamline gifting processes at every stage of the customer journey. Use ClickUp to:

  1. Track your gift inventory: Keep tabs on what gifts you have on hand, which clients have received what, and when
  2. Set reminders: Schedule reminders for tasks like ordering or shipping a gift
  3. Manage your budget: Keep your gifting expenses in check and ensure you’re allocating resources well
  4. Collaborate with your team: Share the task of brainstorming and managing gifting with your team, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility this holiday season

So, sign up for ClickUp and turn the gift-giving chore into a joyous celebration! 🎄

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