20 Best Productivity Gifts for Your Highly Productive Friends

Sometimes the hardest people to shop for are the ones you care for the most—especially if those people really have their sh*t together or are working on getting their daily routine down to a science.

But not to worry! We are here to help, and we know exactly how to shop for these people because we are the same type of nerd! The organizationally obsessed, if you will.

And if your special someone is new to the productivity lifestyle and looking to dive a little deeper, this list is still a great place to start.

So fire up your favorite yule log video on Netflix and scroll through our top 20 gift ideas to help everyone on your list ho-ho-hone their skills in 2024. 🎅🏼

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The Top 20 Gifts Ideas for the Highly Productive

What makes shopping for a highly productive person so difficult is that they typically don’t like to collect a lot of clutter in their day-to-day and especially in their workspace.

They value intention and structure in their lives, but they also like to try new things! They’ve likely received countless notebooks and calendars, but this list is so much more than that.

These items will help your special productivity-nut feel creative, more efficient, and give them those Christmas morning butterflies that we all live for!

And if that person on your list doesn’t quite have their workflow down, these ideas will help them get those productivity juices flowing in time for 2022.

1. ClickUp

Download ClickUp and access it on any device!

Give them the gift that keeps on giving—a year of ClickUp!

Whether you’re a project manager, software engineer, or someone who gets a thrill out of adding stickers to their daily agenda, ClickUp is the platform for you.

Think of ClickUp as the ultimate planner that is paperless and doesn’t take up extra space, get lost, or tell you how to organize your day. And yet, it’s still so much more than that! In ClickUp you can:

Buy in bulk for all of your friends and save even more when you pay for the year. 😉

That’s not all!

Get 15% Off Unlimited using code: GIFTGUIDE15

Already have ClickUp? No problem, here are 19 other top-tier gift ideas.

2. Time block desk clock

Pomodoro-style time block clocks
CREDIT: Refinery29

These timers are adapted from the Pomodoro technique for productivity. And did you know that pomodoro means tomato in Italian? That just made this gift 10x cuter, huh. 🙂

Time blocking is not new, but it is highly effective. In fact there are multiple time-blocking apps available on the market today. Set the timer on any side to block out 5-30 minutes for a single task. You will be amazed at how much you get done.

Pro tip: This is a great item for anyone who is new to productivity or looking to be more efficient in their days! These timers help you build a little more structure while being fun to look at. 😉

3. Moleskine smart notebook

Moleskine Smart Notebook, woman using her smart notebook and enjoying coffee
CREDIT: Moleskine

Okay, we know we said no notebooks, but this one is pretty cool—and it’s paperless!

Think of this notebook as a mini whiteboard that scans your document directly to your phone.

Get creative! Visualize your workflow in a chart you’ve created yourself. Let your mind run wild and doodle for 15 minutes as a reset during your day. Or, write down that amazing chicken piccata recipe your friend just told you over the phone. This notebook can take it all.

The best part? You can export your notes to PNG or PDF and organize them in ClickUp. 🤓

4. Sunrise alarm clock

Wake up gradually and improve sleep with the sunrise alarm clock

These clocks improve the quality of sleep and mood, and a happy wake-up = a happy day! A productive day starts with a good night’s sleep and a peaceful wake-up.

Gradually wake up to a light that mimics the sunrise. It reaches its highest setting in about 30 minutes. You can still set the clock to wake you up at the time you choose, sometimes also with a sound!

We are also about to enter the time where we leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark, treat this sunrise clock as your own source of light therapy!

5. Oura ring

Use the Oura Ring to track your sleep, mood, activity, and more!
CREDIT: Oura Ring

This is pricey. But if you can swing it, it is worth it.

Many productive people love things. And we’re not talking things as in a collection of 500+ ceramic frogs—think gadgets or tools that will help them be more productive.

The Oura ring will be their next obsession.

Track your fitness, your sleep, your stress level, your readiness, your heart rate, even the progress of your business. It’s very impressive how much data this non-invasive ring can hold. And it’s stylish. 😎

6. Leatherman Rebar multi-tool

The Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool is 17 tools in one!
CREDIT: Leatherman

Almost like having ClickUp in your pocket, this small tool serves 17 functions and can save you as much time on small jobs in a pinch as it will save space in your kitchen drawer.

7. Air pods or wireless headphones

Productive people are multitaskers! They like to keep things moving quickly and efficiently, and wireless headphones can help make that possible!

Water your plants while you talk to your grandma, listen to your work meeting without bothering your WFH peers, and hide your secret love for the Wicked soundtrack from strangers during your morning walk to work.

8. Mechanical keyboard

If you haven’t heard of a mechanical keyboard before, prepare to add it to your personal wish list.

The tell-tale sign of and beautify of the mechanical keyboard is the satisfying click sound it makes from the springs in the keys.

It may not seem like much, but trust us, that’s what will get you first.

These keyboards also light up with your keystrokes, are totally customizable, and for people who spend a lot of time on the computer, this will bring some fun and satisfaction to the workday that they didn’t know they were missing.

Plus, these are perfect for the 90’s enthusiasts in your life.

9. A year of Headspace

Sometimes the best gift you can give is the reminder that self-love comes first!

Headspace offers meditation for stress, mindfulness, sleep, and more! No matter your experience with it.

Meditation is linked to better moods, improved mental health, sleep, and more productive days—all things we love!

10. Tile

Tile helps you keep track of your phone, keys, wallet, and more!

It’s like Find My iPhone but for everything else!

Locate items like your keys, wallet, your last location, and more—and sync it to your Amazon Echo or Google Assistant to take the guesswork out of where your necessities are hiding on the way out the door.

11. A book like Essentialism

A little self-study never hurt anybody, and personal development books can help you prioritize your tasks and maximize your day. They also look very impressive on a coffee table.

Check out this list of ClickUp approved books that are sure to kick start your healthy and productive habits.

12. Ember coffee mug

Ember Mugs keep your coffee hot and ready for as long as you need!
CREDIT: ember

May your coffee be strong, and let it be hot! All the time!

If your special someone has long days or gets so in the zone with their tasks that they forget to drink their coffee, let them save a trip to the microwave and keep their hot beverage good until the last drop.

Your drinks will stay hot for as long as you need and you can set your temperature to your liking.

It comes in 16oz or 10oz and is great for indoor use or on the go.

13. A Solar powered charging bank

Do you ever have those workdays where the only time you felt sunlight was through a window? Or on your walk to the car? Or did you not feel it at all?! There’s an easy fix.

Productivity is not limited to a conventional desk! Get outside and don’t let yourself be limited by an outlet to power your devices.

Solar power banks let you take your WFH set up almost anywhere and many of them charge themselves in about 6 hours.

14. Timbuk2 authority backpack

Timbuk2 authority backpack
CREDIT: Timbuk2

This will hold a 16″ MacBook Pro! Which is huge! Literally and figuratively!

It’s also stylish, gender-neutral, and has tons of pockets.

These can sell out pretty fast, but this backpack by the same brand will fit the same size laptop and has a similar look.

15. A calming house plant

If you can’t get outside during your workday, bring a little bit of the outdoors to you.

Plants purify the air, add a calming presence to a room, and can give people a sense of pride in caring for them. And clean air is the first step toward a clean mind!

And for those without a green thumb, succulents are full of color, require minimal water, and are great to look at!

Bonus: Client Gift Ideas!

16. A white noise or sleep device

Especially if your special someone has a lot on their mind, sleep devices are great solutions for getting better sleep and having better days.

Some devices even have alarm clocks built into them so you can wake up as gradually as you went to sleep!

17. Roomba from iRobot

Take one more thing off your checklist with an automated Roomba vacuum.

Allow Roomba to help you keep your WFH space together and probably scare your dog. Not in a bad way though! Just enough for a hilarious Instagram video.

Tom from Parks and Recreation talking to DJ Roomba

18. CBD

Don’t worry, no funny business here. If you haven’t heard, there are a ton of benefits to taking CBD and there are tons of different kinds for various purposes.

Some CBD options are even tailored to improve your focus throughout the day and are packed with other vitamins like B12 to give you the kickstart you need to conquer the day.

19. Portable laptop stand

Save your posture and neck pain with a portable laptop stand that tilts toward you to avoid hunching over your keyboard.

This portable option folds flat for easy transport!

20. Foot hammock

Foot Hammock for your desk at home

Ahh, last but not least, the foot hammock. It’s okay if you think it’s a little funny, that is part of its charm. But you will probably also secretly love it.

Take a load off! Rest your feet and keep them moving in comfort.

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Ready, set, shop quality time!

Holiday shopping can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

The best part about any of these productive gift ideas is that they show how much thought you put into the people on your list.

But after all, the most meaningful thing you can give someone is the gift of time, that’s why it’s called the present. 🎁

You and that special someone can use the extra time to watch a holiday movie, give back to the community, or maybe stop having to check work emails while they enjoy their morning coffee in 2022.

So save one day every week this holiday season with the gift of ClickUp and use that extra time doing something that makes you feel merry! 😌

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