Why Choose ClickUp If You’re Switching from Trello

Why Choose ClickUp If You’re Switching from Trello

If you need an alternative to Trello, you’re not alone. You’ve heard professionals rave about the tool and it’s one of the most popular project management options available. However, just because it was a good fit in 2016 doesn’t mean better options haven’t arrived!

Trello is a solid project management tool for professionals, but it’s not without its limitations.

Let’s review some highlights to show you why Trello is so dang popular! We’ll examine a few of its flaws and highlight the only tool you’ll need to replace it.

We Know, We Know… Trello is Great

For starters, Trello is incredibly simple. This simplicity makes it attractive to users from all walks of life.

The organization is simple; being able to organize your projects into boards gives you a birds-eye view of a project at a moment’s notice. You can quickly see what tasks need to get done and who’s responsible for doing them.

You can also map out the timeline of a project by adding multiple columns and populating them with cards for tasks.

It’s easy to grasp and works well for managing simple personal projects or creating to-do lists.  

All of the above features and the basic workflow of Trello are super useful. If you’re looking for something that can solve all of your problems in one place, however, wouldn’t you consider upgrading your productivity arsenal?

Trello tries to solve productivity enhancement with their Power Ups system. Basically, you can enable features like invoicing, reporting, time tracking, recurring tasks, calendar integration, and more. What’s the catch?

Trello powerups

Trello’s pricing gets steep if you demand a lot of features.

Why Would You Want to Use Something Else?

Beyond requiring Power Ups for many of the high-level features you need to make life easier, where does Trello fall short?

Sure, it works great for managing simple tasks, but if you’re looking to scale your professional work then Trello will have a hard time keeping up with you.

For example, if you require deep collaboration you’re going to outgrow Trello in no time due to limited communication features. You’ll have a hard time creating project timelines, scheduling deadlines, and organizing your tasks.

One of the biggest gaps for Trello is the difficulty of managing multiple users and keeping track of high-volume workloads. Even with multiple assignees, it’s hard to manage accountability on any given task.

For simple projects that only require a few steps, using Trello can work fine. However, project managers with growing teams looking to scale their colleague number and project size will want to reduce the headache and start looking for a turnkey productivity solution!

Manage a growing team

What to Look for in a Trello Alternative

With the above problems in mind, let’s take a look at some of the important features to keep in mind when wading through the fifty plus Trello alternatives out there today.

First, we want tools that are well-liked, have positive reviews and are also relatively inexpensive. Some of these basic requirements:

  • Intuitive user dashboard
  • Kanban board
  • Feature-heavy free version
  • Cheap paid plan
  • Easy task creation
  • Project timelines
  • Collaboration tools
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Built-in calendar
  • Templates for easy project creation
  • Web and mobile app use
  • Reporting and scheduling tools
  • Multiple user management and assignees
  • User-friendly interface
  • File sharing
  • Solid support documentation

Is ClickUp the Best Trello Alternative?

There are many tools for the job — Todoist, Asana, SmartSheet, JIRA, and even Basecamp — that pack a serious amount of features into a pretty package.

However, there are always drawbacks.

Here are a few of the reasons ClickUp reigns supreme as the top Trello alternative:

1. You Can Separate Your Boards By Projects

ClickUp Board View

If you’ve tried to manage large-scale projects with Trello, then you know how messy it can get. Your projects and cards end up expanding horizontally and vertically into infinity. This makes keeping track of project details incredibly difficult.

ClickUp solves this problem by making sorting incredibly simple. Instead of having all of your tasks in a single dashboard you’ll be able to create separate projects that are bundled groups of lists, which contain everything that needs to be done.

2. ClickUp Allows Both Single and Multiple Assignees

Sometimes you need more than a single person on a task. In other tools, this simple feature is hard to implement. ClickUp makes it simple.

You can quickly manage permissions so tasks can be assigned to as many users as needed to ensure work accountability for a task.

3. The Hierarchy Just Makes Sense

ClickUp has one of the only project management hierarchies that is structured as the human mind would anticipate. It’s surprising this is lacking in so many tools.

The project hierarchy in ClickUp is as follows:

  • Teams: This is your top-level hierarchy where you can break your company up into unique teams.
  • Spaces: Spaces are like overarching groups for your team, think “marketing” or “sales”.
  • Projects and Lists: This is where your individual projects will be listed, like “SEO”, “content“, “advertising”.
  • Tasks: Tasks are where work gets done. Each task can host the activity feed, description, subtasks, assigned comments, and much more.
  • Subtasks: If you want to get even more granular, you can break down each task into a specific subtask. Subtasks, like tasks, are capable of powerful features.

4. The Task View Is Uber Intuitive

Our design team has focused on UX from Day 1. The task view dashboard is broken down into two columns that show you the details of the task and any activity made on the task.

You’ll be able to easily accomplish:

  • Changing the status of the task
  • Adding or removing assignees
  • Adding tags
  • Creating manageable to-dos with subtasks
  • Adding attachments to comments
  • Time tracking
  • Managing task time details
  • Assigning comments
  • Managing start and due dates/times

Kiss Trello Power Ups Goodbye

If you’ve been using the Trello app to manage your projects, then you can finally kiss all those Power Ups goodbye.

It’s time to level up the right way.

With ClickUp you get access to all of the features of Trello and some – plus 100MB of storage!

If you require more storage, then you can upgrade your account to the Unlimited Plan for only $5/user/month.

Your new and improved board will be the home base for all your projects, plus the added bonus of streamlined task management that makes keeping track of all your projects easier than ever.

It’s time to gain access to all the features you need and nothing more. Give ClickUp a try today!

Other Trello alternatives you might like


For anyone yet to try ClickUp, Asana is probably your best bet to replace Trello.

This software’s modern, sleek interface is all about simplicity and giving you what you need with as few clicks as possible. Collaboration tools are enforced across the entire project management team. 

  • Simple projects help you stay organized
  • One-stop activity feed for notifications
  • Attachments can be referenced in the team file storage
  • Calendar view is handy
  • Real-time synching in every task
  • Project permissions
  • Board view for Agile project management

For more, check out this quick comparison of Asana vs. Trello.


A highly visual project management platform that keeps things simple. Basecamp is renowned for its communication skills.

  • Drag-and-drop system makes organization simple
  • Discussions and campfires provide excellent collaboration
  • Easy access docs and files
  • Organize the day’s tasks in an agenda
  • Simple to-do-lists
  • Centralized message board
  • Check-ins with team members keep everyone accountable


Get away from Excel and Trello with Smartsheet and learn the benefits of real project management software.  

  • Intuitive, powerful interface
  • Gantt charts
  • Tasks are available as cards in a board view layout
  • Great mobile app and all data is stored in the cloud
  • Customizable workspace
  • Clear project hierarchy

Import or sign up for ClickUp now for your daily productivity boost!

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Jack Davidson

    Really love the organization that clickup hierarchy offers. Trello has a tendency of getting too chaotic with complex projects.

    • ClickUp

      Hey, Jack! ClickUp has a unique structure aimed at simplifying the organization of tasks. We felt that other platforms failed at this, which is why we were so determined to make this right 🙂

  • Darrin Heisey

    I am looking forward to getting used to ClickUp, it works a lot better than Trello already!

    • ClickUp

      So happy to hear you’re liking the platform, Darrin! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out at help@clickup.com 🙂

  • George Silver

    Thanks for this great post! We made the switch to clickup and my team is really enjoying it. Great release!

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