arranging tasks on a project management tool and considering software options like Trello vs Jira

Trello vs Jira: Which Project Management Tool is Best in 2024

With remote and hybrid working the norm, teams may be scattered across the globe. Project management platforms, originally the domain of software development teams, are almost nonnegotiable to keep remote teams on the same page about task management.

Trello and Jira, two popular project management software options, are owned by Australia-based Atlassian. These two platforms offer different features, despite their common parent company.

Let’s look at the key features of Trello vs. Jira to discover which platform is right for your team.

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What Is Trello?

Project management tool: Trello
Via Trello

Trello is a web-based project management tool designed to help individuals and teams organize and track tasks. Project managers can create boards in this project management software for projects or initiatives.

Within those boards, they can create to-do lists to organize tasks into stages or categories, each represented by a customizable card. The drag-and-drop interface allows team members to quickly move cards or tasks between lists and update their progress through stages of product development.

The platform encourages collaboration, and inviting team members, assigning tasks, and communicating updates through comments and attachments is easy. Trello integrates seamlessly with other popular tools in your to automate workflows.

Trello features

Trello offers handy tools for teams to plan and track complex projects. To shed some light on the Trello vs. Jira software debate, here are some of Trello’s best features to help you determine whether it’s the right option for you.

1. Various views

Trello Calendar View Example
Via Trello

Trello allows you to view your project in many ways: as boards, timelines, calendars, maps, or workspaces. This variety gives you a fresh perspective on projects and helps identify opportunities and bottlenecks.

The highly visual interface lets you see the status of projects at a glance and clarifies even the most complex jobs.

2. Good customization

Trello Templates Example
Via Trello

Trello offers project plan templates to help jumpstart your project, from new hire onboarding to software engineering. Templates are a great way to start, but you can customize almost everything within the project management software, giving you control over how things look and operate and allowing you to match Trello with your real-life workflow.

This customization makes Trello adaptable and easy to use for everything from personal projects to team collaboration and complex corporate initiatives.

3. Collaboration

Trello Assign Task Management Feature
Via Trello

Collaboration is at the core of Trello, which allows you to invite members to projects, assign project tasks, and engage in discussions about progress. The platform’s collaborative nature makes project management more transparent and holds team members accountable for their tasks.

It also encourages communication, especially with the comment and attachment features.

Trello pricing

  • Free version: up to ten boards
  • Standard version: $5/month per user (billed annually), otherwise $6
  • Premium version: $10/month per user (billed annually), otherwise $12.50
  • Trello Enterprise version: $17.50/month per user if billed annually
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What Is Jira?

Project management tool: Jira
Via Jira

While initially created for agile software development teams to keep up with fast-paced development, Jira’s expanded functionality is now popular for project management in many industries, not just for software developers.

It offers customizable tickets for task management and acts as a centralized space for assigning responsibilities and tracking progress. Jira has excellent integration options with third-party apps for process automation, including data sync and daily Slack summaries.

Additionally, Jira focuses on agile project management methods, giving teams such features as boards, backlogs, scrums, and sprint planning—almost everything you need to keep your team running smoothly in the software development process and any other type of project. Teams can customize their workflow to mirror their real-life processes and routines.

Custom dashboards simplify reporting and analytic information to provide real-time updates to help project managers monitor team performance and identify issues.

Jira features

When evaluating Trello vs. Jira, the latter can be an effective and versatile tool for teams following agile management methodologies. You can explore the following key features.

1. Agile project management support

jira board view example
via Jira

Jira has built-in support for quick-paced team management methods. Scrum and Kanban boards give agile teams a comprehensive view of tasks to plan and prioritize tasks effectively.

Backlogs, sprints, and swimlanes promote team collaboration to help them deliver value quickly using agile methodologies.

2. Robust ticket tracking

Tickets are the core of the Jira platform. They allow users to log and manage tasks, and conduct bug tracking, and user stories. You can customize fields, track project status, and assign tasks within the ticket.

jira issue navigator example
Via Jira

The centralized platform manages all tickets, giving business teams an overview of task assignments. Customization is also available for ticket tracking, so you can create a process that meets your team’s requirements.

3. Extensive Integration Options

Jira integrates with many popular apps and programs, and some great plugins extend its functionality. Atlassian Marketplace is an excellent resource for finding tools for test management, resource planning, and more.

You can use these tools to customize the platform and allow your teams to use Jira while still working in their preferred programs.

Jira pricing

  • Free version:  up to 10 users
  • Standard version: $7.75/month per user
  • Premium version: $15.25/month per user
  • Enterprise tier version: Contact for pricing
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Trello vs. Jira: Features Compared

Trello and Jira are popular project management tools with distinct features targeting different audiences. They both offer great free features and premium tier features. Let’s compare them to discover which might have the edge for optimizing your next project’s progress.

Board-based organization

Good project management software provides fast visual updates on project progress and lets you zoom in on each project’s tasks. Trello and Jira both offer this feature, but one may suit you better depending on your project management methodology.

Trello boards have the edge on visuals and user-friendliness. It features an intuitive interface, allowing new users to start using the platform in minutes. It gives you plenty of information about complex projects at a glance. The drag-and-drop interface is user-friendly, allowing users to update tasks on a Trello board quickly.

example of a Trello board for project management
Via Trello

Trello is a general-use project management tool that adapts to various needs. It’s well-suited for nontechnical users who need a convenient task management system to assign jobs to teams. It can handle everything from whose turn it is to pick up breakfast on Bagel Friday to company-wide project syncs. However, the board-based organization has no real support for agility.

Jira offers a functional interface with a steep learning curve when using the platform’s advanced features. Getting the most out of Jira will take considerably more time and effort than Trello.

However, if you live and breathe ticketing, learning about everything Jira work management can do for your team is worthwhile. Jira works with the agile methodology, so it sets up the board-based organization from the start for your workflow.

Project management features for Uptempo teams are unmatched, with built-in scrums and Kanban boards that help propel you through your next sprint.

Team collaboration

When searching for good project management software, collaboration should be a top priority. Easy collaboration allows your teams to work together no matter where they are, helps projects stay on course, and avoids miscommunication.

So when it comes to Trello vs. Jira, which is the better platform for team management and collaboration? This one is a tie. Trello and Jira are great for collaboration and team discussion, allowing comments and attachments for coordination and accountability.

Trello allows real-time collaboration with ongoing discussions about boards, projects, or tasks. It includes an excellent notification system to inform members about updates and project changes, which keeps everyone updated on the latest developments.

DevOps tools: Jira Insights popup on Backlog page
Via Jira

Jira offers many of these features. Team members can use comments, attachments, and mentions on tickets. You can even tag team members within comments to ensure they don’t miss anything. The platform integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams so that you can keep discussions in the team’s preferred platform.

The features in Jira and Trello create a transparent work environment that enhances a sense of teamwork.

Integration and expansion

The more it integrates with your current tech stack, the more valuable your project management software will be. Integrations streamline your teams’ workflows and reduce busy work so they can focus on task management.

Jira and Trello integrate with other popular apps and platforms, but does one have the edge?

Trello integrates with many third-party apps, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack. It also works with Automation platforms, such as Zapier, so users can automate repetitive tasks and create customizable workflows. Once you harness the extensive power of the Trello ecosystem, you’ll love being able to automate processes and get more done.

Jira does this and more. With Jira integration tools, you get a more extensive array of options, allowing users to automate their testing and deployment.

One of the ideal functionalities is that Jira users can also download plugins through Atlassian Marketplace to expand the platform. These tools can ratchet up Jira’s power and give your team an edge.

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Meet ClickUp: The Best Alternative to Trello vs. Jira

ClickUp views
Visualize tasks, projects, and workflows the way that works best for you with ClickUp’s 15+ customizable views

In the Trello vs. Jira debate, there is another contender you’ll want to consider: ClickUp.

ClickUp is a powerful project management and productivity platform to help business teams organize, manage, and collaborate on their tasks. ClickUp allows you to create tasks, set due dates, assign responsibilities, and track progress to increase project management efficiency.

The ClickUp platform is incredibly versatile. Whether you are a student, a small business owner, or a global software development team, it has the tools you’ll need.

Teams can visualize projects using lists, boards, and project timelines, while features, such as commenting and file attachments, promote better communication and collaboration.

ClickUp Gantt Chart View Product Example
Schedule multiple projects, manage dependencies, and prioritize everything into your custom project timeline with the Timeline view in ClickUp

ClickUp is highly customizable, so you can change fields, tags, and templates to suit your needs. It also allows you to build a workflow specific to your industry or organization to keep everyone up to date.

With plenty of integration options, ClickUp can streamline workflows and integrate with your preferred tech ecosystem without losing efficiency. It is a comprehensive project management tool with features that set it apart from Trello and Jira.

Compare Jira Vs Confluence & Jira Vs Aha!

Visualize tasks with the drag-and-drop Board view

ClickUp Kanban boards are popular agile methodology tools to plan and track sprints. The boards can help optimize agile project management by eliminating bottlenecks and helping teams make informed decisions about tasks.

ClickUp Board view Sorting Feature
Customize your project management system by arranging columns to suit your preferences like status, assignee, priorities, and more

These boards are also great for personal task organization, so you can track your to-do list and improve your focus.

ClickUp’s Kanban board feature gives users an intuitive way of managing tasks. It allows teams to organize their work into columns representing project stages. Team members can move tasks between the columns easily by dragging and dropping.

They can filter and sort the Kanban boards for customized views and activate team member task assignments with a simple click. It streamlines setting up and assigning tasks and allows for improved company-wide collaboration at every stage.

Whether using it for a personal project or collaborating with a team, ClickUp’s Kanban boards have a user-friendly visual design and provide an efficient way to track your project.

Go Deeper with advanced views

Kanban boards are great, but ClickUp goes even further. It offers many ways to visualize your project, including its powerful array of ClickUp Views.

These views give users flexibility in visualizing and interacting with the project, giving them customization options to suit their workflow and process. In the Gantt chart view, users can create and manage project timelines effectively in just a few clicks and easily visualize their project dependencies and milestones.

ClickUp Gantt Chart view Sorting Priorities
Sort your tasks quickly and easily, and create cascading views with a single click to stay ahead of the game and prioritize what’s important

This chart is useful when managing complex tasks and allocating project resources.

Another advanced view users will love is the Box view, which lets you see what team members are working on, what they’ve completed, and how they’ve allocated your resources. It’s a great way for project managers to see who has too much work and who has room for more so you can easily manage resource allocation.

ClickUp’s advanced views give you tools to visualize, analyze, and interact with your project. The power and diversity of views set ClickUp apart from other project management tools.

Bonus: Project management KPIs

Powerful AI features made for specific teams

ClickUp’s excellent project management tools are just the beginning. It also includes AI integration, which promises to enhance productivity and streamline custom workflows so you can maximize your team’s capacity.

What used to take hours is now done in seconds, even time-consuming admin tasks. ClickUp’s AI tools are purpose-built.

ClickUp AI Test Plan for Inventory Management Example
Quickly create product test plans and cut the endless hours of manual work with AI-generated prompts from ClickUp

Hundreds of prompts cover multiple departments and every role on your team, including sales, marketing, customer support, and for software developers. Click the role, select the task, and give ClickUp a few details.

The AI-powered project management tools will generate outlines and blog posts and launch plans in seconds, streamlining editorial calendar planning and more. ClickUp’s AI can even summarize lengthy documents or meeting notes or create action items from your content.

Use these features to help you brainstorm, making the platform part of the collaborative process. ClickUp will supercharge your team to do more with less time so they can focus less on prep and more on getting things done.

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Your All-in-One Project Management Tool

Want to see what ClickUp’s powerful project management tools can do to track projects and improve productivity on your team? Whether you work in software development or event planning or need a personal project manager, ClickUp makes it easy to get more done.

Sign up for ClickUp today and use its free version for all-in-one productivity and project management.

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