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The Ultimate List of the 10 Must-Follow Productivity Influencers [2024 Edition]

Social media networks continue to attract record-breaking numbers of users (4.9 billion in 2023—that’s over 60% of the global population!). Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have laid the foundation for another lucrative niche—influencer marketing. With over 50 million influencers worldwide, the industry is expected to grow to $24 billion by the end of 2024.

As people around the world race against the clock to juggle work, family, friends, and chores, one influencer group has become particularly popular: productivity influencers.

These influencers offer productivity tips and tricks on organizing your schedule and overcoming distractions to become the most efficient version of yourself. But with hundreds of productivity influencers around, which ones deserve your follow?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 10 productivity influencers who put out quality content that inspires countless people to develop positive habits and improve their work-life balance. ⏰

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The Rise of Productivity Influencers on Social Media Platforms

Productivity influencers and entrepreneurs help you pinpoint and eliminate the obstacles on your way to building productivity. Their practical tips, personal experiences, and support are tailored explicitly to our digitally dependent lifestyle.

These influencers often focus on the challenges within the modern work environment. While we have nifty technology and tools to encourage work collaboration, communication, and efficiency, the challenges, such as frequent multitasking, context switching, excessive meetings, and burnout, can be pretty frustrating.

Now, you can’t add more hours to your day or clone yourself, but you can learn how to organize your time and keep your motivation high to achieve everything on your to-do list. Productivity influencers bring golden insights to help you overcome modern-day challenges and succeed professionally and personally. 

Some common content themes you can expect from these influencers include:

  • Maintaining focus while working from home
  • Digital minimalism or digital detox
  • Mental well-being and self-care
  • Custom planning and prioritization systems
  • Can-do mindset
  • Emotional mastery
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10 Leading Productivity Influencers to Follow in 2024

We’ve curated a list of the 10 best productivity influencers on popular social media platforms based on criteria like content quality, community engagement, and number of followers. Let’s get started! 🍀

1. Tim Ferriss

With five New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, a successful podcast, and over 1.5 million Instagram followers, Tim Ferriss is a superstar productivity influencer!

Ferriss is an investor, entrepreneur, and lifestyle guru widely popular for his 4-Hour self-help book series. His books help you be more productive in different spheres of life, like work, diet, and exercise. For instance, The 4-Hour Workweek discusses how to ditch the traditional 9-5 lifestyle, work less, and earn more. 💸

Ferris has published two other productivity books, Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors, which are collections of positive habits, beliefs, and advice from top performers worldwide. Their experiences encourage individuals to enhance their productivity mindset and push toward ambitious goals.

Don’t have time for reading books? You can find plenty of productivity-related tips and tricks on Ferriss’ Instagram profile—over 2,000+ posts deal with themes like efficiency, creativity, and fighting procrastination. The account tackles work efficiency issues and shares advice on leading a healthy lifestyle and prioritizing physical and mental well-being.

If you’re a fan of audio content, check out the influencer’s business podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, where you can listen to plenty of motivational success stories. All podcast transcripts are available on Ferriss’ website.

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2. Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal
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A former doctor and one of the world’s most popular productivity influencers, Ali Abdaal started his career in 2017 when he began posting YouTube videos in the health and productivity space. Today, Ali’s YouTube channel has over five million subscribers, and he also has a massive Instagram fanbase of over 700,000 followers!

His content is a must for everyone who wants to build self-awareness and be more productive. In his videos and posts, he discusses how to achieve more while working less and sheds light on improving discipline and managing anxiety.

Abdaal, a Cambridge University alumni, often talks to successful entrepreneurs and fellow influencers in his podcasts and digs deeper into productivity strategies that help achieve professional goals and lead a more fulfilling personal life.

The influencer has published a book titled Feel-Good Productivity, where he discusses a science-based approach to success and highlights that the secret to productivity isn’t the grind but more about feeling good. 🥰

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3. Sierra Honeycutt

Nobody understands the importance of time management better than parents. You’re juggling kids, chores, work, homework, sports practices, and cooking—and are expected to somehow make time for socializing and relaxing. 🥵

Sierra Honeycutt’s mom hacks and productivity habits (as she puts it in her Instagram bio) can make your life easier! She’s a mom of two who decided to share her productivity wisdom and hacks with the world. Her Instagram account mainly focuses on parenting and lifestyle posts—you’ll find recommendations for fun activities with kids, creating rejuvenating bedtime and skincare routines, and meal ideas.

Sierra also tackles home and kitchen organization and offers cleaning and productivity tips. You’ll get valuable insights into establishing and sticking to routines and maximizing your free time for well-being exercises and personal relationships.

Sierra’s Instagram account currently has 1,000+ posts and 20+ neatly organized highlights, so you have plenty of material to explore.

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4. Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam’s Instagram profile has around 15,000 followers, and a great deal of her posts feature her five children, vacations, family, and friends. One glance at her profile isn’t enough to tell of her fantastic accomplishments, though—Laura has published nine books and has hosted three podcasts

If you’re struggling with time management, her 168 Hours book is a must-read—it explains the benefits of optimizing your weekly time allotment to tasks. The 168 hours you get each week can be more than enough to do what you want without compromising self-care or overall well-being. The practical guide shares the experiences of successful people who have managed to do just that!

Another publication that can help you be more productive is Off the Clock. Here, Laura discusses how a change in your perception of time can lead to a life that’s both productive and enjoyable. 😀

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5. James Clear

James Clear is the author of the New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. It sold over 15 million copies worldwide!

The book promotes a simple philosophy—small changes to your routine can transform your habits and compound them into exceptional results. It teaches you how to be 1% better every day, avoid common mistakes on your productivity journey, and overcome a lack of motivation.

The book is much more than dry theory—it features stories about Olympic gold medalists, business leaders, and award-winning artists who have relied on little good habits to improve their self-worth and reshape their lives.

You don’t have to buy the book to enjoy the influencer’s wisdom. Visit his website, sign up for the weekly 3-2-1 Newsletter, and join over three million happy subscribers.

James Clear’s baby-step approach to productivity has made him a bona fide celebrity—his Instagram profile has over 1.5 million followers. Scroll through the profile to get your daily dose of motivational quotes to keep going. 

Tip: Check the highlights on Clear’s Instagram profile—you’ll find a free chapter of Atomic Habits. ⚛️

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6. Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo
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A potential cause of low productivity is the very space you’re in—if it’s cluttered or chaotic, it might distract you from your goals and even induce anxiety and stress.

Marie Kondo, known by her alias Konmari, can help you say goodbye to clutter and create a space in which you feel motivated and inspired. She’s one of the world’s most popular tidying-up experts known for her unique organization technique: The KonMari method. Her approach is that instead of focusing on throwing out the things we don’t need, we concentrate on keeping only the things that spark joy, even if they aren’t an absolute necessity.

If you’re particularly interested in decluttering your work area, check out Marie’s Joy at Work book—it offers practical tips on tidying your desk and mind and embracing productivity.

Fun fact: Marie’s the star of the Netflix reality series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, so here’s your next binge-watch marathon! 🍿

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7. Brian Tracy

A motivational speaker and a well-established author with over 70 books under his name, Brian Tracy is also a well-known name in the productivity field.

One of his most famous books is Eat That Frog! In it, he mentions how you should tackle the most challenging tasks on your to-do list first to turn procrastination into execution, boost productivity, and face your day with unwavering confidence. Tracy also discusses using discipline, determination, and clear decision-making to accomplish goals faster.

Tracy’s Instagram profile has over one million followers and boasts a wealth of information for everyone who wants to enhance their goal-setting skills. You’ll discover productivity hacks and learn how to:

  • Think long-term with SMART goal-setting
  • Use holistic approaches like practicing gratitude and positive affirmations
  • Maintain motivation

The influencer’s profile also sheds light on how different time management techniques can significantly impact your work-life balance and help you respond to problems faster.

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8. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a bestselling author, business coach, and, as Oprah Winfrey put it, a thought leader for the next generation. 🌱

Marie is known for her book Everything is Figureoutable. It stands out in the productivity space as it offers a sustainable solution to maintain efficiency: changing one’s mindset.

The book offers insights that will retrain your brain to think more positively and overcome challenges standing in the way of fulfilling your dreams. You’ll learn about habits that help you achieve goals, handle time and money constraints, deal with criticism, and build a strong work ethic.

Marie is active on Instagram, where she regularly posts about achieving business success through productivity, overcoming overwhelm and insecurities, and working in alignment with our soul or internal guidance system.

She hosts the MarieTV online weekly show and The Marie Forleo podcast, both full of actionable ideas around business, organization, and productivity. 🤓

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9. Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor is an influencer, author, and researcher with a unique approach to success—he observes it from the perspective of being happy. According to him, success doesn’t lead to happiness, but it’s the other way around. 😍

In his book, The Happiness Advantage, Shawn talks about how consciously choosing happiness leads to improved productivity, enhanced creativity and problem-solving, and reduced stress. His teachings revolve around adopting a positive mindset toward work and marching toward ambitious goals with intentional leadership. As Shawn says:

We may not have the power to control the world, but we do have the power to DEFEND the good within it.

If adopting a new mindset all of a sudden sounds impossible, check out his Before Happiness book. It proposes practical strategies that make positive change less forced and more doable.

Want to understand the connection between your personal happiness project and productivity even better? Check out Achor’s TED talk, which has over 25 million views!

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10. Seth Godin

Seth Godin
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If you’re in the marketing realm, you need to follow Seth Godin! As a businessman and a former dot com business executive, Godin has decades of marketing experience—and he uses it to educate others.

Over the years, Godin has written 21 bestsellers. His discussion themes include different aspects of marketing and work, with valuable tips on overcoming obstacles through persistence and adjusting the mindset to level up your creativity.

Godin is also the author of one of the most popular blogs revolving around marketing, so it’s definitely worth checking out for everyone interested in this niche.

If you want to be a leader, you can explore Godin’s altMBA workshop. You’ll learn to accept uncertainty and grow the confidence necessary for efficient leadership.

Fun fact: Seth Godin was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame in 2018.

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Follow Productivity Advice Better and Achieve Success with ClickUp

The productivity influencer scene is enlightening, but the amount of information you absorb from your favorite channels can be overwhelming. There can be a number of productivity tips and strategies you want to execute, but where do you start?

That’s why it makes sense to use a productivity platform like ClickUp—it’s an integrated project and task management solution that can help you implement the valuable knowledge you’ve soaked in from influencers and reach your productivity goals faster.

1. Create a healthy work-life balance with ClickUp Tasks

ClickUp Tasks
Use ClickUp Tasks to break down complex tasks into smaller, bite-sized actions

Jotting down all your personal and professional duties and chores can help you organize, prioritize, and delegate work with more precision, as well as be mindful of productivity killers that take you off track. With ClickUp Tasks, you’ll find it easier to run your day! 💃

Whether creating a basic daily schedule or a complicated product delivery plan, ClickUp Tasks have you covered. You can:

Add context to each item with ClickUp Custom Fields like Dropdown, Website, Progress, or Money—that way, all work data remains centralized, which in turn keeps you productive.

The idea behind using ClickUp to plan tasks is to generate reasonably flexible schedules, keep an eye on due dates, and make adjustments when necessary without panicking. 🧘

Do you often forget about your weekly meetings, grocery shopping sprees, or classes? Recurring tasks are easy to manage with ClickUp. Create a daily, weekly, or monthly recurring task in a few clicks and ensure you stay on schedule.

If you’re a fan of to-do lists, ClickUp doubles as a fully customizable list-making tool! Make your list from scratch or use one of the platform’s to-do list templates to save time. These templates are available in various themes like self-care and travel—just pick one that works for your productivity plan.

ClickUp Daily To-Do List Template
ClickUp Daily To-Do List Template Example

2. Practice intentional leadership with ClickUp Project Management

ClickUp Project Management
Focus on what matters the most with ClickUp Project Management

In a project setting, productivity is a by-product of being aware of what needs to be done. Luckily, the ClickUp Project Management suite offers an arsenal of productivity tools to build awareness as a leader! 

It allows you to operate organized Workspaces for several projects and observe them from different perspectives, all thanks to ClickUp views. From the basic views like Lists and the Kanban Board to the advanced options, like the Gantt Chart and Table views, you have everything you need to zoom in on your workflows, monitor delivery risks, and reprioritize.

Whether working on personal projects or with a team, ClickUp Docs can help you write and store all your knowledge documents in one place. With everything accessible at your fingertips, you won’t waste time looking for additional data during work hours. 

If you’re making productivity plans, consider using ClickUp AI, the platform’s built-in AI assistant. It can be your brainstorming partner, as well as tailor to-do lists, project briefs, emails, and other documents for you with the help of prompts. You can also use it to summarize lengthy texts and save up on reading time. ⚡

AI Overview GIF
Use ClickUp AI to write faster and polish your copy, email responses, and more

Another time-saving option is ClickUp Automationsboost productivity and ensure you don’t waste time on repetitive admin tasks by setting triggers and actions. ClickUp has a rich automation library, but you’re welcome to create your own.

A part of the ClickUp Project Management feature suite is ClickUp Dashboards. They’re an excellent option for those who want to visualize their productivity through various charts and graphs that update in real time. 📊

3. Reduce stress with a high-end time management suite

ClickUp Time-Tracking
Time-track tasks in different stages of their progress on ClickUp Tasks

Tracking the time you spend on specific tasks is an excellent strategy for monitoring and improving productivity. With ClickUp Time Tracking, all you need to do is click one button, and the platform will start tracking time for you. ⌛

As ClickUp is available on iPhones, Androids, and desktops, you can record time from any device and run multiple timers simultaneously. If you forget to track time, you can always add data retroactively.

If you’re monitoring productivity, leave a note explaining what you spent the time on next to each entry. That way, you’ll have meticulous records of your activities and an excellent foundation for planning ahead and realizing what you can do to simplify your day.

4. Use ClickUp Goals to track your progress

ClickUp lets you set quantifiable goals for yourself and your team, streamlining the road to productivity. You can have weekly, monthly, or annual ClickUp Goals and track progress with Dashboard cards.

Plus, you are always in control of how your goals look. For example, if you want to use SMART goal-setting that influencers like Brian Tracy promote, you can always jump on the ClickUp SMART Goals Template to make your version.

ClickUp 3.0 Dashboard Bundle With Team Goals
Break down goals, tasks, agile points, and project statuses in the highly customizable ClickUp 3.0 Dashboard
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Combine Practical Advice from Productivity Influencers with ClickUp

Productivity influencers can inspire you and offer insider tips and wisdom on organizing your life and improving efficiency. But these tips don’t mean much if you don’t act on them.

ClickUp offers the foundation for going from passively listening to influencers to implementing their advice. The platform’s task and project management options can turn your life around and help you seize the day.

Sign up for ClickUp and enter the productivity kingdom in style! 👑

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