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10 Best Reddit Productivity Subreddits With Tips & Productivity Hacks

The best productivity advice doesn’t always come from our circle of family, friends, and coworkers. Sometimes we reach our aha! moments with online communities experiencing the highs and lows of doing the most important work in our personal and professional lives. 

Reddit’s diverse network of communities and 52 million active users discuss almost any subject anyone is interested in! So if you’re around the Reddit productivity block, we’ve put together a shortlist of the top 10 productivity subreddits and a free template to plan where and when you’ll get tasks done. 

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1. r/productivityapps

We love a good recommendation for productivity apps to help us focus better and block distractions. And when we see these famous words: There’s an app for that! we immediately want it on our devices. But this subreddit takes app recommendations a step further. 

The comment threads are filled with people’s experiences with the mentioned productivity app, so you’ll read actual reviews to know if it’s worth your time and storage space. 

Bookmarks is a must-have app on your device as it allows you to experience a hassle-free internet experience. With Bookmarks, you can save your favorites, add tags, track state, set reminders, and even organize links in folders and projects to improve your productivity and focus on what matters. Researchers, students, developers, and simply anyone who keeps bookmarks in their day-to-day internet browsing will be benefited from this app.

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Check out the ClickUp subreddit for tips about integrations with your favorite tools! 

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2. r/getdisciplined

The r/getdisciplined subreddit will catch you off guard sometimes because it’s almost like a word-for-word summary of the exact productivity blocker happening to you. People ask advice and give honest answers about the ongoing chatter happening in their minds: How do I get out of this rut? 

“Discipline” is not only the subreddit topic but also the rule! You’ll appreciate the moderator’s posting rules for conversations from both authors and commenters to align with respect and quality. 

If you still find yourself going through the motion of downloading the app to get to it, delete your login information from your saved passwords and change it. It adds another layer of nuisance that’s enough to make me go “wait” without actually stopping me from using the apps at home (like deleting the accounts completely would).

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So, next time you look at a pile of washing, or a sink of dishes, or an messy bed – do it. Fix it right now. Don’t think about it. Less than five minutes? That’s nothing. Get to it. Not only does completing the task feel better, you will be motivated to do more. Your brain will like the feeling, and it will seek out more of that reward. Don’t think. Do it. Feed your head.

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3. /rlofihiphop

Do you find yourself constantly skipping songs on your “Late 90s Early 2000s” playlist? Or pausing from your task every 20 minutes to find a karaoke song to belt the lyrics to? Try Lo-Fi HipHop! It’s an authentic form of downtempo beats mixed with background noise for easy listening while working. 

The /rlofihiphop subreddit has pages and pages of beats and samples to explore different easy-listening recordings. Its proven music or background noise improves your task experience, so if you’re looking for late-night beats or chill jazz to get you in the productivity zone, give it a listen!

Some Lo-Fi HipHop videos even show scenes of calm settings like cafes, cozy workstations with hanging plants, and dogs snoozing in the afternoon sunlight. Are you relaxed yet? 

Read ClickUp’s digital decluttering guide for more productivity tips

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4. r/pomodoro

The Pomodoro technique is a method that divides long sessions into short blocks of time with dedicated rest breaks. This helps organize shallow and deep work tasks so you’re in control of your attention and energy. 

Here’s how the Pomodoro Technique works: 

  • Write your daily tasks on a to-do list
  • Choose one task to work on
  • Set the timer for 25 minutes and begin working
  • Wrap up the task when the timer expires
  • Take a 5-minute break
  • Repeat steps 2-5 to complete three Pomodoro sessions
  • Take a longer break (20-minutes) after four Pomodoros

People share their analog and digital versions of the Pomodoro timer so you can find the best time management solution based on your personal preferences. There’s something for everyone!

Track how long you work on a project and how long breaks and meetings last. Based on those data, at the end of the week, do a small review to assess your productivity and plan the week after accordingly with the learnings.

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Check out the best Pomodoro timer apps for study and focus!

5. r/Selfimprovement

The self-improvement category itself covers a wide range of topics because well, it covers all seasons of life. The stories and tips from people who are at different stages of their self-improvement journey will show you to look at whatever you’re facing from a new angle. But more importantly, how you can take action toward it.

Because taking the time to react means taking back control of the situation. Your answers will be smarter and more coherent, your movements will look more graceful, and you will look more confident and self-assured.

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6. r/Productivity

Have you read something you felt was meant just for you at that exact moment? The encouragement to come back to the half-finished project, set boundaries from the dings and pings, or simply relax in your favorite spot for hours without guilt? 

The productivity subreddit is the place to engage with others about building productive systems to get you on the right track. Start with the top posts to find great content and work your way from there!

If you’re stuck in life, please, try “The Week.” Write down a set of goals per day, and what are you planning to accomplish in 7 days’ time. Then stick to it like your life depends on it. The results will motivate you, and demonstrate how much you can achieve on the daily.

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The phrase “done is better than perfect,” has started to change my productivity journey in amazing ways. Focusing on just completing something, and maybe doing so in a way that’s a bit unordinary, is a more productive mindset than focusing on perfection. Drop preconceived notions of how and when things should be done and do what works for you.

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7. r/getmotivated

“So browse around, ask questions, give advice, and form/join a support group. But don’t spend too much time here; you’ve got better things to do.” 

The r/getmotivated subreddit includes more eye-catching visuals than the majority of other subreddits. From tweet screenshots to artistically creative designs, sometimes it takes a few words to get the message across and motivation unlocked. 

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8. r/nosurf

Are you ready for this? Studies show the average time we spend on the internet each day is almost seven hours

Seven hours. That’s nearly half the time we’re awake! 

Digital wellness is so important, especially since we’re dependent on our mobile phones to stay connected to the rest of the world. It might sound contradictory to spend time reading about why you should stop mindless surfing as you surf through this subreddit. However, the big takeaway of this group is learning about what people are replacing mindless surfing with

It is fine to not to look at your phone. You feel may feel socially awkward just being alone with your thoughts, not looking at anything. Don’t let the social conditioning fool you. It is OK to be by yourself, without your phone. Next time you do not know what to do, just simply do nothing. Let your mind wander.

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9. r/selfhelp

Here you’ll find the questions you’ve been meaning to ask, the honest advice you’ve been looking for, and people who just get it. Folks who have been through the productivity drought offer real insights into all the ways you can put yourself in the driver’s seat of your time and energy! 

Bookmark this on-tap source of inspiring quotes for those days when you’re feeling stuck!

10. r/ZenHabits

Want to add color and comfort to your growth journey? Don’t underestimate yourself!

Mental toughness is a muscle you build with every challenge and accomplishment. Our habits—the small actions we take every single day—can either lead us to dreams that keep us up at night or make us more anxious. The choice is entirely up to you! 

With the help of short mindset videos and observations from this subreddit, remember to keep doing the work. 

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If you’re finding yourself constantly going back to Day One of your productivity journey, get into a platform to keep you accountable for where you are and where you want to be. It helps to have a dedicated place to prioritize what’s most important in your life and visualize your progress.

ClickUp has helped thousands of teams and individuals take their productivity to new heights and we want the same results for you! 

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