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Is Asana Down?

Is Asana Down?

You’ve waited all night for this.

Your boss hits you back with the key edits on the new RFP.

The deadline is today, and it’s a big pitch your company has been working on for the past three months.

You get the message in your inbox and rush to Asana to download the file…

Uh-oh. Asana is down.

How will you communicate with your team? How will you get the files you need?

How will you make everything okay before the deadline?

Sound all too familiar? Don’t worry…it’s not you. It’s everyone.

Is there a meme for Asana being down?

Yeah, here’s one:


It’s called ClickUp.

But here’s the cool part. It’s more than a meme. It’s a productivity platform and project management solution that works.

100% of the time.

Yes, that’s unlimited access to all the tasks, comments, AND files you and your team can upload.

It’s reliable and trustworthy for your most pressing business needs.

But that’s not all. ClickUp’s main feature isn’t only its uptime (though that’s amazing right?).

ClickUp, in fact, has many features that Asana lacks — and they’re free. Why Asana hides its most valuable features behind paywalls is a mystery to us. That, and why are they so behind the times? We’ll probably never know, but what we can be certain of is anyone can start using all of the essential features in ClickUp right away.

  • Assigned Comments – Instantly create and assign action items for yourself or others.
  • Multiple Assignees – Collaborate together on a single task – if your Space allows it.
  • Notepad — Jot down exactly what you’re thinking and keep your quick to-do lists and reminders within ClickUp
  • Custom Statuses – Customize your workflow with statuses to fit each individual project.
  • Multitask-Management – Easily select multiple tasks or groups of tasks and make as many changes as you want with a single click.
  • Rich Text Editing – With ClickUp’s intuitively beautiful rich formatting interface, there’s no need to limit a task to only basic text.
  • Different ViewsList View, Board View, and Box View offer the perfect view for developers, managers, and everything in between.
  • Priorities – Create custom priority levels, and organize tasks based on their importance to a project.
  • Smart Search – Not only does ClickUp have the smartest search function in the world, but with artificial intelligence, Smart Search gets smarter as you use it!
  • Integrations – Seamlessly manage and collaborate on Git workflows, sync time tracking with Harvest, 2-way sync your Google Calendar, and send tasks to and from Slack.
  • Task Tray — Minimize your notifications to the bottom of your screen, instead of opening multiple tabs. Keep them as a reminder for what to do next all day long

Sometimes Apologies Just Won’t Do

Enough is enough. It’s tiring to have to wait for your essential information to come back online. It’s hard to trust what they say about cutting down emails, helping you avoid meetings and more when you have to keep extra files on hand all the time.

You can avoid messy outages like this. And instead focus on work…

Of Course, There is One Downside To Having a Great Tool That Works All The Time

It’s a risk we’re willing to take 🙂

Compare Asana & ClickUp!

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Ready to import from Asana? Start here. 

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