Asana Alternative: 10 No-Brainer Reasons to Choose ClickUp over Asana

Asana Alternative: 10 No-Brainer Reasons to Choose ClickUp over Asana

Looking for an Asana alternative?

ClickUp is the fastest growing alternative to Asana in 2017. It’s a beautifully intuitive project management software that beats Asana hands down – on several fronts.

ClickUp’s highly intuitive UI and several innovative features and reliable uptime are just what you need to eliminate the inefficiencies and frustrations of project management.

Here are 10 no-brainer reasons to choose ClickUp as your Asana Alternative.

1. A Forever Free Alternative

Asana has a free version but there’s a big catch.

Asana Limitation

Most of the really useful features in Asana are paid. Besides the free version allows only up to 15 users a team. So if you really want to use Asana effectively, you will have to pay.

But, at 9.99 per user per month, it’s one of the most expensive project management tools. If you have 20 people in your team, you need to shell out nearly $200 a month just for project management. Moreover, Asana keeps changing their price to account for new features.

ClickUp Advantage

ClickUp, has a forever free plan with unlimited users. And the free version has every single feature. Period!

And even if you want to upgrade and get more server space, you just pay $5 an user. You save 50% of what you would pay for Asana.

2. One Company, One Tool

Most project management tools forget one simple fact – people have different productivity styles.

If you are like most companies, your product guys use Jira, while your marketing and sales folks use something else entirely – Asana, ToDoist, Trello, whatever.

This can get maddeningly confusing when two or more teams are working together on a single project – such as a feature launch. Product, Media, and Marketing teams would need to collaborate.

  • Different teams would waste tons of time manually recreating certain projects and tasks in their own tool.
  • There is no single unified overview of the entire project that your CXOs can track.
  • Consequently, there would be more questions – meetings, email exchanges, and all those communication gaps that you just hate.

Compare Asana and JIRA with ClickUp!

Individual Level Challenges

Even within a single team, different people might prefer different approaches to productivity.

Your boss is in love with agile project management tools, but you prefer a GTD-type list based approach. And if you are forced to follow an approach you don’t like, it’s going to lead to two things…

  • You will start using another simple project management app of your own. Essentially manually copying tasks from one to the other and wasting time.
  • Or, you will neglect to use the ‘official’ tool. Project statuses will not get updated regularly and communication will suffer.

Asana Limitation

Asana allows you to choose between a list or a board (Kanban/ Agile) view, but once you have chosen one, you must stick with it. So, you have no way to avoid all the confusion I just spoke about.

ClickUp Advantage

ClickUp is the best Asana alternative because it has three different project views. It also allows you to toggle between views just with a single click.

Board View: Use the Board View for an Agile/ Scrum/ Kanban style experience.


List View: And use the list view to easily manage and find your tasks (and if you love GTD)!

View and manage your tasks in list view

Box View: Use the box view for a high level overview of your projects and users

View all tasks in Box View

So each team can create their projects and tasks in list or board view – whichever they prefer. The other teams can see that same project in whichever view they want.

No multiple tools, no unnecessary email exchanges, no confusion and better real-time team collaboration. Everyone’s happy!

3. Assigned Comments

How often do you have a task slipping through the cracks?

You might leave a comment that something needs to be done, and expect a particular colleague to do it. But that user might have not noticed the comment, might not have realized that they need to take action on something, or there might be confusion about exactly who is supposed to do what.

Finally, the most common scenario is that they just forget to take it up. After all, if it’s not on someone’s to-do list, it will probably never get done.

Asana Limitation

There’s nothing in Asana project management to solve this problem.

ClickUp Advantage

ClickUp’s Assigned Comments feature allows you to convert a comment to a task. Whenever a comment requires an action, you can assign it to others or even yourself. You can view all your assigned comments in one place. When you are done with the task, just click ‘Resolve’.

Create subtasks in one click

4. Custom Statuses

Is a project done or not?

Depends. Maybe it’s WIP (work-in progress), under review, or needs revisions.

You know the answer isn’t always black or white, so why have fixed project statuses?

Asana Limitation

In the standard Asana project management layout (list view), tasks are either open or closed. You can’t set a custom status for a task. So, to explain exactly what the task status is, people will have to resort to comments. But why go to all that trouble?

ClickUp Advantage

ClickUp let’s you set custom project statuses. Add as many as you want – ideating, planning, under execution, review, revision, done, delivered to customer and so on!

After all, you should be able to define your project’s workflow – not your tool!

Choose your own statuses

5. Multiple Assignees

Sometimes, a task requires more than one person, and it’s unnecessary for a manager to decide specifically which team member would do what. There might be different subtasks that two or three people break up among themselves, but all are equally responsible for the final deliverable. This is quite common if all the task assignees are peers.

Asana Limitation

Asana, and nearly every other project management tool for that matter, allows you to assign a single task to only one team member.

ClickUp Advantage

Clickup allows you to assign a task to multiple people. This lets you stop micromanaging and let your people take more initiative!

Used when tasks need more that just one assignee

6. Multitask Management

How often do you have to make the same change to a number of tasks?

You reassign a bunch of tasks to someone else

Add another person as a Watcher (follower) to several tasks

Add the same tag to a number of tasks

Update the status of several tasks

Asana Limitation

In Asana, making any of the above changes to a number of tasks is a drag! You have to pick one task, make the change, pick the next task, change that, and so on. Why waste so much time?

ClickUp Advantage

In ClickUp, you can make all these changes with just a single click. Just select multiple tasks or groups of tasks and make all the changes as you want – tags, assignees, status, etc.

Use when you need to make multiple changes at a time

7. Go Mobile

Most people spend a lot more time on mobile, than on their desktops. Therefore it’s vital for your project management tool to have a powerful Android or iPhone mobile app.

Asana Limitation

The effectiveness of a mobile app is gauged by how well it substitutes the web version.

But Asana’s mobile app is extremely limited in comparison to the web-based tool.

ClickUp Advantage

ClickUp, on the other hand, has a far better mobile app than Asana – for both iOS and Android.

It has a better UI, which means that it’s just easier for you get an overview, find tasks and get things done. ClickUp also has a powerful landscape mode.

You have access to more features and you can manage your tasks more granularly than in Asana’s app. Simply swipe between list, board, and box view. It also lets you change projects, spaces, and even teams with two taps.

Use ClickUp on the go!

8. Eliminate Distractions

Most project management tools have one massive gap – they are oriented towards team collaboration and management.

But what about personal productivity? Shouldn’t that be equally important?  After all, it’s the individual who has to get some something done, right?

Asana Limitation

Asana, like most other tools is pretty much focused on the team. Individual productivity is an afterthought. Just to figure out which tasks are yours can be a pain.

It’s important to know where the entire team is placed, but all that information overload is extremely distracting. Many people just find it simpler to note down their own tasks on a notepad and open the project management app as infrequently as possible!

ClickUp Advantage

At ClickUp, we know that your personal productivity is vital. That’s why we designed a ‘Me Dashboard’ which contains just your tasks. It’s a really simple way to block out all the distractions and focus on what matters most.

And that’s not all! You can look at your own tasks in your preferred style – list view, board view, or box view.

9. Super Rich Editing

How often does something go wrong in a project because of miscommunication?

Let’s face it. You don’t actually talk to your colleagues as much as you used to. Project management tools allow you to write everything down – project descriptions, task descriptions, etc.

But getting your point across with plain old text isn’t always easy. Many tasks and projects require long and complex descriptions. So how do you minimize these communication gaps?

Structure your writing as clearly as possible.

Use paragraphs, bullets, highlights, and sometimes images to make things really clear to your readers. The more rich editing capabilities your project management tool has, the clearer your messages will be. In this world of remote teams, it’s really important to be able to communicate well with just text.

Asana Limitation

While Asana does offer some rich editing options, it lacks some of the essential choices that can be found in ClickUp. And let’s be honest, if something isn’t really easy, you probably won’t bother to add it to your task.

ClickUp Advantage

ClickUp has a beautifully rich formatting interface which is way ahead of Asana. In addition to basic formatting, you can also create heading hierarchies, choose font colors and sizes, embed images and URLs, and much more. Use shortcuts or buttons – whichever you prefer!

Explaining tasks clearly has never been simpler. And by the way, rich editing is also a lot more fun than the plain text option!

Customize your tasks

10. Transparent Roadmap

You are evaluating a software and you notice that it doesn’t have a feature that you want.

So what do you do? You look at the product roadmap. That tells you exactly what features will be released over the next few months.

Asana Limitation

Oops! Asana doesn’t have a publically displayed product roadmap. If you check out their forums, you get a generic answer like “We will take it into consideration”.

Hardly answers your question, right?

ClickUp Advantage

And does ClickUp have a roadmap? Of course!

We want to be completely transparent about what we can deliver to you over the next few months. You can also check out some of the innovations we have been working on in our roadmap.  View our roadmap here.

And if you are looking for a feature you don’t see, just drop us an email at and let us know what you want.


ClickUp is the fastest growing Asana alternative because it’s designed by people who truly understand the nuances of team collaboration and productivity. To experience all the advantages it has over Asana, get started here. Convinced but still need to use Asana? You can integrate ClickUp with Asana and create tasks whenever they are added or edited in Asana. This will help you work with departments across your organization who still may be on Asana. 

Import from Asana into ClickUp. Start here.

  • In order for Clickup to be a viable alternative to Asana you really need to fix the way that people are able to view all tasks assigned to them. Currently you can only view tasks assigned to you inside of a single space (unless that’s changed in the last couple of days) where in Asana you can see all tasks unrestricted and view them in a simple list sorted by due date.

    • ClickUp

      Hey Kalee! Thank you for the feedback 🙂 A user can see all tasks in all spaces through Box View, and we will be bringing this ability to List and Board View in just a few weeks as well. To view all in Box View, expand the dropdown to select your space, you should see a “View All” button at the top of the list. I’ll let you know when this comes to our other views!

      • Glad to hear it’s coming to list view! Box view is great but not really comparable for that use case.

  • Helen Tavares

    Oh, wonderful! So happy to hear you’ll be able to view all in List View soon. Multiple Assignees was a huge plus for me as well!

  • Bobby Krob

    It’s the design but everything else, the philosophy and just everything it feels great! Asana is great but honestly I think you beat Asana especially if you’ve done this much in such a short span of time 🙂

  • Carol Grogan

    Huge fan of this software! Thanks and keep up the amazing work Clickup team!

  • Daniel Serodio

    Great article. Our company currently uses Asana company-wide and Pivotal Tracker in a single software development team. Asana is definitely not particularly well-suited for agile software development (and as you mentioned, it’s insanely expensive), so I’m currently evaluating Pivotal Tracker and ClickUp. I’d love to see an article comparing ClickUp and Pivotal Tracker 🙂

  • Patrick

    Would be great, maybe even the best if they can just fix the (backwards) unconventional sort order of comments within tasks. Current comment on top, scroll down to see older comments. Seems simple and intuitive enough but neither Asana nor Clickup uses that method of common sorting.
    At the very least, give the user an opportunity to use conventional sorting (most current to oldest) by user option.
    That being said, it seems to be a winner. Just not for us.

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