Monday Project Management: 7 Reasons to Switch from the New Dapulse

Monday Project Management: 7 Reasons to Switch from the New Dapulse

Wondering if you need a Monday or Dapulse alternative for project management? 

With managers increasingly relying on project management software to get tasks done on time, it is no wonder they seek simple tools like Dapulse that allow effective collaboration and communication within teams.

However, while gives a good high-level overview for your projects, it has several limitations. For instance, you can’t set up recurring tasks (a feature that allows team members to schedule repetitive tasks, thereby saving time and effort). You also don’t really have a way of creating or collaborating on tasks. 

Not to mention, if you have more than ~20 tasks, DaPulse just isn’t manageable.

Fortunately, with ClickUp, ease of use is complemented by intuitive UI and innovative features that eliminate the usual frustrations linked with most project management tools.

In this post, we’ll see why Dapulse, despite its beautiful and responsive UI, is nevertheless an incomplete project management tool. We’ll also highlight why ClickUp is the only tool you’ll need to replace it.

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Why Monday/Dapulse is Good at What They Do

For starters, Dapulse (Monday) gives you a great overview of where things stand from a high-level. This simple grid-style view of tasks makes Dapulse attractive for many users.

Using the main board of Dapulse, you can quickly:

  • Add rows (essentially act as tasks) 
  • Assign specific tasks or projects to team members (kind of – you have to add a column for this)
  • See the exact status of each project (again, kind of – you have to manually add it to a column)
  • Plan your project timeline 

The beauty of Monday’s interface is its commenting and discussion section that works just as intuitively as any social media platform

Moreover, it’s not too difficult to use. Most actions require one or two clicks, and drag and drop elements are available to rearrange elements on any page.

The tool is highly appealing to people who are visually oriented and don’t have many tasks. Dapulse has a visual timeline which allows you to see which team member is busy working on which project in a single glance. This can help a project manager evaluate his team’s bandwidth instantly.

monday alternative office space

Where’s the catch?

Dapulse isn’t project management – it’s just a simple high-level overview of tables that you create. It has nothing to do with assigning tasks or keeping work in one central location.

It cannot replace tasks, as Dapulse doesn’t even have “tasks”. Therefore, Dapulse is just yet another app that you add to your existing workflow.

Confusion increases with name change to “Monday”

Dapulse has recently made the executive decision to re-brand their tool as “Monday,” yeah… the day of the week Monday. As one of their user’s mentions,

It has become a little confusing when talking to a coworker and I have to say “I posted the deadline on Monday” or “I sent it to you on Monday” but I have to clarify that I mean the website, and not the day of the week. A project management tool used to keep track of deadlines should not be named after a day of the week…

-Lauren V.  Capterra

Worse, is still the same quasi-project-management tool you’re already outgrowing. ClickUp is proud to rank at the top of the 2018 alternatives to list at

It comes at a cost

Unlike ClickUp, Monday has a free trial but no forever free version. The free trial only lasts for two weeks then costs approximately $25 per month for a team of five. 

Monday charges for a group of users, as opposed to a per person rate given by other project management tools. The pricing starts with a minimum of up to 5 users, or up to 10, or up to 25, and so on. So, if you have a team of 15, you’ll have to sign up for an account that supports up to 25 users.

Moreover, the pricing gets steeper within these group subscriptions if you want more features like the ability to share boards with people outside the organization, external integrations, timeline view and more than 5GB of storage space.

monday alternative clickup leslie knope

Why You Might Need to Replace Monday has a colorful interface, but if you want a more powerful project management tool, you will have to shop around a bit.

While it is relatively simple to move around the Dapulse dashboard, setting it up can get complicated. Creating the attributes of the boards takes far longer than it does to list tasks and milestones, or set deadlines for a project in any other project management app.

Without a powerful search feature, it can be hard to look for specific tasks and threads.

Managing individual team members can be difficult because there’s not way for a manager to see a specific person’s to-do list.

And if you need to move tasks between boards, it’s hard to do so without losing information.

ClickUp, on the other hand, suffers from none of the above limitations.

Why ClickUp is the Only Alternative to Monday & Dapulse

If you want a project management software that has a simple design, is easy to understand, yet encompasses advanced features you need not look any further than ClickUp.

Here’s why ClickUp ticks all the right boxes for project management:

1. Full-feature Free Version

All features of ClickUp are available in the free version which is free forever! The only restriction is storage, which is limited to 100MB.

However, for only $5 per month per user, you can upgrade to the Unlimited Storage plan. This pricing plan is way lower than what Monday offers for its cheapest plan at $25 (This is a Basic Plan for five users with 5GB storage and limited features).

View and manage your tasks in list view

2. Board, List, and Box Views

People have different approaches to productivity. Your project manager may be in love with agile project management tools, but you prefer a GTD-type list based approach.

Monday only has one Board view, but with ClickUp you get three different project views – Board, List, and Box. You can also toggle between views just with a single click, so you can visualize your project plan in your format of choice.

While the Box view gives you a high-level overview of all tasks, with List view, you can see specific tasks grouped by status or projects. The Board view has ClickUp’s powerful, drag-and-drop interface. This is the go-to view for agile teams. However, every user can benefit from the convenience offered in this view.

This drag and drop Agile board view to manage your tasks in a completely different way is absent from Monday. Agile teams love this feature as it makes for efficient teamwork.


That’s not all!

There is also a Me view available in ClickUp. The Me dashboard shows only items assigned to you. This view can help you drown out the noise and focus on what is most important.

3. Multiple Task Assignees

Another gap arises in Dapulse when you need more than one team member to work on a task. A project may have different subtasks that two or three people need to divide among themselves, but the final deliverable is the responsibility of the entire team.

Dapulse does not allow multiple task assignees, even though they have a team column where you assign a whole team (rather than individuals). However, with ClickUp you can assign a task to multiple people – if you want to. This lets your team take more initiative and stops you from micromanaging!

4. Assigned Comments

Another reason why you may want a Dapulse project management alternative is for advanced features like converting comments into tasks.

Often, when you leave a comment on a task that an action is required, it gets ignored. The particular colleague who has to take action may not notice the comment, or may not realize that they need to take action.

In such a scenario, ClickUp’s proprietary Assigned Comments feature comes to the rescue. This feature lets you create an action item (like a task) directly from any comment. If any comment requires action, you can assign it to any member of your team or even yourself.

5. Team Hierarchy

The structure is at the heart of every project management. However, in Dapulse, a professional team hierarchy is not defined.  

This is where ClickUp’s simple, yet highly effective team hierarchy comes into play.

This is the structure it follows: Team > Space > Project > Lists > Tasks > Subtasks.

  • Teams: This is your top-level hierarchy where you can break your company up into individual teams.
  • Spaces: These are the major groups for your team, think “sales” or “networking.”
  • Projects and Lists: This is where individual projects are listed.
  • Tasks: Tasks are where work happens. Each task has subtasks, description, comments, and much more.
  • Subtasks: You can also break down each task into a specific subtask.

6. Time Tracking

Dapulse also doesn’t have any time tracking feature embedded within the platform, so you need to log your employees time using a separate time tracking tool.

In ClickUp, however, you can integrate Harvest, Toggl, or Timedoctor to track time within the tool. You can also manually update time logged if you don’t use a time tracker.

7. Custom Statuses

With different teams appreciating different styles, ClickUp allows you to customize your workflow with statuses to fit individual projects.  You can use preselected statuses or create your own. Add as many as you want –  planning, review, revision, done, shipped and so on!

With Monday, you can’t set a custom status for a task, even though you can use a custom fields feature as a workaround. 

Say Goodbye to Monday / Dapulse for Project Management

If you’ve been using Monday to manage your projects, it’s time to say goodbye.

Switch to ClickUp and gain access to all features of Monday and so much more.

ClickUp’s features (aka ClickApps) are one-click enabled. So, your team members can choose to turn certain features on/off within a workspace.

Other Monday Alternatives We Used Before Creating ClickUp

1. Asana

Besides ClickUp, Asana is probably your best bet to replace Monday.

Asana’s modern interface is simple and easy to maneuver.  The tool allows you to easily collaborate across the entire project management team.

2. Trello

Trello can be a good Dapulse alternative for smaller teams looking for something easy and functional. It has simple drag and drop task management using Kanban boards. Checklists have progress tracking. It also comes with activity log, reminders, and notifications.


JIRA is an agile project management software that empowers your team to communicate through basic channels with ease. It allows for integration with external systems, provides an overview of team activity, lets users establish permission settings, complete scrum projects and customize important workflows.

4. Podio

Another Dapulse alternative, Podio has powerful open API that allows users to create and connect their own apps. It also provides public and private workspaces; built-in team chat and video conferencing. Its mobile apps let you manage your projects on the go.

5. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is an online project management tool designed for services organizations. It has good permissions levels and a professional user interface. And while it is quick to set up, navigation is not easy. It is also a bit pricey.

6. Basecamp

Basecamp’s basic and dated interface can be a plus for some, but when you need more than a simple to do list, try the world’s highest-rated platform.

Give ClickUp a Try

If you want a single project management tool with tons of innovative features, AI functionality, and even a cheaper price point than the competitors, ClickUp is your best bet.

Moreover, we are always releasing new features in keeping with the demands of our customers. Here’s our product roadmap.

Isn’t it time to move to a more sophisticated project management system?

Give ClickUp a try today!

  • Paula Marks

    Very helpful! My team and I were in between Monday and ClickUp actually. Custom statuses are what won us over! Thanks for the great platform!

  • Couldn’t agree more on Dapulse/Monday’s limitations, very well-written article. I’m loving ClickUp, especially with the new updates.

  • Kristen Christy

    I’ve been a Dapulse and then user for 9 months. During that time, it has increased our nonprofit’s productivity 200%. All my staff rave about the ability to organize our projects, tasks, and communications in one central location.

    However, I’m also needing a project-management platform for my personal use and didn’t want to pay $25/month for just myself. So based on this article, I tried ClickUp. Admittedly, I’m not a fan. It doesn’t allow me to customize my own columns. I like to include links, department distinctions, and other information in these columns. I also prefer to see more than one list on the same page, so I can move items easily between them and see the “big picture” of a project better. Plus, I do like to see this week and previous weeks on the same page, as I tend to store a lot of information related to tasks (which brings me to my next point).

    But what really got me, is there’s no place to add comments or responses! This is absolutely critical for our nonprofit business, as we use the platform to communicate among staff on projects and tasks, reducing our email burden and centralizing our communications around the tasks. It’s also important for my own personal projects and business. Even though I’m a solo user in this respect, I still want to make notes to myself, add ideas, etc.

    ClickUp is not going to work for me. I wish were more affordable for soloists, but until then, I’m going to search for other alternatives – or offer to share the plan with my company.

    • ClickUp

      Hey Kristen! Thanks for the detailed feedback. This is super helpful, and I would like to address some of the things that may have been missed.

      For communication, we have a ton of collaborative options.
      – Comments with the ability to use rich text, attach comments, and assign to a member of the team.
      – Assigned comments: In ClickUp we wanted to eliminate any chance a request isn’t completed. Our goal is productivity, which is why we created assigned comments. Simple messages can become converted to action items at any time.
      – Lists (groups of tasks) have their own area for communication as well. This let’s you discuss a batch of tasks with the team all at once.

      Additionally, I wanted to be sure you saw the Notepad. This gives you a personal pad to jot things down and stay super organized. Check out how this works here:

      Lasly, we’re working on custom fields which will give users the ability to create completely unique columns. I’ll reach out as soon as those are ready. I hope you’ll give ClickUp another chance in the future when you’re looking for thorough project management for the whole team.

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