6 Free Chrome Extensions That Every Digital Marketer Must Have

Digital marketing is the second most popular job after software engineer. With the rapid increase in online sales, it is absolutely necessary to attain online visibility, whether for eCommerce, a software product, or any other business. Therefore, every company now has a digital marketing department that works on SEO, SEM and other channels to market their product and drive sales.

Pro Marketing tip: While marketers publish content and ads all over the internet, they often forget to include a toll-free or a local virtual phone number to receive calls that can be easily routed within departments. This will accelerate the marketing to sales conversion.

There are many SaaS companies that sell products to help digital marketers. There are hundreds of Chrome Extensions and plugins available to use; however, this article covers the top 6 free Chrome Extensions that every digital marketer must have to boost productivity.


clickup extension

This is an excellent Google Chrome Extension created by ClickUp that helps digital marketers perform multiple tasks and collaborate within teams from a single icon. This Chrome Extension helps save time and organize multiple activities at a single place.

Some of the amazing features of ClickUp’s Google Chrome Extension that will boost your productivity include making notes while you are working and saving them for an unlimited time period. You are able to refer to these notes and modify them anytime you want to. You can also attach emails through your ClickUp account, making sure that the documentation is managed properly to refer to it in the future. One of the favorite features that most punctual people like is time tracking. Tracking time allows you to keep a record of the time you consumed to perform a particular task ensuring that your every minute is accounted for the appreciation of what you do.

There is one more frequently used feature of this extension is that it allows you to capture a screenshot, markup, edit and draw to be able to share with your clients or colleagues. These screenshots can be attached to create specific tasks that can be assigned to the developers, web designer or any other member in the team.


moz extension

Moz is one of the most popular tools used by digital marketers to check the domain authority, page authority and spam score. With the help of these stats, you will be able to learn more about your competitor’s online reputation. You can also use these stats to see if the website is good enough to guest post. MOZ is one of the pioneers that have helped digital marketers learn online marketing strategies, algorithms and logics to increase visibility on the web.

Another popular substitute that you can use is ahref seo toolbar.


similarweb extension

Similar to Google Analytics, SimilarWeb is helpful to get insights of any website. The best part about this Chrome Extension is that it allows you to check global ranking by category. It also shows you the trend of traffic generated by your website along with the same category competitors. SimilarWeb also allows you to check bounce rate, pages per visit, monthly visits, average visit duration, traffic sources such as organic, email, social, referrals and geographic locations of the most traffic.

The substitute for SimilarWeb is SEOquake.


nofollow extension

This Chrome Extension is extremely important to digital marketers because it allows you to check if the link/url is set as dofollow or nofollow. This is mostly used when you are posting a comment or checking your backlink on any guest post or article. After enabling this extension, you will see a dotted red box on a URL which implies a nofollow link.

The substitute to this Chrome Extension is Strike Out Nofollow Links.

Word Counter Plus

word counter plus extension

As the name suggests, this extension will help you count the number of words on a particular page. This extension is not only used by marketing guys, but also in general. All you have to do is select the text that you want to count, right-click, and click on word counter plus. You will be able to get full information such as the number of words, characters, average word length, and longest word length.

The best alternative to Word Counter Plus is Word Counter.

Email Extractor

email extractor extension

This Chrome Extension helps search an email instantly. If you want to quickly find the email on any webpage, this is a must-have extension. In fact, the most interesting feature of this extension is that it will get all the emails on a single page and it will allow you to copy-paste with a click of a button.

The best-known alternative to Email Extractor is Free Email Hunter.


Digital marketing is getting very expensive day by day. These extensions really help startups and beginners to research more to gain insights about what they can do to rank high or improve their overall visibility in the digital space.

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