Best Screen Recorder Chrome Extensions

10 Best Screen Recorder Chrome Extensions in 2024

When the stakes are high and you’re creating a screen recording for a professional audience, the quality, features, and reliability of your Chrome extension are non-negotiable.

But let’s face it, the overwhelming number of extensions available out there can make the decision-making process lengthy. So how do you find the best Google Chrome screen recorder extension quickly?

Good news, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and done the heavy lifting for you!

Keep reading to find the best screen recorder extensions Chrome extensions in 2024.

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What Should You Look For in a Screen Recorder Chrome Extension?

Capturing screen recordings and awesome screenshots for clients, team members, and stakeholders is easy when you’ve got a high-quality screen recorder in your toolbox. 🧰

But you’ll want one with specific features if you want to create professional videos without hidden limitations.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best screen recorder extension:

  • Watermarks: It’s better to be able to share your recording without another brand’s watermark splashed all over it
  • Time limit: A restrictive time limit can make you feel rushed during your presentation
  • Sharing: It should be easy (and secure!) to share your screen recording on social media, your website, in emails, and on other apps like Slack
  • Editing capabilities: No recording is perfect. Your tool should let you edit, crop, and adjust your screen recording after you hit stop
  • Screen size: The best screen recorders give you the flexibility to record your whole screen, a window, or even just a single tab in your browser
  • Voiceovers: The ability to add audio gives you one more tool for clearly explaining what you’re doing during your presentation

You might be surprised at the high quality of paid and free screen recorders available if you know where to look!

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The 10 Best Screen Recorder Chrome Extensions to Use in 2024

Here’s our picks for the best screen recorder Chrome extensions on the market right now.

1. ClickUp

Share screen recordings to convey your message precisely without the need for an email chain or in-person meeting with Clip by ClickUp
Share screen recordings to convey your message precisely without the need for an email chain or in-person meeting with Clip by ClickUp

If you’re looking for a professional quality screen recording tool that lets you get the job done right, ClickUp Clip will likely be your first choice!

Clip is a free Chrome extension you can use to quickly record and send high-quality, clear messages via link, email, or within ClickUp email.

Its wide range of features and secure sharing options make it an easy choice for businesses looking to create screen recordings they can share anywhere. Whether you’re looking to share with investors, clients, team members, or the IT crew, ClickUp’s got you covered.

ClickUp’s screen recorder is part of its project management software, one of the highest-rated productivity platforms in today’s market.

That means, when you use the screen recorder extension, you have thousands of seamless app integrations, hundreds of templates, project-tracking tools, and robust collaboration features at your fingertips.

And,  if you need to scale up your screencast publishing (or any other part of your business) ClickUp has got the best productivity tools to help you scale as you grow.

ClickUp best features

  • ClickUp offers professional-grade quality in its features
  • The platform doesn’t add any watermarks to the content you create
  • There are no restrictions on the duration of your recording sessions
  • You have the option to record the full screen, a specific tab, or a device screen
  • The platform allows you to share your content instantly without any delays
  • You can share your work securely via a link, email, or directly within ClickUp’s inbuilt email feature
  • ClickUp provides you the ability to record your entire screen, a specific tab, or even an app window
  • ClickUp comes with a project management feature, making it more than just a screen recorder
  • The platform also offers task tracking, which can be an essential tool for team management

ClickUp limitations

  • Overall, the ClickUp platform has a bit steeper learning curve than some of its fewer-featured peers

ClickUp pricing

  • Free Forever
  • Unlimited: $7/month per user
  • Business: $12/month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

ClickUp ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.7/5 (8,324 reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (3,743+ reviews)

2. ScreenPal (formerly Screencast-O-Matic)

ScreenPal (formerly Screencast-O-Matic) free screen recorder extension provides quick video messaging tools and the ability to create and share unlimited videos.

You can record your screen or with your webcam, with audio narration, music, and captions using ScreenPal. It allows users to record screens using a browser tab, window, or full-screen mode.

ScreenPal’s video editor allows you to enhance your recordings with drawing tools, or use the background removal tool on webcam recordings.

The recordings are securely saved in the cloud for easy repurposing and resharing.

ScreenPal best features

  • ScreenPal offers the ability to record unlimited videos
  • You can trim and cut your recordings to your preference
  • The platform supports the addition of music and captions to your videos
  • ScreenPal also provides high-resolution recording, ensuring a superior video quality
  • The platform allows you to add personal branding to your videos, enhancing your professional image

ScreenPal limitations

  • Some plans of ScreenPal have limited editing features
  • The platform has limited integration capabilities with Mac computers
  • Users have reported quality issues since Screen-o-Matic became ScreenPal
  • The user interface is not as intuitive compared to other screen recording tools
  • The availability of customer support has been reported as unsatisfactory by some users

ScreenPal pricing

  • Solo Deluxe: $3/month
  • Solo Premier: $6/month
  • Solo Max: $10/month
  • Team Business: $8/month

ScreenPal ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.3/5 (71+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (54+ reviews)

3. Droplr

Droplr Dashboard
via Droplr

With Droplr screen recorder you can capture screen recordings, save them to the cloud storage, and share the link with anyone. The screen recorder is available as a Chrome extension, on Mac Windows, and on Chromebook.

Droplr is a cloud-based file sharing and collaboration tool that allows you to capture screenshots, record screencasts, and quickly share files with clients and colleagues. If you’re looking to record longer videos, you’ll appreciate its unlimited recording length feature.

Droplr integrates with a variety of other tools, including Slack, Trello, and Asana. This lets you easily share screenshots, screencasts, and files with your team members.

Overall, Droplr is a simple but powerful screen recorder for Google Chrome browser that can help you improve communication strategies and productivity.

And, thanks to its cloud storage, you can save all your recordings in one organized place.

Droplr best features

  • Droplr is easy to set up and share, providing a user-friendly experience
  • The platform supports unlimited recording length, allowing long sessions without interruptions
  • Premium users get additional features like single sign-on, analytics, and AI features with the Enterprise version
  • The platform offers a “self-destruct” feature for shared links, increasing the security of shared files
  • Droplr’s Drag and Drop feature makes file sharing even more convenient

Droplr limitations

  • The quality of the video in Droplr depends on the subscription plan, limiting high-quality recordings to premium plans
  • Some users have reported quality control issues in Droplr
  • Analytics are available only for premium users, limiting insights for free users
  • The free version of Droplr has limited features compared to the paid versions
  • The user interface can be improved to offer a more streamlined experience

Droplr pricing

  • Pro Plus: $6/month per user
  • Team: $7/month per user
  • Business Plus: $X/month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Droplr ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.5/5 (397+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.6 (116+ reviews)

4. Wistia Soapbox

Wistia screen recorder allows you to record quality screen videos from your browser. You can then use them for professional product demos and instruction videos.

It offers basic editing, analytics, and email integrations for both webcam and screen recording videos.

However, Wistia’s screen recorder extension for Chrome, Soapbox,  will be phased out and integrated as part of Wistia’s native platform in 2024.

Its functions, including screen recording, will continue to exist natively on Wistia.

If you’re specifically looking for a Chrome extension, then Wistia may not be a good match for you.

Wistia Soapbox best features

  • Wistia Soapbox is specifically designed for training purposes, making it ideal for educational content
  • The platform has strong basic functions that cover all necessary aspects of screen recording
  • It’s easy to use, making it accessible even to novice users
  • It has excellent video quality, enhancing the viewer’s experience
  • Soapbox allows users to switch between screen and webcam, offering more engaging presentations

Wistia Soapbox limitations

  • The Chrome extension for Wistia Soapbox is being phased out, potentially reducing its accessibility
  • Some reviewers have expressed a desire for more advanced features
  • Its capabilities are limited mostly to employee training, which may not suit all use-cases
  • The platform lacks a full suite of editing tools
  • Some users report difficulties in sharing videos directly to social media platforms

Wistia pricing

  • Plus: $19/month
  • Pro: $79/month
  • Advanced: $319/month per user

Wistia ratings and reviews

  • G2: 3.0/5 (1+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.8/5 (10+ reviews)

5. Loom

Loom Chrome screen recorder is a cloud-based screen recorder Google Chrome extension that allows users to record and share quick videos to communicate with others.

It’s often used in workplaces and educational settings to send messages, provide feedback, or explain ideas using video recordings.

Users can capture their screen, record themselves with a webcam, or run screen and webcam record at the same time.

Looms makes screen recording simple with one-click recording and sharing. Users rave about its versatility and reliability.

Loom best features

  • Loom has an auto-save feature for recordings, ensuring no work is lost
  • The platform provides instant link-sharing for quick and easy content distribution
  • It features security access controls, enhancing the safety of your content
  • Loom offers a high-definition recording option, resulting in higher quality videos
  • It also supports annotation while recording, enhancing the clarity of presentations

Loom limitations

  • There are occasional bugs and crashing issues reported in Loom
  • The platform offers limited customization options
  • Some users report synchronization issues between audio and video
  • The free version of Loom comes with a time limit for videos
  • The platform lacks advanced editing features, limiting post-production modifications

Loom pricing

  • Starter: Free
  • Business: $12.50/month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Loom ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.7/5 (1,350+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (378+ reviews)

Check out these Loom alternatives!

6. Zight (formerly CloudApp)

Zight Dashboard
via Zight

You can create screenshots, GIFs, and screen and web recordings with Zight (formerly CloudApp) communications software.

Zight screen recorder integrates with many popular apps, including Slack, Jira, Zapier, and Lucidchart.

Zight best features

  • Zight provides simple instructions, allowing users to get started quickly and without confusion
  • The platform enables you to narrate and record simultaneously, promoting efficiency
  • Sharing content on Zight is easy, promoting collaboration and information exchange
  • Zight offers a clean and intuitive interface, enhancing the user experience
  • It provides a drawing tool, useful for highlighting or annotating during recordings

Zight limitations

  • The free plan of Zight is limited to 90-second recordings, which may not be sufficient for detailed presentations
  • Some users have reported frequent system crashes, potentially disrupting workflow
  • Zight’s features are limited compared to other competitors
  • There’s a lack of advanced editing tools, restricting post-recording modifications
  • The platform doesn’t offer a robust integration system with other software

Zight pricing

  • Free
  • Team: $8/month
  • Pro: $10/month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Zight ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.6/5 (1,197+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (179+ reviews)

7. Screencastify

Popular Chrome extension Screencastify screen recorder is a simple, easy-to-use tool for screen recording that helps teachers create engaging videos.

Teachers, students, and businesses enjoy using Screencastify screen recorder to make instructional videos, how to tutorials, demos, or even record meeting minutes.

You can record your screen, webcam, or both at the same time, with this handy extension for Google Chrome.

It’s easy to see why educators love Screencastify screen recorder. From interactive questions to unlimited analytics, the screen recorder allows teachers to easily produce interactive educational videos.

Screencastify best features

  • Screencastify works excellently with Google Education, making it a good choice for educational environments
  • It provides interactive features for educators, promoting engaging learning experiences
  • Videos produced with Screencastify look professional, enhancing the credibility of the content
  • Screencastify has an annotation tool, allowing you to mark up your screen while recording
  • The platform allows for unlimited recordings on paid plans

Screencastify limitations

  • The platform has limited editing capabilities, offering basic editing tools only
  • The free version of Screencastify has limited storage and recording length
  • Users must choose between standard and educational plans on the paid version, which could be restrictive for some
  • Videos on the free version are watermarked, affecting the professional look of the content
  • Some users have reported occasional lagging during recording

Screencastify pricing

  • Free
  • Starter: $7/month per user
  • Pro: $10/month per user
  • Teams: Contact for pricing
  • Education: $500+

Screencastify ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.6/5 (67+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (137+ reviews)

8. Fluvid

Fluvid Dashboard
via Fluvid

Fluvid is an all-in-one screen capture and video recording extension for Chrome.

It supports live streaming and system sound recording, plus delivers a free screen recorder with no watermark, and has custom branding available.

Fluvid screen recorder offers Gmail integration, lead generation forms, and detailed insight metrics.

Fluvid may be a good tool to consider if you’re a content creator!

Fluvid best features

  • Fluvid offers previews, allowing users to review their recordings before sharing
  • The platform supports custom branding, enhancing the professional appeal of the content
  • Real-time audience chat is available on the Pro Plan, promoting interaction and engagement
  • Fluvid offers integrations with popular tools like Trello, Asana, and Jira
  • The tool provides high-definition recording quality for clear, crisp videos

Fluvid limitations

  • The only export option on Fluvid is MP4, limiting versatility
  • Fluvid lacks advanced security features, which could be a concern for sensitive content
  • Free users have limited quality and feature access compared to paying users
  • The free version of Fluvid includes a watermark on videos
  • The platform does not offer comprehensive editing tools

Fluvid pricing

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: Contact for pricing

Fluvid ratings and reviews

  • G2: 5/5 (1 review)
  • Capterra: N/A

9. Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture has an extension screen recorder for Chrome, which is a versatile tool with a powerful video editor. The Chrome screen recorder captures entire web pages or parts and allows for easy annotation and editing.

Nimbus screen recorder lets you record videos from your screen and webcam, trim and crop, then convert them to GIFs or MP4 format.

Nimbus Capture is available as a standalone subscription or as an add-on to the Nimbus Platform.

Nimbus Capture best features

  • Nimbus Capture offers convenient integration with the Nimbus Platform, promoting seamless workflow
  • It provides a reliable experience with quality recordings, enhancing user satisfaction
  • Branded watermarking is a feature in Nimbus Capture, offering a level of professionalism
  • Nimbus Capture offers various exporting options, including PDF, JPG, and PNG
  • Record screen and webpages with an option for scheduled screenshots, useful for regular reporting or monitoring

Nimbus Capture limitations

  • Some users of Nimbus Capture have reported occasional lagging and glitches when recording videos
  • The platform has limited options for fonts and sizes, limiting customization
  • Nimbus Capture doesn’t have a robust editing suite compared to competitors
  • The user interface could use some improvements for a more intuitive experience
  • There are restrictions in recording length in the free version

Nimbus Capture pricing

  • Pro: $5/month per user
  • Team: $6/month per user

Nimbus ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.5/5 (23+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (19+ reviews)

10. Movavi

Movavi Dashboard
via Movavi

Movavi Free Screen Recorder for Google Chrome lets you record screen and webcam simultaneously. You can also add voiceovers with this online screen recorder.

You can record everything, from tutorial screencasts and online videos to Flash animations and casual video chats or a webcam recording with the screen recorder. Then, save your recorded video in popular video format with no special hardware required.

Movavi screen recorder users have high praise for its online screen recorder.

However, Chrome web store reviewers report consistent difficulty with the Google Chrome extension.

On the Chrome Web Store, it ranks at about 3 stars.

Serious users may want to consider the desktop version instead of the extension.

Movavi best features

  • Movavi offers strong privacy settings, providing security for your content
  • The platform is very easy to use, making it accessible for all users
  • It boasts excellent voice recording quality, enhancing the overall quality of recordings
  • Movavi offers an extensive set of video editing tools, useful for post-production modifications
  • The tool supports a wide variety of output formats, providing flexibility in sharing and exporting videos

Movavi limitations

  • Movavi has limited functionality on older computers, potentially excluding some users
  • The Chrome extension version of Movavi has reported performance issues
  • The platform’s features are limited compared to the competition
  • There’s a watermark on videos in the free version of Movavi
  • Some users find the pricing plans to be a bit expensive compared to the offered features

Movavi pricing

  • Chrome extension: Free
  • Desktop Screen Recorder: $43/year
  • Desktop Screen Recorder + Video Editor:  $60/year

Movavi ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.5/5 (50+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (26+ reviews)
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Start Capturing Work with a Chrome Screen Recording Extension

Now that we’ve reviewed the ten best screen record extensions for Chrome, you might have an idea of which is best for you.

Keep in mind, the best screen recorder for your team depends on what you want to do with it.

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