Top 10 Loom Alternatives & Competitors For 2023

Looking for the best Loom alternatives?

Loom is a video recording tool that lets you capture your screen, webcam, and microphone. 

So it’s like Zoom with an ‘L’?

Not quite.

You use Zoom for live video meetings, while you use Loom to record video messages and share them with your team.  

It’s an excellent substitute for those boring, long emails and those inconvenient meetings that never end.

But does that mean Loom marks the end of all your business communication worries?

The screen recorder isn’t as intuitive as you’d like it to be, comes with minimal editing capabilities, and can be laggy at times.

But that’s okay. Not every tool is right for you.

In this article, we’ll cover the top 10 Loom alternatives and their key features, pros, cons, and pricing.

Ready? Action!

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What Is Loom?

Loom is a screen recorder that helps you record quick video messages that you can share with your team. 

With the Loom Chrome extension, you can record:

  • Website tours
  • Software tutorials
  • Interviews
  • Online classes
  • And much more
loom homepage

This makes Loom a great alternative to using email, instant messaging, and video conferencing apps.

Okay, now let’s try taking off those rose-tinted glasses 😍 and take a clear look at this tool.

Although Loom is supposed to be your go-to solution for video messaging needs, it’s far from it. 

Here’s why:

  • The Loom user interface isn’t very intuitive, so you’ll probably have a hard time navigating and creating your “instant” video messages
  • Its limited editing capabilities means that you must rely on other apps or services to edit recorded messages
  • Its free version restricts the maximum length of your Loom video to five minutes

Now what? 

The 10 Best Loom Alternatives

Sure, Loom isn’t as great a video recorder as you’d hoped.

But that’s alright because there are tons of great screen recorder alternatives instead!  

Here are some of the best alternatives to Loom:

  1. Clip
  2. ScreenRec
  3. Soapbox
  4. Usersnap
  5. Sendspark
  6. Camtasia
  7. VEED
  8. Vidyard
  9. CloudApp
  10. Snagit

Let’s explore their key features, pros, cons, and pricing:

1. Clip by ClickUp

ClickUp Clip video
Share screen recordings to convey your message precisely without the need for an email chain or in-person meeting

Clip is a video recording tool by ClickUp, the world’s highest-rated project management tool.

ClickUp is all you’ll ever need to capture your computer screen instantly to boost collaboration in your Workspace.

Key Clip Features

Here are some of Clip’s best features:

A. Screen Recording

Sometimes, explaining something through text just won’t cut it. 

This is especially true if you’re working as a remote team.

For example, a software tutorial that’s all text is confusing, lengthy, and counter-productive. 

Your remote team members will have difficulty figuring out what’s what and how stuff works from just a text document.

Instead, with a pre-recorded video for communication, you can quickly get your point across. It adds a more personal touch to your messages, and the best part is you don’t have to be simultaneously online as your viewers.

For your viewers, it’ll be as simple as watching an MKBHD YouTube video!

Capturing your computer screen and audio is super easy with a screen recording app like Clip. You can even record video messages from various devices via your Chrome or Firefox browsers.

It can be your go-to Windows, Linux, or Mac screen recorder!

Here’s how you can record your screen with Clip:

  • Click the apps icon in Workspace with the mouse cursor
  • Click the Record Clip button from the apps menu
  • Choose to record your entire computer screen, an app window, or a Chrome/Firefox tab
  • Hit Stop to save your screen recording 
recording a clip in clickup

If only everything in life was this easy, right!? 😬

B. Easy video sharing

You’ve created your video. 

Now all you have to do is share it with your team!

Once a Clip video recording is complete, you can download it or make it an instantly shareable video via a link. This way, your team can easily access the video and offer constructive feedback for improvement. 

Here’s how you share a video with Clip:

  • Click the … menu on the top right
  • Click Copy Link
  • Share the link with anyone in your Workspace
embedding a clickup clip

And remember, when using Clip, you’re not just choosing any ordinary screen recording tool. You’re actually going for the world’s best project management software to go along with it.

Here are some of the fantastic features you get with ClickUp, in addition to Clip:

  • Chat view: converse in real-time with your team through instant messaging
  • Zoom Integration: start a video meeting on Zoom right from your Workspace
  • Annotation: annotate PDF, PNG, JPEG, and other documents and share them instantly 
  • Mind Maps: plan and organize your ideas in any way you want
  • Native Time Tracking: track how much time a task takes to complete, calculate time estimates, and view time reports from anywhere
  • Goals: break down your project requirements into Goals and track your progress
  • Views: choose from various Workspace views like Box, Calendar, List, and Board to visualize your work in unique ways
  • Automation: automate the tedious and repetitive actions in your project using combinations of Triggers and Actions
  • Profiles: view the task LineUp of your team members, and send Reminders about due dates


  • Record your desktop window, and Chrome/Firefox tab with ease
  • Share your videos quickly with team members
  • Can integrate it with services like YouTube, Giphy, Google Drive, and even Loom
  • Free version comes with unlimited tasks as well as unlimited members


  • Users can’t directly record videos from their webcam
  • The tool doesn’t come with video editing capabilities

Clip Pricing

ClickUp offers multiple pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: free forever  — unlimited tasks + unlimited members + 100MB storage (Clip recordings will take up storage space)
  • Unlimited Plan: $7/month per member — all “Free” features + unlimited storage + unlimited integrations + guests and permissions + many other features
  • Business Plan: $12/month per member — all “Unlimited” features + all automations + mind maps & timeline views + advanced time tracking + many other features
  • Enterprise Plan: all “Business” features + Single Sign-On (SSO), Contract Review & HIPAA, Increased API Limits, Dedicated Success Manage, Advanced Permissions and more (more on pricing here)

2. ScreenRec

ScreenRec is a lightweight screen recording and screenshot app that gives you some pretty hefty features, making it one of the best Loom alternatives.

The on-the-nose name says it all, but does it deliver?

Let’s find out:

Key ScreenRec Features

  • Record your screen, computer & mic audio, and webcam in HD or 4k
  • Annotate screenshots with simple annotation tools
  • Automatic shareable link that allows you to share your captures with anyone in the world easily


  • Simple yet modern and sleek user interface
  • Record for unlimited amount time
  • Can capture any part of your screen with the easy-to-use crop feature


  • No pause button to temporarily stop a recording
  • No video editing features

ScreenRec Pricing

ScreenRec is free forever.

3. Soapbox

soapbox app page
Via Wistia

Soapbox is a webcam and screen recording software offered as a Chrome extension. It allows you to capture and edit videos of your screen.

But is figuring out how to use it going to result in your own little soap opera?😭

Let’s see:

Key Soapbox Features

  • Soapbox Station supports team collaboration in the video production process
  • Analytics to measure how well your video message is performing with viewers
  • Customizable Sharing Pages help distribute your video content across multiple platforms


  • The tool’s ability to switch between facetime, screen sharing, and split-screen makes for a good, organic experience and helps you better connect with viewers
  • Users can customize the appearance of the video player, including call-to-action buttons and thumbnails


  • The tool offers limited post-recording editing capabilities 
  • Users can’t see themselves while recording, so webcam videos might require retakes

Soapbox Pricing

Soapbox offers three pricing plans:

  • Free plan: unlimited soapbox videos + customizable player interface + supports for links at the end of the video + and more
  • Solo plan: $300/year — all “Free” features + download videos + engagement tracking + the ability to book meetings + and more
  • Teams plan: contact for price — all “Solo” features + default branding for whole team + engagement and conversion data for all users + can review videos of multiple users

4. Usersnap

Usersnap software
Via Usersnap

Usersnap is a user feedback software to help software companies that need to constantly improve and grow their products. Usersnap boosts feedback interactions for digital products, and gathers insights on internal and external user problems through screen recording, voice feedback, and screenshots with annotations.

But is Usersnap’s screen recording functionality as snappy and easy as Loom and the other alternatives? 😏

Let’s get snappin’!

Key Usersnap Features:

  • Feedback widgets with screen recording technology: make communication with internal and external users on complicated issues much easier.
  • Targeted microsurveys: boosts engagement and ensures precise insights to make decisions with sufficient evidence.
  • Intuitive dashboard and set up: saves time for non-tech savvy teams monitoring user sentiment from one place.
  • Community and conversations: build real relationships with users by replying to feedback through Usersnap or have an open discussion on the public Usersnap Board.


  • Have a constant stream of evidence for teams to make improvements with confidence.
  • Empower customers to share their voice and feel included in the growth of the product.
  • Start collecting user feedback via screen recording with low-tech effort (30 minute setup, max).


  • Not uniquely a screen recording software, but rather a customer feedback tool that has screen recording functionality as a standard feature.
  • Meant primarily for SaaS product teams in collecting internal and external feedback, but can be used for CS, development, and project management teams.
  • There are no post-editing capabilities.

Usersnap Pricing

  • Basic plan: $9/month, unlimited screen recording feedback, 1 active widget for users to give feedback, 2 users.
  • Startup plan: $69/month, unlimited screen recording feedback, 5 active widgets for users to give feedback, 10 users.
  • Company plan: $129/month, unlimited screen recording feedback, 15 active widgets for users to give feedback, 15 users.
  • Premium plan: $249/month, unlimited screen recording feedback, 25 active widgets for users to give feedback, 25 users.

5. Sendspark

Sendspark is a video platform for creating personalized videos for sales and customer communication. 

But can it spark up your video messaging?

Key Sendspark Features

  • Templates to create personalized videos at scale
  • Branding support for your own logo, color theme, and custom domain
  • Ability to share videos as links, emails, text messages, or website embeds
  • Detailed analytics to see who’s watching your videos, where viewers are located, and how far into the video they watched


  • Sendspark’s focus on video for customer communication makes it one of the best options for virtual selling
  • Great for creating a lot of similar videos quickly (for sales prospecting, onboarding, customer success, support, etc.)
  • Fast and easy to use


  • Because Sendspark is designed for customer communication, other video platforms like Clip are going to be better for internal communication
  • Video recording does not work well on Safari or mobile devices
  • No video editing

Sendspark Pricing

Sendspark has 4 pricing plans: 

  • Free plan: Includes core camera and screen recording features for up to 30 videos.
  • Pro plan: $15/user/month — Includes custom branding, detailed analytics, video calls-to-action, and unlimited videos
  • Business: $29/user/month — Includes white-label, custom domain, CRM integrations, and an admin dashboard to track team and video performance.
  • Agency: custom pricing — Includes multiple workspaces to manage multiples brands

6. Camtasia

Camtasia is a screen recording and video editing software designed to help you create video tutorials and other instructional content.

“Cam” this screen recorder be your next best friend?

Let’s take a look: 

Key Camtasia Features

  • Screen Record Options allow you to record the entire screen, a part of it, or just an application window
  • Pre-built Video Templates reduce editing time for your videos
  • Library of royalty-free music and sound effects help enhance your video experience


  • Camtasia comes with a good asset library featuring icons, music tracks, motion templates, and more
  • The tool lets you add interactive elements like quizzes to your videos


  • Camtasia has no free plan and is very expensive when compared to similar screen recording tools
  • It requires a lot of training to create video content using this tool
  • Users report delays between video and audio while recording

Camtasia Pricing

Camtasia offers four pricing plans:

  • Individual Single License plan: $187.49 one-time fee
  • Business Single License plan: $187.49 one-time fee
  • Education Single License plan: $127.49 one-time fee
  • Government/Non-profit Single License plan: $167.99 one-time fee

Check out these Camtasia alternatives!


veed app page
Via Veed

VEED is a screen recorder and editor that lets you record your screen and webcam to create engaging video content.

Let’s take a closer look to determine if it can help you create the veedeos of your dreams:

Key VEED Features

  • Multiple layouts to record videos in split-screen, webcam insert, background swaps, and more
  • Online editing tool to add subtitles, crop videos, remove background noise, include video effects, and more
  • Workspace to organize your content, logos, font, color palettes, etc. in one place


  • VEED is easy to use for beginners and professionals
  • Video transcriptions make it easier to add subtitles supporting your audio
  • Video cutter tool allows you to trim files of multiple formats including GIF, MP4, MOV & AVI


  • VEED’s online video editor is expensive, costing you $15/month
  • The VEED watermark appears in free videos (check out this guide for screen recorders without watermarks!)
  • Collaboration between multiple team members is only supported in the “Pro” version

VEED Pricing

VEED offers three pricing plans:

  • Free plan: video length of 10 minutes + unlimited projects + 2GB storage + 720p export quality + auto subtitles + and more
  • Basic plan: $15/month — video length of 25 minutes + unlimited projects + 20GB storage + 1080p export quality + auto subtitles + chat support + and more
  • Pro plan: $30/month — video length of 2 hours + unlimited projects + 100GB storage + 4k export quality + auto subtitles + subtitle translation + chat support + brand kit + and more

8. Vidyard

Vidyard is a screen recording platform offered as a Chrome browser extension.

But can it stand out in a yard of other video tools?

Key Vidyard Features

  • Video sharing to send videos via emails, embed them onto websites or share them on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook
  • Engagement notifications feature lets you know when someone views your video message
  • Video optimization to automatically process your videos with captions and metadata to rank better in search


  • Vidyard supports video uploads in multiple formats like MP4, MOV, WMV, and so on
  • Users can record the entire screen, browser tab, with or without your webcam feed


  • The user interface can be confusing to new users
  • It’s offered at a premium pricing, with paid plans starting at $15/month
  • Only limited editing capabilities are included with the software

Vidyard Pricing

Vidyard offers four pricing plans:

  • Free plan: unlimited recordings + unlimited uploads + share by email, social media + and more
  • Pro plan: $15/month — all “Free” features + password protection + replies to videos + calls-to-action for videos + and more
  • Teams plan: $300/month — all “Pro” features + more than three users + custom branding + video analytics + and more
  • Business plan: $1250/month — all “Teams” features + more than five users + fully customizable call-to-action + CRM integration + and more

9. CloudApp

CloudApp is a screen recording software that allows you to capture your screen and webcam and share it to the cloud instantly.

Can this screen recorder help you feel like you’re on Cloud 9, though?

Let’s check ⛅

Key CloudApp Features

  • Webcam Screen Record lets you add your face to the screen recording for a personalized experience
  • Supports annotations to add texts or videos to your screen recordings 
  • Supports GIF creation 


  • Link-sharing makes it easy to share your video messages with anyone
  • Editing feature makes it easy to trim and cut videos


  • Its “Free” plan restricts the length of your videos to 90 seconds
  • You can’t edit or trim your video recordings
  • The user interface isn’t intuitive and takes time to get used to

CloudApp Pricing

CloudApp offers four pricing plans:

  • Free plan: videos + GIFs + annotated screenshots + video length up to 90 seconds + access last 20 files + viewer notifications
  • Pro plan: $9.95/month — all “Free” features + unlimited recording + custom branding + access unlimited files + calls-to-action + and more
  • Team: $8/user/month — all “Pro” features + manage members + centralized billing + priority support + third-party integrations + and more
  • Enterprise: contact for price — all “Team” features + additional security, control, and support

Bonus: AI Chrome Extensions!

10. Snagit

Snagit is a screen capture and recording software that helps you record videos, add explanations, and create visual instructions.

But can it snag the position for the best video recording tool?

Let’s see: 

Key Snagit Features

  • Screen Recording feature to capture your screen as an MP4 video or as a GIF
  • Panoramic Scrolling Capture to take full-page scrolling screenshots of your screen
  • Annotations to add text or draw visual elements on top of your videos


  • Can extract text from an image added to its library
  • The ability to add text as annotations help improve the video content’s clarity


  • Since the screen recorder has so many features, it can be overwhelming for new users
  • Snagit offers no Free plan, and the paid plans are expensive and can be unsuitable for small businesses
  • Users can’t directly share their video as a link and must rely on Screencast.com for this

Snagit Pricing

Snagit offers four pricing plans:

  • Individual Single License plan: $37.49 one-time fee
  • Business Single License plan: $37.49 one-time fee
  • Education Single License plan: $22.49 one-time fee
  • Government/Non-profit Single License plan: $32.24 one-time fee

Time To Clip Loom Out ✂

Sure, Loom is a video messaging platform that acts as a substitute for lengthy emails and endless video calls.

However, the screen recorder isn’t really user-friendly and offers minimal editing capabilities. 

And if you’re using the free version, it’s a pretty limited video recording platform.

Luckily, several Loom alternatives like Clip by ClickUp allow you to create video content and more. 

And with ClickUp, you can do so much more than just recording your PC screen. 

You can collaborate with your team at the Workspace, create Mind Maps, set down Goals, set up Automations for repetitive actions, and so on. 

So why not get ClickUp for free to cut away at all your screen recording problems?

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