Review 2023 (Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing)

Wondering if is the right tool for your project and task management needs?

For most of us, “Monday” signifies the beginning of the workweek and isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. 

At least, not as exciting as Harry Potter’s school, Hogwarts! 


However, we aren’t going to cover Monday – the workday in this article.

We’re going to talk about, the project management tool that helps you automate workflows and manage different projects easily. 

However, is it the right tool for you? 

We’ll answer that question in this review, with some examples from Harry’s wizarding world. We’ll go over monday’s key features, pros, cons, and pricing to help you determine if it’s the best task management tool for you.

All aboard the Hogwarts Express!

What is

Formerly known as dapulse, is a project management tool that helps teams manage complex projects, streamline workflows, and collaborate together. 

With a user interface that (kinda) looks like an Excel spreadsheet, it offers powerful features for planning and tracking everyday work processes. 

However, it’s definitely not as powerful as the Expecto Patronum spell for sure. (Click here to see why 😉)

Who can use

As it’s a project and work OS, any team in any organization can use the monday project management platform. 

Here’s how some departments can use this task management tool:

  • HR: streamline the recruitment pipeline and manage leave requests 
  • Sales & Marketing: plan events, capture lead information, and collaborate with clients
  • Media: creative workflow and campaign management
  • Software Development: sprint planning, bugs tracking, and backlog prioritization

Maybe the Daily Prophet reporter, Rita Skeeter, could use the monday management tool to manage her deadlines better!


What are the key features of

From checklists to content calendar templates, the monday platform offers various features to help teams manage simple and complex projects easily. 

In this section of our review, we’ll have a quick look at some of its key features:

1. Boards & Columns

If Hogwarts’ foundation lies in magic, Monday’s foundation lies in large boards.

A board is a virtual table where you manage your tasks (each task is known as an item) and sub tasks (subitems). 

This management software offers multiple boards like:

  • Main boards: visible to any team member in your account
  • Shareable boards: share boards with guests (people outside your team), like clients or freelancers
  • Private boards: only visible to the board creator and the team members they invite

You can cycle between these boards, changing a main board to a shareable board or a private board (and vice-versa) according to your needs.

monday list view

You can also add various columns to each board for added customization.  

Some of the columns you can choose from include:

  • People column: shows the task assignee
  • Timeline column: displays the task or project timeline (start and end date)
  • Status column: see the task status of each task on the board

So, if Professor Snape wants to know Harry’s assignment progress, he only needs to look at the Status column.


Nothing new here, right? 

I mean, this is a standard user interface for any task management tool

Plus, naming them “boards” may confuse teams working on a Kanban project or used to Trello (which isn’t surprising, considering how monday doesn’t have the best relationship with names).

2. Checklists

Want to break down a task into smaller tasks?

Built for a project manager, monday’s checklists help split bigger tasks into smaller sub tasks, making them easier for your team to tackle. Once they are done with an item, they can check the circle next to it to mark it complete.

So the next time you want to brew a magic potion, better use checklists to break down its recipe into sub tasks

Especially if you’re like Seamus, who blows things up “accidentally”:

fire accident

3. Automation

For easy project management, monday lets you automate various tasks, like recurring tasks, and streamline workflows. 

How do you do that?

By using automation recipes.

While they sound like the recipe for a powerful magic potion, they’re not. 

Automation recipes are combinations of triggers and actions: triggers are events, and actions dictate what to do when a trigger happens. 

monday offers various default automation recipes that you can use to create a customizable workflow by changing triggers/actions. 

Some of its prebuilt recipes include:

  • Notifications: create alerts and reminders 
  • Status Change: happens when a task status changes
  • Recurring Tasks: automate repetitive tasks

For example, here’s a recurring tasks automation recipe that Professor McGonagall could use:

{Every time period}, clear {column name}.

She can customize it like:

Every week on Tuesday at 10 AM, clear Status.

This way, she can eliminate the manual work, helping her stay on top of her students’ assignments.

Note: You can also build your own automations using the custom automation builder, but it’s currently only available for beta users. 

4. Integration

Just like any other remote work OS, monday integrates with various third-party apps to streamline data flow and teamwork across your workplace software.

For Hermione, this could be like managing her studies across Charms, Dark Arts, Potions, and other subjects.

Like any other work OS, monday offers an integration with various third-party apps like:

And since monday has some serious limitations, you’re going to need these integrations to back everything up!

The benefits of

In addition to these standard features, the monday platform offers some general benefits to its users. 

Here’s a glance at some of them:

1. Built-in time tracking

Tracking the time your daily tasks take will help you analyze your virtual team’s productivity or bill clients accurately for the work done.

And for accurate project time tracking, lets you add a Time Tracking column to your board. 

When you start a task, click on the timer in the same row to start tracking time for that task. Once you’re done, you can pause it to stop the timer! 

This way, you can track the time spent on each task accurately. 

However, if you’re already using a third-party time tracker, like Toggl or Time Doctor, monday doesn’t have a native integration with them. 

Additionally, the Time Tracking column is only available in the premium plans. 

thats barbaric

Sure, Hermione, if that’s how you want to put it.

2. Multiple views for your boards

While we aren’t sure why monday named their task table “boards” (I mean, it doesn’t look like a Kanban board, obviously!), this management software offers multiple views to help you customize them according to different team needs.

Some of these multiple views are:

  • Files view: shows all the files uploaded to a board
  • Kanban view: view your board as a Kanban board *cough* the real one
  • Form view: create web forms based on a specific board
  • Chart view: gain insights into each board with pie, bar, or line charts  

3. Visualize project progress with Gantt charts

What’s a project management tool without a Gantt chart feature, right?

That’ll be like Harry without his iconic glasses! 

While doesn’t have a dedicated Gantt chart feature as such, it offers a Gantt chart view with its Timeline column. 

Known as the Timeline view, it gives you a visual representation of your tasks, assignees, and deadlines. A project manager can use this to monitor project progress easily.

You can also update tasks directly from the Timeline and even filter it to show only the information you need. 

However, just like the Time Tracking column feature, the Timeline view is only available in the premium plans (although you get the Timeline column in the basic plan).

Bonus: Asana vs Monday

4. Mobile app to manage work on the go

Like other project management software, monday also has iOS and Android apps for quick collaboration with your team.

The monday mobile app is available for all pricing plans (including the base plan).

This is great seeing as their base plan is as limited as Professor Trelawney’s ability to predict the future.

look at the cup

You can download the monday mobile app from the Google Play Store for Android devices and from the Apple Store for iOS devices. 

But before you hit download, you may want to check the next section. 

I mean, Harry knew about Voldemort’s weaknesses (AKA Horcruxes) before he finally fought him. So why don’t we check out monday’s cons too?

6 limitations of (with solutions)

While Monday is a good project management tool, it’s far from being the perfect one.

And if you’re going to use it, it’ll sorta be like using a broken wand. 

But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it.

That’s why this monday project management review covers 6 key drawbacks of

(click on the links below to jump to a specific drawback)

Note: This monday com review highlights how a powerful monday alternative like ClickUp can solve all the issues you may face with the monday app.

But what’s ClickUp?

clickup devices

ClickUp is the world’s #1 Agile project management software

Used by teams of all types and sizes worldwide, it’s the only tool you need to manage multiple projects in your project workflow. 

From creating a project plan to tracking project progress, ClickUp has tons of powerful features for all your project management needs!

And by powerful, we mean something that could rival even the Elder Wand. 

The best part? 

Most of the features in this Agile project management software are 100% FREE!

Let’s check out each drawback and how ClickUp solves it:

1. Can’t track project goals easily

Project goals help you zero in on what you’re looking to achieve ultimately, and only by tracking them can you ensure that you’re on the right track. 

In, almost everything depends on multiple boards, columns, and views, like the Gantt chart view.

So it comes as no surprise that even for managing goals, you need to create a whole new board, called a Roadmap. You’ll either have to build the board from scratch or use a template and then customize it with various columns. 

Not only is this tiring in the long run, but it’s also super-inconvenient as you’ll have to rely on the Chart and Timeline views to track goal progress! 

What do you say to that, Professor Lupin?


ClickUp’s solution: Goals

Unlike monday, ClickUp’s Goals are high-level containers that can be broken down into smaller, achievable Targets

For example, if Harry’s Goal is “defeat Voldemort”, he can create a Target like “destroy Horcruxes”. To achieve his Goal, he only has to tackle this Target. 

And as you complete each Target, ClickUp auto-updates your overall progress percentage, giving you an accurate idea of how close you’re to achieving the Goal!

For added flexibility, you can use a variety of units to measure Targets, like:

  • Number: set any value from zero to infinity
  • Currency: use an amount of money (good for budget goals)
  • True/False: only two possible outcomes, True or False
  • Tasks: complete tasks to achieve the Target

2. Can’t assign comments to team members doesn’t let you assign comments to a specific team member.

But why is that a problem?

When there are hundreds of things to do, comments often slip through the cracks. 

You might need something urgently, but your team never saw it, causing unnecessary delays to the project.

Instead, if you could create action items out of comments and assign it to a member, it’ll stay on their radar until they resolve the comment! 

But that’s not possible in

In the monday management software, you’ll have to create separate tasks for each comment, which is just too much time and effort. 

ClickUp’s solution: Assign Comments

A distinct feature of ClickUp, Assign Comments lets you convert comments to action items and assign them to any team member (including yourself) instantly. 

Once assigned, ClickUp notifies the person and it even shows up on their Home tab in the inbox, ensuring that it doesn’t go unnoticed. When the task is complete, they can easily resolve the comment to avoid unnecessary follow-ups.

assigned comment

3. Lacks powerful task dependencies

Task dependencies ensure that each task in a project is performed in the correct order. 

While lets you set dependencies, it’s limited to just due dates. And even for that, you’ll have to create a new column (as usual) and then use a default automation recipe. 

For efficient teams (and wizards like Dumbledore), this is simply limiting and time-consuming.

so what

ClickUp’s solution: Powerful Task Dependencies

To ensure that your entire team tackles tasks in the right order, ClickUp’s Task Dependencies are the only things you need. 

Unlike monday, ClickUp offers you three types of dependencies that suit all task management needs. 

For example, let’s take task X.

For it, you can set:

  • Waiting On Dependency: tasks that must be completed before starting X
  • Blocking Dependency: tasks that can’t start until X is complete
  • Link To Dependency: tasks related to X but don’t actually depend on each other

ClickUp will also automatically reschedule tasks that are waiting on X, when X’s due date is changed.


Additionally, you’ll be:

  • Notified when a task is unblocked and ready to be started
  • Warned before closing a task that’s waiting on others

And the best part?

You can draw lines (literally) between tasks in the Gantt view to create and adjust dependencies quickly!

gantt view in clickup

4. Limited activity logs

The monday task management app offers two activity logs (board and item) to help track your team members’ activity. 

While the board activity log shows the changes made to an entire board, the item activity log shows the changes made to a specific item in a board.

But that’s pretty much it.

You don’t get deep insights into your team’s activity during a specific day to analyze their productivity. Additionally, advanced activity filters are only available in monday’s premium plans. 

ClickUp’s solutions: 

A. Pulse

Whether you want to know which member’s online or view your entire team’s activity levels over a day, this team management software’s Pulse feature has got you covered!

Perfect for remote teams, Pulse uses machine learning to identify which tasks you’re most focused on at the moment. It then auto-generates activity reports over the course of a day for your entire team.

clickup pulse

You can also use Pulse to:

  • See who’s online/offline
  • View trending tasks for each team member
  • Identify your team’s busy hours during a day
  • Automate your Scrum meetings
  • Know what tasks members are currently viewing/commenting on 

Pretty much everything a project manager needs to analyze their team’s pulse, literally.

Moreover, ClickUp’s Free Forever plan offers 100 Pulse uses to its users!

B. Box view

Pulse isn’t the only ClickUp feature that helps you stay on top of your team’s work activity.  

You can also use ClickUp’s Box view!

A project manager can use the Box view to get high-level overviews of their team’s assignments.

As tasks are sorted by assignee, you’ll quickly know:

  • What everyone is working on right now 
  • What they have completed so far
  • Who has a lighter workload for more efficient work distribution
box view

5. Lacks idea management features  

Remember Rita Skeeter’s Quick Quotes Quill?

It helps her jot down ideas and thoughts quickly (although most of it was utter nonsense).

writing on paper

A project management tool must have an idea management feature to capture quick thoughts or even a rough workflow.  

Unfortunately, doesn’t have any native features to help you make quick notes. 

While it has an Online Docs feature, it only lets you embed links of YouTube videos or Google Drive files into a document. For example, you can copy the URL of your Google Docs file into monday’s Docs and then edit it or add comments there.

Why bother using that when you could just fire up Google Docs directly instead?

ClickUp’s solutions: 

A. Notepad

Created just for you, ClickUp’s Notepad lets you jot down anything you want on the go, and convert them to tasks at a later time.

It also lets you:

  • Create checklists
  • Add rich text like bold font, headers, and more
  • Print your notes
  • Find a keyword in your notes
  • View edit history

The best part?

With the ClickUp Chrome Extension, you can access the Notepad from anywhere on the web!

notepad in clickup

B. Docs

The Notepad is good for quick personal notes.

But for detailed documentation and team collaboration, you can use ClickUp’s Docs feature.

Docs allow you to create detailed project or company-related documents with real-time collaboration. As each Doc is stored alongside your projects, you can easily access them anytime you want!

Additionally, you can also:

  • Nest pages within a Doc
  • Export it as PDF, HTML, or Markdown files
  • Set access rights for team members for easy collaboration
  • Embed any URL to your Doc (monday’s entire Online Docs feature is just this small functionality) 
  • Let Google index your Docs to appear in search results 
  • Use rich text editing to customize your Doc
  • Create assigned comments and tasks within the Docs 
docs in clickup

6. Expensive pricing model

Without a clear breakdown of monday’s pricing plans, reviews are only half-done.

So, like other monday .com reviews, let’s see how much the monday app costs. 

In a nutshell: it’s super expensive.

While Monday has a free plan, it offers limited task management features. 

For example, the number of items and columns you can use is limited. 

And that’s the most essential component of the tool! 

Sure, you can go for the basic plan ($10/user per month) for additional features, but you won’t get any integration or automation features. 

That’s right folks, monday doesn’t let you integrate other apps or automate repetitive tasks in the basic plan!  

Thoughts, Harry?

that's completely mental

Anyway, here’s a breakdown of monday’s paid plans:

Note: monday’s paid plans start at a minimum of 5 users. pricing model

A. Base plan: $49/month

Includes unlimited boards + 1 board/dashboard + 5GB file storage + Kanban board view + iOS and Android apps + customer support + self-serve knowledge base.

B. Standard plan: $59/month

Provides 20 GB file storage + 3 boards/dashboard + Timeline and Calendar views + Integration and Automation (each with a limit of 250 actions/month).

C. Pro plan: $99/month

Supports 100GB file storage + 10 boards/dashboard + Chart view + Time Tracking and Formula columns + Integration and Automation (limit of 25,000 actions/month for each).

D. Enterprise plan: custom pricing

Offers 1000GB file storage + 25 boards/dashboard + Private workspaces + Single Sign On + Integration and Automation (each with a limit of 250,000 actions/month).

ClickUp’s solution: Affordable pricing

Unlike, you don’t have to open your vault at Gringotts to use ClickUp!

gold coins

With affordable plans for companies of all sizes, the ClickUp project management app offers far more than

It’s Free Forever Plan offers powerful iOS and Android apps, unlimited users, tasks, 24/7 customer support, and more! 

Additionally, as ClickUp charges you less than half the amount per user at each tier, upgrading is much cheaper than

Here’s a quick break down of this Agile tool’s pricing plans:

  • Free Forever Plan (perfect for a small team): unlimited tasks + unlimited users + 24/7 customer support + over 50 native integrations, and more
  • Unlimited ($5/user per month): includes Free Forever Plan features + unlimited storage + Reporting + Forms + Permissions
  • Business ($9/user per month): offers Unlimited Plan features + Goal Folders + Custom Exporting + Mind Maps, two-factor authentication, and more


With multiple boards and columns, is a decent project management tool.

However, as you can see in this review, it doesn’t have enough to cure all your Monday blues. From limited task management features to expensive pricing plans, it lacks on many fronts.

Why settle for a basic tool like monday, when you could have the world’s #1 project management app for free?

While ClickUp offers powerful versions of all the features covered in this monday project management review, it also supports tons of additional project and team management features at a great price point! 

So why not sign up for ClickUp today and turn into a productivity wizard?

youre a wizard

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