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10 Best Dubsado Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

Every project manager or administrative staff knows the sinking feeling of deadlines closing in, tasks multiplying, and the creeping sensation of losing control over the project’s trajectory. It’s like a precarious game of dominos—one misstep can cause a cascade of delayed tasks, overworked team members, and disgruntled clients.

This is where Dubsado shines.

The business management platform is the antidote to your project management woes, functioning as a central hub that keeps your tasks, projects, and team in sync. With Dubsado, you’re not just managing projects – you’re building efficient workflows, nurturing client relationships, and automating administrative tasks.

It turns the daunting game of dominos into a well-oiled machine, keeping all your tasks and projects aligned and moving forward. However, while Dubsado is a powerful tool, it might not always be the perfect fit for every team or business.

Different workflows have unique requirements, and what works flawlessly for one organization might feel clunky or lacking for another. To help you find the tool that fits like a glove, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Dubsado alternatives to consider in 2024.

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What Should You Look for in Dubsado Alternatives?

When scouting for Dubsado alternatives, you need to ensure that your new platform provides similar functionalities and offers additional benefits that cater to your unique business needs. Here are all the features and key features you should look for:

  • Robust Project Management: The tool should offer comprehensive project management features that allow you to create tasks, set deadlines, track progress, and prioritize activities to ensure timely project completion
  • Client Management Capabilities: A Dubsado alternative should excel in maintaining client contact details and conversation history to track client-specific tasks and projects
  • Workflow Automation: Look for a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that allows you to automate repetitive tasks within your CRM workflow. This could include automatic task assignments, email responses, or follow-ups, freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks
Automating workflows
Use pre-built automation recipes in ClickUp or customize them based on your needs, so your team can focus where it matters most
  • Customization: A good business management tool should be flexible enough to adapt to your team’s workflows
  • Affordability: This doesn’t always mean going for the cheapest option, but do consider the balance between the price and the features it offers
  • Ease of Use: No matter how feature-rich a productivity tool is, if it’s hard to use, it can hinder productivity rather than boost it
  • Integration Capabilities: The ability to integrate with other tools you’re already using within your project management structure (like email clients, calendar apps, or file storage solutions) can significantly improve your team’s productivity
  • Quality of Customer Support: Prompt and effective customer support can make a significant difference, especially during the initial transition period or when you run into issues

Remember, every team is different, so what works best for one might not work well for another. It’s all about finding the right balance that suits your team’s needs and work style.

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The 10 Best Dubsado Alternatives To Use In 2024

Here are our picks for the top Dubsado alternatives for your next business management or CRM platform.

1. ClickUp

ClickUp views
See the 15+ views in ClickUp to customize your workflow to your needs

ClickUp is a versatile project and task management platform designed for teams of all sizes. As a powerful Dubsado alternative, it’s known for its rich and highly customizable feature set. ClickUp goes beyond simple project management, task tracking, and team collaboration. It offers unique features designed to boost productivity and streamline workflows while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

The platform is structured around a hierarchy of Spaces, Folders, Lists, and Tasks, offering a high level of organization. These building blocks can create a customizable workflow that fits your team’s unique needs.

ClickUp best features

  • Custom Views: ClickUp offers different ways of viewing your tasks, such as List, Board, and Calendar views. These can be customized according to individual or team preferences, ensuring an optimized workflow
  • TemplatesNever stare at a blank page again with ClickUp’s stacked library of templates to help you track the customer journey, monitor commissions, collect feedback, or list product pricing
  • Task Dependencies: This feature allows you to create logical sequences of tasks, showing which tasks must be completed before others can begin. It’s essential for managing complex projects with multiple steps, strict resource constraints, and many stakeholders
  • Time Tracking: ClickUp includes a built-in time tracking feature that allows you to record time spent on tasks so you can leave cobbled-together solutions like calculating time in Excel behind. This is not only beneficial for productivity analysis, but it’s also invaluable for teams that bill their clients by the hour
Manual time tracking in ClickUp
Record time as you go or enter it manually with time tracking in ClickUp

ClickUp limitations

  • Despite its flexibility, the ClickUp interface can be overwhelming for new users due to the abundance of features and customization options
  • Some users have reported occasional slow loading times, mainly when dealing with massive projects or data sets

ClickUp pricing

  • Free Forever: This tier offers limited features but is a good starting point for small teams or individuals
  • Unlimited: Priced at $5/month per user, this tier removes the restrictions of the Free Forever plan and adds advanced features like unlimited storage and integrations
  • Business: At $9/month per user, this tier offers even more advanced capabilities, including 2FA and Google SSO, making it suitable for larger companies with more complex needs
  • Enterprise: This tier offers customized solutions tailored to the needs of large businesses or organizations. Contact ClickUp for pricing

ClickUp ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.7/5 (6,000+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (3,000+ reviews)

2. Salesmate

Salesmate is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and a strong Dubsado alternative. It’s designed to simplify the sales process and enhance customer relationships. Focusing on sales pipeline, lead management, and practical communication tools, it caters to businesses striving to improve their sales performance and customer engagement.

The platform’s structure is designed around pipelines, deals, contacts, and activities, promoting organized sales processes.

Salesmate best features

  • Sales Pipeline Management: Allows you to visualize your sales process stages and the deals in each stage, helping identify bottlenecks and streamline sales activities
  • Contact Management: Ensures all customer details and communication history are well organized and easily accessible
  • Smart Queues: Facilitates prioritizing calling tasks, improving sales agent productivity and response times

Salesmate limitations

  • While it offers several integrations, it might only cover some tools businesses use
  • The mobile app, while functional, lacks some features available on the desktop version

Salesmate pricing

  • Starter: $12/month per user
  • Growth: $24/month per user
  • Boost: $40/month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact Salesmate for pricing

Salesmate ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.6/5 (60+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (80+ reviews)

3. Odoo

Odoo CRM Platform Example
Via Odoo

Odoo is a comprehensive suite of business applications, including CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, resource management, and project management software. As a Dubsado alternative, it provides a broad array of features to manage different aspects of a business. Odoo’s structure is modular, meaning businesses can start with a few applications and add more as they grow.

Odoo best features

  • Modularity: The vast array of modules allows businesses to tailor the system to their needs
  • Business Applications: Provides applications for most business needs, from a CRM marketing platform to e-commerce and accounting
  • Integration: The different business applications integrate seamlessly with one another

Odoo limitations

  • Customizing Odoo can be complex and might require technical knowledge
  • Some users need clarification on the pricing model as each app and additional user adds to the cost

Odoo pricing

  • Free: For one app only
  • Standard: $24.90/month per user
  • Custom: $37.40/month per user

Odoo ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.2/5 (200+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.2/5 (600+ reviews)

4. Creatio

As a unified platform for Sales, Marketing, and Service, Creatio offers comprehensive CRM capabilities and process management tools. Its distinguishing characteristic is the ability to automate and streamline entire business processes, making it a valuable Dubsado alternative.

Creatio is structured around leads, opportunities, orders, and invoices for a complete sales cycle and project management solution.

Creatio best features

  • Business Process Management: Facilitates designing, executing, and optimizing business processes
  • Low-code capabilities: Allows for the easy customization of the platform to meet specific business needs
  • Unified database: Ensures seamless, cross-departmental access to customer data

Creatio limitations

  • It may require a steep learning curve for non-technical users
  • Customizing reports can be a challenge for some users

Creatio pricing

Use Creatio’s calculator to estimate your costs

Creatio ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.6/5 (200+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.8/5 (90+ reviews)

5. ManyRequests

Offering a simple yet effective way to manage requests, ManyRequests stands out as a viable alternative to Dubsado. This tool is designed for businesses that handle a high volume of service requests or work orders.

At the heart of ManyRequests lies the request management system, which makes organizing and tracking service requests simple and efficient.

ManyRequests best features

  • Request Management: Facilitates managing and tracking of all service requests
  • White-label capabilities: Allows businesses to customize the interface with their branding
  • Client Portal: Gives clients a dedicated space to place and monitor requests

ManyRequests limitations

  • More extensive third-party integration options would be beneficial
  • The mobile experience may not be as robust as the desktop version

ManyRequests pricing

  • Basic: $99/month per user
  • Pro: $249/month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact ManyRequests for pricing

ManyRequests ratings and reviews

No reviews available

6. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting solution that has earned its place as a Dubsado alternative. It’s primarily built for small businesses and freelancers who need a simple, intuitive way to manage invoices and expenses.

One of Freshbooks’ defining elements is its financial management structure, which includes invoicing, expense tracking online payments, and time tracking.

Freshbooks best features

  • Invoicing: Simplifies creating professional-looking invoices and automates tasks like recurring invoices and payment reminders
  • Expense Tracking: Helps keep tabs on business expenses
  • Time Tracking: This makes it easy to log billable hours and include them directly on invoices

Freshbooks limitations

  • Advanced accounting features may be limited
  • The lack of inventory management features may be an issue for product-based businesses

Freshbooks pricing

  • Lite: $8.50/month per user
  • Plus: $15/month per user
  • Premium: $27.50/month per user
  • Select: Contact FreshBooks for pricing

Freshbooks ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.5/5 (600+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (4,000+ reviews)

7. Honeybook

Designed for freelancers and small businesses, Honeybook is a client management platform providing tools for invoicing, contracts, and scheduling. It’s a powerful alternative to Dubsado, particularly for service-oriented companies looking to streamline their client processes and save time.

Honeybook’s main feature is its project management structure, integrating elements of finance, marketing automation, and communication to help businesses handle their client management tasks efficiently.

Honeybook best features

  • Client Management: Centralizes all client communication and documents, making it easier to keep everything organized
  • Automation: Allows for the automation of administrative tasks like sending invoices or scheduling emails
  • Online Contracts and Invoicing: Simplifies sending contracts and invoices to clients

Honeybook limitations

  • It might be limiting for users requiring more advanced project management tools
  • Customization options are less comprehensive than some users might prefer

Honeybook pricing

  • Starter: $12.80/month per user
  • Essentials: $25.60/month per user
  • Premium: $52.80/month per user

Honeybook ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.5/5 (100+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.8/5 (500+ reviews)

8. Plutio

via Plutio

Plutio is a business management platform that offers a suite of tools, including project management, time tracking, and invoicing. As an alternative to Dubsado, Plutio’s main draw is its versatility, making it suitable for freelancers, other small business owners, businesses, and agencies.

One of Plutio’s unique features is its customizable workspace, allowing businesses to shape the platform to fit their needs.

Plutio best features

  • Workspace Customization: Allows businesses to adjust the platform to suit their operations
  • Project Management: Offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing projects, tasks, and deadlines
  • Client Portal: Provides a dedicated space for clients to track project progress, view invoices, and more

Plutio limitations

  • More extensive integration capabilities with third-party tools would be beneficial
  • The mobile app experience could be improved

Plutio pricing

  • Solo: $19/month per user
  • Studio: $39/month per user
  • Agency: $99/month per user

Plutio ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.5/5 (50+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (100+ reviews)

9. Studio Ninja

Studio Ninja is a client management software specifically designed for photographers. The platform handles bookings, contracts, scheduling, and payments. As a niche alternative to Dubsado, it shines for photographers looking for a tool tailored to their needs.

At the heart of Studio Ninja is a structure built around the needs of photographers, with a focus on booking management.

Studio Ninja best features

  • Photography Business Management: Tailored tools for managing all aspects of a photography business
  • Automated Workflows: Allows photographers to automate their client journeys, saving time and avoiding missed tasks
  • Online Booking and Payments: This makes it simple to schedule shoots and receive payments online

Studio Ninja limitations

  • Being a niche tool, it might not be suitable for businesses outside of photography
  • Some users might find it less comprehensive than more generalized business management platforms

Studio Ninja pricing

  • Annual Plan: $22.08/month per user
  • Two-Year Plan: $16.58/month per user

Studio Ninja ratings and reviews

  • G2: 5/5 (1 review)
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (60+ reviews)

10. Bloom

Bloom.io Platform Example
via Bloom

Bloom is a CRM platform for creative professionals, focusing on booking management, contract signing, and invoice payments. Its niche focus and suite of features make it a compelling Dubsado alternative for creatives.

The platform is built with creative project workflows in mind, focusing on the client management tasks creatives often encounter.

Bloom best features

  • Creative-focused CRM: Offers tailored tools for creatives to manage their clients and bookings
  • Online Booking: Allows clients to book sessions directly online
  • Invoicing and Contract Signing: Streamlines the financial and contractual elements of bookings

Bloom limitations

  • As a specialized tool, its features may only cater to businesses within the creative industry
  • Advanced project management features are not part of its core offerings

Bloom pricing

  • Starter: Free
  • Standard: $29/month per user

Bloom ratings and reviews

  • G2: 3.3/5 (2 reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (2 reviews)
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Taking the Next Step: Streamlining Your Business Management Process with ClickUp

Embarking on a journey to find a new business management solution or platform can feel overwhelming, but consider it an opportunity. It’s a chance to refine your workflows, improve client relationships, and empower your team with a tool that truly fits your needs.

We encourage you to explore ClickUp’s collaboration and CRM platform capabilities further. ClickUp offers a unique blend of project and client management features that can be customized to match your workflow perfectly. It’s designed to provide a seamless experience for teams of all sizes, helping you keep track of tasks, manage your clients, and automate your processes.

Whether you’re an administrative staff member seeking more streamlined client management or a project manager wanting better visibility across projects, Check out ClickUp for free to see if it can be the right tool to help you achieve your goals.

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