Click Up the Slack

Click Up the Slack

If you love Slack, you’ll love the ClickUp app on Slack. You can do three freaking awesome things:

1. Unfurl ClickUp tasks in Slack

Instantly get more context around a task the second you post a Click Up link in Slack.

2. Perform ClickUp actions with one click in Slack

Oh yeah! No more typing commands. Simply click the drop-down selection to change Assignees and Statuses.

3. Customize notifications to send to Slack

Select one or more projects to post notifications to your Slack channel of choice. You can even add multiple notification types if you want to post different projects in different channels.


How to add Slack to ClickUp

Team admins and owners enable Slack by going to the Integrations page in Team Settings. Simply click the button and you’ll be redirected to Slack to confirm the integration.

After confirming, Click Up unfurling is good to go for public channels and you’ll have the option to enable notifications in Slack.

Enable ClickUp unfurling in ALL channels (including private channels and direct messages)

To enable unfurling all across Slack, each team member must also add ClickUp to slack. We make this easy by sending a message in your #general channel to let everyone know.

Simply have each team member click this link to add ClickUp to Slack.

Enable ClickUp notifications in Slack

If you want notifications in Slack, you can customize these settings from your Slack Integration page.



  • Peggy Budnick

    My favorite integration by far! Can’t wait for the Google Calendar in a couple weeks 🙂

  • Corvin Adkins

    Needs a due date to really be useful. Otherwise a GREAT start!

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