ClickUp vs Slack: Which Team Communication Tool is Best

ClickUp vs. Slack: Which Team Communication Tool is Best?

Between employees checking off items on their to-do lists and achieving weekly goals, team collaboration tools are central to keeping everyone productive and aligned.

There are many collaboration tools that employees can use for internal communications. However, not all team collaboration tools are made equal.

Some may have a greater depth of task management features, while others may double up as comprehensive project management tools.

To make your life easier, we’ve handpicked two popular options. Here’s a detailed overview of ClickUp vs. Slack—the ultimate showdown. Let’s go!

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What is ClickUp?

ClickUp 3.0 Inbox view simplified
Tackle your tasks with the revamped ClickUp Inbox—designed to to swiftly navigate through your priorities and get work done

ClickUp is an all-in-one team communication tool that brings your team workflows under one roof. This means no more juggling tasks and tools to share updates, link resources, or communicate.

Whether you’re looking for a remote collaboration tool or a project management collaboration tool, ClickUp comes in handy for both scenarios.

The ‘meetings that could’ve been an email’ memes are being replaced by ‘why email when you can DM’ messaging as Gen Z realizes how limited and stifling email can be. Instant messaging saves everyone time and effort and gets faster results. 

ClickUp helps teams ditch email at work with key features like instant chatting, file sharing, commenting with tags, live collaborative document editing, and more. With highly rated task management and productivity features, ClickUp has transformed how people collaborate and get work done.

Read on for a breakdown of ClickUp’s team communication features within solid project management software.

ClickUp features

Your specific collaboration requirements may depend on the project type, team size, deadlines, etc. Below are three communication-first features ClickUp offers:

Feature #1: Communication and collaboration

For 40% of workers, poor communication reduces trust in leadership and the team. This is where a comprehensive project management platform like ClickUp can facilitate team communication and collaboration.

ClickUp offers 360-degree collaboration and communication capabilities through chat, whiteboards, live shareable documents, screen recording, note-taking, assigning comments, etc. It helps you align tasks with projects, keep team members in the loop, and coordinate action with highly visualized workflows.

Later on in this article, we’ll make an in-depth comparison of all these features along with those of Slack.

Feature #2: AI and automation

The ability to integrate AI into your workflows, current documents, tasks, and projects is a superpower that you get with ClickUp Brain.

ClickUp Brain is a smart feature in the ClickUp task management platform. It’s like having a super-smart assistant that helps you organize your work better.

You can now communicate more effectively using Brain to write impactful messages and emails. It can summarize long text and analyze data to pull insights; it can even translate your writing into other languages!

You no longer need to remember anything on your to-do list because ClickUp Brain will track your tasks, send updates, and remind you when needed. And the more you use it, the smarter it gets. It learns how you work and write and helps you get more efficient.

Prioritizing becomes simpler as it identifies which tasks should be tackled first, helping you focus on what truly matters. Plus, its integration with other tools streamlines your workflow, keeping everything you need in one convenient place.

Automations in ClickUp also help you get more done faster. Automate your daily and repetitive tasks and set up trigger-based workflows so you can focus on more strategic tasks.

Feature #3: Task and project management

ClickUp is an all-in-one task and project management platform that gets the work done without you needing to cycle through a dozen screens. Create and manage project tasks, track progress with customizable dashboards, save time with templates and automated workflows, and use a variety of views to see your work the way you prefer.

From tracking tasks to building strategy, communicating with coworkers, and analyzing sprint outcomes, ClickUp helps you do everything efficiently. No wonder it’s the preferred work management platform for teams and businesses worldwide.

Whether you want to send reminders, alerts, or notifications, you don’t need a separate app; it’s all available in ClickUp. Teams across Product, Engineering, HR, IT, Marketing, etc., can work collaboratively in ClickUp in shared Spaces to meet their respective team goals faster.

ClickUp pricing

ClickUp offers four pricing plans:

  • Free Forever
  • Unlimited: $7/month per user
  • Business: $12/month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing
  • ClickUp Brain is available for $5 per Workspace member per month on all paid plans
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What is Slack?

Chat view on Slack
via Slack

Slack is an organized central hub for driving internal and external communication. In addition to sending and receiving instant messages, Slack allows you to store conversations, take notes, and pin specific data in groups.

Slack features

Slack is primarily a productivity platform that enables you to boost workflow efficiency and create a more connected workspace. With the right Slack hacks, you can streamline communication, collaborate seamlessly, and manage projects from one screen.

Below are some of its most useful features:

Feature #1: Communication and collaboration

Slack is one of the most popular instant messaging tools. In Slack, you can use channels and private messages to communicate securely with your coworkers. You can also use Slack Connect to converse with external vendors and collaborators.

It allows video and voice calls between Slack connections and teams, screen sharing and recording, and sending files and links. We’ll go over these features in more detail in the next section.

Feature #2: AI and automation

Slack AI is a new feature that Slack has recently launched for Enterprise plan customers. This tool helps save time by answering questions about your work in Slack and helping you search within Slack more efficiently.

It can also summarise Slack threads and comments and help you stay informed about everything happening across your multiple Slack channels.

You can also build automation in Slack using the Workflow Builder. For instance, you can have automation to send a welcome message and onboarding material to anyone joining the company’s #general Slack channel.

Feature #3: Task and project management

Slack has a few handy features for task and project management as well. For instance, you can use the file-sharing feature to send documents, images, videos, links, and voice notes to colleagues for collaborative work. Slack Search also helps you find information in threads and channels within Slack.

You can use the Workflow Builder to automate your daily essential tasks such as sending update messages, welcoming new members, tracking new sales, etc. It integrates with 60+ tools for improved collaboration.

Slack Canvas is another interesting feature. This tool helps you collaborate with your team and create shared editable documents with curated content and data. You can also add custom workflows around it using the Workflow Builder.

Slack pricing

Slack too offers four pricing models:

  • Free
  • Pro: $8.75/month
  • Business+: $15/month
  • Enterprise Grid: Custom pricing
  • Slack AI is available as an add-on for Enterprise plans in English only at a custom price
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ClickUp vs. Slack: Features Compared

Every secure collaboration tool offers unique selling points. The right platform for you will depend on your workflow and communication strategies.

To sum up, here’s a quick overview of each tool to get you up to speed and the final verdict for the features compared in the previous section:

ClickUp best features

  • Tailor your project management platform and workflows to your business and team
  • Use advanced features for any project management methodology, speed up processes with ClickUp Automation, and scale work views for growing teams
ClickUp Automation
Eliminate busy work and streamline your workflows with ClickUp Automation
  • Use AI to simplify everything from content creation to project management
  • Improve company-wide project visibility and tracking with ClickUp Custom Fields and Hierarchy
  • Communicate effectively with Chat view, threaded comments, and Clips
  • Collaborate effectively with built-in tools for remote and asynchronous work.
  • Create and share files with Docs, add multiple assignees, allocate resources efficiently with ClickUp’s Workload View, and manage permissions easily
  • Track progress effortlessly with ClickUp Dashboards, notifications, and more
ClickUp Dashboard
 Use ClickUp’s fully customizable Dashboards to gain high-level overviews of your work
  • Enjoy an intuitive design with drag-and-drop functionality and seamless integrations with third-party apps using ClickUp Integrations
  • Access your work anytime, anywhere with ClickUp’s mobile app across devices

ClickUp ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.7 out of 5 (9400+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7 out of 5 (4000+ reviews)

Slack best features

  • Instantly connect with team members through direct messaging and group channels
  • Communicate with external partners through secure Slack Connect channels
  • Share files, project-related documents, and images seamlessly within the platform
  • Integrate with a wide range of third-party apps and services to streamline workflows
  • Quickly find past messages, files, and conversations with advanced search features
  • Customize your Slack experience with themes, notifications, and preferences
  • Use tools like polls, reminders, and shared channels to collaborate effectively
  • Protect your data and communication with enterprise-grade security 
  • Access Slack from anywhere using desktop, web, and mobile apps

Slack ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.5 out of 5 (32,300+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7 out of 5 (23,000+ reviews)

ClickUp vs. Slack: Team communication and collaboration

In round one, let’s compare the features of ClickUp and Slack for team communication and collaboration.

Key ClickUp features for communication and collaboration

  • Whiteboards for brainstorming and collaboration
  • Instant messaging and real-time chat channels with Chat View
  • Collaboration detection and editing for seamless collaboration
  • Add others to documents and tasks with ‘@’ mentions
  • Document sharing and management with ClickUp Docs
  • Assigning comments in tasks and Docs for getting things done on the fly
  • Screen recording with ClickUp Clips
  • Notepad for quick notes and checklists
  • Send and receive emails from the platform to keep all conversations in one place
  • Integrations with instant messaging and video conferencing tools

Communication and collaboration in ClickUp

Effective conversations are the bedrock of in-sync teams—and a specialty of ClickUp Chat View. This feature allows teams to connect and use real-time chat channels to keep everyone in the know and streamline team communication.

ClickUp 3.0 Chat menu expanded
Chat View in ClickUp at a glance

Teams can communicate with each other, share documents, and send and receive time-sensitive messages instantly. Instead of wasting time juggling multiple tools and making sense of scattered conversations, teams can drive collaboration with this built-in instant messaging feature.

If brainstorming is on your list of requirements, try ClickUp Whiteboards , the world’s only virtual whiteboard. Your teams can use it to brainstorm strategy, planning, and project execution:

ClickUp 3.0 Whiteboards Collaboration
Visually collaborate with team members within ClickUp Whiteboards to brainstorm and turn ideas into actionable items

Want to assign comments to relevant team members and tick off action items on the fly? ClickUp’s Assign Comments feature helps you tag employees to work conversations with @mentions and get the work going within seconds:

ClickUp 3.0 Task view Adding Assignees
Easily delegate work by assigning tasks directly to the team or @mentioning them in a comment to turn your thoughts into action items

Use this feature to create action items and assign them to others (or even yourself) so that all your smaller tasks get actioned–without falling through the cracks.

Another collaboration feature worth mentioning is ClickUp Docs. It is excellent for collaborative editing of knowledge bases, roadmaps, briefs, etc., in real-time with your team:

collaborative live editing in ClickUp Docs
Collaborative live editing in ClickUp Docs

How does this help? First, everyone becomes aware of the latest changes and can get up to speed quickly. The feature also allows you to tag others with comments, assign them action items, and convert text into trackable tasks to stay on top of ideas.

Plus, you can manage documents, create beautiful Docs, wikis, etc., connect them to workflows, and execute ideas easily. That’s not all. Team members can edit documents and view changes in real-time, and boost the team’s visibility and transparency. 

If you have a visual working style, you’ll love ClickUp Clips. This feature offers a screen recorder to record and share video instructions, updates, and more. Ideal for visual learners, it is perfect for simplifying complex ideas and processes:

Instantly share clips within ClickUp example
Save your recordings with ClickUp Clips and send them to anyone with a public link

And if you’re looking to organize your notes, checklists, and tasks in one place, look no further than ClickUp Notepad. The pad helps you jot down notes, format with rich editing, and transform entries into trackable tasks accessible from anywhere.

Finally, if you haven’t switched entirely to instant messaging, we’ve got ClickUp Email, which enables you to send and receive emails, create tasks from emails, add attachments, and more. ClickUp integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft 365, and more, so you can work with different accounts within ClickUp.  

If you still need a video conferencing tool, remember that ClickUp offers integration with Slack and Zoom, so you get the best of all worlds with this platform–video calling, team collaboration, and project management rolled into one tool.

Key Slack features for communication and collaboration

  • Instant messaging using text and voice messages
  • Include others in conversations with ‘@’ mentions
  • Channels to keep your conversations organized
  • Slack Connect to communicate with persons outside your organization
  • Private channels to restrict access to sensitive or confidential conversations
  • Screen recording and video sharing
  • Huddles for live video or audio calls with screen sharing and file sending

Communication and collaboration in Slack

Slack is a collaboration hub that offers multiple features to drive real-time interactions between teams and external partners, such as:

  • Channels
  • Huddles
  • Clips
  • Messaging 
  • Slack Connect

Slack’s biggest draw is its Channels feature, which brings order and clarity to projects and teams and helps teams work toward a common goal. 

Channels is a dedicated space to organize your conversations, irrespective of your function, location, or time zone:

Chat view on Slack
via Slack

Creating a dedicated channel for everything allows participants to focus on productive conversations and quickly access useful information. Slack offers two default channels—#general and #random—but you can create your own and keep all your important messages in one place.

Next, we have Slack Connect, an excellent feature for connecting with external stakeholders, such as partners, vendors, customers, etc.

Instead of sending endless emails and getting no responses, you can collaborate with outside organizations easily and without fear of data loss. Whether you want to send time-sensitive files or book last-minute meetings, Slack connects all your tools and automates your workflows.

Slack Connect 
via Slack

You can send one-on-one messages to people outside your organization. However, to share channels across organizations, you’ll need to be on one of Slack’s paid plans.

Slack Connect moves your important conversations out of siloed email threads to speed up coordination with external stakeholders. It allows you to easily schedule meetings, share documents, and simplify routine tasks with apps.

Another feature worth mentioning is Slack’s Messaging feature, which helps the team communicate using voice, video, etc., with context. Managers who want to drive one-on-one interactions with the team and check in with them routinely can use Slack Messaging, which allows them to set up private channels and send direct messages.

Incoming messages within Slack 
via Slack

The ability to drive one-on-one team chats and integrate Slack with critical apps such as Google Drive, Asana, etc., allows team members to keep a pulse of important updates, discuss them, and take action—without switching tabs or tools.

Moving on, we have features such as Huddles to help you instantly connect with your team over audio or video and share screens and Clips to help you record and send audio or video clips without the need to meet in person.

Winner: Both tools have a loyal fan base owing to their collaboration and communication features. Slack’s features drive seamless communication; however, ClickUp still has the upper hand. This all-in-one project management tool offers helpful collaboration and communication features for driving in-the-moment productive conversations within teams, such as virtual whiteboards, mind mapping, email functionality, etc.—all of which are absent in Slack.

ClickUp vs. Slack: AI and automation

Moving to round two! We’ll now compare Slack vs. ClickUp in terms of AI and automation features.

Key ClickUp features for AI and automation

  • ClickUp Brain, the AI assistant integrated into all your work in ClickUp 🧠
  • AI Knowledge Manager for instant contextual answers about your work in ClickUp
  • AI Project Manager for generating status reports and updates, summarizing meeting notes, identifying action items to prioritize, filling data in tables, etc.
  • AI Writer for Work to create all kinds of text: scripts, code snippets, emails, blogs, social media captions, etc.
  • Spelling, grammar, and tone suggestions throughout ClickUp
  • Automations to take repetitive tasks off your plate

AI and automation in ClickUp

ClickUp Brain has three helpful AI-driven tools–AI Knowledge Manager, AI Project Manager, and AI Writer for Work. Collectively, these three tools help you to get:

  • Instant and accurate answers for your work within ClickUp
  • Updates and status reports for tasks, docs, and people
  • One-click access to tables, transcripts, document summaries, and templates to fast-track your projects
  • An AI writing assistant to perfect your writing and create content with the perfect tone
Use ClickUp AI to write faster and polish your copy, email responses, and more
Use ClickUp AI to write faster and polish your copy, email responses, and more

Once you’ve integrated ClickUp Brain with Docs, Tasks, and projects, your work will literally be cut down in half.

The platform offers an in-built AI-powered writing assistant that can help you:

  • Polish your writing using the right tone
  • Write emails, articles, interview questions, code snippets, you name it
  • Check for spelling errors within your docs and tasks automatically
  • Create tables with rich data and insights for any topic
  • Generate templates for Tasks, Docs, and Projects instantly

With ClickUp Automation, you can also automate your workflows and save precious time. Add custom Actions and Triggers to automate your daily work and boost productivity. Alternatively, you can browse through templates in the Automations library or set up integrations between ClickUp and your app of choice.

ClickUp Automation
Create any number of custom ClickUp Automations that save time and make your day-to-day work easier based on any trigger or condition

Key Slack features for AI and automation

  • Slack AI in the Enterprise plan to answer questions and recap conversations
  • Automatic recaps of channels (soon to be rolled out across plans)
  • Automatic notifications for actions in connected apps

AI and automation in Slack

Though Slack has comparatively limited features under this category, let’s go over these.

The first feature we want to talk about is Slack AI. 

Slack AI is a new addition to Slack and is currently available in the Enterprise plan. It helps you save time by creating summaries of threads and recapping channel conversations. It also helps you search your Slack workspace more efficiently. 

The platform is currently rolling out a new feature, ‘Catch Up,’ where you can find automatic recaps of channels you want to keep tabs on. Plus, Slack AI can answer your specific questions, ironing out queries at your fingertips.

ClickUp Slack integration 
Combine the powers of project management and collaboration with the ClickUp Slack integration 

But that’s not all. Slack allows you to integrate with your favorite apps and tools like ClickUp, Salesforce, and Zoom to help you get automated notifications. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Integrate your suite of tools into Slack
  • Step 2: Use Slack’s Workflow Builder, which offers automation with 65 new connectors (third-party apps). Use it to connect to your preferred tool
  • Step 3: Set up basic workflows. For instance, you can create a row in a Google Sheet or add a task to your project management tracker in ClickUp on the basis of an action in a Slack channel

If you’re looking to connect Slack with other work tools, we’ve listed the best Slack integrations for you.

Winner: ClickUp Brain offers more comprehensive features than Slack AI, particularly for driving team collaboration and tackling routine tasks. You can use ClickUp Brain to create action items, plan projects, write fluently, and build a list of sub-tasks; the world is your oyster!

ClickUp vs. Slack: Task and project management

Key ClickUp features for task and project management

  • Project hierarchies for visibility and efficient organization of work
  • 15+ custom project views, including a spreadsheet functionality
  • Endlessly customizable with Custom Fields, Custom Status, and priorities
  • Real-time and customizable Dashboards with 50+ widgets to track projects and tasks
  • Universal Search to quickly find any information within the platform
  • Native project time tracking to track time, set estimates, and view reports
  • 1000+ templates to quickly get off the mark for any project
  • Nifty Chrome extension to quickly take notes, track time, etc.
  • Integration with 1000+ apps for improved collaboration and project management

Task and project management in ClickUp

ClickUp 3.0 List view bundle with progress status
Dive into the customizable ClickUp 3.0 List view to get progress statuses across your task list

ClickUp’s task and project management features are built within the platform. Use 15+ customizable views to manage complex workflows, tasks, projects, goals, chat, and more and accelerate the project management process:

You can assign and track tasks with Custom Fields, Custom Status, priority flags, and dependency tracking. The native time-tracking app also helps track and report on time taken across tasks and projects.

ClickUp 3.0 Universal Search Feature simplified
ClickUp Universal Search allows users to quickly find tasks, Docs, files, users, chats, and Dashboards across the entire workspace and even other connected work apps

ClickUp’s Universal Search feature surfaces all the information you need about your projects within seconds. You can add custom search commands such as shortcuts to links, store text for later, and more to get personalized and relevant search results in the blink of an eye.

Customizable ClickUp Dashboards with your chosen widgets help you track the progress of all tasks in real time. You can choose from 50+ widgets to set up your dashboards exactly as needed.

With integrations across 1000+ apps, including many of your favorites, ClickUp helps reduce cognitive load due to constantly switching screens. Moreover, with the Chrome extension, you can take notes, track time, etc., anywhere in the browser.

Track time, set estimates, add notes, and view reports of your time from anywhere with the global timer in ClickUp
The project time tracking feature in ClickUp offers a Chrome Extension

For managers who want to work with speed, ClickUp’s Template Library has 1000+ templates for different roles and use cases such as Finance, Engineering, Project Management, Design, Human Resources, Marketing, and more.

Key Slack features for task and project management

  • Slack Search to find filtered results across channels and messages
  • Slack Canvas for creating rich documents with files, videos, images, etc., and editing collaboratively with coworkers
  • Workflow Builder to automate simple daily and repetitive tasks
  • Integrations with 60+ apps for better collaboration and work management

Task and project management in Slack

Slack’s task and project management features are not as robust as ClickUp’s, but Slack offers a handful of useful features such as file sharing, search, Canvas, and workflow builders.

Let’s look at each feature in greater detail, starting with file-sharing for photos, videos, documents, etc. Slack offers collaborative file and document sharing to help you organize your files and conversations within Slack. Use Channels to share files with the right people at the right time.

Next, let’s look at Slack Search for filtered results. What’s unique about this feature is you can create a searchable archive of all your conversations and decisions. To narrow your search, add modifiers (read: adding quotation marks within a phrase, adding a dash in front of a specific word, etc.) as needed. 

Slack Channel and DMs
via Slack

Teams looking to share knowledge will benefit from Slack Canvas. This tool enables you to organize, collaborate, curate, and share information within your Slack workspace. 

You can create rich documents and curate your own content. It also allows you to embed your canvas with files, images, videos, and more, format content intuitively, mention teammates directly, and share conversations on the go.

On the manager’s side, leadership can co-edit with stakeholders in comments and threads without leaving Slack! So, if you want to collaborate with key members and propagate important information, Canvas is the tool for you. 

We’ve briefly mentioned Slack’s Workflow Builder in the previous section. Workflow Builder’s drag-and-drop simplicity allows your team to add custom workflows to the Canvas so that everyone can use them with greater context. No coding is needed! Connect your favorite tools with one click and let the Workflow Builder take over.

Note that the Workflow Builder is a paid feature included in the Slack Pro, Business+, and Enterprise subscriptions.

Unlike ClickUp, Slack does not offer task tracking or visualization features.

Winner: ClickUp is the clear winner here as it does not need you to integrate external apps to complete your tasks and projects. 

ClickUp vs. Slack: Pricing plans

Let’s understand how ClickUp and Slack stack up with respect to the features they provide for each tier of their pricing plans:

ClickUp Slack
Free Forever features:
Unlimited tasks
5 spaces
100 folders
Unlimited custom views
100 MB file storage
3 whiteboards 
Multiple views such as List, Board, Calendar, etc.
50+ native integrations
Time tracking
Two-factor authentication
Assign comments
Smart notifications
24/7 support
Free features:
90 days of message history
10 app integrations or published workflows
1:1 audio and video meetings
1:1 messages with people outside your organization
Create and collaborate on documents in channels and DMs only
1 workspace
Message and file access: 90-day access
Integrations and other apps: 10
Unlimited features:
Unlimited storage, integrations, and dashboards
Guests with Permissions
Unlimited Gantt Charts and Custom Fields
Column Calculations
Email in ClickUp
Teams (User Groups)
Native Time Tracking
Goals & Portfolios
Form View
Resource Management
Agile Reporting
AI Compatible
24/7 support
Live chat
Pro features:
Unlimited message history
Unlimited app integrations and workflows
Group audio and video meetings
Group messages with people outside your organization
Create and collaborate on documents anywhere
1 workspace
Business features:
Unlimited Teams
Custom Exporting
Advanced Public Sharing, Automation, and Advanced Dashboard Features
Advanced Time Tracking
Granular Time Estimates
Workload Management
Timelines & Mind Maps
Goal Folders
AI Compatible
Webhooks, Email, SMS, Integrations
Google Single Sign-On
SMS for Two-Factor Authentication
24/7 support
Live chat
Business+ features:
Unlimited message history
Unlimited app integrations and workflows
Group audio and video meetings
Group messages with people outside your organization
Create and collaborate on documents anywhere
1 workspace
99.99% guaranteed uptime
User provisioning and de-provisioning
SAML-based single sign-on
Data exports for all messages
Enterprise features:
White Labeling
Permission Settings + Sharing
Conditional Logic in Forms
Enterprise API
Unlimited Custom Roles
Team Sharing for Spaces
Universal Search
Default Personal Views
MSA & HIPAA Available
Single Sign-On (SSO)
SCIM provisioning
Custom Capacity in Workload
Live Onboarding Training
Customer Success Manager
Access to Managed Services
US, EU & APAC Data Residency
AI Compatible
Form: Branding & Customization

Note: ClickUp Brain add-on can be added to any paid plan for $5 per member per month
Enterprise Grid:
Unlimited message history
Unlimited app integrations and workflows
Group audio and video meetings
Group messages with people outside your organization
Create and collaborate on documents anywhere
Unlimited workspaces
99.99% guaranteed uptime
User provisioning and de-provisioning
Supports multiple SAML configurations
Data exports for all messages
Support for data loss prevention, e-discovery, and offline backup providers
HIPAA-compliant message and file collaboration
Built-in employee directory

Note: Slack AI add-on available

Winner: ClickUp offers more advanced features than Slack across all plans.

Below, we’ve pitted Slack against a few other popular tools people use to drive efficiency within their work. Let’s see how Slack compares with each:

  • Slack vs Asana: If you want to drive real-time communication with the team, including making voice and video calls, Slack is a better choice. Asana is a project management tool which can be integrated with Slack
  • Slack vs Mattermost: Mattermost is an open-source collaboration platform that is useful for technical and operational teams on the lookout for robust privacy and security features. In contrast, Slack allows commercial organizations of any size and scale to organize work, chat, share files, and so on
  • Slack vs Monday: Slack is an all-in-one communication platform that offers simple and helpful features such as direct chat, shared channels, live audio or video calls, etc. In comparison, Monday is a project management tool that allows you to manage and streamline business workflows. Monday inclines toward task management as opposed to collaboration alone
  • Slack vs Email: Slack is more like an instant messaging app as it enables real-time discussions, whereas email is more asynchronous and is best suited for discussing ideas that need more depth and are not urgent
  • Slack vs Microsoft Teams: Both Slack and Microsoft Teams are similar in user interface, features, and usefulness. If you want to find all work-related conversations in one place, ‘teams’ in Microsoft Teams or ‘channels’ in Slack serve the purpose beautifully
  • Slack vs Google Chat: Using Google Chat makes sense if you’re already on Google Workspace. Previously known as Hangouts, Google Chat is a secure communication tool built for teams. Team members can share files, chat, and video-call one another in Google Meet. Slack, too, brings people, tools, and information in one place and allows you to use the app on the computer, mobile, or browser—the choice is yours
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ClickUp vs. Slack on Reddit

We took to Reddit to understand what people preferred: Slack vs. ClickUp. When you search for ClickUp vs. Slack on Reddit, most users agree that they use ClickUp for almost everything—be it CRM, forms, chat, or time tracking:

I use ClickUp (especially with custom fields and views) for almost everything. Instead of Slack, I use conversation views (chat channels) in ClickUp. Instead of a separate CRM, I use custom fields like “deal value“ in ClickUp. Even though ClickUp calls every list or board entry a task, it can also be a contact, a website article, a marketing campaign, or a project. That way, you don’t have to pay for multiple tools and can find all important information in one place.

Other Reddit users note that Slack is a great instant messaging tool: 

Slack may look like just another messaging tool at first glance, but it’s actually a powerful platform for streamlining communication and project management in any business environment.

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Which Team Collaboration Tool Reigns Supreme: ClickUp or Slack?

The votes are in, and we have a winner!

In the ultimate face-off between ClickUp and Slack, ClickUp is a better project management and workplace communication tool.

But can ClickUp replace Slack? We sure think so! Granted, Slack has made a name in the instant messaging category. However, it is far from perfect. What it makes up for in real-time communication, it lacks in project and task management. Also, it is pricier, and there are multiple worthy Slack alternatives for driving effortless communication.

On the other hand, ClickUp makes up for every area where Slack falls short: AI-driven workflow automation and content creation, collaboration features, project management templates, reporting and insights, and integration capabilities, to name a few!

Unlike other team communication tools, ClickUp comes power-packed with robust project management features, extensive customization options, and seamless integration capabilities. Most importantly, ClickUp offers one-click Slack integration, which you can use with the more feature-rich ClickUp project management platform.

All these capabilities come together in ClickUp to improve teams’ work experience. Moreover, they help create a sense of shared purpose and deeper connections—must-haves in today’s digitally connected business environment.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a demo of the powerful features we’ve discussed in this article. Start by signing up for ClickUp today.

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