15 Ways Slack Can Help Your Project Management

15 Ways Slack Can Help Your Project Management

You know Slack as one of the most popular communication apps, one used as a workplace chat-room for teams worldwide. Did you know you get make Slack work for project management, too? It takes a few integrations, but you can make it work. 

The universal greatness of Slack has grown beyond all expectations since its conception in 2009.

In addition to using Slack as a real-time collaboration tool, project managers are planning, organizing, setting reminders, tracking activity, and more with the familiar channels many of us ask “when’s lunch?” and gifs. Slack is truly a bona fide project management tool and a great app as well. 

Most project managers require constant notifications to stay ahead of strict deadlines.

However, most project management software fails to keep those notifications where you and your team can see them.

By funneling through an app that everyone loves to use already, integrated project management on Slack nearly guarantees that updates will reach the whole Slack team instantly.

How can a communication app be combined with your project management software tools? 

Here’s what we found.

Update: ClickUp has even more capabilities in Slack. Check it out!

Note: Find more info on free project management software!

15 Ways Slack Can Help Your Project Management

Keep your teams productive and demonstrate the benefits of these 7 features to every team member.

1. Create to-do lists

Native app functionality allows Slack users to plan and create to-do lists based on channel communication by adding stars to messages and clicking “Show Starred Items.” Project managers and team leaders can pin messages to prioritize tasks for the entire Slack channel or make sure everyone in the channel sees important information about the project.

Slack Pinned Tasks

You can also do this right inside ClickUp. Here’s how: create a to-do list channel in Slack that each team member can access. Every day, link task pages from ClickUp as a team checklist. This sets priorities and goals for the day. Best paired with pinned messages filled with pertinent information, the most critical task to complete, motivational quotes, or even just a really good gif.

2. Real-time team collaboration

Team collaboration on documents is easy in Slack. The native Post system lets you create a document, share it with others when ready, and let anyone on the team edit it within the app. Documents can include check-boxes as well, perfect for planning a project or tracking completion on project tasks.

3. Search across conversations

If you’ve ever lost an important bit of info in an email chain with a coworker from a few weeks back, you’ll know why having a powerful search capability built into a chat-room app is important. Search a keyword with modifiers like “from:” to find that coworker’s note about a deliverable. Similarly, check certain channels with “in:” or find that linked resource with “has:link.” There’s plenty more you can accomplish with Slack’s search function, so don’t worry about writing everything down on a Post-It note.

4. Taking notes

Speaking of Post-It notes, taking notes in Slack is a breeze. Simply message yourself or create your own private channel to keep a log of notes that you can search anytime. Sketch out a plan or project schedule, store contact information, or keep online resources handy using notes. Every message has a time-stamp, so you can even keep a work diary. Looking back on your accomplishments in Slack can be a huge motivator to get you through your current project.

5. Statuses

Setting activity and current statuses helps coworkers stay in the loop. No more interruptions to ask, “Hey, are you still working on that task report?” Your status in the app lets them know. There are also pre-written statuses to choose from such as “Out sick” and “In a meeting,” with appropriate shorthand emojis. For project managers, keeping tabs on team members allows you to delegate accordingly.

6. Use audio/video conferencing

Audio/video collaboration in a channel saves time and skips the switch to Skype and Google Hangouts at no cost, perfect for communication with remote workers.

7. Install the right integrations

Finally, there are hundreds of app services to help make work easier for Slack users. If you’re using one like GitHub, Dropbox, or Zendesk, you can combine it with your favorite collaboration tools. And we should all be aware of Slack’s new favorite integration – ClickUp! In short, we help make project management easier in Slack.

How ClickUp Makes Slack Perfect for Project Managers

While Slack keeps communication open, our free project management software maintains project structure and solidifies the details.

As a true project management solution, Slack’s integration with ClickUp means team members stay informed, managers can see progress in real time, and project organization is kept tight.

No more confusion or lost information, and everyone saves valuable time.

8. Link to tasks in ClickUp

When you link a page from ClickUp in a Slack channel, it won’t just be a blue text hyperlink anymore. The link will unfurl into a task box, instantly showing important information and the ability to change the status and assignees on the task.

Slack task unfurl

9. Get notifications

You’ll also get the benefit of simple and clean notifications on the Slack app. ClickUp notifications sent directly to Slack include task creation, attachment uploads, comments added, and changes in status or assignees on a task. There’s plenty more to come in notification types and customization of notifications as well as new functionality so you never have to leave the conversation!

10. Set reminders

Link a page from the ClickUp management app in your Slack channel, watch it unfurl, then navigate to “Show message actions” and click “Remind me about this” on it! You can choose when to be reminded, and can focus on another task worry-free until then.

For example, let’s say a coworker referenced a ClickUp task that you’re working on. They changed the status and provided feedback and extra information to take into consideration. However, you’re working on a more urgent task right now. You can now use the reminder function on the unfurled ClickUp task to remind you in an hour to get an early start working on it. No need to stress about it!

11. Turn ideas into tasks

Manage projects while keeping communication open. In a channel perhaps named “ideas,” brainstorm with your team to plan your next project. When the details are hammered out, add tasks to ClickUp and watch your team build something they had a hand in dreaming up.

12. Attach Slack messages as comments to ClickUp tasks

Take action right inside Slack and add Slack messages as comments to your ClickUp tasks. This way, no conversations are lost! The great ideas or the quick requests for follow-ups can then be transferred over to ClickUp. Nothing gets lost anymore in Slack, and it’s only a few keystrokes to add it to ClickUp. You can depend on ClickUp even more for productivity and to streamline your workflow. Click the ellipsis next to the message, and then select “more message actions” from the drop-down menu to see your options for attaching Slack messages as comments to ClickUp tasks.  Read this help doc for more details.

13. Turn Slack messages into ClickUp tasks

Blend your favorite communication tool with your favorite productivity software platform even more seamlessly by turning Slack messages into ClickUp tasks. Every detail will get carried over directly from Slack. No more forgotten or lost reminders. The task description in ClickUp will populate from your Slack message directly.

For more info, visit this help doc to see how it works.

14. Watch notifications roll in

Slack teams know the importance of notifications in the app. Always know what’s happening by using Slack/ClickUp notifications to monitor progress at a glance. The notifications will show up in the channel you specify for the project they’re related to. Different channels can associate with different projects, getting only their relevant notifications.

15. Update tasks without leaving Slack

When you’re integrated, you don’t even need to leave Slack to update a task. There’s no need to type in commands either. Just click the drop-down box in an unfurled task to change the assignee or status and you’re done! Team members and your project manager can all do the same, so it makes that to-do list channel extra handy.


Reliability, ease of use, and ease of integration are the top three requirements project managers look for when shopping for software.

With the reliability of ClickUp, the ease of use of Slack, and how easily they integrate with each other and other apps, your project pipeline is about to become a lot smoother. As you can tell, ClickUp and Slack are the perfect complements to one antoher. 

You can try our award-winning project management software for free here.

Click here to make Slack 300% more productive! And check out our help docs for more about the ClickUp Slack integration.

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