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Clockify Vs. Toggl: Which is the Better Time Tracking App?

Want to hear a scary story? In the past, organizations tracked time manually. 👻

They used pen and paper to write down timesheets and track tasks and projects. Talk about messy, inconsistent, and tedious!

Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past. Times have changed with new technology and trends including the use of time management software to monitor the time spent on tasks and determine your productivity rate. ⏱

If you’re in the market for the perfect time tracking app, you want to look for a high-quality tool with highly functional features.

You’ve likely already heard of Clockify and Toggl—they seem similar, but which is better for your business?

This guide gives you the in-depth comparison between Clockify vs. Toggl that you’ve been looking for. Plus, their benefits, differences in functionality, limitations, and a strong alternative you might’ve not seen coming. 🤩

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What Is Toggl Track?

Toggl Track billing and invoicing
Billing and invoicing in Toggl Track

Toggl is a popular digital time tracking tool for small and large teams. It makes time tracking easy across multiple devices, giving managers an overview of productivity and profitability. 

Teams get a clear breakdown of how much time they spend on each task which can help members identify weak points and make productive changes to their work habits. It is easy to use, doesn’t require extensive training, and lets managers set multiple timers for different tasks at the same time. 

Toggl has a lot of helpful features for small teams, but freelancers can also benefit from it as a free time tracking tool. Toggl has a clean user interface with an easy-to-use portal. 

This software works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and desktop, and integrates with multiple project management tools. Toggl offers a free package with unlimited projects, clients and tags, exportable reports, Pomodoro timer, CVS imports, idle time detection, and personal desktop activity tracking. 

Key Toggl Features

  • Time tracking: Manage time for all tasks and determine productivity level
  • Reporting: Get detailed reports of your projects
  • Project management: Manage endless projects and clients
  • Project simulation and tracking: Determine and track the progress of projects
  • Team management: Get an overview of your team’s activities
  • Integration with multiple tools: Track time in 100+ popular tools with Toggl’s browser extension
  • Calendar integration: Integrate the calendar in Toggl to send project events to your timesheet
  • Revenue and cost tracking: Determine the progress by analyzing the revenue and costs
  • Email reminders to teams: Schedule saved reports via email

Toggl Pros

  • Set time estimates for individual tasks
  • Identify areas of opportunity to increase productivity 
  • Determine whether you are making progress 
  • Create informed estimates for future tasks and projects
  • Manage personal work time more effectively 
  • Quick and easy to set up 

Toggl Cons

  • It can be costly, and you may pay a lot of money for features you do not need
  • It may not give you a wide range of features outside of time tracking

What Users Think About Managing Time With Toggl

Two positive quotes from verified Toggl users on their experience with the software.
Intuitive Time TrackingGood Place To Start
“I’ve used Toggl for personal and professional time tracking, and the absolute ease of use makes this product a staple in my daily workflow. The ability to simply start and stop timers is seamless while still offering a high level of customization and potential correction. Even the ability to change the start time of an in-progress timer is intuitive and brilliant as a user.” — Emily L., G2 Review“I really like how Toggl helps categorize your time in terms of customized projects and tags. Tags can serve as a “subfolder” for the projects you choose to help specify the time rationale you spend within the project. However, I wish Toggl prioritized calendar integration to automate meetings. It seems to be a second-tier feature when I feel it should be the driving force.” — Christina W. G2 Review
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What Is Clockify?

Clockify product image
Time tracking in Clockify

Like Toggl, Clockify is a popular time tracking app. But what sets Clockify apart is its timesheet and billing abilities. Clockify is most often used by large organizations with features like client portals, alerts, and notifications to update your team on any project progress. The employee scheduling feature streamlines and simplifies shift scheduling. 

Clockify offers a range of benefits for companies with several employees or large teams. It is a helpful tool for tracking employees and their tasks, customizing projects, easy view of processing, assigning employee projects effectively, and increasing visibility into the team’s activities.

Clockify is largely designed to support businesses, and in many ways, is a cost-effective option under the Basic and Standard plans. Enterprise companies will likely require an upgraded plan to access more advanced features, but Clockify offers unlimited users for a fixed fee across every plan.

Key Clockify Features

  • Task and project monitoring: Keep an eye on all task progress, status, and budgets
  • Timesheets: Log your weekly activities
  • Kiosk: Clock in from any shared device
  • Time off: Track your team’s PTO, sick time, and holiday requests
  • Billing and Invoicing: Attach receipts, expenses, and more based on hourly rates
  • Time tracking: Start and stop a timer or enter your work time manually
  • Calendar management: Time-block your upcoming activities
  • Dashboards and Reports: Review the breakdown of your work time

Clockify Pros

  • Cost-effective
  • Helpful for businesses who track their time to properly bill clients
  •  You can track time from your desktop or the mobile app
  • Over 80 integrations with other work tools

Clockify Cons

  • Less-intuitive interface
  • No screenshot feature
  • Teams may require training to learn all of its features

What Users Think About Managing Time With Clockify

Two positive quotes from verified Clockify users on their experience with the software.
Great Tool To Manage and Optimize TimeGreat for Small Businesses and Non-Profits
“I love that Clockify helps me to optimize my time spent on different tasks, and provide me some serious personal data about both my work life and personal life. We’ve just entered to a new year, and looking to what I’ve done for how many hours, days, etc. in the past year was pretty cool.” — Bahar U., G2 Review“Clockify is great for small businesses or non-profits. The software can be free to use, and it is excellent for keeping our team of 5 accountable. While we do not use this software as our official time-keeping database, it does serve as a trackable way to view hours worked.” — Leah I., G2 Review
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Clockify Vs. Toggl: A Detailed Comparison

Before you invest in a new time tracking tool, you should compare each tool’s features to make the best decision for your situation.

While Clockify and Toggl are both time tracking apps, they still have slight feature differences. Here is a detailed comparison of Clockify vs. Toggl. 

1. Automatic Time tracking

Time tracking is the primary feature in both Clockify and Toggl that helps team managers and employees determine how much time they spend on tasks and projects. But how do those time tracking features stack up against one another?


Clockify revolves around time entries where you track time using a stopwatch. You can start and stop the stopwatch as you work or enter it in later, manually. With Clockify’s timer, you can also:

  • See how much time employees spend on tasks
  • Determine whether employees achieve their targets
  • Add a notice to any task
  • Get proof that employees worked on their assignments
  • See total time for each activity daily
  • Identify projects marked as billable for invoicing


Toggl Time Tracking Dashboard Example
Via Toggl

The best thing about Toggl is that it allows you to track time manually or automatically. You can:

  • Start and stop your time as you go
  • Enter your hours retroactively
  • Set your timer to automatically start for an event or task on your calendar

You use Toggl online in a browser, and you can install a mobile app and track time conveniently. This means the tracker is always closer to your hand. Plus, Toggl also reminds you when you forget to start your timer.

2. Project management

Managing projects requires careful analysis, planning, implementation, and tracking to ensure the project runs on time and within budget. This is why project management tools with built-in time and cost tracking features are so valuable!

How does Clockify and. Toggl show up on this front? We’ll show you.


Clockify Schedule feature for projects
Track projects through the Clockify Schedule feature

Clockify lets you track project progress and relevant metrics. You can also assign projects to team members, categorize time into billable and non-billable, see tracked vs. estimated time, and set custom rates for projects. All very helpful for teams who regularly work with clients or on time-sensitive projects!


Toggl feature to track project profitability
Toggl’s project profitability feature lets teams track specific budgets

With the Toggl project management feature, you can view all your projects on the dashboard. Toggl lets you forecast budgets and timelines, and track project progress. You can easily identify areas that need improvement early-on and create a work plan to avoid similar problems in the future. You can also:

  • Create tasks that can double as sub-tasks 
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Determine total time spent on tasks and projects
  • Create time estimates for projects

3. Reporting and analytics

Data helps businesses make effective and accurate decisions in every department.

Using the right tool can ultimately help you properly analyze data and generate accurate reports on any task or project in real-time.

What does this look like in Clockify and Toggl? 


Clockify Reporting features example
Get detailed tracked time and bills in Clockify reports

With Clockify offers three types of reports to view details regarding projects and tasks that generated revenue.

  • Summary: An overview of time, day, activity, and user
  • Detailed: See the breakdown of tasks, total clocked hours, billable hours, and the amount. You can edit the entries in the report
  • Weekly: Get a weekly summary of all time tracked

Break the detailed report further by day, activity, and user. The reports are sharable to clients via CSV, Excel, or PDF. 


Toggl reporting feature
Get detailed performance from individual contributors in Toggl

Like Clockify, reporting in Toggl reveals actionable insights into your projects and tasks in three ways.

  • Summary: Review total tracked time for tasks and filter by data, clients, users, and project
  • Detailed: Review the team’s time entry and export the entries
  • Weekly: Review tracked time for the entire week

With the premium plan, you can schedule your most valuable reports to your email and stay updated on projects without needing to log in. 

4. Team management

Both Toggl and Clockify are designed to be used by teams of various sizes, but how well does each software manage those teams?


Clockify Team tracking feature
Track team production by group or role in Clockify

Clockify lets you track and improve a team’s time management by tracking work hours and seeing who works on what tasks. The software can change how you operate since it allows you to identify what tasks are eating up the bulk of your productive time. You can monitor what the team is currently working on, all time tracked, and which tasks take the most time. 


Toggl Billing and time tracking example
See billable hours and tracked time to spend

Team time management becomes easier and more effective with Toggl.

This tool helps you manage your team and encourages each member to take ownership of their personal productivity. Used properly, teams run projects seamlessly, meet deadlines, manage time, and align on long-term goals. 

Toggl allows you to view recent time entries made by your team, automate and track email reminders, and identify unassigned time entireties to take the necessary steps. 

5. Integrations

Both tools integrate with powerful project management, web development, and productivity tools to increase their functionality. 


quickbooks integration for Clockify for time tracking
Clockify’s integration with Quickbooks

Clockify integrates with over 80 web apps so you can track time from almost anywhere. Here are some of our favorite Clockify integrations:

  • Project management tools: ClickUp, Trello, Asana
  • Customer support: Hubspot, Freshdesk
  • Web development: Github, Gitlab
  • Productivity: Google Calendar, Google Docs


Toggl Slack integration example
Toggl’s Slack integration connects teams

Toggl integrates with over 100 tools via browser extension, native integrations, and automation apps to supercharge your workflows.

Here are some of our favorite Toggl integrations:

  • Project management tools: ClickUp, Trello, Podio
  • Customer support: Slack, Clio, Pipedrive
  • Web development: Filter by Zapier, AzureDevOps, GitHub
  • Productivity: Todoist, Timeular, Zapier Chrome extension 

It also integrates with HR, accounting, calendars, email apps, task management, and web development.

6. Platform Compatibility

Toggl and Clockify are both compatible with web browsers and operating systems.


Clockify is available via desktop apps, browser extensions, and web applications. You can access it on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. 

Clockify also comes with a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. 


Toggl is compatible with your existing IT infrastructure and can require costly modifications. You can access Toggl on major mobile platforms and operating systems and integrate with over 100 tools. 

7. Pricing

Let’s be real—at the end of the day, it always comes down to the bottom line. How much are these tools really going to cost you? 


Clockify offers a free plan that includes unlimited projects, time tracking, and reporting. It is suitable for teams of all sizes. Here are the plans for more advanced features:

  • Basic plan ($3.99 per user): Administration features
  • Standard plan ($5.49 per user): Includes timesheet and billing features
  • PRO plan ($7.99 per user): Includes productivity features
  • Enterprise plan ($11.99 per user): For advanced security features


Toggl offers a free trial and multiple paid plans based on your team’s needs:

  • Free plan: Includes basic features, supports a maximum of 5 users, time tracking, Pomodoro timer, idle detention, and CSV imports. 
  • Starter plan ($10 per user, per month): For small teams, project time estimates and alerts, project templates, and billable rates. 
  • Premium ($20 per user, per month): Includes everything in the Starter plan plus fixed fee projects, timesheet approvals, time tracking reminders, schedule report emails, and team labor costs.
  • Premium plan ($20 per user, per month): For multiple teams, starter features, time tracking audits, scheduled reports, project dashboard, lock time entries, and centralized control of labor costs. 
  • Enterprise plan: For large and complex projects and includes premium features, priority support, expert training, and unlimited users. 

Toggl Vs. Clockify on Reddit

We took to Reddit to see where people land on the Toggl Vs. Clockify debate. When you search Toggl vs Clockify on Reddit, many Redditors agree that Toggl is easy to use and budget friendly:

“Toggl track is free and available in all platforms. It’s extremely simple to use and gives complete reports.”

Other’s note that after using each tool they are satisfied with both:

“I didn’t feel I lost anything by moving to Clockify, and have been very happy with it ever since.”

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What Is ClickUp?

Organize and add notes to start a task with ClickUp Project Time Tracking

Best case scenario? Find a time tracking tool that offers every key time management feature, comes at the right cost, and doesn’t require you to make any functional compromises.

That might sound a little too good to be true, but actually, that’s just ClickUp. 🙂

ClickUp is more than just your average time-tracking software. It’s an all-in-one productivity platform that’s packed with a growing list of customizable features to bring all of their work together in one place.

Designed for teams of any size and every industry, ClickUp makes time tracking easy so you can focus on work while reaching your goals. Track time, set time estimates, add notes, and mark billable time from virtually anywhere. Even view reports or input time retroactively if you forget! ⏰

Key Time Management Features in ClickUp

  • Automatic and manual time tracking: Record time from any device and link the time back to any ClickUp task
  • Chrome Extension: Access ClickUp’s top project management features from any window including its timer
  • Time management: Start and stop time from any device and jump between tasks with ClickUp’s global timer 
  • Labels: Categorize and filter your time with labels
  • Billable time: Mark time as billable to designate what should be expensed
  • Sorting: Sort tasks by time spent to identify bottlenecks
  • Filtering: Filter time by date, statuses, priority, tags, and more
  • Roll up: Combine all time spent across tasks and subtasks
  • Timesheets: Build and customize timesheets for a deeper look at where your time went
  • Reporting: View detailed reports and analyses of your time entries
  • Timesheets to view, track, and review time tracked tasks anywhere in your Workspace
ClickUp 3.0 Timesheets in time tracking view
Create timesheets to collect and view tracked time across tasks and locations for quick insights into your progress

And those are just the time-related features! ClickUp is strong enough to handle everything from simple to-dos to complex projects—and will save you time while doing it.

ClickUp Pros

The biggest pro for choosing ClickUp is that it truly has you covered from every angle. Time tracking in ClickUp takes on new meaning when it exists on the same platform as the rest of your tasks—and work becomes more productive when every feature works together in the same window.

See how your team spends their time with Workload view in ClickUp!
Take your time management a step further with ClickUp’s Workload view and see how your estimated time per task measures up against the total time in your week.

Here are a few of our other favorite ClickUp qualities:

ClickUp Pricing

  • Free Forever: Tons of powerful time tracking features, unlimited tasks and members, 100MB of storage, and more
  • Unlimited ($7 per member, per month): Unlimited storage, unlimited integrations, unlimited Dashboards, Agile reporting, and more
  • Business ($12 per member, per month): Google SSO, unlimited teams, custom exporting, advanced public sharing, advanced automations, and more
  • Enterprise (contact sales for pricing): White labeling, enterprise API, guided onboarding, dedicated success manager

What Users Think About Managing Time and Projects With ClickUp

Two positive quotes from verified ClickUp users on their experience with the software.
Sophisticated, Ultra Feature-Rich Productivity ApplicationA Way To Organize Your Life
ClickUp is the most feature-rich productivity tool I have come across. Literally, anything you might ever have wanted from a P tool – boards, lists, calendars, estimation features, time tracking – it has it all. It has cross-platform support with great iOS and Android apps as well. Integration support is also complete – you can import tasks from other tools like Asana, Todoist, or Jira and can link ClickUp with Gmail, calendar, to name a few. It is constantly improving as well. Dushyant P., G2 ReviewThe best part about ClickUp is its versatility. I can organize my work, my side business, and my personal life. Any goal I have, CU can make it work. The calendar integrations are phenomenal, so everything is synced. And I love that, for the most part, I don’t need to use any other application. CU can do it all.” — Kevin T., G2 Review
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Why Choose ClickUp Over Clockify and Toggl?

ClickUp is the ideal Clockify and Toggl alternative for its powerful, built-in tools that centralize any type of work. Teams come together to manage tasks, Docs, goals, ideas, and more without ever having to change tabs. 

ClickUp lets you organize and carry out tasks effectively, leading to increased productivity and business growth in the long run. 

Plus, it does all of this for free. 💸

If you’re searching for your next time tracking tool that will bring the team together, make you more efficient, and spark joy in your day-to-day, try ClickUp. ⏲

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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