11 Project Management Software Advantages & Benefits

11 Project Management Software Advantages & Benefits

It surprises me how many people still don’t use project management software for their work and tasks.

It’s always email. Or spreadsheets. Or sticky notes plastered all along the edge of the computer.

Is that really the best way to do your work, plan projects and stay productive in the 21st century?

Of course not.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what project management software is, the benefits and advantages of using a project management system and how you can get started. Let’s go.

What Is Project Management Software?

Project management software is a centralized hub for your work, task management and project planning. 

It allows you to communicate and collaborate with fellow employees, organize notes, keep an accurate project schedule and delegate tasks to the right people. 

But it wasn’t always this easy. There were dark days when project managers were forced onto platforms such as Microsoft Project, Excel, Outlook, and even JIRA. Managers, team members and project managers were left in the dark as members of different teams struggled to communicate their ideas. And for some, these days still exist. 

Time is of the essence–but loads of people are squandering it away with tools like those.

If you use Excel and Email to keep track of work, you’re wasting your life and your team’s life. Welcome to project management software. There are tons of advantages and benefits, and once you see them, you’ll never go back. 

1. The Power of Having Everything in One Place

ClickUp resolves a common mistake that many organizations make – using different tools in different departments. Keeping a clear channel of assigned tasks, communication, and attachments can be difficult without a centralized platform to handle everything that comes your way.

Before ClickUp, the ‘Frankenstein approach’ with as many as 10 or more separate apps within their organization were used by teams around the world.

At the Productivity Platform, everyday users can collaborate fluidly with even the most technical engineers, making cross-team communication effortless.

ClickUp accomplishes this with customized workspaces that share the same core features. Your development team has the ability to beef up their technical workspace with advanced features, while your sales team can make their workspace as simple as they’d like.

A one-stop shop for all of your work connected to your favorite apps makes everything easier.

2. Establish Clear Goals

Setting goals and objectives for projects is an essential step as they help to identify your destination and provide a roadmap for getting there. It’s easier for teams to improve productivity when they have a clear objective of their goals, rather than robotically knocking out tasks with no known purpose.

ClickUp brings transparency to this process from the ground level with tasks, subtasks, priorities, and due dates for each team member to help ensure projects are completed under budget and within their deadline.

3. See the Reality 

Project management requires a bird’s-eye view to gain true insights. Without this, teams aren’t able to prepare for what’s to come. This is where great software truly hits its stride.

ClickUp allows you to gain valuable insights on the workflow of fellow teammates, bottlenecks in development, and the progress of your team as a whole. For example, in Box View, managers can see if employees are delivering on their tasks. They can also avoid overloading certain individuals with too many tasks. In Board View, managers can ensure tasks are spread out and workflows remain efficient.

4. No Lone Rangers

Part of the insights you get from project management software is knowing the status of each project. You’ll know what’s in danger of falling behind, and what needs to happen to make it up. Your whole team can put more priority and emphasis on that task or project rather than just letting someone be the lone ranger, fending for themselves in the wild. This won’t happen without a dedicated project management system that your whole team is using.

5. Better Team Collaboration

When a team is small, it’s easy to ask for status updates and catch a few quick meetings. As your team grows, you’ll have new pains and troubles getting your message across and ensuring everyone is united. Project management software steps into that gap to help your team stay focused and easily assign new tasks and work.

6. Focus On What Makes A Difference

What are you supposed to do next? What’s important to the project, your team or your manager may not be the same thing that you’re focused on. Project management helps you set priorities and lets you know what stage in the process you’re work is in. This keeps your workflow running smoothly.

7. Fewer Meetings

You’re walking to your company conference room for an “update.”

But you know what’s going to happen? The project is way behind because everyone has attended way too meetings to figure out who’s doing what.

It’s a classic situation.

No team can tolerate frivolous meetings.

Project management software helps you cut out a lot of that fluff. With project management software, you’ll know the status before one of those boring meetings–and then you can make your meetings really count.

8. Access 24/7

No one is disagreeing with having a conscientious work-life balance. That’s not the issue here. The truth of the matter is that a key member of your project team may live three or thirteen hours away. When that’s the case, they need access at all time to check and update their work.

What if the key file is left in someone’s email? They can’t get to it.

What if important meeting notes are locked away in a file shared only on a local hard drive? They can’t get to it.

With apps and cloud-based project management software, everything is ready to go. That’s why ClickUp has a dynamic smartphone app for easy access–but also to keep your team connected no matter when they’re working.

9. Improved Productivity

There are things that can make your life easier. And that’s definitely the case with project management. But with ClickUp, you’ll be getting new features and tools that you didn’t even know you needed. All of them guaranteed to improve your work and team communication, not slow you down.

A project management solution can be quite complex, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can actually work for you. Imagine that. These features will work to serve your team:

  • Assigned Comments – Instantly create and assign action items for yourself or others.
  • Multiple Assignees – Collaborate together on a single task – if your Space allows it.
  • Custom Statuses – Customize your workflow with statuses to fit each individual project.
  • Multi-Management – Easily select multiple tasks or groups of tasks and make as many changes as you want with a single click.
  • Rich Text Editing – With ClickUp’s intuitively beautiful rich formatting interface, there’s no need to limit a task to only basic text.
  • Three Different ViewsList View, Board View, and Box View offer the perfect view for developers, managers, and everything in between.
  • Priorities – Create custom priority levels, and organize tasks based on their importance to a project.
  • Drag and Drop – Drag and drop tasks no matter where they are in ClickUp – Board, List, or Box view.
  • Smart Search – Not only does ClickUp have the smartest search function in the world, but with artificial intelligence, Smart Search gets smarter as you use it!
  • Integrations – Seamlessly manage and collaborate on Git workflows, sync time tracking with Harvest, and send tasks to and from Slack.
  • Due Dates – Specify both time and day, and get notified when tasks are past due.

10. Embrace The Future

Better and enhanced productivity platforms and project management solutions are on their way. One technological advancement is the incorporation of AI and machine learning into project management systems.

Around the globe, machines are understanding the behaviors of their human advisors. They silently learn trends, behaviors, and team habits in the background.

ClickUp is and always has been aggressively pursuing machine learning in our long-term vision of project management. We’re constantly gathering data, refining models, and expanding our feature set with the goal of making you more productive using artificial intelligence. 

We’ve added conversational artificial intelligence, such as with Alexa and Google Assistant, plus predictive project management–such as helping you choose which team member might be best suited for the job.

For more top project management trends, check out this post.

11. Stay Productive and Organized

You’ve invested in your education and your skills. And you’ve selected the top A-players for your team. If you want them to be the best, why would you skimp on the tools that can help them the most? That’s where ClickUp and project management software comes in.

No more email delays. No more clunky spreadsheets.

The advantage of project management software is productivity and better organization.

Nothing is lost. Everything is in its place. Your team knows its next task and how to do it.

That’s the benefit of project management software.

Don’t let your team lose out.

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